wash stalls

the bathroom scene - us style
  • Isaac: *comes out of the stall to wash his hands*
  • Evan: *washes his hands, and then proceeds to dunk his head under the water and wash his hair*
  • Evan: *starts using the eco-friendly, litter free hand dryer to blow dry his hair*
  • Isaac:
  • Evan:
  • Evan: oh sorry, did you also need to use the dryer?
lockdown (jimin fic).

wow so i haven’t put anything out in fOrEver i am so so so sorry!! eonni is v rusty but i saw this prompt on pinterest and my brain went wild, i hope you enjoy it. feedback would be greatly appreciated!

elements: i tried my hand at suspense but you tell me whether or not i have succeeded please

description: the doors have suddenly locked and now you’re trapped alone at school with jimin…

word count: 3,539

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I know you have a few already but... #14 pregnant Mercy w/ couple of your choice keeping her company while daddy Genji is away on a mission.

To quote my boyfriend: “I saw ‘daddy genji’ out of context and felt true fear.”

Trufacts though I put this one off so long because I immediately had a million ideas about it and okay this prompt is super self indulgent but god I can’t not write it.

-deep inhale-

Okay lets do this.

14. “Did you ever expect your life was going to be like this?

Featuring BunnyRibbit.


Mercy was leaning on the bathroom counter, holding her phone to her ear and trying not to glance down at the test next to her.

“Well, it’s definitely a positive,” Doctor Haberlin said on the other end of the phone.

“But the subject was undergoing sustained biotic treatment—years of biotic treatment,” said Mercy, “That couldn’t ring in a false positive?”

“Doctor Ziegler—you were one of the leading minds behind biotic development–You know biotics don’t generate spontaneous hCG production, and judging by the subject’s age there’s no reason why they would start now aside from the obvious. By the looks of these test results they’re probably… well I’d give them four weeks along at this point?”

“Four weeks,” Mercy just repeated the words dumbly after Doctor Haberlin.

Ja! Tell the subject congratulations for me,” said Haberlin.

“Thank you,” Mercy said hollowly.


“I mean—thank you for the test results,” said Mercy, “Always glad to have a second opinion.”

Mercy ended the call and rubbed her forehead and glanced down at the test, picked it up and looked at it again. So…this was happening. She took a calming inward breath, then felt eyes on her. She turned to see Hana Song standing stone-still in the bathroom doorway, a pink gum bubble on her lips. She dropped the test and it clattered into the sink. Both stared at each other for a few seconds.

“…How much did you hear?” said Mercy, straightening up.

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The Phone Call (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

Originally posted by lin4lin-ham4ham

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Pregnant!Reader

Requested?: ‘Lin x reader :)) reader is prego, Lin still plays in Hamilton, Pippa is readers bff :)))’ (@congratsonhamlet )

Prompt: Reader is pregnant and her sister makes her tell her boyfriend. 

Words: 1000+

Warnings: Fluff, Angry Phillipa Soo



“I’m pregnant.”

Phillipa blinked in surprise. “I-I’m sorry… What?” She asked in shock.

“I’m pregnant, Pippa.” You repeated, your voice a little louder.

Your sister/best friend sat there in utter shock, grasping her mug of coffee tightly. She stared intently at your stomach (since you were standing in front of her). You became concerned when she didn’t say anything for a couple of minutes. You waved a hand over her eyes but she didn’t move. You snapped your fingers. Nothing.

“Pip?” You called her by her childhood nickname. “Are you okay?”

Phillipa snapped out of her state of shock and stood up abruptly, almost making you fall backward. She almost slammed her mug onto the coffee table as she sped walked to her phone, which was on the kitchen counter. You raced to her side in confusion as you watched her tap furiously on the phone’s screen.

“Pippa? What are you doing?” You asked.

“I’m gonna kill Lin.” Phillipa hissed.

Lin was your boyfriend of four years. You met back in 2010 when Lin was still in In The Heights. You saw the Broadway premiere of the show and was introduced to Lin by Chris, a mutual friend who was also in the show. You and Lin became fast friends and then started dating six months later. You two have been together ever since and still very much in love. Lin was caring, funny, smart, talented, laid-back, and very very handsome. Sometimes he was an ass, always knowing what buttons to push to annoy you or get in your pants (depending on the day). Your family simply adored Lin and encouraged the relationship, especially your big sister Phillipa since she played the leading lady in Lin’s current Broadway hit.

You were also in Lin’s musical. You were an ensemble member, dancing in the background and singing backup vocals throughout the almost-three-hour long show. The only costume changes you got were a jacket, a skirt, a pair of gloves, and a pair of shoes. Not that you were complaining, since it allowed you to spend more time with Lin in his dressing room in between songs and during the intermission. Being an ensemble member also enhance your flexibility and focus because you’d have to remember a lot of choreography and you do a lot of sharp turns and quick moves that would cause whiplash to non-dancers. Good thing you went to the gym weekly and did dance class throughout high school and college.

You didn’t understand Phillipa’s answer until she placed her phone on the counter and your boyfriend’s voice came from the phone’s speakers.

“This is Lin.” You heard Lin’s voice say his usual greeting to any phone call.

“Hey, Lin,” Phillipa said in a fake sweet tone. “It’s Phillipa.”

“Ah, my dearest Eliza,” Lin said with a laugh. “How’s it going, Pippa? Is (Y/N) there with you?”

Phillipa glanced at you with tempted look. “Oh, she’s here, alright.”

“Really? Can you tell her to call me? I haven’t heard from her since yesterday’s last show. And I didn’t get my ‘good morning’ text, either.”

You felt guilty. Since you found out you were pregnant earlier this morning, you didn’t talk to anyone or post anything on social media. A lot of fans and friends got worried but you brushed them off, saying you were sick or busy.

“I know why she didn’t text you today,” Phillipa said in a slightly irritated tone, holding the phone in her hand. “She is standing right next to me, as a matter of fact.”

“Really? Can I talk to her?” Lin asked.

“Sure,” Phillipa said sourly before holding the phone up to your face with a glare on her normally soft features. “Go ahead, (Y/N). Talk to him.”

You stood there, motionless, unsure if to take the phone or to start speaking. 

“H-Hey, Lin.” You stammered out as a pitiful greeting. 

“(Y/N)? Are you okay? I haven’t heard from you all day.” Lin sounded genuinely concerned, which broke your heart more. 

“I-I’m okay, Lin.” You said, trying to keep calm. “J-Just busy.” 

“Are you sure?” Lin asked. “You sound anxious. Is there something you’re not telling me-” 

“I’m pregnant!” You blurted out, slapping your hands over your mouth after the words left your lips. 

Phillipa looked at you with an approving and satisfied smile. You didn’t hear anything from the phone as you took the phone from Phillipa. You called Lin’s name a couple of times. You were tempted to hang up- 

“YYEEEEAAAAHHH!” You heard Lin scream out of the blue, almost making you drop the phone. 

“L-Lin?!” You exclaimed. “Are you okay?” 

“I’ve never been better, babe!” He cried in what you could tell was pure joy. “I’m gonna be a dad! You’re gonna be a mom! This is amazing!” 

You let out a breath of relief as you jumped up and down like a schoolgirl who got asked to Homecoming. Phillipa giggled and pecked you on the cheek before walking towards the landline phone that was hooked onto the wall. 

“Did you tell mom and dad?” She asked. 

You nodded. 

“How about the cast?” 

You shook your head. 

“Can I?”

You nodded, which made her smile as she dialed a number and held the receiver to her ear. You walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. You turned off speakerphone and held the phone to your ear.

“You still there, Lin?” You asked. 

“I’m still here, (Y/N),” Lin answered breathlessly. “I’m just… so happy. We’re gonna be parents. How do you feel?”

“The shock wore off a couple of hours ago. I found out about six o’clock this morning.” 

“Well, I just cheered out of the blue and scared the shit out of Lac and Kail. I’ll see you at my place tonight for dinner, okay? Six o’clock, like normal?” 

You smiled. “You got it. Tell Lac and Kail I said ‘hi’. See you soon.”

“Definitely. I love you.” 

“Love you too, Lin.” 

You hung up the phone just was you heard Phillipa scream “I’m gonna be an aunt!” joyfully to the person she was on the phone with. You chuckled. 

You were gonna be a mom. 

Let’s just hope it’s an easy nine months.

