Oh noes, a spooky shadow at the window!

which appears to be dancing, but no matter.

Scooby checks outside to see what it is, but when he gets there…

…the shadow isn’t on the window at all, and is now in front of the door?

…and the shadow is allegedly coming from a chipmunk, which is: 

A. Really funny to imagine dancing side-to-side like the shadow was

B. Not tall enough to cast a shadow on the window

C. Physically unable to cast the shape of shadow they saw

D. Requiring a perfect rising/setting position of the moon to even cast its current shadow, rendered impossible by the amount of nighttime in the episode before and after this scene

But other than that, this sequence makes perfect sense.

…and then when Scooby goes up to the chipmunk 5 seconds later, the shadow’s entirely gone, because the animators themselves have the attention span of chipmunks.

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hiyo I love this blog so much thank you for existing:)) could I request rfa + v + saeran reacting to mc telling them they've been physically and mentally abused by their older sibling? I've experienced this personally and I just wonder how they'd act towards finding out someone they loved went through it

Okay, this ask can be a bit triggering to some people so please read at your own discretion. Seven’s is probably the worst, it does include more physically abusive evens in it whilst the others are more focused on mentally abusive events. (Aside Yoosung but his is very vanilla comparatively)


  • He noticed the subtle things about you and treasured them all, like the way your eyes lit up when you heard a joke, or how whenever you were playing a game you’d bite the inside of your cheek, even the way that you bit your lip when you were reading a suspenseful part of a book
  • He also noticed that whenever he’d surprise you with a hug from behind or wrap his arm around you without notice you’d jump and your whole body would tense even when he showed himself and kissed your cheek
  • You’d whisper something to yourself and breathe heavily for a couple moments, of course you’d kept it under wraps, no one really noticed except for Yoosung who noticed everything about you
  • You seemed to always jump at sudden touches, especially whenever they were on your back
  • When he’d asked if you’d wanted to go to your home for the holidays he noticed the terrified look that flashed through your eyes, even if it only lasted for a second
  • He was done with pretending he didn’t know something was wrong so he sat you down and had you talk to him
  • When you told him that your brothers used to hit you, normally on the back, to the point where you’d be so bruised you couldn’t lay down or sit he immediately dropped the question of seeing your family
  • He also promised you that he would never let anything like that happen again
  • He became so much more protective of you, but is also a lot more gentle with you
  • He doesn’t surprise you with hugs from behind anymore and he always holds you much more gently when he does and his voice and everything about him is softer because he doesn’t want to hurt or scare you
  • He also asks you what you’re comfortable with and what you aren’t a lot more often now
  • He just really doesn’t want you to be scared of him or have to deal with that again


  • You had always been very shaken up by what people said to you, compliments only did so much for you but rude comments hit you hard
  • Whenever anyone went to tell you you looked really nice that day or that you were so sweet or anything of the sort you’d give a soft smile and deny it
  • But whenever anyone told you you were ugly or a bitch or worthless you never denied it and sometimes you’d agree with them
  • Even when Zen tried to say something sickeningly sweet to you you would deny it and it was really worrying him because he could tell you genuinely thought you weren’t as amazing as you were
  • He couldn’t fathom how someone so amazing could possibly hate themselves so much
  • The two of you were getting ready for an RFA party and when you stepped out of the bedroom all dressed up Zen’s jaw dropped
  • “You look stunning.”
  • At his words you’d given a forced smile and thank you before going to tell him he looked very handsome
  • But Zen stopped you
  • “Why can’t you believe me? You’re so amazing MC why can’t you see it?”
  • Zen only became more frustrated when you’d just shrugged him off, he was actually going to fight you on this
  • “I mean, I know I’m not that attractive. It’s surprising someone like you would ever want someone as average as me.” You gave a soft laugh, “as obnoxious as me.”
  • It shATTERED -Viktor Nikiforov 2016
  • He pulls you into a very tight hug and even as you squirm to get out he only releases you a tiny bit to give you some breathing room
  • The first thing you notice is he’s shaking and your shoulder is getting substantially damp
  • “Why do you think that? You’re so perfect MC, I hate knowing that you don’t understand that.”
  • “It’s something I’ve always known, Hyun. I can’t help it, my brothers and sister ingrained the fact that I am obnoxious and ugly into my head ever since I was little there’s no point denying it.”
  • Of course Zen knew how that felt, that’s exactly what his family had done to him and it’d taken him a long time to understand that they were wrong, and he was determined to help you
  • Every day he would remind you you are beautiful and stopped you from saying anything self deprecating.
  • He also fought anyone who had anything bad to say about you
  • But honestly he was just hoping it was working


