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{PART 12} I Won’t Stop You (M) // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; After the best and worst day of your life to date, you find yourself back at Jungkook’s Manor. You hope your first night there will be a quiet and uneventful one; but Jungkook has other ideas in mind.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

Warning: This chapter contains scenes of a sexual nature.

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The Day is Saved.

Thanks to:

Ladybug and Chat Noir!

I like how we can see Ivan is still having a hard time computing the hug he is getting. And I feel like Chat Noir is getting ideas from it like, “Hugs? Can haz hugs?”

But he sneakily goes in for the shoulder touch instead.

However, Ladybug is quicker than he is.



Look at his eyes.

They are focused on where she is touching his hand.

He might try and have flirty words to say, but the moment Ladybug is actually touching him, his lil’ brain just shuts down. In a way, it’s a hilarious parallel to Ivan. Oh sure, they have words, but the moment physical contact gets brought in, all computing stops.

See? Even though she’d stopped touching him, he still is staring at his hand. Like. “Never. Wash. This. Spot.”

And she goes. And he watches unable to do anything but Appreciate her for who and what she is.

He waves, but he doesn’t speak. In fact, he isn’t able to really say anything until after she’s headed towards home.

And then he pulls this dramatic ridiculousness.

AND I believe, it’s the first time he calls her ‘My Lady’. :D

(I could be wrong but its the first I remember of it. Or it’s One Of The First Times)

Oh Chat Noir. What a merry chase she is about to lead you on.

i can imagine that grantaire and enjolras would be so afraid to touch the other without permission the first few weeks they’re together. they revere the other too much to simply waste a caress of the forearm or a touch to the shoulder. they want every single touch and graze and kiss to mean something for fear that it will soon end, having given their lives to the revolution. so they ask for a kiss here and there, ask for a smile, ask for an embrace. so when it comes down to the final moment they have together, grantaire almost instinctively asks, do you permit it?

and enjolras does.

Yoongi coming home from the studio sometime late at night to find this 

and even though he’s exhausted and half asleep from having spent the entire day at the studio, seeing his boyfriends act like complete dorks makes him smile and all the exhaustion immediately washes away. He goes about his routine, washes up and gets something to eat before going out into the living room and plopping down on the couch. Taehyung and Jungkook are still engrossed in their game of “Just Dance” but when the song finishes they immediately run to the sofa loudly crying “hyung! you’re home!!” and jump on Yoongi, Jungkook resting his head in Yoongi’s lap and Taehyung throwing his arms around Yoongi’s shoulders and snuggling into his side. 

It’s always moments like these that Yoongi cherishes the most, when the weariness in his bones dissipates into the air and the idle thoughts dragging him down fade away until there’s nothing but warmth and affection coursing through his veins. Of course, he’d never say that aloud. Instead, Yoongi squirms in Taehyung’s hold and tries to pry himself away from his two boyfriends. 

“You both stink; get away from me and go take a shower.”  


☆ Baby Darling AU ☆ Sketch dump #14

A sleepy pup is a cute pup~! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)♡

Sou pup doesn’t understand why breakfast can’t be eaten after 12pm… why can’t breakfast wait? Poor pup! He always has trouble staying awake when eating breakfast. Most often than not, he does end up falling asleep and sometimes, his little chubby head betrays him making him fall forward right onto his food! Poor papa Kisumi enters panic mode. Sou can’t eat breakfast unsupervised anymore (。・o・。) 

After his chubby face is washed and cleaned, he goes and plays only to fall asleep again. Kisumi has found him on a number of occasions leaning against the wall in various positions completely and utterly asleep (′ʘ⌄ʘ‵) 

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Happy Accident

George Washington x Reader

Note: I love G.Wash, I love this prompt and I (for once) love this piece of my writing. I hope y’all like it too! (Ignore the terrible title, I spent 15 minutes trying to think of one, this is as good as it’s going to get) 

Request: @bucky-sebastianstan Gwashxreader. She’s sad and crying very much. She starts running without cause and then she hears “BOOM!” and she realizes that she’s in the middle of a fight. She gets so scared and tries to think what to do. Wash. notices her and goes to safe the lost woman. He is harsh and orders Aaron to get her to the nurses. After the fight he goes to check on her. He’s curious about her story and they start talking…Maybe she was crying because they arrange to marry someone she didn’t love. Thanks!!! 

Word Count: 752

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As you run as fast as you can away from your house the tears stream down your face so hard you can hardly see where you’re going. You run for as long you can before you need to stop to fill your lungs with air. Your eyes are still clouded from the tears as you bend over slightly to catch your breath. 

Then suddenly you hear a loud ‘BOOM!’

You jump at the sound of it, blinking quickly in an attempt to get rid of the tears clouding your vision. As you finally manage to clear your vision you look up to see a tall man, dressed in the uniform of a Continental solider, stalking towards you. 

Even from the distance you can see the frown on his face and you panic, praying that he won’t hurt you.

“What on earth are you doing here?” He demands, you flinch as he reaches out for you and grabs your arm tight as he starts pulling you away.

“I-I didn’t know what was happening I’m sorry” you stammer as he pulls you back towards the line of continental troops.

“Burr!” He calls as the two of you approach the line of soldiers, a shorter soldier comes forward. “Take her to the nurse’s tent. Y” he says as the other soldier, Burr, takes your arm gently and starts to pull you away.

