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I started this channel this past summer & it has already became my love. I've been natural for 8 years, however, I chopped all my hair off two years ago to get rid of all the damage.

It has been an AMAZING JOURNEY. I have learned so much about my hair that I decided to help ANYONE having a hard time by providing step by step tutorials. 


Celebrating my BIG CHOP two year anniversary, along with my upcoming birthday. The goal is to have 1000 Subscribers. I am only 69 away!

I can link my most popular videos below!!

1. Crochet Braids

2. How To Moisturize Dry Hair (LOC Method)

3. Wash N Go Routine (OLD)

4. Faux Goddess Locs

5. Crochet Twists 

6. Wash Day Routine 

Thank you for all the support thus far, It doesn’t go unnoticed! 

Lets get me to this goal! 

soooo i chopped the remainder of what was on my head, i’m psyched. i feel like i’m breaking down barriers, saying that girls look “ugly” with no hair or that no one will like me bc i cut my hair. it’s nice to let go of something you’ve had your whole life & that so many women keep bc they believe it makes them who they are.


I’ve picked up some new techniques for my wash and gos to combat shrinkage/create volume all while maintaining defined curls! Take a look at how I complete this style using the rake method for defined curls and the tension blow drying method for elongation and volume.


Struggling to make your wash n go last more than a day? Try my pineapple nighttime routine! All you need is a satin/silk hair scarf and a satin pillowcase to sleep on to preserve your ‘do.

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