I like to think maybe Robbie has some strength to his frame from messing around with so many metal parts and dragging around giant canons and everything else he does that in a moment of emergency he just picks up Sportakook (bridal or over his shoulder, either way) and runs for dear life instead of Sportanerd grabbing him and everyone is confused and Sportacute is flustered because no one has carried him since he was a young babe and Robbie is confused as of why Sportaflop is so red and– yea… but

We need more Stronger-than-we-thought-he-was Robbie Rotten

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“I had a picture to give you, but I’m so bad and then kei happened and now I’m going to flee.”


i miss coming home on friday nights and snuggling up with hot cocoa to watch the new haikyuu episode :((

i miss tsukki’s character development

i miss everyone underestimating hinata

i miss kageyama’s sheer pettiness

i miss oikawa’s salt

i miss needing to pause the episode to breathe

i miss dancing when the opening theme came on

season four i need uuuuuuu