i love nova ok

one time at walmart nova got something off the top shelf for me since i’m too smol and i think about that a lot ;;

also there was a fly in his room and it scared me bc it was huge and landed on my computer and then he found it and killed it and wrapped an arm around me to comfort me

there was this one time where i was trying to open a bottle but i couldn’t so i asked him for help and he opened it really easily, he’s stronger than me and it was just . n i c e

OH AND. anytime we walk on the sidewalk he always insists I’m on the side of him that’s not next to the road because he says it’s safer that way and he doesn’t want me to get hurt and aaa

when we’re getting intimate and stuff he always stops if he thinks he’s starting to hurt me too much or anything and like !!!!!!! he cares so much it makes me so happy

he took me out to chili’s and to see Zootopia for my 18th birthday and i honestly cried i was so happy;; no guy had ever done something to make me feel so special !!

he makes me cute little bracelets that match his and aaaa Hdhhdhdhdhsh I’m gay

it makes me really sad when people twist Tierney’s words and and say that she said things she didn’t say to make her look bad. i don’t understand why people have to hold such hatred in their hearts. why they read through a ‘the enemy’ filter. she’s kind and sweet and smart and strong and always willing to admit when she makes a mistake. people don’t want to talk things out. they just want to attack. maybe it’s because they’re hurt and lashing out helps them release that pain. she’s so much stronger than i am about it. but it just makes me sad. i feel like no one wants to get along. no one want peace. they want fire. they want blood. 

Please help me get out of a dangerous hoarding situation

Not many of you guys were aware of this, but I’m currently living in an abusive, neglectful home with a hoarder. I run the house domestically while dealing with verbal, emotional, and bursts of physical abuse from my mother, as well as having all my saved up money stolen to buy my mother whatever she wishes, and being frequently threatened and beaten by my brother, who is bigger than me physically and much stronger.

Currently, i am hiding money in small amounts in hopes that i will be able to save enough to at least find a couch to crash on for rent, or at least enough to move out as soon as i am legally able. This is my only hope outside of running away and being homeless, ir ending up in foster care, which will be next to impossible anyway, seeing as my mom is extremely good at manipulating workers and lying.

The main way right now that I am making small amounts of money, is by selling clothing from my cousins, and makeup on poshmark.

Right now, I am having a sale where EVERYTHING in my closet, with the exception of the wig, is going for 4-5$. Also, a purchase of 2 or more items gets you 20% off the entire cost of your purchase.

My poshmark closet is

Even if you can’t help, please reblog and boost! Thank you all so much for reading

Dear T,

Please stay with me. I know our relationship is complicated but you are my best friend and I love you. You know I always thought that the thing that can ruin a friendship the most is catching feelings for each other. Please prove me wrong. Please prove me that our friendship is stronger than that. I know you still feel something for me and I want you to know that I do too and it terrifies me. I don’t want to lose you. I cant lose you. Please come back. 



  • When they released "Stronger than You":WOW THE CREWNIVERSE WON'T BE ABLE TO TOP THIS SONG!
  • When they released "It's Over,Isn't it?":WOW THE CREWNIVERSE WON'T BE ABLE TO TOP THIS SONG!
  • When they released "Here Comes A Thought":WOW THE CREWNIVERSE WON'T BE ABLE TO TOP THI
  • *Stronger Than You comes out*
  • me:this is it. this is the best song in the entire show. no song could ever be better than this.
  • *Do It for Her comes out*
  • me:this is it. this is the best song in the entire show. no song could ever be better than this.
  • *Something Entirely New comes out*
  • me:this is it. this is the best song in the entire show. no song could ever be better than this.
  • *It's Over Isn't It / Talk to Each Other come out*
  • me:this is it. this is the best song in the entire show. no song could ever be better than this.
  • *Just a Thought comes out*
  • me:this is it. this is the best song in the entire show. no song c

um… are you telling me that… Stevonnie is stronger than pearl?? they’re made of a 12-year-old and a 14-year-old though?? I’m impressed

Update: lots of people have been reblogging this with their speculations!! I didn’t even consider that Connie is a trained sword fighter and Steven has gotten super strong lately. (Picking up Jenny in Joy Ride and that huge speaker thing in Drop Beat Dad without breaking a sweat, for examples.) Pearl fights for skill, not strength. It makes sense!! But now I’m left wondering how Opal is stronger than Garnet…

Ughhhh. The creepy cowboy guy is here again this summer, and he’s kind of fixated on me. Again.

Last summer, he was a sixteen year old counselor-in-training, who spoke with an affected cowboy drawl and had no sense of personal space. Two days after meeting him, he took me aside and said, “Ship, I’ve been looking for the perfect companion, and I think I’ve found him. It’s you.” He then told me how he wanted someone to live with him in a cabin in Alaska for a few months so that we could fly a biplane through the Northern Lights and hunt together. I obviously turned him town, as this was either the beginning to a weird porno or a slasher movie, and also because he was 16 and I’m not allowed to have any contact with him outside camp.

He’s baaaaaack. The first thing he did was find me. Serves me right, wearing the same recognizable hat. Anyway, every time he catches sight of me, he starts changing “Dark Lord Ship! Dark Lord Ship! Eater of souls!” and then laughing chummily and patting me on the back like it’s the wittiest joke in the world. “I’m never gonna let you forget that,” he says, every time.

“You and literally the entire rest of camp,” I say wearily, every time.

Last night he came up to me, gripped my shoulders, and announced that he’d be 18 soon and will be a counselor next year. “You *have* to come back. Bigfoot will be our unit director, and you will be my co. You and I! Co-counselors! Can you imagine it?!”

“I’m not sure I’ll be back next summer,” I said. “And if I am, I probably won’t be a cabin counselor.”

“No. You and I are going to be cos. Shake on it. Swear it.”

“What? No, I can’t–”

He then grabbed my arm, wrenched my hand out, and shook it violently. “There! No take backs. You’re bound by sacred honor now.”

“Physically forcing me to shake your hand isn’t honorable,” I said, trying to discreetly wipe his slime off on my jacket. “I definitely don’t think that counts.”

“It definitely does. I’ll find you if you go back on your promise. I can’t contact you on social media yet, but I can still find you!”

Great, now I’ve got a teenage cowboy with no boundaries potentially stalking me. Why am I a magnet for weird people?


Ladies in Season 6:  Denise Cloyd

Do you have any clue what that was to me, what this whole thing is to me? See, I have training in this shit. I’m not making it up as I go along, like with the stitches and the surgery and the… I asked you to come with me because you’re brave like my brother and sometimes you actually make me feel safe. And I wanted you here because you’re alone. Probably for the first time in your life. And because you’re stronger than you think you are, which gives me hope that maybe I can be, too. I could’ve gone with Tara. I could’ve told her I loved her, but I didn’t because I was afraid. That’s what’s stupid. Not coming out here, not facing my shit. And it makes me sick that you guys aren’t even trying because you’re strong and you’re smart and you’re both really good people!