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Adult Draco Headcannons

-still doesn’t know how to use a muggle washing machine, cleans all clothes one at a time with magic which takes 2x as long
-polishes his own shoes by hand tho??? how does he find the time???
-“they just don’t feel as clean the magical way” “but your clothes do????” “fuck off”
-gay af
-won’t tell u this straight away bc he likes it when people flirt with him
-calls his mum every Thursday, literally won’t miss it for the world
-can boil water (most of the time)
-yeah he doesn’t know how to cook at all but he can tell you what wine goes with what dish at all times
-hates spicy foods bc he’s a baby
-has an EXTENSIVE skin care routine, at least an hr every night
-wears reading glasses but only when no one is looking
-has all his clothes tailored to fit him perfectly
-because he’s rude and hE LIKES WHEN PEOPLE FLIRT WITH HIM
-likes treating to dinner, likes being treated to dinner even more
-won’t admit that tequila makes him slutty (even though it totally does)
-tells you he likes his tea black when really he wants three sugars and tons of cream
-still a little rough around the edges, but cares about u
-will get u home safe
-smart, confident, good smile, always clean

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What do you think about some japanese forums saying that yuzuru has a mother complex?

Ahhhh, it’s time for this question. (I knew this day would come)

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Are we talking about how he’s mama’s boy?
(Yeah….that’s probably it because I denounce the Oedipus Complex.)

 All right people, let’s face it, he is a mama’s boy, but only in the sense that he can’t do anything except clean and organize his own room, and wash dishes (I suppose he could do his laundry if it means throwing it into the washing machine…but I don’t know about hand washing delicate clothing). Other than that….he doesn’t really do anything else in the house except gaming at this point because he should be graduating soon from college. 

We’re talking about living necessities, he’s not obsessed with his mom. He doesn’t cling to his mom or anything. He doesn’t need to hold her hand to accomplish his goals or go overseas.
It’s just that his mom feels uneasy with the idea of leaving him alone (probably because she knows that her son can’t do anything without her even if he thinks he can -smh-). Yumi-san (his mom’s name) said in an interview that she chose to follow Yuzu to Canada because she knows he’ll starve to death because he only only goes out for food (Yuzu admitted that he likes to go to convenience stores for food, which basically means he’ll eat junk food if necessary) and can’t cook for shit. [I think it’s more of a generational problem….than a Yuzu-only problem.]

To be fair, it’s kind of normal in asian households for children to stay with their parents until they marry (and even then they sometimes they still choose to live with their parents) or afford to live on their own. I can say this because I’m an Asian-American living at home with my parents despite being slightly older than Yuzu (except I can cook way better than my Mom if I choose to get off my lazy ass.)

In addition, because a lot of people have pointed this out in the comment section, Yuzu’s asthma is a big factor as to why his mom has been following him ever since he was a child. So, leaving him alone to his accords is also pretty risky with all the potential asthma attacks he can have (but at the same time, I’m pretty sure he rooms by himself during competitions…so I don’t know how that works out -shrugs-.)
How bad is his asthma? Well, he has to take his meds everyday to keep it under control…so that’s a good indication of his condition. 

However, the complex that Yuzu may have is that older women end up looking after him and caring for him like his Mom and his older sister (who I think probably dotes on him.)
Not to mention, his previous coach before Mama Orser was Nanami Abe, who really looked out for all his needs on and off ice.
And then there’s Tracy Wilson who not only coaches him but also has to help calm him down when he’s acting out on ice back in Toronto (somehow I imagine it’s like taming a raging donkey.)

And this is extra…but….

I joke a lot with others on who he will end up with, but I think it’ll probably end up being true, is that Yuzu will most likely be with someone who either older than him or someone who is more mature and has a motherly spirit. Someone who is like his mother but is more intimate with him because they’re his partner.

Think about it, no girl around his age will put up with his antics for long unless they have a heart of gold and a ton of patience – hence the motherly spirit.   

