wash denim

Liches are permanently stuck in the clothes they turned into liches in, that’s canon. So Lydia and Edward were in dark robes, and Lup and Barry were wearing their full hooded IPRE ones. It was dawn when they did the ceremony, maybe it was chilly. Maybe they just wanted to really commit to the lich aesthetic. 

But, like, imagine if they’d been wearing crop tops, or if they’d gone through it in matching double denim. What if on a whim Lup suggested they cut holes in sheets and turn into liches while looking like some classic cheap ghosts. Psychological warfare, everyone’s afraid of a charmingly floral patterned specter right out of your Halloween daydreams. 

“Well, we call them the red robes. In reality, it’s possible you might need to look out for them in other forms as well…. ah, we have records of liches in coordinating pajamas. If you see them, just run.”

Lesbian ask game part 4

I’m posting this in celebration of reaching 5k!!

1) daytime lesbian or nighttime lesbian

2) girls like girls lesbian or Gravel to tempo lesbian

3) pro sprinkles lesbian or anti sprinkles lesbian

4) Cola lesbian or Sprite lesbian

5) black coffee lesbian or candy coffee lesbian

6) neon lesbian or pastel lesbian

7) pet mouse lesbian or pet snake lesbian

8) fire lesbian or water lesbian

9) mermaid lesbian or witch lesbian

10) orange soda lesbian or grape soda lesbian

11) earth tone lesbian or dark colors lesbian

12) scented candle lesbian or incense lesbian

13) sneakers lesbian or heels lesbian

14) dolphin lesbian or shark lesbian

15) rain lesbian or snow lesbian

16) pierced nose lesbian or pierced tongue lesbian

17) vacation to Hawaii lesbian or vacation to Paris lesbian

18) good with kids lesbian or bad with kids lesbian

19) soccer lesbian or volleyball lesbian

20) purse lesbian or tote bag lesbian

21) lollipop lesbian or Popsicle lesbian

22) Instagram lesbian or snapchat lesbian

23) 60s rock lesbian or 80s pop lesbian

24) dark wash denim lesbian or light wash denim lesbian

25) pro glitter lesbian or anti glitter lesbian

26) Italian food lesbian or Indian food lesbian

27) orange is the new black lesbian or sense 8 lesbian

28) piña colada lesbian or White Russian lesbian

29) Steven universe lesbian or legend of Korra lesbian

30) pancake lesbian or crepe lesbian

31) autumn lesbian or spring lesbian

32) buy her flowers lesbian or buy her chocolates lesbian

33) cheek kisses lesbian or tip of the nose kisses

34) meme lesbian or aesthetic lesbian

35) leather lesbian or lace lesbian

36) Dairy Queen lesbian or Jamba Juice lesbian

37) dimple loving lesbian or freckle loving lesbian

38) always over dressed lesbian or always under dressed

39) fantasy/ sci fi lesbian or realistic fiction lesbian

40) daisy lesbian or orchid lesbian

41) picnic date lesbian or restaurant date lesbian

42) chocolate candy lesbian or fruity candy lesbian

43) horror movies loving lesbian or passes out within the first 5 minutes of horror movies lesbian

44) poetry writing lesbian or story writing lesbian

45) always rickrolling your girlfriend lesbian or always being rickrolled by your girlfriend lesbian

46) chemistry lesbian or biology lesbian

47) long hair lesbian or short hair lesbian

48) Nintendo lesbian or x box lesbian

49) road trip lesbian or cruise lesbian

50) good dancer lesbian or dorky dancer lesbian


 INKTOBER / collector’s set
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
with original illustrations from #Inktober (2016) ©Lolle

LIMITED EDITION ✳ yay!! Best of my #Inktober 2016 illustrations in a awesome Collector’s set *:・゚✧
* only 3 available

♡ the set includes :
a “BEST OF INKTOBER” mini-print
- size : A5 // hand-singed // digitally printed (laser jet) on high quality 200gr paper
- size: A6 (about 145mm x 100 mm) // digital print (laser-jet) on paper 300 gr and hand-cut with love
a set of INKTOBER STICKERS (black and white)
- a series of 16 illustrated stickers ♥ black and white //  size: from about 0.78" to 2.7" inches // digitally printed on high quality matte self-adhesive paper (200gr) and hand-cut with love by me
a SILLY BAT enamel pin
- size : about 30mm  // finish : hard enamel pin / silver plated // colors : silver & black
a LITTLE TOOTH mini-patch
- size : about 45 mm // material : felt (1.5 mm + base 1.5mm), cotton embroidery thread, magic & love
- - - - -
INSTRUCTIONS : please hand-sew your new patches with care on clothes not frequently washed // like denim jackets, coats, bags …
dry clean only

♦ + a unique ♡ hand-painted mini tag ♡ // posca markers on black cardboard ©Lolle // a different tag for each set