RvB is weird because its like “who’s on red team? Sarge, Simmons, Grif, Donut, and Lopez” but “whos on blue team? Tucker, Church, Caboose, Sheila, Sister it turns out, Tex has there, Junior but the rules on alien babies are unclear, maybe Doc, sometimes Carolina, definetly Wash but only later, Church again? Simmons tried”


Ambush the Dads to show affection. They clearly love it

I saw ‘Team Dads’ and ‘sons,’ and the only thing that came to mind was ‘Huge uncomfortable group Hug’

So more on Dexter Grif (season 15 episode 6 spoilers)

Remember back in season 10 when Doc was giving his speech on the good stuff that happened to everyone thanks to Project Freelancer and all adventures of the Reds and Blues? The only two people he hadn’t addressed had been Caboose – who lost Church, and Grif. It might have been because Grif got the, well, Grifshot. Or maybe because he never got what he truly wanted and… After now I think about that a lot.

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tbh i want more epsilon characterization where he isn’t just like church to fit in bc he was expected to. like s7, where he’s more upbeat and just wants to be worshipped and shoot lasers, or really anything where he’s less of everyone’s replacement for alpha church yknow?

like every member of the bgc pretty much just views him as alpha. the only main person he interacts with who doesn’t see him as church (right away, anyway) is carolina, and that’s because she never met alpha
even wash eventually just reads him as Church, and wash knew him during pfl (if u count dying as getting to know someone, i guess)

anyway in summary: let epsilon develop his own personality that isnt “replacement for alpha,” cowards

Bad Marilyn Manson lyrics master post

“You can’t get none of my sandwich, bitch” -Styrofoam Raps, 1990

“Mamas got a scarecrow gotta let the corn grow” -Lucy in the Sky with Demons, 1992

“I’ve got abortions in my eyes” -Irresponsible Hate Anthem, 1996

“Jaws wired shut to save the dick” - Little Horn, 1996

“I want to be your little girl” -Mister Superstar, 1996

“I’m as fake as a wedding cake” -New Model #15, 1998

“I’m sorry you never check the bag in my head for a bomb” -Target Audience, 2000

“We’re on a bullet and we’re headed straight into god” -The Death Song, 2000

“I’d kill myself to make everybody pay” -Coma Black, 2000

“Babble babble bitch bitch rebel rebel rebel party party sex sex sex and don’t forget the violence” -This is the New Shit, 2003

“Trumpet-mouth junky-saints go silver-tongue marching down the stairway to substance” -Doll-Daga-Buzz-Buzz-Zigety-Zag, 2003

“I am a big car” -Kaboom Kaboom, 2003

“Haters call me bitch call me fagot call me whitey, but I am something that you’ll never be (hey)” -The Better of Two Evils, 2003

“Bottomless celebrity scar staged circuses for schoolgirls us boys are all dressed up like a suicide omen” -The Red Carpet Grave, 2007

“We’re on the line between the Devils tits” -Are you the Rabbit, 2007

“You are an unmarked car I don’t remember where I parked you” -are you the Rabbit, 2007

“Fuck you (x3)” -Mutilation is the Most Sincere form of Flattery, 2007

“She has been forecasted with an attempt to kill herself but the ending didn’t test out well” -Eat me Drink me, 2007

“Tax free face life abortions nervous breakdance” -Arma-goddamn-motherfuckin-gedon, 2009

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“We don’t just eat the street the asphalt is the good meat” -We Know Where You Fucking Live, 2017

telekinetic-pony  asked:

So it's a Tuckington mermaid au, but are Tucker and Junior the only mermaids? Does anyone else find out about Tucker besides Wash?





Church because they’re friends long before Wash comes into the picture, like way back in college “but kay what do you mean back in college” *eyebrow wiggle* :)))))

Caboose who ended up being dragged into midwifery when Tucker went into labor. He’s not secretive of the fact that he knows a mermaid, but because of his known disabilities, Freckles his service dog, and his eccentric behavior, it goes unheard or ignored by most of the populace… with the exception of Palomo. Who is also ignored by the populace.

Tex because yOU CAN’T HIDE THIS FROM HER CHURCH SHE’S TEX AND SHE’S A PROFESSIONAL BAIL BONDSWOMAN YOU CAN’T HIDE FROM HER and they’re actually pretty chill with each other, they like to share a few beers every once in a while to complain about Church, whenever she’s in the city.

Donut who helped Tucker out of some fishing nets he got tangled up in when he was pregnant with Junior, was present for the birthing, and he may or may not have a photo booklet locked away tight and safe, sworn to secrecy, that has baby pictures of junior :DDDD 

Palomo and Kimball, at the nearby marine institute and research/rescue center do however suspect about him being there, but Palomo raves about it hard and loud enough for the both of them that he looks like a conspiracy theorist over mermaids and it’s equal parts hilarious, concerning, and exhausting to listen to for the other employees and handlers.

AS FOR THE BIG QUESTION and im so sorry if this answer disappoints you D:

Junior’s other family side are all 100% mermaids but they live in the waaaay deeper and darker zones of the ocean and look like 10x more monstrous and gnarly. They’re not too bad though, they’re just awkward to socialize with for Tucker sometimes, and difficult to understand for humans. Crunchbite (his other parent) died before Junior was born, and and it’s kind of a good thing anyway because Crunchbite was kiiiind of a spawn of a bitch, and a big sore point to talk about for Tucker. 

i haven’t pinned anyone else as a present mermaid, so no. I am flexible for it to change in the future though, but i still want to keep the ratio of mermaids to humans pretty small. There are, however, a few people who *were* mermaids and just gave up their fins permanently for the mainland life (cough Tex and Grey and the Grifs cough) who absolutely won’t tell anyone and haven’t told anyone about that old sea life.