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Obsessive, Conor Maynard Smut

-gif not mine-

-requested by anon, I did make a few alterations-

-little bit rough, You and Conor are obsessed with each other-


A while back you had hooked up with your friend Conor. It was a drunken mistake but the two of you grew to do it sometimes even more than once a day. You clearly had feelings for each other and everybody in your friend group knew it, yet there was no relationship. It confused everyone, even yourself, but nothing seemed to change.

Before anything happened between you and Conor, you thought he was just a normal guy but ever since you started to hook up, you found out some secrets about him. He was very kinky. He liked it rough; handcuffs, and even sometimes whips. He loved doing it in the most exposing places, for example: in the same room as his friends, the park, public bathrooms and sometimes during rides that were hidden during some parts.

It was definitely the most dangerous you have felt and the excitement caused you to want more and more from him. He is very possessive and jealous, considering he is a scorpio, but something about it made you need him. You loved the attention he gave you, the sexual tension, the thrill. Everything about him made you go crazy.


You were out at the festival with both Conor and Jack as a little friend get together. You had gone on rides and had eaten cotton candy together. Everything was going great until you got to the rollercoaster. Jack had gotten ill after the last ride you had all gone on so he decided to stay back for this one.

You and Conor were standing in line when the girl behind him accidentally backed up into him while talking to a friend. She turned her head around and apologized for the incident and Conor said it was alright. This normally would’ve meant nothing to you but Conor checked out her ass not being subtle at all about it. “Are you serious?” you say disgusted with his actions. Conor gives you an innocent look and something about it pissed you off. You turn around shunning him for the rest of the line up and even carried it on for the rest of the ride.

When the two of you got off the ride you found Jack waiting on a bench looking bored. “Hey hot stuff, how’re you feeling?” you say sitting down next to Jack kissing him on the cheek. You look up and see Conor glaring at you. “Could be better cutie” Jack says wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Ugh” Conor says disgusted.

You give Conor a devious stare and he knew exactly what you were doing. “Shall we go to the next ride?” Jack asks, arm still over your shoulder. “Not yet, i just need to use the bathroom”, you stand up and walk away from the boys to find the bathroom.

The bathroom was surprisingly empty for a festival but you didn’t think much of it. You lock yourself in your stall and do your business. You leave the stall and wash your hands when all of a sudden the door opens and you see Conor walking angrily towards you. He pulls you away from the sink and pushes you into one of the stalls. “It’s not nice to use my own brother to get back at me” he says pushing you against the wall to kiss your neck.

He began sucking and you let out soft breathes trying to be quiet. “I just wanted you to know how i felt” you say running your hands on his chest. He lifts his head and grazes his hand along the mark he had left on your skin. He bites his lips and looks you in the eye. “You’re mine, no one else can have you” he says angrily. “Then you’re mine too” you say biting your lip. “Fine”, Conor brings his hand down to the hem of your skirt and he lifts it up quickly, exposing his favourite pair of panties that you owned.

“Did you plan this?”, Conor asks rubbing his fingers against your panties. You shake your head no and Conor unzips his pants pulling them down just enough with his boxers that his already hard member was exposed. You bite your lip at the sight and Conor moves your panties to the side, and with no warning put all of himself inside of you at once.

You open your mouth to let out a moan and Conor covers it quickly to hide it. He thrusted into you aggressively and pushed your head back while covering your mouth. You felt his hip bones against your inner thigh and knew bruises were forming. You try to spread your legs a bit further apart and succeed. Conor kissed into your neck leaving another hickey right next to the other one he had left earlier.

As he gets closer he gets sloppier and brings his hand down to lightly grab your neck. “Do you like that?” he asks as it was the first time he had tried to do it to you. “Yes daddy” you whisper causing Conor to continue thrusting into you. His grip tightened a bit as he came to a finish, you let out as quiet of a moan as you could when you finished along with him.Conor kissed you one last time before you cleaned up and made your way back to find Jack.

When you find Jack he was surprised he could find you both. “Where the hell..” Jack stops when he sees the marks on your neck, “Real classy guys”. You both laugh at Jack’s reaction and spent the rest of the day at the festival all over each other, especially when the other sex was around.


Later that night when you got back to Conor’s you had the chance to talk to him. “Conor i’m crazy about you, you know?” you tell Conor who gave you his undivided attention. “I know, i’m crazy about you too and i don’t want to see you flirt with any other guy or even look at another guy as long as we’re a thing” he says with a scarily straight face. “Let’s promise that we can’t see anyone else while we’re like this, we cant even look” you offer to Conor.

“I promise” Conor says putting his right hand above his heart.

“I promise too” you say copying him.

Conor leaned in and kissed you softly for the first time. You ended up staying at Conor’s that night and for the first time it wasn’t to have sex.

You hoped this meant it was going somewhere special.

This Writer’s Guild event prompt was: take your inspiration from an 80s movie. I guess this kind of started with me picking Labyrinth but it spiralled from there and really has nothing to do with the movie—I just wanted to imagine Steve dressed as Jareth. It also wouldn’t have gotten written without @stevemossington and her unique brand of “optimism” 

Halloween 1987

“What kind of magic spell to use?” Steve sung aloud, slightly off-key, as he stared at himself in the mirror and carefully teased his hair. With pride, he had been working on growing it out since last June when Jonathan had taken him to see Labyrinth and he had immediately known Jareth would make for a killer Halloween costume— one that would do more than just slightly impress his often grumpy boyfriend. Receiving no response to his song, Steve paused with the comb in his hand and looked expectantly back at Jonathan, who was reclining on the bed and dressed in his usual dark clothing, albeit somewhat baggier than usual. Jonathan returned his gaze with nonchalance. 

“I know you know the words,” Steve teasingly urged, “Come on.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Jonathan shrugged, continuing after a beat of silence, “Who are you supposed to be again?” Steve rolled his eyes and scoffed, playing at hurt, before he went back to teasing his hair. He knew Jonathan was screwing around with him, and two could play at that game. Adding a final spritz of hairspray to the pieces of hair swept across his forehead, Steve gave himself a once-over in the mirror and smiled—he may not have had Bowie’s cheekbones, but he was still impressed with his reflection. Dramatically, Steve strode over to the bed and struck a pose, gesturing towards his legs, tightly clad in grey.

“Do these pants make my butt look good?” Steve wiggled his eyebrows and Jonathan groaned, shoving Steve’s body out of his face with feigned annoyance. Yes, Steve’s butt looked absolutely fantastic—and he had totally nailed the entire look—but Jonathan wasn’t about to admit it.

“Of course they do,” Nancy cut in as she entered the room, adjusting a large hat over her hair, now gathered in a low, loose ponytail. Mike had convinced her to dress as Indiana Jones, even lending her the collector’s edition hat he protected so carefully the last time they had been in Hawkins. Nancy would have never admitted it aloud, especially to her teenaged brother, but it fondly reminded her of the days she had dressed up as an elf princess for Mike’s campaigns. “And you look good too, Jon,” Nancy continued, smirking in his direction as she readjusted the buttons on her coat, taking over the spot in front of the bedroom mirror.

“He looks exactly the same as he always does,” Steve pointed out, playfully tousling Jonathan’s hair as he flopped onto the bed next to him.

“Exactly,” Nancy grinned. Stepping away from the mirror, she began rummaging around the top of their cluttered dresser for a moment before holding out a long strip of black cloth. Jonathan semi-begrudgingly took it from her and tied it around his head while Nancy clapped and Steve whistled suggestively. Jonathan felt his cheeks turn red and had to keep himself from rolling his eyes too hard. He had never been one for Halloween—too many disappointing evenings in his childhood while his mother had been at work and his father had been too drunk to take him trick-or-treating. This year, Jonathan had been convinced, would be no different. That was until they had gone to see The Princess Bride two weeks earlier. Nancy, after a fair amount of coaxing, had cut up one of her old black t-shirts into a mask and insisted that dressing up as Westley hardly constituted effort. Jonathan relented and played along, mostly because he knew how much Nancy and Steve adored Halloween—or how much they used to.

The three had forgone celebrated October 31st for the past two years, the horrific memories of ‘84 still too fresh. But now, living in a different city, things had changed. Sure, they spent their summers endlessly driving down dirt roads to dreary little towns, but the city was something else. It had always been a place without mystery and, more importantly, without monsters—at least, not of the interdimensional variety. This year Steve had convinced them to attend a party at the bar he worked on weekends; “free drinks,” he had boasted, “and a reserved table—so Byers doesn’t have to scare us with his dance moves.” Nancy had been more eager than Jonathan, though she kept quiet about the extra assurance she needed on this particular night of the year. Tucked subtly into one of her tall tan boots was a small but sharp kitchen knife; tucked into the other was the pack of matches she always kept somewhere on her person.

