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Fakehaus -> Lawrence Sonntag 

If you had asked a younger Lawrence Sonntag where he would end up in the next couple of years, his guess would be quite similar to his current situation. In his eyes, the combination of being a washed up teen prodigy and a heavy drinker could only lead to the inevitable. When you get down to Sonntag, though, being in Fakehaus is fun. Although he isn’t on the ground very often, instead just being Fakehaus’s resident intelligence and hacker, being in the crew gives Sonntag the illusion of something he’s always wanted in life.  

Complete and utter control. 

Joel / Adam / Spoole / Bruce / James / Elyse / Peake / Omar

RinHaruweek day 8: Crossover: Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

Au where Haru is the washed up piano prodigy and Rin plays the violin, not the way the piece is meant to be played, but in his own style to make an impact. Haru is mesmerized by him and agrees to being his accompanist.

The last day of RinHaruweek! I really enjoyed this week and can’t believe I managed to make a drawing for every single day. Thank you to everyone who organized this incredible week!

dimensionaldemon  asked:

Was Joey Bill supposed to be a part of something?


Joey Bill (who I guess you’ve seen in this old art dump post?) is a washed-up piano prodigy who is almost constantly schwasted drunk and makes his living playing at a “dueling pianos” type bar.  He was a character I came up with in college because we had this assignment to go “people watching”, do some sketches, and then create a character based off one of our sketches.

I was a phenomenal fuck up, apparently, and all of my sketches sucked (I drew some chubby kids at McDonalds, and then I tried to discretely draw a sex worker around the corner from my apartment, but I think she thought I was a client and started to walk up to me so I panicked and drove away).  So I thought, “what if I just sketched someone I people-watched from a few years ago?”

Well a few years prior I was at a dueling piano bar, a pretty new spot in our town, which I was super pumped to check out because I play piano too, and I was just stoked it even existed.  One of the performers was this guy, who… was like… somewhere in his late 30s or maybe early 40s, who was clearly trying to dress like he was in his 20s, wearing more fitted jeans and a button-down shirt, but it like… didn’t fit him at all.  He had a button undone and his beer belly poking out a little.  He was drinking way more than the other pianist (who looked a lot more well put-together), but he wasn’t any less impressive of a player.  So that’s who I based Joey off of.  

Is he FROM something?  …Yyyyyyyes… and no.  After that character assignment we got paired off with other classmates and we had to come up with a story where our characters would interact with each other, then make that into an animatic and animate at least 1 scene from it.  

So I was in the oddball group of THREE people (myself, Michael Nanna, and Ann Mendenhall, if that means anything to ya’), and we all had DRASTICALLY different characters who were from completely different fucking worlds.  Ann’s character was this trans girl CEO of a tech company trying to live up to her father’s expectations, and Nanna’s was like… this … fucking… beefy ancient warrior who traveled the deserts hunting giant mythical boars or… some shit… HAHsjfhjf,… fuck… fuck the project was such a mess, but like a beautiful mess?  We tried so hard to make a story out of that.  

I think CEO girl was in charge of making sure this big international company party in this fancy hotel in some desert oasis went off without a hitch, and Joey Bill was the hired entertainment who’d been given his last chance not to fuck things up.  And there’s all this buildup between these two characters and then the party is unexpectedly crashed by this shapeshifting beast that gets into the dining hall, followed of course by Beefcake McBoarhunter, and everything just goes immediately to shit.  Guests are horrified, food is flying everywhere, I think the lid of the piano gets ripped off and used as a discus??  And it ends with CEO girl getting a text from businessdad like “how’d it go?” and then there’s a wideshot of the chandelier crashing down from the ceiling (someone must’ve swung on it at some point?), and it may or may not have landed on the boar and killed him.  I’m honestly having a hard time remembering, haha.  It was super fun and I’ve got this huge smile on my face just thinking about it but god damn.

SO THERE YA’ HAVE IT.  Hope that answers your question but I’m sure it just raises more, haha.