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My Updated Wash ‘N Go Routine

Yep, you read correctly. My updated wash 'n go routine is finally here! I know it took forever to get this to you all and you’ve been dying for an update from my nearly three years old wash 'n go routine post, but I have been taking my time to perfect my methods before I decided to share my secrets to a defined, wash 'n go with the world. My secret weapons this time around are the Ouidad rake and shake method, Shea Moisture’s Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration shampoo (cleanser) and hair masque (deep conditioner), Curls’ Creme Brulee (moisturizer), Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner (leave-in), and Trader Joes’ Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (pre-poo and detangler/after styling sealant) as seen in picture #2 (top right picture). Let’s get started on my routine (attached pictures will be mentioned by numerical reference going from left to right for each row):


The night before wash day, I finger detangle my hair using coconut oil and twist my hair into roughly 10-12 sections. I sleep with the coconut oil marinating in my hair overnight and loose out the braids prior to my wash process. Finger detangling with an oil has become an essential step in my wash process. Not only have I experienced less breakage due to hair manipulation by detangling this way, I also ensure that my hair is coated with a moisturizer before cleansing it with shampoo to avoid fully stripping my hair upon washing.

Cleanse/Deep Condition Process

There’s nothing too spectacular about the washing and deep conditioning of my hair. When cleansing, I tend to focus on my scalp more-so than my strands and lathering my actual hair slightly to remove any product build-up/debris. The Intensive Hydration hair masque by Shea Moisture Moisture has been my saving grace when it comes to adding a boost of moisturization as well as a great scent to my hair. After washing, I work the hair masque up my hair shaft from end to root and leave to marinate under a plastic cap from anywhere between fifteen minutes to 4 hours depending on what I have going on for the day or how dry my hair is. When I want some extra moisturization, I mix Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Restorative Hair Treatment with the Intensive Hydration masque. I rinse my deep treatment out thoroughly with cool water (I’m too much of a wuss to use cold water to seal my hair).

Wash 'N Go Styling

I recently came across an informative post about Ouidad’s Rake and Shake Technique on Curly Nikki’s site that has forever changed my wash 'n go for the better. The Rake and Shake Method is a coined term by the stylists at the Ouidad Salon for raking product onto a section of curls and shaking the section to allow clumping and curl definition. Let me explain how I do it:

After allowing hair to drip dry excess water onto a t-shirt, I apply Curls’ Creme Brulee moisturizer to my hair. This product is pretty watery and light so it gives me that added boost of moisture without weighing my hair down. Upon applying the moisturizer, I then section off some of my hair starting from the back to a preferable size that I feel that I can work with and apply product evenly (section size is all dependent upon your hair type, thickness, length, preference etc). Using a dime to a nickel size amount of Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Conditioner, I then smooth the product onto the section ensuring that every strand is properly coated (picture #3 - left second row). Thereafter, I rake the product thoroughly into the section while also detangling the section. During my last rake, I stop and hold the ends of the section (picture #4), make the section a little less taut between the roots and my grip, shake my strands three to four times, and then release the hair. The result should be naturally clumped, defined, and coated curls (picture #5 - left third row). I continue this method in sections for the rest of my hair working from the back of my head to the front.

As a personal preference, I pin the back sections of my hair to my shirt while I work on the front section so my damp hair can dry slightly elongated (picture #6).

Drying Process

As seen in picture #7 (left bottom row), my hair is fully defined and coated in product while still damp. My drying options are either to air dry or diffuse, but I usually opt for the diffusing option to add some volume to my hair. I only use the cool setting on my dryer and even hold down the cool shot button during the entire drying process if I feel that my dryer is too warm. Prior to diffusing, I use the concentrator attachment on my dryer to elongate my roots. While lifting a section of hair into the air, I blow the roots of the section up until the mid-shaft and stop once the hair is about 75% dry. Post-root elongation, I use my diffusor attachment and dry my hair on the cool setting while standing straight and holding my head upside down to increase volume. Diffusing my hair gently ensures that no curls are harmed during the drying process and adding coconut oil as a sealant post-drying keeps hair looking smooth and shiny. The end result can be seen in picture #8.

There you have it: My new and improved wash 'n go routine! The duration of the wash 'n go styling process to the finished product usually takes me less than an hour. Picture #8 (as seen on my Instagram earlier this week) was taken moments after drying when my hair was still a teeny bit damp and picture #1 was taken several hours post-styling and completely dry. On average, my wash 'n go style lasts six days and I usually wear it down three to four days out of the week before I decide to bun it or put it in a ponytail.

If you have any questions about my routine, feel free to hit up my ask box. Make sure you follow my natural hair Instagram (Sherelle_Naturelle) for more pictures of my day-to-day styles and tips. Thanks for reading! :)



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