  • The amount of mental break downs in your home were far too many, both you and Jaehee being extremely stressed out over work
  • There were days where the two of you would just curl up on the couch wrapped up in a warm blanket and try to calm each others anxieties
  • It hadn’t ever struck Jaehee as odd that you never wanted to speak about your problems, some people just preferred not to and that was okay
  • Then she realized that you’d bottle up every little thing you felt from sadness to happiness and everything in between
  • You weren’t as emotionless as Jumin but you definitely didn’t express yourself, and when you did let go and laugh a little too loud or cried a little too hard you apologized over and over
  • That’s what had always confused her, why would you apologize over how you felt? She wanted to help you when you were sad and you being happy lit  up her entire world
  • So why would you hide all of your feelings like this?
  • Not being one to beat around the bushes Jaehee sat you down and asked you
  • When you’d told her that your family used to shoot you down every time you were happy, telling you to calm down because your laugh was annoying
  • Or the times when you’d cry and your siblings would only make fun of you for it, saying how pathetic you were and how you were being attention seeking
  • “No, no MC they’re wrong, it’s good to laugh and cry because bottling up all of your emotions is bad for you. It’s a bad habit and it’ll only worsen your mental health.”
  • She would always try to coax you into letting your emotions free but the mental barriers you had put up due to your siblings’ taunting had proven quite strong
  • But she’d noticed you’d laugh with her more, and rant, and lay in her arms when you cried because she would hold you and whisper uplifting things to try and help


  • Honestly he was worried that you didn’t like him after a while
  • You never called him when he was gone, never texted first, and when at home he always had to coax words out of you
  • Even then you were very hesitant to say much
  • He also found it strange that before you did anything you needed to ask, every time
  • Everything you did you stopped yourself and asked him, from questioning whether it was okay to hold his hand to leaving to go to the store, to kissing him
  • At first he though it was one of your cute quirks but then it got to a worrying level, you didn’t appear to be able to make decisions on your own.
  • You’d become dependent on him to make decisions for you
  • He didn’t want to ask why this was, as you shut down whenever he dug a little too deep but he wanted to know why you didn’t trust yourself to make choices, why you would always wait for him to practically beg you to tell him about your day
  • “I just didn’t want to be a bother. And I didn’t want to do something to make you look bad”
  • There it was again, short answers and your gaze focused on the floor not being able to meet Jumin’s eyes
  • “Why would you think that you’re bothering me? I love you MC, you couldn’t possibly bother me, no matter how hard you try.“
  • He put his hands on either side of your face and had you look up at him,
  • “Do you love me?”
  • Your eyes went wide and you immediately began spitting out incoherent sentences all focusing around the words yes, and of course being the only understandable things to come from your mouth
  • “Then tell me what’s wrong.”
  • “Ever since I was little I always did dumb things, I always talked too much. I annoyed everyone that came near me. My big sister helped though, she helped me make decisions that weren’t so stupid and she told me I couldn’t talk to much if I wanted to make friends. She told me to only speak when spoken to and it worked, I mean I have you right?”
  • Jumin was shaking
  • He could trust that by ‘helped make decisions’ that your sister was the one making all of your decisions
  • She’d made you completely dependent on others, whether or not on purpose, and she’d made you think that what you had to say was unimportant
  • “You aren’t dumb MC. You shouldn’t second guess yourself, and you never seem to talk enough. Your voice is so beautiful I never want to stop hearing it.”
  • The faint blush that blossomed on your cheeks gave hope to Jumin, maybe this would work
  • It’d started in the small things, texts while he was away on trips, calls on really good days
  • Then you were doing things without asking first, holding his hand as you walked, kissing his cheek, cooking dinner
  • It wasn’t much yet but it was progress and he was so proud of you


