In 2016, Cards Against Humanity got people to pay them over $100,000 to dig a hole for no reason.  

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You may remember some of their protests from previous years - like that one time they sold actual bull shit to 30k people:


God SEVEN-ZERO-SEVEN is Team Litten, of course.

someone said in the tags here, that Seven is def Team Litten and yes, yes, person i cannot find, of course he is!!!

mm/pkmn!au, with another RFA for Team Litten. already decided Yoosung will be Team Rowlet and Zen - Team Poplio.

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Is Maggie a lefty or a righty? ;)

interesting question….

[x] here we can see maggie holding the phone with her left hand, which doesn’t prove anything. this is rlly the only thing i could find with her left hand. hOWEVER

[x] here she uses her right hand to move the drink

[x] here she’s holding the drink in her right hand

[x] here she’s holding the gun in her right hand

[x] and here she does the same thing

[x] and here, she writes with her right hand, basically proving she’s a righty

however,,, there’s absolutely NOTHING in canon proving she’s not ambidextrous

also this was fun to answer bc i got to stare at a bunch of gifs of maggie’s hands and damn does she have nice hands

Keith, at the store because Lance is having his monthly: :< 

Clerk: How can I help you?

Keith: Oh I’m just picking up some pads for my boyfriend. 

Clerk: That’s so sweet. :3 

Keith: :3 


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I have barely played Pokemon Sun/Moon yet, but I wanted to draw this. 

Some pictures of the main trio with what I think would be their Alola starters plus some sketches of them with their final evolutions. :,)


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Okay but you're responses are amazing 10/10 would recommend i love this

Andy: Not going to lie, I feel super disgusting having to think with this toxic and twisted mindsetxD 

Because a lot of the time, I’m trying to twist logic to suit the characters purpose. So it makes sense, but it’s disgusting xD