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domestic demon hanzo wearing one of mcjesse’s old shirts in the morning i hope you agree

I hate this new thing where makeup companies come out with makeup that’s supposed to make you look like you have no makeup on like “Our new (x) gives you that ‘no makeup look’ that everyone loves right now! Like when did “no makeup” stop meaning not wearing any makeup and start meaning doing your makeup a certain way like kids are looking at models and celebrities’ “no makeup looks” and wondering why they don’t look like that and it’s because they literally have on a full face of makeup. Like why are girls expected to wear makeup even when they’re “not wearing makeup”?

Let me have barely brushing 30 Agent Washington who has really just hit his prime, armed to the tooth with over a decade of betrayals, and backstabs to learn from.

Give me Wash who doesn’t really know what his next step is, where he’s going to go or what he’s going to do because the last 15 years of his life have revolved around a will to survive and having a war to win.

Give me amputee Wash who jokes about cutting his arm off, all hand puns intended, but every once in a while swears he can feel the phantom pain of plasma melting, and burning flesh his flesh, slicing through his bone as bullets whiz by overhead.

How about a Wash who hasn’t had time to properly dye his hair in years, his dark roots a stunning contrast to his pale skin, and stormy eyes.

Maybe even a Wash who falls in love with an alien sword wielding, self-declared “ladies man” in aqua/turquoise/seafoam/whatever armor. A Wash who maybe decides to leave the military behind and starts taking the first steps towards coping with his trauma. A Wash who signs official papers and Junior’s permission slips ‘David Tucker’. 

Everyone’s version of Agent Washington is different, different ethnicity, different family background, different quirks, go wild with your imagination, canon be damned! Don’t let anyone stop you from headcanoning certain things or even changing your headcanons. If you like popular Wash traits, use them! If you don’t then don’t! Have fun with your favorite characters, because they’re someone else’s favorite character too.

I take a very long walk.

-I find a dead robin in a black goo phase of decay. I dig a small hole on the spot and bury it.
-I find a sunbleached spine of a roadkill possum. I bag it.
-I find another possum, this one is a pancake. The bones have been run into dust, I take the one remaining canine.
-There are three vultures circling further ahead in a field, I follow them - there is nothing there. They move on and so do I.
-I find a bunch of Grizzlies snuff tin cans…I bag them because I am weak for bears.
-Lots of beer cans, I bag those too - gimme my 40 cents a pound~
-I find a water-filled ditch with a rotting armadillo in it. It is mostly clean…just gooey…I bag the head, as the other bones have been washed away.
-The vultures are back, they circle me curiously, likely drawn by the smell of the rotting armadillo. They move on ahead and disappear.
-I follow a trail of aluminum cans to a wooded area with a small creek, there is some sort of partial canine or feline skeleton in the creek bed, fully nature cleaned. It had brown fur, I bag the skeleton, I do not find the skull.
-Near by is  bunch of possum verts…I bag them too.
-Dead possum, Gross phase of rot where the fur falls out when you touch it. I leave it there. I will return for the bones later.
-*Ape noises as I spy nature cleaned squirrel skull under some leaves*
-There is a random trail in the middle of the woods that does not connect to the road or to a house….I wander into the woods to follow it, hoping it is a hunters dumping site. It leads to a leaf cluttered clearing that is void of any noise except the danger bark of a squirrel…I promptly leave.
-I stop at some strangers house for water….It smells and tastes like rasberries…10/10 water.
-The vultures have returned, they circle a field, one breaks off and lands in a tree in front of me. It leaps to a tree further into the woods, then back to me. I follow it curiously.
-Thorns! Thorns everywhere! I am beginning to suspect this vultures motive was to make me bleed to death so it could eat me….
-It leads me to a junk pile of concrete and car engine parts. Nearby is a freshly dead armadillo, there is a hole in its neck and it’s rear where the vultures ate from it….It seems to have been shot… There is a green long sleeve shirt right next to it.
The shirt says “Just Do it!”
The shirt fits me perfectly…

Favorite thing about season 13: When the mercs and Wash and Carolina were fighting and Felix stabs the platform, and it falls and they jump.

What really cought my eye was that, Carolina and Wash recovered quickly from falling and jumped right up, but Locus and Felix, they stayed down for a little bit and then got up.

Not much meaning, I just thought I should say something, Locus and Felix are lazy and didn’t want to get up.


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here’s me appreciating my got7 bbys!! i love them a lot look at us with our cute lil flower crown thingies they look so cute and i look .. dead .. 

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trans wash hcs!!!:

  • hypermasculinity? more like yeah
  • binds for like 15 hours straight at least. every day. his ribs would kill him if they could
    • he develops healthier habits eventually thank God
  • wears his helmet and armor 99% of the time bc out of armor his dysphoria is five times worse
  • uses a voice modulator to make his voice deeper. goes along w constantly wearing a helmet 
  • even tho most of the bgc is trans, he waits a while before coming out bc “yeah i know theyre trans and accepting but what if theyre Not-”
    • when he does very little changes beyond more trans jokes 
White washing (according to tumblr)

I can’t believe that they choose a non-japanese person to play the role of literally a brain in a synthetic body.

Look how it is in the anime. How obvious it is that this character is japanese. You can tell at first sight that this brain is japanese and all japanese brain should be inside a japanese body because japanese and americans brains are completely different and can’t be inside different races bodies. This is 100% facts and not me being racist.

The original movie is also very clear that the story happens in japan and not in a random city from a fully globalized world where countries or races doesn’t mean shit anymore. According to the original movie’s opening race-war is going on against Japan and everything in the story is 100% Japan related.

In the 2017 movie they even chose a Japanese actor for Makoto’s mom, changed the opening scene Ambassador for an African Ambassador and some more Japanese actors for multiple members of section 9 for even less diversity.

 Not only they chose a Japanese actor for Daisuke Aramaki, but he also only speek japanese during the whole movie. Disgusting.

Ghost in the shell is white-washing, don’t even watch it to make yourself an opinion !

In before, people that can’t understand Irony. 


supernatural out of context