“Shall we?” Steve asked, pulling a mini-chocolate bar from the nightstand and popping it into his mouth before he offered a hand to each Nancy and Jonathan.

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Something To Lean On [ All BTS Members ]

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Pieces of You Drabble Series

12.  “This bar table. This bathroom walls. Even without you, I have things to lean on.”

Send a request for the drabble! :)

a.n. i’m sorry Jimin

 One day after Jimin packed up his bag and left, she found herself curled up in her bed, snuggled under thick layers of blanket, crumpled tissues scattered all around her. Her eyes were swollen and red after hours of crying and the tears had dried up, leaving salty tracks on her cheeks and the pain was too much she could no longer feel it. She felt numb and dehydrated and she should’ve probably go out of her room and drink some water to relieve her from the headache. But she stayed rooted on her spot on the bed, trying her best to ignore the pounding headache and her sore throat. She reached out her hand to the other side of the bed, finding it empty and cold, a reminder of what happened last night. Jimin had been waiting for her to come home from work just to tell her about his plan to leave her, and her first reaction was to laugh. It took her a few minutes to realized he was serious, another minute to muttered the word, ‘why’, and the next ten minutes to stood in front of the doorway, watching Jimin packed up his stuff into the brown duffle bag. She didn’t cry when he whispered more apologies for broken promises and for falling out of love with her and for falling in love with another person. She didn’t cry when he said his goodbye and left the apartment, the sound of the closing door reverberating through the room. The tears started to fall down her cheeks once she snapped out of her thoughts, finally realizing how empty the apartment was. She crumbled to the floor like a rag doll, struggling to breathe between her sobbing.

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BTS Finding Out You’re Stalked By Sasaeng Fans [requested]

Disclaimer: none of these gifs are mine unless otherwise stated.

[If you have any specific requests or questions, you can submit them hereHere’s the masterlist for more imagines and scenarios/reactions. enjoy :)

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Op being high and dylann getting mad for it

“It’s been such a long day at work I neeeed to let loose tonight”, you text your best friend Ash. 
“Oh honey I agree, we need to get fucked up”, she responds aggressively.

You’re keeping yourself stuck in the bathroom stall with the hope that your coworkers will finish up the last five minutes of your job. They know you just went through a horrible breakup a couple days ago. Finally, after you hear things settling down you exit your stall to wash up. You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you just look…haggard. Like you you’ve been beaten up and thrown in a ditch. You rustle through your purse looking for some chapstick you had in there, but slam the sink with your fist out of frustration. 

“Alright guys I’m outta here”, you scream at your co-workers. 
You’ve lost so much weight on your already slender frame because of the breakup and get infuriated at the fact that you have to keep picking up your pants. So you don’t and your thong begins to show as you sit down in your car. 

The parking lot is dark and smells densely of pee. Like usual you thought. You light a cigarette and inhale your urine tinged smoke deeply into your lungs. Your phone rings loudly, startling you. It’s Ash.

“God damnit dude what the fuck!”, you yell at her.
“Ahh alright, fuck you too dude”, she laughs back at you.
“Sorry, you know how it is”, your car breaks screech as you try to talk and drive.
“What was that? That sounds fierce I love it”, Ash jokingly says.
“Oh baby you know, the sound of poverty”, you both laugh as a smile rushes across your face. 

Ash gets you through everything and you know she’s going to get you through tonight. You’re about to pull into your apartment building drive way and you spot a weird looking guy casually walking right by it.
“When should I come pick you up?”, Ash says as you stare at this man. 
“Hellooo”, Ash still waiting for an answer.
“Sorry, there’s a weird guy walking around out here, but give me like an hour so like 10:30″, you say putting your car into park.
You’re hesitant to get out but he seems to be walking away.

You get out and he starts trailing back to you.
“Sorry miss but this may be a little forward but do you know anyone who would be willing to buy any of this”, he opens a bag full of pills, weed, and what looks like coke.
“Uhh, are you my guardian angel? I sure would. Unless your a cop.”
You smile and twirl your hair.
“I’ll take this. This, and some of this.” You point out at some weed, a few hydrocodone, and a small baggie of coke.
“Wow thanks miss, I guarantee all my shit is top of the line you won’t be disappointed. Hey, I’ll give you the weed for free. Tell your friends about me babe.”
Suddenly your new apartments that you moved into don’t seem so scary anymore. You hold your things to your chest as you open your apartment door. 
You get a quick shower, do your makeup fierce as ever, and apply your best perfume. You’re goal is to get messed up AND fucked if you can help it tonight.

Ash pulls up right on the dot of 10:30. She texts you “I’m here”.
“Uhh bitch I see”, you jokingly say.
“Alright bitch well hurry up”, Ash slams on her horn.
“Haha calm down I’m coming”, you run out the door.

You’re wearing all black. Your black jeans nicely holding up your ass. Your long hair down in soft curls, your chest and tummy slightly showing in your black crop top. Your black boots tightly tied. You look like you could kill a man and  you smell like soft roses.
“Bitch I always knew you’d look good at your funeral”, Ash slaps your leg.
You both crack up.
“Hey I got a blunt, where we going?”, you ask Ash.
“So there’s this party up the street, but there’s also this thing going on at this dude Joey’s house but it’s up to you”, Ash moves her hands around.
“Joey hot? I need vitamin D too hah”, you lick your blunt again.
“Hardly, but there might be some other guys there”, Ash assertively tells you while grabbing and licking your blunt again.
“Fuck it lets go”.

You pull up to Joey’s. You both only see a couple cars.
“Heyyyy, are you Nate’s friends?” Joey asks you as you pull in more.
“Yep.”, Ash responds as she explains who Nate is.
“Alright cool, pull up here, also only a couple more people are comin’’, Joey excitedly says. 
Joey invites you guys in, noticing you are a lot taller than Ash.
“Wow, you’re pretty tall, and I like your hair”, Joey says practically drooling.
“Hah, thanks hun”, you say with a half smile.

“You guys want something to drink?”,  Joey asks as you look at the lineup of cheap liquor, sodas and fruit juices. 
“Yea I’ll have some of that whipped cream vodka with some of that orange soda, just like half both in one cup”, you say stumbling on your words.
“A little specific but alright”, Joey says laughing and looking straight into your eyes.
“Sorry”, you laugh back.
Ash is already outside with some other girls, maybe Nate’s friends you think.
Joey hands you your drink and you both go outside too.
“Hey” everyone says as you wave your hand. Except one guy sitting and staring at his phone in the corner not covered in light.
He looks up for one moment, catching a glimpse of you. You both lock eyes. he fidgets with his hair and looks down letting out some what of a sigh.
“Dylann, you gonna drink buddy?”, Joey asks him.
“No, I’m okay for tonight.”, he says getting up and going back inside.
Dylann, huh. You thought. Why was he so mysterious? Or maybe he just felt awkward around people he didn’t know.
You reach for your little black backpack and grab another blunt out and begin to share with everyone. There’s a couple decent looking guys there but none worth a rebound. You take extra long hits off your blunt before passing it around. And others start to notice.
“You alright?’, a random guy asks.
“Yea man, I’m cool just a little stressed and need this right now”, you say taking another hit off your blunt. 
Everything is getting warm and your problems are starting to ease off with the nights conversation.

Suddenly, that guy Dylann you saw earlier comes back outside with a cigarette in his mouth. Ash jumps all over him for one. “Omg you have cigs please let me have one”, as she begs and pleads to him.
“Sure, here.” Dylann says handing her one. His hands delicate yet strong, you touch it as you grab the cig to hand to Ash, who is clearly already too drunk.
“Thanks, Dylann right?”, you ask him. 
He smirks up at you, “Yea, no problem”.
He lights his own and offers to share with you.
“Thanks, sure.” You giggle at him. “I know Ash here won’t share with me anyways.” you say sticking your tongue out at her.
He throws his head back and lightly laughs then bends down to tie his boot and fidget with his jeans really quick. As he’s coming back up you begin to hand him the cig but almost hit his hair and ashes fall all over his head.
“Sorry oh my god, here”, you say wiping it out of his head disturbing his odd bowl shaped hair cut. 
“Don’t worry about it”, Dylann says as he seems a little mad.
“Sorry though”, you say awkwardly once more.
Dylann just looks at you and goes back inside. Treading his heavy boots with him, on his extremely lean frame.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s sensitive about his hair”, Joey says.
“I know I see that now but still I feel bad”, you say looking down.
 “Hey, I’ll be right back, gotta go the bathroom”, you look at Ash.
“Be careful baby girl”, Ash screams as she hangs onto a guy she must be attracted to.