And I don’t think any one of us wants to imagine him dating someone who has the same mental age as him because it’ll be like two 7 year olds trying to act like adults only to find themselves crash-and-burn into the concrete.

My prayers go out to his future partner (most likely partners…..because sometimes you just gotta keep searching)….and wife…..this guy is going to be a handful….

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A tip for his bride-to-be, ask if Yuzu comes with insurance or if he’s returnable should you no longer wish to handle him.

Scribble-Doodle: Locked Away (Never to Be Used Again)

A little Malec scene following 203. Alec, Magnus and the adamas stone.

“Feeling strong enough to return home?” Magnus asks, giving Alec a careful once over.

Alec smiles diffidently as he runs his hands down his t-shirt. “Yes, yes… And thank you for washing my clothes for me while I showered.”

Magnus grins and wiggles his fingers at him. “Ah, but that’s what magic’s for. Much faster and environment friendly than a washing machine.”

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Baking w/ Johnny

Requested by an anon

Summary: Headcannons for baking with Johnny.

Warning(s): None, JUST FLUFF

-Johnny is usually the one to suggest baking but he loves when you ask him.

-The house is always filled with baking necessitates.

-Literally everyone loves when you two cook because you always bake so much(aka they get some.)

-Johnny will ‘accidentally’ get flour all over you.

-Jokes on him though because then he has to clean up all the flour on the floor and wash your clothes.

-As payback you put some batter on his nose fro whatever you’re whipping up.

-Play music while baking and Johnny’s gonna jam out.

-If you’re making cookies he’s going to try to eat all of the batter before you even bake it.

-Johnny makes the best banana bread.

-While you’re mixing he’ll playfully bump your elbow to mess you up a bit.

-He is the absolute best at cleaning up.

-Somehow when you two cook together(or when Johnny cooks in general) there will be no mess after he’s done because he cleans up as he goes.

-When he’s feeling playful he’ll engage kisses while you wait for the oven timer to beep.

-He’ll just give neck kisses and cheek kisses galore.

-Which usually means it’ll turn into a make out session until the oven timer so rudely pulls you from one another.

-Tasting the end product is by far Johnny’s favorite part(besides the making out…)

-Somehow everything you two make together just tastes so good he can’t comprehend it.

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Headcannons for a s/o that is like a mother to Giorno? Nothing romantic, just motherly love! Love the blog btw!!!

I’m glad to hear that you are loving my blog XD I hope you continue to enjoy the things I post

Gangstar S/O motherly headcanons with Giorno

- For some reason you just can’t help but want to spoil this boy

- Giorno has had a rough childhood growing up. So at first he doesn’t really know how to respond to your caring gestures

- Giorno usually just responding with a “thanks Y/N” or “It’s okay you don’t have to go to the trouble to do that” 

- But still you continue your motherly efforts: making sure that he eats properly, washing his clothes when he doesn’t have time, and making sure he gets some sleep in between all the crazy missons he tends to go on

- Although despite doing all of these things, you do make sure that you never come off as pushy or overbearing

- Eventually Giorno gets more and more used to your mothering and much to your surprise starts making excuses to have you take care of him! while also assisting you with your different daily tasks

- One night after you fix him a meal he accidentally slips and calls you ‘mom’ before blushing in embarrassment and apologizing profusely 

- You of course feel super touched by this and assure him that you are more than happy with him calling you ‘mom’ 

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Mod Golden

I woke up with something really irritating in my eye, like seven eyelashes, or some cat litter, or the goddamn Empire State Building. Flushed my eye with water three times, rubbed and tugged and blinked and fussed with it, used half a bottle of eye drops, put a warm wash cloth on it, nothing. All evidence points to a scratch on my eye.

So! My useless left arm is in a sling and one of my eyes is blurry and watering and hurts like a son of a bitch, which is basically the base scenario from all of my worst nightmares. I’m a twitchy, panicky mess. Time to go to work!