“Yes sir. Come on, let’s get you somewhere safe” he says and you go along with him.

“Who was that?” You ask, looking back at the tall man who first found you.

“General Washington” Burr tells you and your jaw drops open. “Don’t take his harshness personally, he’s under a great deal of stress” he explains.

 “That… that was George Washington?” You ask, your voice small. 

Of all the people to witness your embarrassing state first hand it had to be George Washington. You glance back, hoping to catch another glimpse of him, but you’re too late as Burr leads you into the nurses tent. 

“You’ll be safe in here, just try to stay out of everyone’s way. I have to get back now” He informs you before running off in the direction you had come from. 

You step out of the nurse’s tent and as you turn the corner without watching you find yourself walking straight into something solid. You look up to find General Washington looking down on you, his frown still present but you notice the hint of a smile on his lips.

“Oh, sir I’m sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going” you explain as you take a step back. He shakes his head, his smile growing.

“No it’s no problem. I was just coming to look for you, are you alright Miss…” he raises an eyebrow

“Oh Y/N L/N, General Washington” he gives you a small smile and offers you his arm.

“Please call me George. Why don’t we take a walk and you can tell me what you were doing crying in the middle of a battlefield” You hook your arm through his and let him lead you towards the treeline.

“Well… I- I’m supposed to be married tomorrow” You say in a small voice. 

“Well then congratulations. I can’t imagine why that would make you so upset. Unless… unless you do not wish to marry this man?” He asks, his voice full of concern as you look down at your shoes and nod slightly. 

You hadn’t said a word to anyone about not wanting to marry your betrothed, your parents were dead set on the marriage and there’s nothing you have been able to do to convince them that this pairing isn’t right. 

“I’m very sorry to hear that. Perhaps… no, no it’s too forward of me” He mutters. 

You glance up at him and note the annoyance in his features.”If you have a suggestion to help me get out of this marriage I’d like to hear it” 

“I was going to suggest, perhaps I could speak with your parents about this? You shouldn’t have to marry someone who makes you this unhappy” he suggests. Your eyes go wide as you look up at him. 

“You… you would do that for me? Why?” 

“Because no one should be so unhappy that they walk straight into the middle of a battlefield. Especially over a marriage. I would be happy to speak 

As George leads you back towards the camp, you realize that perhaps walking onto that battlefield was perhaps the best accident that could have happened.


I wish I had like … clothes?

I mean like. I only have stuff for a week maybe. but it’d also be nice to actually have stuff that looks good on me? or even like ok-ish?? but damn clothes cost money (+ spd makes shopping & shit hard), and I literally have nothing to spare :/


we will never know…

Cooking for you (but it failed)
  • 707: Attempts to cook your favourite food, ends up burning the water and calls it a victory
  • Jumin: Tries to make everything as perfect as possible with the dish, forgets to wash up as he goes and ends up using 70% of the crockery
  • Yoosung: Cooks you a really cute looking dish. But he kinda used sugar instead of salt.
  • Zen: He attempts to cut up onion and starts crying, so he orders some take out and dresses it up really pretty on the plates.
  • Jaehee: Cooks a highly nutritious meal, but ends up having it completely bland.

I headcannon that Wash and Tucker’s relationship started when Tucker accidentally said “love you, bye” on the com during a battle and Wash replied with “now is not the time for difficult conversations, Tucker” right out of left field and the other guys and Carolina just scream “OOOOOOHHHHHH” on the com, giving away their position.

For the next seven years, every time Wash goes out on a solo mission, he turns to Tucker and asks “are you sure you don’t want to declare your undying love for me, babe, I might not come back” and Tucker hates every mistake he’s ever made in his life

Finally, when Wash comes back after a particularly dangerous mission, he just walks up to Tucker and says “I think I’ve earned a welcome home kiss, at the least” and Tucker just fucking kisses him like fuck it all who the fuck cares what is life anyway and when he pulls back and Wash is all shocked like what the fuck Tucker slams him in the face with the butt of his rifle

And they finally start dating the end happily ever fucking after

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You kissed me the way the ocean kisses the shore; it washes it clean, then goes away. Wants everything it has, but never wants to stay. ------------------------ That's a poem I wrote a few days ago, and it's the first thing I've written (or wrote? I'm not sure) in a while. I'd like to know what you think!

Oh anon I think it’s beautiful. It flows, has a great rhythm, and its emotive. The last line rly gets me. I feel the longing. I hope you keep writing! Xx

  • Mumen Rider: *paying for his items at the store* Thank you, have a n-
  • *blur goes by*
  • Mumen Rider: EH! GOOD BYE! *grabs his bags and hurries out*
  • -------
  • Mumen Rider: *standing outside checking his mail*
  • Neighbor: Hello, Mumen Rider!
  • Mumen Rider: *smiles and waves* Hello! How ar-
  • *blur goes by*
  • Mumen Rider: eh! *hurries inside with his face red*
  • --------
  • Mumen Rider: *washing dishes*
  • *blur goes by*
  • Mumen Rider: Eh! Hey! no! *snaps his legs together*
  • Sonic: *drops to his knees with his hand clamped in Rider's legs* AH! IT'S LIKE A STEEL TRAP!
  • Mumen Rider: *face turns red* well stop stealing my underwear! I'm running out of spares!