mORE TWITTER HELLSPAWN DOODLES cause i think ive answered enough asks about brexits former child star meltdown that this should at least resemble something that makes sense

in case it doesnt though, go here for an explanation of the first part and herehere and here for the second and third parts

once again this whole thing is @sathinfection ‘s fault i feel like i need to get that out there

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yeah true, everyone is presenting spark as the 'meme' team leader rn... but you know, your team leader got real qualities on his own as far as i've seen. He's shown to be fun-loving, enthusiastic, kind, close to his team mates... i'm sure new and cool headcanons will come once the meme hype dies down a bit, it's only the beginning after all

I like the headcanon that he hatches eggs like crazy and jogs everyday
papa spark

also the team valor rivalry with team instinct makes me think that Candela and Spark have friendly fights

and Mystic has been always chill with us (more than Valor at least) so they could be rlly chill chatty friendos

but if they dont do it, I WILL

Ok...imagine this...

Sam and Cait are in Portugal together. 

After a hot day on the beach, with a lot of, ye know, fooling around going on…

(src. Getty Images)

they come back to their hotel, shower for a bit…. because of all the sand that’s “everywhere”…

Fresh out of the shower, with only a towel around his hips, Sam checks his phone while Cait makes them a drink from the mini bar. Checking his IG, he sees this…

OVER 46.000 LIKES!!!

He looks at Cait and with mischief in his eyes and in his smile he shows her his post. Cait looks up at him and smiles at the smirk she loves so much. 

“Fuck them all,” he says, “let’s make a hot selfie and get it over with!”

Imagine: Being Evan's girlfriend and he's finally coming home.

I missed him so much, it hurt. All of the late night Skype calls, facetime, phone calls, and texts through out the day, were nothing compared to actually having him with me. Feeling his warmness, his fingers tickling my hand, his soft kisses, his wide smile. It was driving me crazy I couldn’t go with him this time, 5 weeks seemed liked 5 years. I dressed up, putting on my nicest clothes, doing my hair, makeup, everything. I made sure the house was extra clean, then decided to make dinner. I was anxious, continuing to straighten out my skirt, and mess with my hair. That’s when I heard his key go into the door, and in he came, carrying bags, looking at me and smiling excitedly. He was wearing his black peacoat that I loved, his scarf tucked in neatly. His facial hair had grown out a bit, and his curls were starting to re-appear from when it was cut all off, to play James March. He dropped his bags at the floor, and I ran to jump into his arms, him catching me, giggling. “Hi! I think you might have missed me, Y/N!” “Like this much!” I said, pouting my bottom lip, then showing him with my thumb, and pointer finger a small amount. He smiled and bit his lip, then kissed me. Holding my face with one hand. As he let me down, I showed him that I had cooked for him, he smiled and looked so relieved. He scarfed it down like he hadn’t eaten in days, he then released he was still wearing his jacket. As he took it off I looked at how toned his arms were starting to get. Focusing on every detail of him, Evan caught me staring, raising his eyes at me. “Checking me out?” He asked as he flexed. “Check out these guns, baby,” my face grew a brilliant shade of red. “Stop!” I said laughing. He came up to me and kissed me on the forehead. “Fuck, I missed you so much, you have absolutely no idea. Thank you, for making dinner.” I smiled up at me as he kissed me, then made his way upstairs to shower. I sat down on the couch and sighed deeply, turning on the TV to see what was on Netflix. Evan soon was out of the shower walking passed the stairs with only a towel on. I bit my lip as I hoped he would want to fool around since it had been so long. He came downstairs in basket ball shorts, and a plain black t-shirt, “I need to shave,” he said scrunching his face as he scratched his chin, he sat down ontop of me and I squealed. He looked down at me “What are we watching?” He asked with a teasing smiling “Get off me!” I Laughed as he laid down on me. “No!” I protested, laughing as I pushed him. “You’re not a very comfy girlfriend.” He teased, he rolled over to where he was facing me. “That’s better.” He said smiling as he pulled my hair from my face. “I missed you so bad, being able to just touch you is so amazing. You’re never not going again, I don’t care what your job says.” My stomach hurt with aggressive butterflies, as his soft lips touched mine. We stared at each other, his serious gaze piercing through me. I leaned up and kissed him, running my fingers through his wet hair, feeling his tongue parting my lips, the taste of mint still in his mouth from brushing his teeth. His breathing grew heavier as he adjusted his position to right between my legs. He pressed himself against me, leaving no space between our bodies. He held my face in his hands, caressing my skin with the tips of his fingers on my cheeks. He kissed down my chin, my jaw line, and down my neck. I exhaled sharply, as he gently bit my skin. He took no time as he pushed up my skirt, taking first one finger and pushing it inside me, then another. He moved his thumb over my center, at the same time as he fingered me, his lips moving back to mine. A soft moan escaping my lips, while I bite his bottom lip. He giggled “I wanna show you how much I missed you, Y/N.” He whispered, his lips brushing my ear, making me shiver. He pulled up my shirt, then his too. He laughed as he tried to pull himself out of his shorts. “I am incapable of being sexy,” he said with a sigh, making his way back to my mouth, while pulled off my skirt and panties. He unclipped my bra in a fast motion. “Uh ooooh we’re naked,” I said, acting like I was dumb founded. He smiled, biting his lip. “You come here often?” He said awkwardly. We were terrible together. He pressed his forehead against mine, positioning himself with my opening. He held my face in his hands, thrusting himself inside of me. We both sighed, as he continued to thrust into me, first slowly, taking his time, looking into my eyes. He reached down and held my hands, moving them above my head, then started to go harder, and faster. Hitting me in all the right places. He then moved around, putting me ontop of him. He looked up me, holding onto my hips, as I began to work my hips, he leaned his head back, moaning, his breath catching as I moved faster on him, his nails digging into my skin. Pressing me further and further until I felt myself getting close. I could tell he was as well as he started to thrust up. He pulled me down, holding me there, thrusting up fast and faster as he held me close to him. He kissed me passionately, until we both finished nearly at the same time. He came deep inside me, sending me over the edge, feeling him finish. He held me there for a moment just kissing me, still inside me for a long time. I laid my head on his chest, him running his fingers through my hair. “I love you,” he said sweetly, “As I love you, Evan.” I said softly, so happy to have him in my arms again. We both got clothes back on soon after. He pulled a blanket over the both of us, turning on Netflix, just silently holding each other. I memorized every detail of his beautiful face. Staring up at him, as he looked perplexed bh the show we were watching. He was so gorgeous, it always made me sad to think that he didn’t even realized how gorgeous he was, but at the same time he was so humble that I probably wouldn’t want him any other way. I loved kissing him, being with him, holding him. Loving him. It was… beyond anything that I could have imagined, and he was mine all mine. The next day I woke up to the fire alarm sounding, finding Evan was not on the couch any longer, “Fuck!” He yelled, giving out a sound of frustration. I ran into the kitchen, to see him attempting to make pancakes. He turned around and pouted, holding a pan, with a black pancake in it. “I was trying to make you something, and I am just terrible at cooking.” He laughed, reaching up and turning off the fire alarm. I walked over to him and smiled “Thank you, it’s the thought that counts. I’ll take over from here.” He smiled “Thank god,” he said kissing me on the forehead, and walking into the living room. I made the pancakes as I knew that he liked them, with bananas in them. He was so perfect, no one would ever realize how god damn perfect, and how lucky I was.