You go back into Joey’s house, noticing how unkempt it was and just full of clothes and old fast food trash. You’re standing in the kitchen and you notice Dylann had gone outside in the front.
You refill your cup with the same things you had earlier and head outside.
“It’s soooo nice out right?”, you say to Dylann. He’s leaning against his car.
“Yea it’s pretty nice out”, he says shifting his body away from you.
You walk up to him closer and closer going right in front of his face.
“Look, don’t think I’m a bitch please. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable back there”, you say looking straight into his eyes.
“I don’t, it’s alright”, he says looking down.
He looks you up and down like you couldn’t tell he was. Then looks up at your eyes before looking right away.
“Can I have another cig, I promise I won’t do anything stupid”, you ask twirling your hair looking at him straight in the face.
“Yea alright”, he says as he licks his lips nervously and reaching for his pack.
He lights you one and hands it to your right hand. You begin smoking it as he lights his. He reaches for his pocket and puts his lighter back up and shifts his body a little while leaning into his car more. There’s an awkward silence but you get the vibe that he finds your at least someone what attractive by the way he’s looking at you.

“I like your style”, you say to him in a cute little voice looking at his rolled up jeans, boots, and sweater.
“Thanks you too”, he nervously smiles and laughs.
You accidentally drop your cig and reach around to get it. As you come back up you notice Dylann had been looking at your ass so you decide to play on it.
“Do you think these jeans make my ass look good?”, you ask grinning at him.
“Uhh, sure” he says slowly seemingly getting uncomfortable.
“Hey I’ll be right back”, you say smiling as you go a few feet away to your car.
Dylann grabs his phone back out and plays with it while also looking at you. He reaches in his car and puts on some music and drinks whisky from a small bottle straight. He fumbles with the volume until he reaches his desired level and pops his head back out of the car. 
“I’ve got some of this”, you wave the coke bag at him.
“Oh cool”, he says kinda of taken-a-back by realizing what it was.
“You want some?”, you ask as you take some onto your nail.
“Yes, please”, he says in a polite southern drawl while fidgeting with his mouth.
“Hah alright boy calm down”, you say as you nudge his arm. His face quickly changing to a straight expression.
You thought it would be a good time to flirt considering how horny you were and how cute you thought he was. 
“Here, take this”, you offer up your loaded finger.
He snorts it off your finger, slowly looking up at you with his bright blue eyes.
“Wow, thanks…hey I also never thought you were a bitch”, the coke already making him feel talkative. “Actually you’re far from that, and far too cute to be a bitch.”
“Wow okay”, you say laughing, “Umm thanks, you too boo.” He’s now smiling at you from ear to ear. You playfully reach in his car to turn his music up and suddenly feel him press against your ass. “Yea your ass does look good in these”, he says as he tugs on your belt loops.
You turn around and he’s right in your face. You lock eyes and can no longer hold it in anymore.
“Oh yea, why don’t you show me how good”, you swiftly tell him in his ear.

He flips you over and presses you against his car, tugs down your pants and starts fucking you in your dripping wet little pussy. 
You’re moans are rhythmic and cute as he’s pressing his hard cock into you more and more. Grabbing onto your soft curls, he says “Open your legs a lil’ more” and you suddenly feel him shove something cold into you. 
Your eyes widen and you try to look down but something isn’t letting you. You realize he wrapped his brown woven belt around you neck, and was sticking his gun…it was a gun…inside of you. You begin to whimper and tears flow down your face while he covers your mouth to dampen any screams. He’s slowly and softly pushing and pulling the gun out of you as you keep dripping all over it and his hand. You never thought such a quiet nice boy would be doing this to you right now. You want to be scared as he’s whispering in you ear “It’s loaded so don’t move to hard babe”, but your clit just throbs more and more at the sound of his southern drawl. You slowly move your hips upon the gun letting him know you want it now. He takes the gun out and props you up infront of him facing him. Sticking his warm wet cock back in you making you scream out with more pleasure.
“Now you’re being a bitch”, he says while covering your mouth again.
Suddenly you feel his cold gun on your clit rotating around it sending shivers down your spine.
“Ohhh my goddd”, you sigh out and he keeps a steady pace in you with the gun. 
“Mmmffffff unnhhhh fuck mee”, you moan in his ear and then bite his lip.
He throws his gun down, flips you over and gets you from behind again. Grabbing onto your waist and pounding you as hard as ever.
Suddenly he sees your baggie of coke. Still fucking you he grabs the baggie, licks his finger and gets it full of coke shoving it in your mouth.
“Heyhhh”, your mouth full of his finger, “What thhh fuchhk”, you try moving your head.
He keeps pulsing in you laughing and laughing grabbing onto his belt around your neck.
“Stupid bitch, I don’t wan’ you fuckin’ me if you’re not high since all you like to do is get high you stupid bitch. Now you’re gonna get really high”, he viciously laughs grabbing onto your hair, letting go of the belt.
Suddenly the mix of weed, alcohol and all the coke sets into you too much and you can’t handle this much. Your knees buckle as you fall to the floor.
“Asshhhhhh”, you call for her with your last amount of energy. You were now scared and suddenly it happens. You lose control and fall into a zombie like trance, foaming at the mouth. You look up at Dylann as he takes your head and shoves his dick full of your juices into your mouth, which you can’t keep closed.
“Now you’re not doing it right stupid bitch”, as he slams your head against his car over and over again forcefully with his dick, while his hand is holding your head. You’re experiencing everything in slow motion. Unable to move your arms or body. Slowly zoning in and out as he moans and throws his head back fucking your mouth. He looks at you and says “You still want this you stupid junkie bitch?”, you nod your head up and down signaling yes as your eyes roll into the back of your head and you feel his hot cum suddenly go down your mouth and on your face. You try to wipe it off with your hand when he leans down and grabs your hand by your wrist and laughs. Your wrist still weak, your mouth still open and your eyes still rolling around.
“Uh uh no, little junkie bitch. I just gave you the best drug you’ll ever have, now lick it up”, as he pushes your cum soaked hand back into your zombified mouth. You lick it up as best as you could, whimpering as he grabs onto your hair in excitement, right before you finally pass out.


anonymous asked:

Okay so, I work at a riding stable. I went in for my evening shift tonight, when I noticed that the trainer was washing a horse in the wash stall. I went over to see her, and ask how her ride went. I was told that the ride was horrible, and that the horse was misbehaving and taking off. That's when she pointed out the horse's bloody mouth. I'm talking alot of blood, the corners of the horse's mouth were riped, as well as her gums. ( I'm running out of room, will continue in another ask, sorry)

( part 2 of the bloody mouth ask) The trainer brushed it off as if it was nothing. This horses doesn’t even belong to her, it’s a border ’ s horse. This horse is also only 5. She said the horse was taking off on her be a use she didn’t want to use her back, and move out her shoulder. I’ve seen her ride this horse before, I’ve always found her too rough. I’ve had horses take off on me before, but I have never made their mouths bleed. I needed to vent, but I also want to hear your opinion

How can someone actually point out a bleeding mouth as evidence that a horse was misbehaving? And not realize there’s something really fucking wrong with their training methods?

Tbh I’m not surprised that happened, just that she was so open about it, wtf. Are you in a position to tell the boarder or report her to the owner or review her anonymously online? I know most situations like this you can’t, but that’s always the dream. Ugh.

anonymous asked:

Okay first things first I love you're blog so much! It's my favorite one on my dash! I was wondering if you could do a blurb where Harry gets really jealous, like maybe the reader does it on purpose to get a rise out of him. It doesn't have to be smutty, it could just end fluffy it's up to you but it would be much appreciated!!

Hello sweet anon! Thanks for making me cry.