  • You had insisted Seven start eating properly so when you’d moved in he’d gotten this little kitchen going
  • He’d found you’d never go in there. Ever.
  • Your stomach could be growling louder than a tornado siren but you refused to walk in there, or even look
  • Not to mention when he’d bring you food he’d found occasionally you’d just freeze up and look at it like it was the most terrifying demon your head could think
  • And then he realized it probably was
  • He’d recalled some strange doctor’s reports from when he’d been doing his background check on you
  • When you went to bed that night he looked into it again and he realized exactly what it was
  • Being the religious man he is Seven was always adamant about no premarital sex so he hadn’t seen most of your body
  • But now he wanted to check because apparently, there were scars that ran down your back and chest and your legs. The doctors proclaimed that the cuts were self inflicted
  • “Self inflicted my ass.”
  • It had taken him four days to muster up the courage to ask you about them and when he did you shut down
  • You told him exactly what the doctor’s reports said
  • “MC you physically can’t make cuts like those down your own back. Who did this to you.”
  • You shrugged, trying to change the subject but Seven wasn’t taking it. He pressed, maybe a bit too roughly, but he pressed none the less
  • “It was my brother.”
  • You’d said it near silently, so quietly in fact that Seven missed it as he was speaking over you
  • “What.”
  • “My brother, to discipline me. He didn’t think mom and dad did a good enough job.” You wrapped your arms around yourself as silent tears began to roll down your cheeks. “He’d use our biggest knife in the drawer and every slice he’d tell me exactly why I deserved it.”
  • Seven was awestruck, yes over the fact that someone would dare do this to you, and yes because you did not deserve this, but mostly because you always spoke so highly of your brother
  • It was the knives. Whenever he came out with a knife you broke down because you could probably feel it, you could hear your brother’s voice in your ear as he told you exactly why you deserved that one
  • He held you and promised that you would never have to go through something like that again and that you never deserved to be treated like this
  • He also made sure to empty your brother’s bank account and get him fired from his job

~Admin Peony

I’m really emotionally drained from writing this, as I wrote from experience for a few, not Seven’s though I promise. But yeah, please don’t send in too much angst when requests open again because I had like three anxiety attacks over the course of writing this which took me two weeks. I hope you enjoyed!

random Tony Stark headcanons;

  • tony will try and hide his anxiety from you, he tried to hide it from everyone actually. he’ll try his best to pretend that he’s a-okay but you know better and after some persuading, he’ll finally tell you everything from his triggers, to his panic attacks, to his nightmares
  • after he tells you about his anxiety, he begins to rely on you a lot more. he’ll call you more often, particularly after an attack or nightmare, because he needs to know you’re okay
  • him being the flirtiest idiot ever and never going ten minutes without hitting on you
  • fighting over him not caring or not putting effort into the relationships because he’s not good at them but he tries and that’s all you can ask for
  • discovering he does care when he remembers the little things - your favourite movie, that song you will never admit you love, your favourite perfume; he retains all of that and it reminds you he cares
  • tony always trying to better himself for you, he wants to prove he cares; he wants to remind you that he cares; he just wants to do better
  • confiding in you about his family - his dad specifically - and telling you how he feels about his parents deaths, about his father’s treatments towards him and about how he doesn’t want to turn into his dad
  • tony building you your own suit and teaching you how to fight in it
  • knowing straight away when something’s bothering you and he’d try his best to help you with whatever it was
  • being so bloody protective over you, he will punch anyone who risks or puts you in danger
  • him loving to wrap his arms around you waist and perch his head on your shoulder
  • him surprising you with expensive gifts all the time no matter how many times you tell him not to, he just wants to see you smile
  • meeting the avengers and tony’s so excited and you’re so nervous but they’re all so accepting because you’ve managed to turn tony ‘less dickish’ as clint puts it so eloquently
  • wild crazy sex, no joke, tony is kinkiest person to have ever lived and that really shows in your sex life 
  • watching him work in the workshop (and probably finding it a bit of a turn on) and he tries to teach you some engineering stuff (provided you didn’t know anything about it before)
  • slowly helping him in his life patterns, helping him drink less, be healthier because you want to see him live past 50, helping with his anxiety and just being there for him
  • Soren: From now on, we will be using codenames.
  • Soren: You can address me as Eagle One.
  • Soren: Ivor, codename Been There, Done That.
  • Soren: Gabriel is Currently Doing That.
  • Soren: Magnus is It Happened Once in a Dream.
  • Soren: Ellegaard, codename If I Had to Pick a Girl.
  • Soren: And Jesse is
  • Soren: Eagle Two.
  • Jesse: Oh thank notch...

