wash the dishes

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Nursey, tracing some of Dex's freckles: "you know, I never noticed, but these spell something out." "Oh yeah?" "Yeah. They say: 'wash the fucking dishes, bitch.' It's your turn."

“Hey, Nurse, my other arm says something too.”

Nursey, gullible as he is, actually looks. “What?”

“It says ‘you’re lucky I love you or I would feed you to the possessed dryer.’”

Nursey stops, his finger stilling in its place where he’d been idly tracing circles round Dex’s freckles. “You do?”

“Yeah, I do.”

day 15- draw your otp in a public place of your choice

imagine bill and dipper walking down the street and bill stops all of a sudden and sees the cutest cat ever in a pet store window and
“we gotta adopt it”
“bill youre allergic”

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Since you both have busy schedules... How do you keep in touch with sweetheart? do you text each other everyday? or there are days when you're just too busy to answer?

We text everyday. Even if I’m scrubbed in the OR all day, I make sure to send him a good morning message and some quick thoughts before I go into the case so we’ve at least said good morning or if he’s still asleep he has something to wake up to. 

Then we call each other almost every night and talk just for a couple minutes. We also will call and talk for like 5-10 minutes when we both have a second. Sometimes this means we talk while one of us is walking somewhere or washing dishes or doing something else, but it’s nice to do something to be connected in those moments. 

We also usually share the little pieces of our day. Like what we have planned for the day, what we’re going to have for dinner, or the other little things we would share if we were in the same place or having a day together. 

We’ll be permanently together in less than 2 months. :) 

Unfuck tomorrow morning
  • Wash the dishes in your sink
  • Get your outfit for tomorrow together, including accessories
  • Set up coffee/tea/breakfast
  • Make your lunch
  • Put your keys somewhere obvious
  • Wash your face and brush your teeth
  • Take your medication/set out your meds for the morning
  • Charge your electronics
  • Pour a little cleaner in the toilet bowl (if you don’t have pets or children or sleepwalking adults)
  • Set your alarm
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour

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RULES: Answer honestly and tag 20 blogs you want to know better!
20? Fuck no.

Relationship status: Married to a guy who was a legit lumbersexual before it became an Instagram aesthetic. You know - the beard, the flannel, the tatts, the boots, Tough Duck, etc. [Do you hear that? That’s Martin shrieking that he’s not a lumbersexual.]

Favorite color: All shades of green. When we redo our kitchen, I want to paint it retro green.

Lipstick or chapstick: I have chapstick stashed all over the house, in every coat, every bag, the truck, etc. I think Alberta is the driest place in Canada.

Last song I listened to: The Mary Ellen Carter by Stan Rogers. The only song to listen to when you have to wash pretty much every dish in the house. The song is about people struggling to raise a sunken ship.

Last movie I watched: Logan at the movie theater - it was terrific! Run out and see it on the big screen. It was the first movie I watched after IP Man 2 gave me a movie hangover. I have never been as emotionally invested in a movie as I was in IP Man 2. I also rececntly enjoyed William Kaufman‘s Daylight’s End (Netflix).

Top three tv shows: Shows that are currently airing: Good Behavior, Into the Badlands, and Dark Matter (swoon for Anthony Lemke). 
Shows that are cancelled: Leverage, The Unit, and Firefly

Top three characters: Eliot Spencer (Leverage), Three (Dark Matter), and Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)

Top three ships: I really wanted Buffy & Angel to work things out. How sad is that?

Books I’m currently reading: I’m reading the third book in Eve Silver’s Northern Waste series (which is set in Northern Alberta).

Name: Laura
Nickname(s): Vee
Zodiac Sign: Leo

Height: 5′9"

Orientation: Heterosexual

Favorite Animal: Czechline German Shepherd Dog. But I love the Snowy Owl that lives in our back pasture. Her hooting enrages Bosco and it’s hilarious.

Average Sleep Hours: Eight solid hours in the winter. In the summer, the sun is always shining here in Alberta so I struggle to sleep because it’s never dark.

Cat or Dog Person: Definitely, dogs.