I can’t imagine being anyone’s favorite, so that was completely unexpected. I appreciate that.
So here’s your request. I wasn’t sure if this was going to turn out smutty, but it did lol. I hope that’s okay. And hope you enjoy it.
Part of this is based on a conversation I had with some friends yesterday. My thought was that I couldn’t imagine Harry getting jealous, but my friend Susie thought otherwise, saying he’d probably be very quiet about it. I went with that idea, so thanks again Susie! xo


The beat was intoxicating. Harry danced with his body pressed up against yours. You could feel his breath on your neck, his arms around your waist. You were so turned on.

You knew you probably shouldn’t have another drink, but when the song was over, you followed Harry to the bar. He ordered you both shots, declaring they would be your last ones. You felt light-headed after drinking it, licking your lips while staring at Harry’s. You leaned forward, grabbing the front of his shirt and planted a kiss on his mouth. His tongue meeting yours sent a bolt of electricity throughout your body. He pulled you closer to him, his hands tight on your hips. You could sense he was ready to take you home.

You excused yourself to go to the ladies room, telling Harry would you be back in a few minutes. He announced he was going to the toilet as well, and he’d meet you back at the bar.

As usual, the restroom was crowded and had a long line. You waited at least ten minutes for an unoccupied stall. After washing your hands and touching up your lipstick, you made your way to the bar. You didn’t see Harry waiting for you, so you leaned your back against it, surveying the room. Suddenly, you felt a tap on your arm. You turned to see a handsome guy with a cocktail in his hand, smiling at you.

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  • It would be highly probable for this to exist! Ilvermorny is in the ideal location for being able to have dragons. New England is filled with forests and mountains, which are easy places for dragons to hide themselves from nomaj eyes. And Ilvermorny, being located on one such mountain, with enchanted mist, wouldn’t reveal dragons to nomajs should they have such a program.
  • Since dragons are common in the area, it’s easy to get a hold of them. And they also don’t have to take them out of their environment. I personally headcanon that they have a few dragon barns. This would allow them to keep an eye on their dragons, as well as let them out for a casual flight once a day. And the dragons would still be in their home environment even when in the barns. I’d say they’d be pretty content. (Plus if one isn’t you can just let it go at a distance from the school)

So it’s possible!! And logical, if you ask me. But just imagine it!

  • The program is like any other class, really, but you can choose whether or not to take it. If you do take it, there are perks. Well, first off, you have a class where you get to learn to care for and ride dragons, etc. But during your free time, if the professor allows, you can come to the barns and clean out the stalls or wash dragons that need their scales scrubbed down; all that good stuff. Basically, when you’re not in class you get to go help out around the barns with whatever needs doing.
  • Students who want to pursue this, as it is their passion (or whatever reasoning they have behind that), can ask to do an independent study with the professor. Should they be granted this, the next egg the school receives is their responsibility. They will be there when it hatches, and then raise said hatchling. They’ll have to put all they learned into use and raise a dragon! (Don’t worry; if they mess up the staff/professor take over for them)
  • During the first course, flying is not an option. But should you continue dragon care classes, and take the second course, then you can begin to learn the ins and outs of flying and flying equipment. You gotta be dedicated, people. Gotta be dedicated. (I SO AM, BRING IT ON)
  • Most of their dragons are species native to the New England mountains and forests, as would be expected. But since it is an educational program, after all, they’ve received the occasional donation of an exotic dragon egg, or one just not in their area. This exposes students to dragons they wouldn’t have been able to work with otherwise.
  • RACES. This may seem ridiculous, but hold on a sec. Ilvermorny has the mist and mountain cover; they don’t have to worry about nomajs spotting any dragons flying around. So, advanced students who have shown proficiency in flying can have the occasional race as practice. There are very strict rules, of course, to ensure the safety of both dragon and rider. Whenever one of these races is announced, the students are always super excited. They all want to go watch. Especially those in the competing riders’ houses. They consider it as intense as a Quidditch match. 
  • Oh, and a note; the care and keeping of magical creatures course is a required prerequisite. You think you can care for dragons without knowing the workings of the hippogriff? Think again. 

There are plenty more ideas and possibilities; these are just the ones that have been floating around my head. Feel free to add your own!

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im probably the only shipper of this but consider: Pansy and Lavender

  • so.
  • it starts after ron and lavender break up.
  • lavender is crying in the girls bathroom, because her biggest fear came true.
  • ron was in love with hermione the whole time and not her.
  • like she knew this deep down, but she didn’t want to accept it.
  • so the tears kept coming until she heard a stall creak open next to her.
  • she composed herself and wiped her eyes on her sweater.
  • she expected to hear the person next to her at least pee or something, but they did nothing.
  • they were silent, until they no longer were.
  • the person next to her was now crying too, and lavender felt sympathetic.
  • she understood what this felt like.
  • she didn’t care who it was.
  • so she passed some toilet paper under the stall and they grabbed it.
  • and lavender instantly was envious of their red nail polish.
  • lavender decided to leave the person be and left her stall to wash her hands.
  • but to her surprise, the person in the stall next to her also slipped out.
  • it was pansy parkinson.
  • lavender recoiled without meaning to make it obvious, but pansy noticed.
  • she wiped her red eyes and said, “i see your sympathy is now gone, brown. you didn’t expect it to be me, a slytherin, did you?”
  • lavender didn’t know what to say.
  • so she just stood there sheepishly.
  • pansy then briskly walked out of the bathroom.
  • lavender was intrigued.
  • they ran into each other again outside by the lake.
  • while parvati went to a tutoring session with theodore nott like she did every thursday, lavender would always come down to the lake to think and wait for her.
  • but pansy parkinson came and joined her this time.
  • lavender gulped by didn’t say anything as pansy sat next to her.
  • “you want to know why i was crying last week?”
  • confused, lavender furrowed her brows.
  • “why would you want to tell me?”
  • because i trust you.” pansy said rather quickly.
  • lavender was still confused, but she stayed quiet so pansy could talk.
  • “draco broke it off, but i have been confused anyway.”
  • “confused about what?”
  • silence.
  • “i’m going to go,” pansy suddenly said, “see you later.”
  • lavender sat there stunned for a long time.
  • they met often after that.
  • pansy eventually opened up that she was confused about her sexuality.
  • lavender said she understood.
  • and friendship turned into something more.
  • and as lavender fell from the balcony that night at hogwarts.
  • pansy swore she felt the bite slice through her flesh, too. 
Care Giver Pt.2   BY: Dscurve & Y. Black

@dscurve You told me they were waiting lady…. Gotta keep em fed.

**Dr. Janay**

I smile at his subtle compliment; I can tell he wants to say more. I do get tons of compliments but they roll off my shoulders never sinking in because most men can’t handle an independent woman. Yet Dr. Kelvin seems very secure with himself and not easily intimidated. “You’re staring at me….what are you thinking?” I watch his lips curve up as he eagerly awaits my response. I look at the table next to us with a family of 4 kids and use them as an excuse. “I have to keep it PG in here.” I drink the last of my orange juice smiling as he laughs. . I look at the time on my cell; I still have time to go home and shower before my shift. “Well then our next date will have to be where Rated R conversations are welcomed!” I laugh as the waitress comes with two checks. “Who said this was a date? I was just making sure you didn’t have a blood clot after I cared for you. Have your family suing me because I was the last one to touch you.” His laugh is invigorating as a dimple sinks deep in his cheek. Damn he’s fine! I roll the end of the straw around in my mouth just thinking about sucking on his lips and I completely miss his sentence. He reaches over and touches my hand and our eyes lock. All the sound in the restaurant fades away as I look at him, goosebumps travel up my arms while my breathing slows. “Kelvin….” He stops mid-sentence. “What are you doing tonight?” He leans back in his chair and strokes his chin. Why must he keep drawing attention to his lips! “Nothing.” I put cash on top of my bill to pay it. “I have a metal filing cabinet at home I need to get to the road so it can be picked up tomorrow morning.” I rise slowly from the table as he watches me, grasping at the invitation as I leave it dangling before him. “Really?” I nod my head and continue, “I could really use your help if you didn’t mind. If think you’ll be all healed by then, can you come over around 7?” I stare into his eyes as he searches mine for sincerity. Please say yes….please!