THIS was the main reason I posted today. One Punch Man fanart PLUS art for @one-pun-man

I love love LOVE their posts, they always make me laugh and feel better. So, here are some of my favorites. I tried to pick ones that had different characters (for practice). 

A: http://one-pun-man.tumblr.com/post/148647383514/fubuki-bland-boring-saitama-fubuki-if-he-was

B: http://one-pun-man.tumblr.com/post/148156533365/garou-why-is-metal-bat-on-the-rooftop-zenko-he

C: http://one-pun-man.tumblr.com/post/143639721714/king-is-it-true-that-genos-once-spent-three-days

Go check them out! Their stuff is funny! :)

10x17 highlights:

  • bobby 
  • bobby acting like the father john never was
  • b o bby
  • Dean hustling pool
  • Dean messing with Sam’s stuff
  • The glorious return of the angel Cashew
  • Cas and Sam being inCREDIBLE BADASSES LIKE WOW
  • Everything damn thing Castiel said
  • Crowley going back to his roots

Remember, Now, Be Here Now
As it’s not like it was before.
The past, was, Be Here Now
As it’s not what it was before - it was

Why try to live a life,
That isn’t real,
No how
A mind, that wants to wander,
‘round a corner,
Is an unwise mind

Now, Is, Be Here Now
And it’s not what it was before,
Remember, Now, Be Here Now
As it’s not like it was before - it was

Be Here Now - George Harrison

saevacorvum (X)

Her head is spinning and automatically she knew this
would be a bad idea, but the stress she’d been experiencing
lately from the looming day where she would have to
volunteer had convinced her to say fuck it all and take
shot after shot of whatever had been given to her. She
already knew she’d regret this in the morning, but the
burning liquid just made her feel so much lighter.

She’d found him amongst the throngs of people at this
party, and insisted on dragging him off to a quieter, less
crowded corner.

“Look,” she mumbled, her eyes glazed as she clung to
his sleeve. “I gotta tell you something, ‘kay? I… I don’t
know if I’m ready for this… I don’t know if I’ll come back
like you did. And I know we like to piss each other off,
and just… God, I love you,” she slurred, putting more of
her weight on his arm. 

He had never really been one for parties, not before his reaping,
and certainly not after, but the Games were coming soon, and he
would be forced to head back to the Capitol and prance about like
the puppet he’d been turned into through his survival, and the very
thought of that drove him from his quiet home to the party that was
being thrown in celebration of the upcoming weeks. He hated drinking,
which was why he slowly nursed a single beverage once he arrived,
not wanting to dull his wits too much but enough to keep the edge off.

Clove, on the other hand, apparently hadn’t shown as much restraint as
he had, which was readily apparent as she appeared and dragged him
away from the noise. He carefully wrapped an arm around her side as
she clung to him, trying to keep her as upright as possible as they walked.
Just as he was about to ask her why she’d dragged him away when they
could barely stand being in the same room together… she started talking,
and Alex was suddenly concerned with how much she’d had to drink.

“Erm…. I love you too???” He said rather uncertainly, not sure if that was
the answer she was expecting – he’d learned that it was better to just go
along with whatever she was talking about out of fear of having a knife
thrown at you. “Seriously though Clove, maybe we should get you some
water. And stop talking nonsense, of course you’re coming back. You’re
the scariest person I know other than Enobaria. No one stands a chance.”