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What time is it?

Time Travel AU Time!

I’ve been waiting too long to say goodbye to the man I knew
and now all I have left is this shell to say it to

closure is important

cause ive been seeing a new trend in a show/ a new character being drawn a lot and rising to popularity!!

ive been hearing a lot of oh “this is so cringe”. i dislike it when people use the word cringe especially because a lot of adults/older individuals use it to mock something younger individuals like or is trending atm especially when it does have to do with a character younger girls or just girls in general enjoy. reminder that you should probably spend your time wisely rather than pick on children online especially when it comes to cartoons that are not made for your age demographic and are made for a younger audience lmao

I just saw someone say that Reylos whitewash Poe in their fanworks, and to me that’s so funny. Not because of the usual anti-Reylo thing, but moreso, just that ‘white-washing’ Hispanics idea, like as if Poe goes around waving maracas and dancing salsa in TFA, but in the ffs he’s I don’t know??? Acting like a normal human being? Like how he acts in TFA? Like how the majority of Hispanics act and are allowed to act? How does one even go about white washing in fanfiction? How does that even work? Like ‘Yes hello my name is Poe Smith, yes I changed it from Dameron because that sounds far too ‘ethnic’ for me. Far too spicy a name. Anyways have you met my children Beverley and Frank?’ 

I mean, I’m just–I think this is too funny. Too ridiculous.

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Imagine Jay being scared to come out because of the fact that he’s been seen as the womanizer for so long and he knows that not every girl he’s flirted with will be happy with him and what they could have done to him terrifies him.

Imagine Carlos finally wanting to be himself in Auradon, not caring who knows and not being a scared little boy anymore. He’s proud of who he is and he wants to make sure everyone else is proud of themselves too.

Imagine Jay coming out to Carlos, terrified out of his mind in their dorm room as Carlos is slipping into sleep, he doesn’t expect any reply other than snores coming from the other bed. But the sound of movement fills the room and the light clicks on. Carlos smiles at him softly and suddenly his fear washes away. Carlos says one thing only, “I’m so proud of you”, before getting off the bed and going over to hug Jay.

After that Jay isn’t afraid anymore, he starts to realize the scared little boy from the isle is stronger than he ever could be and he’s glad to have him by his side.

-bren ❤️

hold up

so if season 14 is giving us a live action segment does that mean that this:

is finally going to be canonized into wash’s skill set because if so then i am 100% on board

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‘we take the same elevator every day and due to a misunderstanding I assumed you didn’t speak english and I’ve been talking to my friend about how hot you are for three weeks and apparently my friend has known from the start but you agreed not to tell me bc you both think its hilarious what the fuck’ au USE ANY PAIRING USE ALL THE PAIRINGS

THIS IS THE BEST PROMPT OF ALL TIME. gonna use it to practice my rvb writing skills, sorry if that’s not what you were expecting.

The day Carolina called Wash’s name to get on a different elevator from his usual is the day after a disastrous blind date with one of South’s friends. Honestly, he should have known better, South is notorious for screwing with him, but sue him for being lonely and up for some spontaneity in his life. Never again. He is never trusting South again. With anything.

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