How could I refuse after all the help she had given me today? “No problem, I shouldn’t have any problem being able to help you out.” I put a twenty on my bill to match her twenty, I wasn’t in competition, though I did take notice of her independence. That kind of thing never bothered me. I walked her to her car and extended my hand to shake hers. To my surprise she swatted my hand to the side and stepped to me and wrapped her arms around me. I was shocked to say the least. “Oh I don’t get a hug back?” She had so much sass. I liked it to be frank. “My bad I was a little, ya know… hell.” I gave her a tight hug. “Mmmm yes.” She moaned. Fuck that was all it took, I knew she’d be on my mind all day. Constant replay of her moaning. I let her go, trying to keep mind over matter. “You smell really good Dr. Kelvin.” The sex appeal was so apparent. “Thank you Dr. Janay.” I tried to hide that corky little smirk I did from time to time. It only showed when I was really feeling someone. Our hands were still clutched and it felt as though there was supposed to be a kiss inserted right there but I kept it cool. I wonder if she was thinking the same thing I was. “Hey so tonight your place at 7?” I tried to break my thoughts. “Yes sir.” She replied. “Cool I will see you there, I’ll wait for you to shoot me the address.” She nodded and I began to turn to head towards my car. Before I was completely out of her clutch she squeezed my hand tight, making me whip my head back around. “Make sure you wear that cologne please and thank you.” We both chuckled and I headed to the car.

**Dr. Janay**

Standing in the shower at home, my hands grope my breasts as the hot water beats down on them. I close my eyes and pinch my nipples imagining Kelvin’s lips sucking on them. I slide a hand down to my pussy and rub my clit, damn…. I’d like to feel his warm tongue stroking against it. My cell alarm goes off loud. Great! I finish up quickly and run my flat iron briefly through my hair making my curls tighter than before, spritzing them with a large can of Big & Sexy before separating them with my fingers. I put on a purple, lace bra and matching boy-shorts before putting on my scrubs. I grab my stethoscope and white coat; name tag already pinned on. Eagerly I fend through traffic excited for my first day, but even more so to see Dr. Kelvin again! I walk in and find my way to the staff meeting on the 3rd floor but he’s not there. For thirty minutes I remember no names, use one word answers “Dr. Williamson?” an older man extends his hand to me and I can tell he’s very seasoned. I walk to the front of the room and introduce myself to everyone, “Please just call me Dr. Janay, it’s much quicker.” Then Dr. Taylor tells everyone my accolades and they applaud; at least they are excited to have me a part of the team! Then a nurse says, “This is great! Now we have two top surgeons, you and Dr. Kelvin.” My heart stops as the name floats through the air. Then the door swings open as Dr. Kelvin enters the room. “Dr. Taylor I’m sorry, I was talking to a patient’s mother about a surgery we need to schedule today for her son and I finally got her on board.” His eyes travel to me and I watch as his desire consumes him. “Dr. Janay?” I smile shyly and move my hair behind my ears as Dr. Taylor formally introduces us. His words are lost on Kelvin as his remains mesmerized staring into my eyes. He was making me feel so beautiful as he bathed in my presence. Dr. Taylor closes the meeting, and everyone leaves the room leaving just he and I standing inches apart. My eardrums are pounding because my heart is beating so fast. He reaches his hand and gently touches the side of my face. He’s standing so close to me, chills run up my spine as my nipples become erect. I wonder how soon another meeting is? I feel the urge to kiss him but I don’t want to scare him off. Some men act like they want a woman to be forward but then deem her a hoe. I definitely didn’t want that impression.  Softly I say, “Please don’t tease me …. I’m afraid I won’t be able to behave myself.” I take in a sharp breathe as he steps even closer to me…..goosebumps cover my body as my pussy screams, ‘YES!’

** Dr. Kelvin**

Fuck we ended up here, mere millimeters apart now. I told myself to keep it professional, I tried to coach myself thru this moment. I failed miserably. I knew this would be something from the time we left the IHOP parking lot. The tension was there, on both sides of the fence. I didn’t want to act prematurely, and I’m sure she felt the same. Despite a whole damn conversation with myself in the shower this morning, here we stand, about to let the inevitable happen. “Please don’t tease me…. I’m afraid I won’t be able to behave myself.” Her eyes told a story not even Shakespeare could read.  But I was fluent in her language and against my own cautions, I decided to show her just how well I spoke it. Our lips that so longed to meet since our run in at the park, finally grazed one another. Her lips were so full, so soft, so succulent, so everything I was craving in that moment. I brushed my own full lips along hers from corner to corner. On my way back across, she gripped my bottom lip with her teeth. She sucked my lip into her mouth, and suckled it in seductively. This kiss is well worth the 3 hour wait. Instinctively my hands wrap her waist bringing closer our embrace. This conference room was no longer such, rather a sanctuary where seeds of passion and desire have been planted. Her hands found my chest and gripped my pecs. The kiss came to halt as the passing footsteps acted as the pinch to bring us back to reality. “Damn” I murmured as sucked my own lip into my mouth savoring the flavor of the kiss.  “I know right… And it’s still only day one.” She said as she adjusted her scrubs. I know my print was probably showing in the thin fabric of my own scrubs. “Wait day one of the job or day one of something else?” I wasn’t sure which direction she was heading with that statement. “To be honest… Both.” Damn she had a real point, this was all new to her. “Hmmm…” I looked down at my watch. “Hey I have to go do some paperwork and prep for this surgery later.”  I reached for the door to let her out and follow behind her. “Dr. Janay” I called out as began making her way down the hallway. “Yes sir” she turned with a little sass. All I could do was smirk. “You should come see about me.”  “Oh I will, you can take that to the bank.”

**Dr. Janay**

I turned back walking even faster up the hallway to the bathroom I remembered passing. Once the door to the stall was closed  I stood against it with head to it talking to myself. “What the hell just happened?!” My ears were full of pressure as my pussy throbbed. He could’ve taken me right there on the conference table and I wouldn’t have mind! I close my eyes remembering his full lips as he pressed them against mine igniting a fire inside me. Dammit! I have to focus. “Just get through the day…. get through the day!” I open the stall and wash my hands out of habit, and exit the restroom. I find the large dry erase board and quickly spot Dr. Kelvin’s name next to ‘5yr old brain tumor’. “Damn” I say to myself. That’s pretty tough to do alone. Then I see my name under the column “ASSIST” and I take in a quick breathe just as Dr. Taylor approaches. “Hey Dr. Janay right?” I turn to him with apparent shock still on my face. “I see you’ve found out you’ll be assisting in your first surgery today! Well I’m sure you’ll do fine, you can make Dr. Kelvin do all the work! Shouldn’t take more than a couple hours…great way to pass the day! Don’t worry you’ll be doing another one later all on your own! Good luck!” He pats me on the shoulder before walking off as I stand there dumbfounded. How in the hell was I going to assist the sexiest man alive during the most complicated surgery ever! “Shit” I say to myself and a nurse passing smiles. “Rough day already?” I take the opportunity to ask her where the surgery room was as she directs me three floors up. I take the stairs to make up for not getting my run in this morning, but mainly just to sort things out in my head pushing my feelings and starving pussy to the back of my mind. I poke my head into various rooms that appear big enough for a surgery but each time I come up short. “Where in the hell is this place?” Finally I open a door to what appears is a large operating room, but nobody is in prepping. I look to my left and see there’s a door to an adjoining room and I walk to it but look through the blinds first and see a nurse bent over an operating table getting her pussy rammed by a heavy set EMT! She’s not holding back her screams as he grips her hips tight, I watch as he drives his thick dick inside her shaved pussy fast and rough shaking the table.

I jump when I feel a warm breath on my ear and try to turn around but Dr. Kelvin presses up against me so tight I can feel his hard dick against my ass. “Kelvin….” I say softly as his hot tongue traces my ear, sliding inside instantly making my pussy wet. Together we watch as the EMT leans over grabbing her full C cups and squeezes them, thrusting slow and deep as he winds his hips she grips the sides of the table tight. I moan as Kelvin’s hands slip under my scrubs and find my breasts under my lace bra. I feel his lips against my neck as he kisses it hard; my D cups fill his large hands as he fondles my bare breasts. I arch back leaning back, melting into his chest as he pinches my nipples. “Kelvin….” I moan again; I can hear him moaning in my ear as he grinds against my ass. I can feel his thickness as my pussy aches for attention. Our eyes stay locked on the couple as the EMT pulls out and buries his face in her pussy. She grabs his bald head tight and screams as he sucks heavily on her clit. “Damn….” I whisper, and Kelvin slips a hand into my panties and begins rubbing my swollen clit. The pressure in my ears returns as I grind against his strong fingers….fuck…. I hope I can cum before anyone catches us.

