waseda sils

hella-chan  asked:

Hello! Congratulations on your acceptance to Waseda University! I have a few questions and I was wondering if you could answer them sometime (I want to study internationally at Waseda too!) and I think advice and words from an actual applicant would help me a lot more than their website. First, what did you have to do to apply? Second, what was the written and interview portion like? Third, what kind of tests would I have to take and what scores should I have to earn?...

Thank you!

Their application process for SILS will be updated in detail on their website here, but I’ll try to explain from what I remember! 

Both my sister and I were accepted unconditionally, so I’m not sure what the interview portion is like, I’m sorry! >< but for the written portion, I believe it was one essay along with answering such as what you plan to study at SILS as well as how you see your future after graduation (these two had to be around 150-200 words, within 25 lines.) The essay question was to choose a recent major news story and explain your views on it (within 600 words). 

I sent in my SAT scores as well as my TOEFL scores. As for the scores you’ll have to earn, I’m not very sure since their website states “ Since the screening result is made on an overall assessment of the applicant, we do not set any specific cut-off point for test scores. The average scores are not open to public.” 

One thing that was different about Waseda (compared to ICU and Sophia U which I also applied to) was that they do not require/accept letters of recommendations. 

I’m sorry for the late reply, but I hope this was helpful ^^ If I remember anything else, I’ll add onto this post!