I haven’t been sleeping and I’m on a caffeine rush rn so I’m just gonna whiz past this.

My finals are on May 11th and until then my translations will be a day or so late from the official release lol I should be studying for my said finals but I’ve been binge watching Gordon Ramsay… I can make beef tacos with wasabi mayo sauce so it was worth it. 

I love him. 

My plan is still in progress but I’ll be uploading the chapters in my WordPress blog for now. The thing is, I’m going to change the site address randomly at times, the new URL will be on my description box. 

Chapter 21 is coming, I’ll be uploading them tonight. 

Chapter 22 will be uploaded later. 

K SEE YOU LATER, It’s almost time for the new chapter to be released lol. 

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Yo! What's your favorite thing to dip french fries in?

Wasabi mayo.  I tried to get my dad to carry it at the shop, but he’s not as open minded as me - culturally speaking.  What I mean is - he’s not into anime.

I had such an amazing time on vacation the past month, but it always feels sooo good to be back home and get back to a normal routine. After my run I made a salad with spinach, mixed greens, a can of tuna mixed with @chosenfoods wasabi avocado mayo, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, feta cheese, and a few olives 👌

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I’m glad Ruru, Reina, and Funaki didn’t go to MM, but damn I feel bad for Chisaki :(
All the groups were like “oh, so it’s you, oh well. Welcome :3” or “aww, I’m so happy, don’t cry” but MM was all like “uh… yeah well whatever, um yaaaa, not impressed.”

You know how Country Girls was made out of MM 12ki finalists? I wonder how Chii feels being in MM 2 and a half years after not passing their audition. Also, I feel like because of this, she should be an extension of 12ki, not a whole nother generation

I hope Chisaki gets Kanon’s old dark green or white. Kaede, Reina and Chisaki are like mustard, ketchup and wasabi or mayo. Lol.

people are like “omg!! musume thought fuku was annoucing graduation! don’t blame them!!!” well if fuku had a little bit of a smile or seemed chipper like wada or miyazaki they wouldn’t have thought she was graduating. hell, both wada and miyazaki are older and in the grad danger zone but they kept a good mood announcing new members. =__= fuku even looked tired through the whole thing and when maaduu brought up the grad thing she went, “well there’s a lot happening in h!p lately.”

I’m honestly disgusted with MM’s reaction to Chisaki being added to their group! Like… Get a grip of yourselves! Especially Mizuki crying over it was breaking my heart. Get Chisaki out of there and get her into a group that appretiates her!

If all the Morning Musume members don’t change their attitude very soon I wouldn’t be surprised if Chisaki would announce her graduation within this year ;(

It’s beyond me why people have to be so bitter about girls being placed where they were. It’s BEYOND me how people are assuming Mizuki is angry about Chisaki joining. Do you know what she said? Probably not, please take the time to look at the translations of what she said in the moment, and what the other girls said. Morning Musume thought Mizuki was going to announce her graduation, Mizuki seemed super stressed and she was concerned about Chisaki feeling out of place. Research, people.

Apparently, none of MM or Chiichan knew what was happening. As a result, they all looked super awkward and stiff. But after they saw the reactions, H!P clued the others in. In my opinion, that’s such a bad thing to do. They should’ve at least told Mizuki and had her tell Chiichan what was happening. You wouldn’t leave your employees in the dark when you add someone new to a shop. At least the manager should know so they can properly introduce everyone. It’s not that Mizuki wasn’t thrilled or that MM wasn’t either or that Chiichan wasn’t. They had no idea this was going to happen. We may have known but the girls were told June 5 and 6. The announcement wasn’t until June 9. It’d been done and over by the time it was announced new groups would happen.

i don’t think people in this fandom are communicating with each other. nobody is ‘mad’ at mizuki for the way she met chisaki, people are just like ??? at HOW fuku ANNOUNCED new members to morning musume. that’s WHY they thought she was graduating. that’s literally it. anju doesn’t even need to be dragged in because yukanyan announced it better than fuku.

I feel so bad for Mizuki because the poor girl is getting all the blame, so let me clarify this. Mizuki’s tears had nothing to do with Chiichan being added to MM, but bad video edition made things worse. According to Maria’s blog, they were supposed to take dance lessons but were shocked to know about a new member, plus everybody thought the announcement was about Mizuki’s graduation. Chiichan is not a “reaction member” so put 2 and 2 together.

Chii-chan wanted to become a Morning Musume 12th member but failed the audition. Her favorite H!P songs are Momusu’s Wagamama, What is love? and Love Machine and she looks up to Sayashi and Iikubo. She was overwhelmed by all the transfer situation and her respected sempai Momochi is graduating in 3 days. Her reaction was perfectly normal to me. Don’t worry about her, she will fit in the group.

Morito-chan won’t we alone in Morning Musume. The girls are so nice and it looks like her audition-mate Nonaka was so happy to have her in the group. It will be like the Maria/Kaedii relationship.