**Dr. Kelvin**

Janay’s pussy was so wet on my fingertips. When I saw her clinch her thighs and squeeze her breast I couldn’t help but come over and lend a helping hand. I could tell she knew it was me right off the bat. She jumped only slightly, and the sultry way she let my name roll off of her tongue only made me want her more. She didn’t know Travis and Desiree were a thing. I’d come up here and watch them once a week, as they got it popping. They both had people but the chemistry between then was scorching and it made for a hell of a show whenever they got together. In the midst, shit Janay and I were about to spawn our own spin off.

She leaned her head back and whispered “Damn”, I knew she was close. I should have been a gynecologist, the way I love and have mastered the female anatomy. Her pussy and my finger were playing call and response as we watched Travis and Desiree fuck like college kids in a dorm room right before curfew. The whole scene was hot. “Janay, I need you to cum for me like a good little girl.” I commanded. “MMMM….” She cooed. “Cum for me princess. Daddy needs you to cum his fingers.” I continued. “Yes daddy, I’m going to be a good girl for you.” I dove my fingers deeper in to her and her thighs locked onto my wrist. I sunk my teeth into her neck and covered her mouth to muffle the shrieks that begun to exit her lips. I could her body quaking as she was boiling over. Her frame lean heavily upon as her legs had grown weak under my magic touch. Once she released her hold on my wrist, I eagerly brought my finger to my mouth. They were completely drenched in her nectar. I stuck my index finger in my mouth, she tasted of the heavens. I closed my eyes as I was savoring her. “You not going to share with me” she said just before her tongue snaked up the backside of my hand. We clean my fingers in unison, until our lips locked into another heat filled kiss. “Shit you are fucking trouble lady” I said with conviction. “And what you think you are good sir? Or should I say bad sir” She shot back. We both smiled knowing what was only in store for us. We had got so lost in each other we forgot about the other two. I glanced over and peered through the window to only catch Travis pulling his pants up and Desiree standing wiping the corners of her mouth. “Damn we missed the money shot” Janay stated. I laughed out and she nudged me. “What? We did.” She continued. “We did but what we did get was more important.” I gave her a knowing look. “Well…. You right, you right.” She said. “Listen we have to prep for this procedure, go get cleaned up. And I’ll do the same.’’

I tried to get back focused on the real matter at hand. She trailed off and I did the same. We operated for about 4 and a half hours successfully. I was glad I could deliver for our patient and his mother. She was a piece of work. She was so concern about the minimal things that could have gone wrong, versus the tremendous potential upside. Her son would now be able to lead a healthy childhood, and grow to maybe change the world. This is what I loved about my job. I was able change lives that could maybe someday change lives themselves. After cleaning up and debriefing the family I ran into Dr. Janay in the hall. “Hey, are we still on for 7?” I asked. “Most certainly.” She said with a smile. “Ok cool I can pick up dinner if you’d like.” I put it out there so she wouldn’t have to do any extra. “Oh dinner will be hot and ready by the time you arrive sir.” The grin I had could be seen from the west wing.

[F] "Yo ladies!”

Title: “Yo ladies!”
Pairing: fem!OT13
Length: 1,602 words
Summary: High School!AU in which every girl who has gym third period has to share a locker room due to maintenance repairs.
A/N: Because fem!17 seems so nice?? (Oh, high school days..)

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Make It Right

Hi! Could you do a one shot where you and Roman use to be together and he broke up with you because of always being on the road, so when he comes back home he sees you out on a date with someone and gets super jealous and tries to win you?

“How do I look?” I made a 360 turn in front of my iPad. 

“You look gorgeous as always, honey.” My mom smiled through the screen. “I’m sure Apollo hasn’t had any complaints so far." 

I decided to wear a maroon A-line dress that hugged my boobs and flared out the bottom. I strapped on my favorite pair of black heels and added a halter, black leather jacket. I went with gold jewelry and put my hair in a high bun. 

"You don’t think it’s too laid back for a high class restaurant?” I went to the dresser to find some lipstick. 

“You may look like you belong in a bad ass motorcycle gang, but I’d say it’s a win." 

I laugh, "I hate you sometimes, ya know?" 

She laughs, "The feeling is mutual, my darling. Now, what are you doing? He’s going to be there in ten minutes." 

I bring over four shades of lipsticks to the iPad that could go with my outfit. Her eyes squint in concentration until she makes her choice. I apply the lipstick, rub on some perfumed oil, and as if on cue, the doorbell rings. 

"That’s Apollo. Gotta go, mom and thanks so much!” I blow a kiss at her.

“Anytime, honey and have fun!” She blows a kiss and we hang up. 

I make it down the stairs in thirty seconds, opening the door to a megawatt smile. Apollo was dressed in a crisp white polo shirt, iron creased khaki slacks and patterned loafers. His golden Rolex sat charmingly on his wrist, that supported a hand holding a red rose. His eyes were dark brown with the rich, melanin skin to match. His bald head was freshly shaved, I’d say it was done early this morning. 

“Wow, Deidre,” Apollo looked me up and down, “You look so damn sexy." 

I giggle, "Right back at you, Apollo.” I walk up to him, “Is that for me?”

He looks at the rose he’s holding. “Of course, my lady.” He hands it to me, “I hope I haven’t given you too many already." 

"A woman can never have too many roses.” I grin, “You ready?" 

Apollo holds out his arm and I hook mines through it. "As I’ll ever be, beautiful.” He kisses my hand and leads me to the car. 

We make it to the restaurant, which I learned was an all-you-can-eat exclusive seafood place. After getting seated and ordering our drinks, I took in the scenery. It was definitely high class and definitely expensive. However, Apollo says that the seafood is unlike any I’ve ever had. The complimentary Mediterranean shrimp rolls that were soon placed on our table, would be the judge of that. 

I grab a roll, placing it on my saucer. “They smell delicious." 

Apollo bites into his roll. "You’ll love ‘em, Deidre. We can get another round if you’d like." 

"No, no. I’m sure this’ll be fine.” I take a bite, slowly chewing through the mass of seasoning and shrimp. “Oh my goodness, these are good!” I take another bite. “On second thought, another round wouldn’t hurt." 

He nods, chuckling as he finishes his off. "I told you!" 

Our waitress brings us our drinks, letting us know that we are free to head to the buffet. When we fix our first plates, we head back to the table and dig in. Apollo asks me about my day and I leisurely tell him of my eventful day at work. He follows up with telling me how he got called in on his off day which sucked. They wanted him to work tonight as well, but he made it clear that he wasn’t going to miss this date. I smile at his declaration, thinking that was so sweet of him. 

"You smell so nice, by the way, Deidre. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you wearing?” Apollo drinks from his glass. 

I finish chewing and swallow. “Aw thanks! Um, it’s a perfumed oil actually.”  

I suddenly remember the origin of my scent and almost relapse into a small spell of sadness. It was a gift from my ex, Leati. He got it for me on one of his international wrestling tours, Dubai to be exact. I quickly recover, not wanting to give Apollo any hint of my thoughts. We haven’t gotten on the topic of exes yet in our dating, so I don’t want to be the first to bring them up. 

“It was a gift from an old friend, they were over in Africa for a few weeks.” I take a few sips from my drink.

Apollo smiles, “Well that’ll definitely be a little harder for me to get you another bottle." 

I faintly smile, "Yes, it would. But I’m sure you’d get me another one that smells even better." 

"I plan on it.” He winks. 

I wipe my mouth with my handkerchief. “Gotta go to the ladies room, be right back." 

"Alright cool.” Apollo stuffs his face with crab cake. 

I found my way to the restroom, immediately finding an empty stall. How could I have been so oblivious? Wearing something from my ex on a date with a potential boyfriend. Seriously, Deidre?! I take a seat on the toilet to relieve my bladder. With my hand propped on my cheek, I get a whiff of the oil again. It’s sultry scent brought me back to the day I received it in the mail.

“Babe, thank you so much for this! It smells so good!” I inhale my scented wrist, looking at my man dreamily. 

His smile shines brighter through my phone screen. “Now you see why I had to get it for you. I want you to have it on when I get back home." 

I raise a coy brow. "Should that be all I have on?" 

He bites his lip. "That’ll be enough for me, baby." 

I sigh, "Ugh, I love your bones, Leati Joseph. Please hurry home, I miss you.”
“Not as much as I love and miss your bones, my Deidre Anne.” He grins, “I’ll be home soon." 

