Mun Story Time

So last night dad and I went to the cheesecake factory and after dinner I do what ladies do and went to use the facilities before leaving.

Well 3 younger ladies walk in and they just chatting as I go to wash my hands their talking next to me and one of them says in a louder tone.

“Omg I can’t believe she thought I was 27 like bitch that is soooo ollldddd!”

And God forgive me but you know those times in your life you would normally just keep to yourself but an oportunity too perfect too pure obviously presents itself to you? this was toooo gooood!

So I turn to her deadpan and say

“I’m 27…” with the most strait most serious almost scary face I can give and omg the deer in a headlights look she gave me was the best thing I ever saw in my entire life roflmao! Worth it!

A second later I was like “oh honey I was just kidding with you, and no you don’t look 27. But girl you should have seen your face!” Her two friends proceeded to lose it as I walked out and wished them a good evening.

Ps: I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I would be 28 in a few days.


Ok. Well. Today was pretty good except for the headache. It was pretty bad earlier but I took some meds for it and it went away. It came back during my workout and between that and not being able to really follow the moves on the video I decided to call it quits after 20 minutes. It was only a 30 minute Blogilates workout video though so I don’t feel awful about it, I only had 10 more minutes. I know I can improve, and I will, but my heads throbbing and I’m done right now lol.

For breakfast I had Special K chocolatey delight because I’m weak and like chocolate, a lean cuisine for lunch, and the steak, salad, and corn for dinner. Had a couple cookies and some mashed potatoes for a snack. Not my best food day, but low enough calorie probably.

Gonna take care of this headache and then probably shower, brush teeth, wash face, and go to bed. Goodnight all.


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I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…



Natural Hair YouTube Channel

Please check out my Natural Hair & Beauty YouTube Channel!  

I started this channel this past summer & it has already became my love. I've been natural for 8 years, however, I chopped all my hair off two years ago to get rid of all the damage.

It has been an AMAZING JOURNEY. I have learned so much about my hair that I decided to help ANYONE having a hard time by providing step by step tutorials. 


Celebrating my BIG CHOP two year anniversary, along with my upcoming birthday. The goal is to have 1000 Subscribers. I am only 69 away!

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Thank you for all the support thus far, It doesn’t go unnoticed! 

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soooo i chopped the remainder of what was on my head, i’m psyched. i feel like i’m breaking down barriers, saying that girls look “ugly” with no hair or that no one will like me bc i cut my hair. it’s nice to let go of something you’ve had your whole life & that so many women keep bc they believe it makes them who they are.