Favorite Fictional Character: David Gemmell’s Waylander, Lindsay Buroker’s Sicarius, Isabel Jordan’s  Noah Riddick, Eve Silver’s Wizard, etc.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: 5 because Alberta is cold.

Dream Trip: We’re going to Waterton Lakes National Park and Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (both in Alberta) this summer. They are two places I have always wanted to visit since I was a kid.

Blog Created: I created my first blog, A Three Germans Production, in 2013. Shot in the Kidney is my third one. I always get exasperated by classic Tumblr shenanigans, hit delete, and take a break for a few months. It’ll happen again.

Number of Followers – 258. I had 12 followers on this blog (shotinthekidney) until February. ;)

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Idk if I should be proud of myself but holy shit I am like fuck I got out of bed at 9 instead of 2, did the laundry washed the dishes made myself breakfast as opposed to eating cheetos and painkillers, took my meds and supplements and fed the rats and gave them nice exercise time
And now I’m playing mario kart
I wish my mental health was always like this… but then again before moving out it was never even safe for me to fully understand the full capacity of my mental health bc absolute fear of being hurt made me pass at vague normalcy so idk maybe I do prefer this weird state of recovery I am in

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Which member do you think always: 1)Talks about food 2)Starts games 3)Dances naked 4)Sleeps everywhere 5)Takes pictures 6)Watches anime 7)Washes the dishes 8)Calls other members 9)Cleans the dorm 10)Hits butts 11)Uses aegyo to get what he want 12)Wants to have someone on his side while showering 13)Talks with himself

1. Bobby
2. Chanwoo
3. Bobby
4. Hanbin/June/Bobby
5. Jinhwan (selfies), Yunhyeong (from other members)
6. Chanwoo
7. They play games for who will wash the dishes 😂
8. Donghyuk
9. No one, their dorm is messy af
10. They all do, but Hanbin the most
11. Jinhwan(?) although I don’t think he even needs to use aegyo to get what he wants
12. Jinhwan/Hanbin
13. Bobby

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Personal habits that Hanella find annoying about each other?

Hank can’t help leaving his clothes where he takes them off and does a terrible job washing dishes.  Stella has an insatiable need to be right and is usually, infuriatingly right.


the life of a black teen

sweet words
  • Victor: Yuuuuuri?
  • Yuuri: *sighs* yes, Vitya?
  • Victor: did I mention today how happy I am to have you...
  • Yuuri: mhm
  • Victor: and did I tell you...
  • Yuuri: yes, you told me how beautiful I look today, that I'm your life and love, that my body creates music, that I'm "golden" boyfriend, how my eyes sparkle today and how you'd fly to Japan anytime again to meet me, that I'm the best fiance on Earth and that even Makkachin doesn't love me as much as you do
  • Victor: ...
  • Victor: and what about
  • Yuuri: yes, I know that you love me more than any katsudon and you're still doing dish washing today, sorry
  • Victor: *heartbroken*
  • Victor: *dramatic posing* how one has to suffer for love

Last night I crumbled in the laundry room.

It’s never been easy with us, and last night was no exception.

You found me on the floor with the light off, sobbing softly into my knees. You sat down, squeezing into the tiny room with me, holding me and apologizing and begging me not to cry.

I made us tea and refused to look at you. But the moment you said you’d try, my head snapped up. The moment I registered you crying, I was covering you, leaving kisses on your neck, holding you as close as possible.

I told you that I would do our laundry if you would wash the dishes. You said you needed your desk to be outside of our bedroom, and that I needed a desk, too, for all of my writing. And then you told me it was time to sleep, because it was four in the morning, and you loved me so much. Our eyes were red and we were sniffling in unison, but I don’t think my heart has ever felt so big.

So maybe life has never been easy with you. It probably never will be.

But for every low, there are twenty highs, and I will never stop chasing them. And each time you chase the highs with me, another forever I was scared of muttering comes true. I thank my lucky stars each night that you waltzed into my life.

So maybe life will never be easy with you. But you’ve never wanted easy, anyway, and I think you’re the best thing about me.

—  cut scene: “this is for you, it’s always for you, it’ll always be for you”