I open my eyes from that flashback, feeling my heart tingle from it. I still missed him. I still loved him. But none of that changed the fact that he broke up with me. He started to feel that the more famous he’d gotten, the more time we’d be apart from each other. I was ready for the ride and the sacrifices our relationship would have to endure from his career. My heart was secure in us making it for a lifetime, unfortunately his wasn’t. 

I cleaned myself up, flushed, and walked out of the stall. After washing and drying my hands, I took a good look at myself in the mirror. 

"His loss, girl.” I grin at my reflection and head out the restroom. 

As I stride through the hungry crowd, I hear a voice that halts me. The base was deep, vibrating through my core as I swiftly turned to its direction. 

Holy. Freaking. Crap!

There he is. Leati, clad in a black suit, talking with the hostess, holding a to-go plate in his hand. There was another woman standing by him  with her arm linked with his, smiling as the two exchanged friendly banter. She looked radiant in her short red dress and honey blond hair. Her skin was tanned, glowing in the soft lighting of the restaurant. As if sensing my glare, Leati looked up and caught my eyes instantly. His smile soon faded, as his eyes bulged in shock. Red Dress looked up at him after noticing the pause in his interaction. She followed his gaze that landed on me, but I couldn’t snap out of it and neither could he. It wasn’t until someone behind me politely said 'Excuse me,’ that I snapped out of the staring contest. I glance at Red Dress with an embarrassed grin, proceeding to get back to Apollo as quickly as I can. 

“Sorry, I took so long.” I nervously laugh as I take my seat across from him.  

“It’s fine, I was starting to get a little worried. Is everything okay?” Apollo put his phone down. 

Of course, I am! I saw my ex in the same restaurant with a woman that’s possibly a super model! 

“Yeah, everything’s fine.” I sigh, “So! Does this place have great dessert as well?" 

"A cheesecake that’s to die for.” He reassures, “Want to try it out?" 

"Sure, but after a few more plates of this seafood though. I gotta hand it to you, Apollo. This place has amazing food!”

With unfortunate guests… 

After eating until we couldn’t any more, Apollo paid the tab and he drove me home. I thanked him for another lovely evening and told him I couldn’t wait for the next. He walked me to my door, leaving a lingering kiss to my cheek. When he watched me securely enter and close my door, he sped off down the block.  
Suddenly, I felt another presence in my house and grew stiff. The light in the kitchen was on, I don’t remember leaving it on when I left. Quickly and quietly, I grab my pepper spray out of my purse. My gun is upstairs in my bedroom, so this will have to do. I almost tip toe towards the kitchen until I reach the corner. I peak around to a bulky figure sitting at the island, back facing me. I take note of the black suit and wavy dark tresses to realize that it was Leati. 

“Nice to see you again, Deidre.” He spoke. 

“I suggest you tell me how the hell you got into my house before I call the police.” I still held the pepper spray at his back. 

He twists in the seat to face me. “You never changed your locks and I still have a key." 

I roll my eyes at the reminder of not changing my damn locks. "Dammit, Joe, I could’ve blinded you just now!” I lower the spray back into my purse. “You don’t just show up unannounced, especially like this!" 

"I agree and I’m very sorry for doing so.” He eyes me for a moment. “I see you haven’t changed, still beautiful as ever." 

"We’re you expecting something heartbroken and sullen?” I sass. 

His eyebrows jerk, “No, no I wasn’t. I just..,” he sighs. “I just didn’t think I’d ever see you again, especially on a date.”

I chuckle, “Well, that’s what single people do. We date after moving on from jerks that break our hearts." 

"Deidre, I’m so sorry—”

“Save it.” I put my hands up, “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say. You did what you thought was right, even if it meant hurting your first love for your own selfish reasons." 

He stands up, shadowing my body. "Please listen this time. I’m begging you.” He grabs my hands, caressing my knuckles. “Please." 

His touch radiates through my hands. "You don’t have long, so get to talking.” I snatch my hands away and take a seat at the island. 

Leati takes his previous seat next to me. “First off, I want to say that I was very stupid for breaking up with you. Things were taking off so quickly after signing my contract that I started to feel I was being pulled too far away from you. Being on the road back to back with the guys, and not being able to talk to you everyday anymore was messing with me. I felt that soon you would find it an issue, we’d start to argue constantly, and before you know it we’d be over.”

“So, you figured you’d just take matters into your own hands without asking me how I felt?” I fold my arms, “Are you aware that that’s what happened? Forget what Deidre thought, let me just make the decision for her and break her heart in the process. Crush her dreams of marrying a man she’s truly in love with and having all of his babies. Let me be a dumb ass and ruin a potential happily ever after." 

He shook his head, "That wasn’t my intention, my love. But I definitely see where you’re coming from and I can’t help but feel that’s exactly what I did.”  

“It is.” I snap.

His eyes morphed into sad ovals. “I really and truly messed up, which is why I decided to come back and beg for another chance. I was a young man that just signed a million dollar deal, with a brain that was still immature in more ways than one. I lost focus of one of my top priorities and replaced her with fame.”

His finger lifted my chin, “She didn’t deserve that at all.”

My tension starts to soften. “Damn right she didn’t." 

Without skipping a beat, Leati leaned in to me and like a magnet I gravitated towards him. Our lips sealed in a locking kiss that left me reminiscing of kissing him on a daily like this. The spark was still there, sending electricity through our bodies as we indulged more. As his hands grab my face, a vision of his date popped in my head and I retracted. 

"Red Dress,” I state, “who is she?" 

"That’s Jenna, an old college girlfriend. She was in town for the weekend and asked me to join her for dinner.” He drug my stool closer to his, “That ship has long sailed, so it was just two people catching up on life." 

"Hmm.” I ponder on his explanation. “She’s very attractive." 

He grin, "She is. However, there’s a woman that has her beat by a long shot." 

"Oh really? And who might that fortunate dame be?”

“I saw her out tonight with some bald guy, who was quite handsome might I add.” He smirks, “That I’m really hoping isn’t her boyfriend." 

"Potential boyfriend,” I correct, “Apollo is a great guy, Leati." 

"I’m not doubting that he is, but I doubt that he’s the one for you." 

I grab his chin, "You can’t make that call after what you’ve done, babe." 

He takes my wrist, kissing the inside of my palm. "Trust me, I’m a man that can admit his terrible mistakes. I’m also a man that isn’t afraid to go through anything to win his first love back. I’m your happily ever after, Deidre, just as you are mines. I’m not saying drop the guy yet, but just put me in the race for your heart again. I never stopped loving you, baby. I never stopped dreaming of you every night. All you gotta do is let me show you once more that you belong to me and vice versa.”

Our foreheads connect, as he leaned in to me. “Please let me back in, Deidre, and you’ll see that I truly never left you.”

I sighed, thinking carefully of my verdict. “May the best man win, Leati.”

do you know the various movies “cars” “planes” etc. ? 

the world is dominated by sentient machines. there are no humans, only machines that constantly adapt the world to their needs (they build roads, washing facilities, gas stations, entire racing courses made to accomodate thousands of cars). 

Cars isn’t a funny children story. Cars is the tale about how the world will be when intelligent machines will exterminate their creators. 

there is a short story by the great Asimov (I don’t remember the title, blast me!) where intelligent cars with a positronic brain enjoy their retirement into a deluxe resort… and after a while, they start to think that they shouldn’t be working for humans. that this is how the world should be - an endless, deluxe resort for cars, with gas stations, well paved roads and off road trails, washing stations and comfy stalls. 


Sentimentality: Chapter 1

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: The Martins move to Beacon Hills to start a new life after tragedy hit them. Determined to start senior year focusing on nothing but her grades, Lydia soon learns that things might not go as planned when, in her first day in high school, she literally bumps into her soulmate, making everything in her life come into perspective in ways she never imagined. Soulmate AU

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Angst, Soulmate!AU

A/N: So this is the first fic for my “Destined flames” series, which will only have Soulmate AUs! This one is entirely AU. There are no supernatural elements involved, some characters that are no longer in the show will come into play and, of course, it’s a slow burn. I mixed three soulmate prompts because it’s much more interesting that way, so this fic is based on the following prompt: “Soulmate AU where you have words said by your soulmate printed on you wrist, but they can either be the words your soulmate says the minute they realize they love you, the first words they ever say to you or their last, and you won’t know until they say them.”

Part 1 of the “Destined flames” series.

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