I wonder if the Chisaki wota are happy with this transfer system. She is so cute and was a popular member in Country Girls but just a newcomer in the 13 nin Morning Musume.

Not a Country Girls fan here so I wonder if Morito is a fan of another group than Morning Musume because her reaction when she met Mizuki was… Well, no reaction at all.

I’m glad Ruru, Reina, and Funaki didn’t go to MM, but damn I feel bad for Chisaki :(

How is it that J=J managed to be so warm and welcoming to their new members even though it’s something that never happened to them and MM treat their new member as if she was merely air when they should be used to getting new members all the time anyway!? 

I have a feeling MM getting so bloated is because we might get some grad announcements right after Duu and they’re adding members who are old enough to carry the group post-grads and not be lost little kids the wota don’t know.

It makes me so glad to see that Angerme has always been one bug happy family welcoming everyone. Even Juice=Juice seems suprisingly happy about the change, probably because they’re getting fellow trainees. I think Chisaki was a good decision for Morning Musume, but the girls could have at least tried to hide their disdain.

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Will you post a gluten free round up?

So far I’ve posted a gluten free and soy free burger round up, gluten free pasta round up and gluten free Indian potato round up. Here are some separate gluten free recipes that show up in other round ups. Please let me know if there’s a specific type of gluten free round up that you’d like to be made!






Nori Chips

I know that nori from Korea are exactly like these nori chips I have here, fried and salted with a hint of toasted sesame oil and you can always buy nori like this from any Asian food isle in most stores these days. But these nori chips are made from Japanese nori sheets (10"x10" sheets usually for making sushi rolls or cut into smaller sheets for garnishing ramen) which are dry (not fried) and unseasoned.

I do love store-bought Korean nori a lot (because then I wouldn’t have to fry my own), but most of the time the ones I find in stores are either rancid or soft and very greasy, sometimes a tad salty, but these nori chips are crunchy and stands and stacks in bowls beautifully enough to serve at parties. And since I do have Japanese nori sheets in the cupboard and freshly made is always better, I stood in front of the stove with kitchen sheers in my hand and got crafty with the sheets (this kinda sounds foul… but you know what I mean).

What you need:

1 pack (10 pieces, 10"x10") Japanese nori sheets

1/3 cup canola oil

1 teaspoon toasted sesame oil

table salt for seasoning, better if it is in a salt shaker
(this is the only time I am recommending
the use of this kind of salt because this salt easily sticks on the
hot nori and you need just a small pinch of this stuff to season a batch)

8 inch fry pan/skillet

pair of kitchen tongs

plate lined with paper towels

cookie sheet lined with paper towels

1. Cut nori sheets in 2"x3" inch pieces, or better yet, cut each sheet in half
then cut each half sheet into 1/3’s.

2. Put canola oil in a skillet over medium heat, wait for the oil to get hot
then turn down heat to low, add a teaspoon of sesame oil into the pan.

3. Fry 2-3 pieces of nori at a time, the minute the nori sheets scrunch-up,
2 seconds after they hit the hot oil, immediately turn the sheets over
and fry the other side for 2-3 seconds.

4. Fish-out the nori chips from the oil, and put on a plate lined with paper
towels. Immediately season with salt.

5. Transfer the fried and seasoned nori on a cookie sheet lined with paper towels.

- Repeat Steps 3-5.

- Pile fried nori in a bowl and serve as is or with Wasabi Mayo dip.

Serves 3-4

Wasabi-Mayo Dip

¼ cup mayonnaise
¼ cup sour cream
1 teaspoon wasabi paste

- mix all ingredients until mixture is smooth.


The Wholesome Table

These poor quality photos don’t do justice to how good our lunch was today at The Wholesome Table at BGC (I only had my phone with me to take pictures then). They had an extensive menu of healthy and organic dishes and drinks that it took us a while to decide on what we wanted.

G had the Meatloaf (Thick slices of homemade meatloaf served with creamy, organic mashed potatoes and topped with bacon mushroom gravy) and a Dalandan Shake.

I had the Samurai Burger (6oz grass fed beef patty, sauteed wild mushrooms, Japanese stir-fried veggies, wasabi mayo in a potato bun) and their “Be Beautiful” Smoothie (raspberries, strawberries, goji berries, chia seeds, cacao nibs, coconut milk, hemp seeds, honey). My burger was cooked medium well and had the right amount of juiciness, and the vegetables had the sweetness of soy and a kick from the wasabi. The potato bun was extremely soft and melt in your mouth - quite unlike many burger buns which aren’t too enjoyable to eat. The herbed parmesan fries that went with the burger were so addictive - I was supposed to only eat half but managed to finish the whole cup! And the smoothie I think would be perfect for a breakfast because it was packed with berry and nutty flavors (it kind of reminds me of the little wheat cereal with strawberry jam in them that I used to have for breakfast).