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I have begun!! I would’ve gotten my VA for Candela but she was busy and I prefer when I have visuals for her to dub ^^;; So this ended being “the grief of Blanche post” XD perhaps we can dub it again? > u >

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If someone help me find the original artist so I can properly source them PLEASE let me know!!!

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I never understood why one of Gamp’s Laws of Elemental Transfiguration was that you can’t transfigure something into something edible (as shown in book seven when Ron was complaining about the poor food). McGonagall shows us in book one that animal transfiguration is completely possible and easy for a professional when she transfigures her desk into a pig and back, and Moody transfigures Draco into a ferret in book four. Knowing this, why couldn’t someone in need of food transfigure something into an animal (like a pig), kill it, clean it, and cook it properly, assuming they had a proper heat source (which in itself wouldn’t be difficult to create with a spell)? 

                                              My whole body is  C O R R U P T

                                              and no amount of   s c r u b b i n g    can      wash       me        clean.

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I subscribe to searches for various SU-related terms so I can keep tabs on news and whatnot. And in doing that I’ve realized that so many news sites are quite terrible at reading comprehension or properly vetting information and many use each other as a source so they’re just stuck in a whirlpool of misinformation.

Like, a surprising amount of sites didn’t properly read the EW article with the information about the summer block and reported that the summer event was starting on Tuesday with “Mr. Greg”, when, of course, its starting Monday with “Steven Floats”. And, like, I totally understand why someone would make that mistake and wouldn’t fault a person for doing so, but if you’re running a news site you have an obligation to vet your information better and research properly to present the most accurate information possible, and the start of the event was already set so there’s no reason they couldn’t find the proper information for the article

and, like, this morning I got alerted to a news article announcing SU’s return with the headline “Steven and Jasper become friends” and I’m like “what?” so I read the article and it was like “We don’t know what all the episodes of this event will be and Jasper hasn’t turned up yet, but the blog Fake SU Episodes wrote about the idea of Steven and Jasper becoming friends” and like what kind of foolishness is that?? That’s not how you write a news article! Like what is even the point of writing news articles if you’re just going to present completely false information or just make crap up and completely invalidate yourself as a source of accurate information because you have zero criteria for what kind of information you’ll present, like facts and openly false information just presented as entirely equal?? what is even the point of your news site when anyone could get the same information by asking random strangers on the street to make completely random guesses like goddamn

Hey gunblrs,

I’m writing a persuasive speech for my communications class on anti gun control (that is to say, I support armed and properly trained civilians.) I need sources and I have seen some really great ones that y'all post but I can’t find them anymore, does anyone want to contribute or have a master list?


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whispers im trying to drabble on that one text post re; jack thinking he's hallucinated reaper all this time but i cant find it in ur history can u pls help so i can source properly i know i saw it on here thank

i… think i’m blanking out here bc i don’t actually remember that one?? that sounds incredible tho, i want it??

maybe someone can give us a hand here? i don’t remember this at all fu cko

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Hi. How can I get people to find my blog?

Hi stranger!

Do you post your own content like photography/art/poetry? Or upload other people’s content that is properly sourced?

If you do, you have to tag your posts!!!!!!!! Tag them with relevant keywords! If your an original content creator… artists on tumblr, photographers on tumblr, writers on tumblr… are good ones to use! Make sure your most important/popular tags are listed first because not all of your tags will show up in the search results. 

If you don’t upload things and you just reblog things, ask people with similar blogs as you to check out your blog NOT to follow you back! Whatever you do DO NOT resort to self promoting. Don’t do it. Ever. 

I have a very outdated (from 2013/14) list of tips that may help you out! If you’d like I can try and update them with little tricks I’ve learned over the years!


Once again I don’t know when to quit while I’m ahead (big shocker). I really wanna get his hand and the metal bits on his ankles properly shiny but the source engine functions differently than i assume telltale’s engine does so it’s been proving difficult.

Also I messed up when I was setting up where the metal bits would be and accidentally made his entire lower half shiny for a sec so that was amusing :P

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anyway i just wish people who educate themselves via social media (on social stuff, political stuff, current events stuff, etc.) would finally realize how much rhetorics are involved
and that they absolutely cannot consider it reliable and have to use their common sense/logic to properly judge information from that sources and extract truths from all the garbage that surrounds everything

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Hey, idk if you know this but when you post pictures without the source, that's technically stealing so you should probably just reblog them.

It’s actually not stealing, especially when I specifically have the clickthrough source link back to every single photo I upload, instead of the people you’re reblogging the photos from, which don’t have the source link back to them. :) I have specifically gone out of my way so that I can have the source link properly behind each and every photo to source back and give credit! Educate yourself before you hate. 

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Can I share your art on instagram @ bbykoushi? It'll be properly sourced and will not be edited. I won't if you don't feel comfortable with it!

Yes you may :D thanks for recognized my works

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Can I share your art on instagram @ bbykoushi? It'll be properly sourced and will not be edited. I won't if you don't feel comfortable with it!

Ahhh I already have an Instagram account (levadraws) so I would appreciate if you don’t repost my drawings there ;__;


Guys, I know you get excited to see fan art appear on your dash that you haven’t seen before, but PLEASE make sure the work is the original post of the artist, or properly credit to the artist if posted by someone else. If it’s not, please DO NOT REBLOG/LIKE. Ignore the post, or take matter into your own hands and tell them to properly source it.

Also the famous excuse “I found it on this website, so I don’t know who made it” which is most likely an uncredited re-post on that website. You have GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH to help you find it’s origin.