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about me

i was tagged by @violetbxdelaire  Gràcies guapi!!!

Nicknames: Ani, Anita, Anuska, Anuski, Barju, Barji, etc

Eye Colour: Beautiful brown

Favourite National Flag:  L’estelada is my favourite ofcourse. And then la senyera, the fag of Macedonia, South Africa, Turkey, India, Venezia, etc

Political Alignment: idk if i will say it well but i consider myself to be republican (not american republican, the republican that means no monarchy), left winged and idk, i always get messed with the names

Current Timezone: central european summer time (its 19:10)

Favourite Musician(s): Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Anita Tijoux, Janelle Monae, Stromae, Daveed Diggs, etc (i just looked the recently listened in my phone)

Dream Job: actress and more

What do you post?: shit idk a lot of stuff

Why did you choose this username?: Tigers are one of my favourite animals, and i like the concept of considering myself a warrior aka a knight, and if you put together those two its like a superfucking strong knight so yeah. And it has to r’s because it sounds more like grr and because a furry blog had the one with one r.

Fuck i write a lot

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enuf qu eho fagi qui vulgui