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Get it on. [Wascal - Get Over It]

Next Thursday the Takeover crew will be back presenting an evening of beats, bass and bleeps all for the pocket friendly price of FREE! Click on the photo of the lads above to check out the facebook event page.

Venue: Djangos Riff, Wood Street, Liverpool. L14AQ.

Date: 20/10/2011

Time: 9pm-late

Entry: FREE

Line up:

WASCAL (L2S/Studio Rockers/Hammer Records)
Emerging from a late breakbeat and techstep scene, Bristol based producer and dj ‘Wascal’ has gone from strength to strength seeing releases coming thick n’ fast on esteemed labels such as Studio Rockers and L2S recordings. His music is continually infused with dubstep/2step/techno/jungle rhythms at a140bpmish tempo. Expect the unexpected from Wascal’s sets which never disappoint.


REAL (XVI Records)
Real has continued to bolster his ever expanding sound, developing original yet familiar tracks that fuse ever changing beat arrangements with sublime pads and fills. Silky synths and vibrant basslines are a signature of this artist’s music with his style being compared to the likes of James Blake and Ifan Dafydd.


SERTONE (Melted Music / Fly High Society)
Hailing from Northern Ireland, Sertone has rapidly establishing a name for himself around Liverpool as well as across the UK. Influences stem from the current hiphop scene in California and the British dubstep movement as well as video game scores, all of which has had a large impact on his ever evolving style.



Nate (Takeover/Night Audio/Sessionfaction.com)



Josh Dodd (Takeover/Sessionfaction.com)


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Let the spirit take control. [Vandal - The Holy Ghost (Wascal mix)]

Wascal Summer 2010 mix

Wascal Summer 2010 mix by wascal

1. Indigo - Wanderer [ST Digital]
2. Gyu - Juice [Dub]
3. Untold - Palamino [Hemlock]
4. Distal - Grape Donut [Soul Jazz]
5. Furesshu - 1993 [Project Squared]
6. Phaeleh - Low (Sclist mix) [Dub]
7. Submerse - Never Mine (FortyFour mix) [Dub]
8. Sharmaji - Break Your Heart [Soul Motive]
9. Jus Wan - The Crossing [Tube 10]
10. Joy Orbison - J. Doe [Doldrums]
11. Forsaken - Taiko Riddim [Dub]
12. Blawan - Fram [Hessle Audio]
13. Submerse - Stay [Slime]
14. Warlock - Full Tilt [Rag & Bone]
15. Hypno - Nanosecond [Dub]
16. Wascal - Gum [L2S]
17. Pangaea - Router [Hessle Audio]
18. Benga - Amber [Big Apple]
19. Dom Hz - Space & Time [Subdepth]
20. Distal - Space Graffitti [Tube 10]
21. Cosmetics - Ill Kiss [Subdepth]
22. TRG - Feel for You [Subway]
23. Sclist - Hollow [Frijsfo Beats]
24. DJ Madd - Flex’d [Boka]
25. C.E.O - Quack [Dub]
26. Diddy & Chico - Sumting New Everyday [Dub]
27. XxXy - Constant [Mindset]
28. Pirate Soundsystem - Dub N U [Heavy Warper]
29. Twisted & Templer - Weird Freeq [Trackdonalds]
30. KingThing - Bump [Fortified Audio]
31. Ramadanman - I Beg You [Hessle Audio]
32. Distal - Notlanta [Tube 10]
33. XxXy - Silken [Mindset]
34. June Miller - Brussel North (Wascal mix) [54Music]
35. Apathesis - Begin [Urban Scrumping]
36. Skream - If You Know [Tempa]
37. Hypno - Hubble Dub (20% refix) [Dub]
38. Wascal - Technique [Dub]
39. Monkey - Drunkerdz (Resketch mix) [Robox Neotech]
40. Superisk - Find Your Way (Mensah mix) [Punch Drunk]
41. Wascal - Speechless [L2S]
42. Sharmaji - How to Move [Davey Jones]
43. Wascal - Irie [Dub]
44. JB3 - Beliver [Novamute]
45. Indigo - Arcane [On The Edge]

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Ears up for some bass. [Wascal - 12 Sided Dice]

No, but seriously there’s this fic in my head where Oliver has a mental break because of everything he’s been through. He starts seeing ghosts turn into monsters in his head. Felicity and Diggle need to restrain him, hide him away because there’s no way they can let him loose in the city when he thinks he’s in hell’s version of Lian Yu or with the Bratva or Hong Kong. He needs help they can’t give. Oliver needs someone who’ll help him make peace with his past, someone familiar with the ins and outs of a mind so riddled with scars.

Of course they can’t get just any city psychiatrist, they couldn’t risk them knowing Oliver’s identity. They definitely can’t trust Waller and ARGUS, Oliver was too vulnerable, too susceptible to whatever manipulation they might inflict. It’s Lyla who leads them to an unlikely ally, someone Deathshot would have warned them against if he had lived, someone who had intimate knowledge of minds mangled beyond belief.

The person formely known as Dr. Harlene Quinzel, Harley Quinn.

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Wascal brings the heat. [Jazzsteppa ft. Foreign Beggars - Raising The Bar (Wascal mix)]


Traveling music