Hello everyone!:) Here is my first fan video. Wash&Taylor are my favourite characters on Terra Nova. They are totally BAMF!

I hope you’ll enjoy it!:)

So I'm watching Terra Nova for the first time...

And first let me say that I ship Wash x Taylor like breathing, but I’m on the second to last episode and I accidentally spoiled myself and THEY’RE GOING TO SINK MY SHIP. IRREVOCABLY. THROUGH DEATH. And there are very few people around me right now who speak fandom so I’m turning to tumblr for comfort. Someone hold me?

Kaylor: October 4, 2015

For October 4, 2015

Good morning fandom! This is the 3rd from today’s queue, and October 4th is a Sunday, usually we don’t have a lot of things on Sundays, so I’m surprised by the amount of visuals we had. 

Here’s what we’ve got for Kaylor

  • So this ex-KaylorHater sent a fandom apology (x) to Megan (@icamestraightfromrome), and as usual Megan’s response was on point.
  • The fandom has been reblogging about the VSFS ’14, perhaps we were a little bit nostalgic (x). We have this (x) lovely GIF set from (@sogayforkaylor), and this (x) photoset from Megan.
  • Karlie being in London was discussed again last night (x).
  • And Taylor kind of, maybe confirmed that her “Style” outfit resembles a rainbow (x).
  • Text Posts that made the rounds last night: 
    • Domestic Kaylor: Taylor washes the dishes (x)
    • Taylor is so touchy-feely with Karlie (x)
  • New Kaylor visuals:
    • “I miss my girlfriend so much gotta match her” (x)
    • Corrected version of a pic from Big Sur (x)
    • Kaylor x Autumn (x)
    • “At least someone got it right” (x)
    • Kaylor & Handholding (x)
    • Kaylor Animals & Wildest Dreams (x)
    • Kaylor + Magazine Covers (x)
    • Kaylor & Road Trip (x)
  • Let’s end with old Kaylor posts that re-surfaced:
    • That one time when Taylor came home to NY straight from tour (x)
    • Their Knicks date (date date date date) (x)


  • So, Taylor is the most awarded artist alive! (x) But SNL still shaded her #Squad anyway (x / x / x). YouTube link here (x), it’s really funny, don’t worry.
  • And Taylor in a hoodie (x)!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carrying Meredith in a hoodie (x)!!!!!! and Meredith looking like the cat from the *heavy breathing* meme (x).
  • Also, Taylor’s dad is really cool (x), and her mom’s dog is apparently a genius (x).


  • How tall is Karlie (x)?  
  • So last night, the fandom was pretty much Karlie Karlie Karlie, and so there was “Fetus Karlie” (x), “Funny Karlie” (x) and Karlie + anything
    • Karlie & Plaid (x)
    • Karlie & Puppies (x)
    • Karlie & Joe Joe (x)
    • Karlie & her drinks (x)
  • Lastly, here’s a video (x) featuring Karlie from Vogue Paris.