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in the beginning, as a person with a lot of moles/beauty-spots, it was kinda nice seeing how jongdae-stans appreciated the fact that jongdae has a lot of beauty-marks. but now i just feel kinda.. uncomfortable with it. like.. some of you guys are obsessed making masterposts about his beauty-spots and stuff… idk, go off i guess, but if i were an idol i would probably be a bit creeped out at this point

Condoms- A Peter Parker Imagine

@professionalphangirluniverse(I love her omg): requested:  Hello Lovebug❤️ Please can you write an imagine where Aunt May has left to go shopping or something so Peter and the reader get into a steamy make out session only to be interrupted by a very amused Aunt May who comments ‘make sure to use protection’ as she’s walking away? Love youuuuu


“I’ll be out for a little bit, don’t get into too much trouble!” Aunt May yelled as she walked out the door, turning to look back at Peter and you with a mischievous grin before slamming the door shut. You smirked to yourself, knowing that you had a plan in mind. You and Peter hadn’t been alone in a long time, and it was finally time that you got to show your boyfriend what it meant to have you as a girlfriend.

“Come over here, Peter. I need some assistance in something,” you said, giving him a seductive glance. This went right over his head as he looked over at you in confusion, and moved closer to you to see what was wrong. You grabbed him by the collar of his thrift store flannel he loved and kissed him, pulling him as close to you as you possibly could, craving his touch. He backed off and looked at you with a worried glance. “She won’t be gone forever! I don’t want to get caught!” You shrugged and got up and walked towards his bedroom. You unbuttoned the shirt you were wearing and pushed it down off of one of your shoulders, looking back at him. “Guess I’ll just have to do this by myself,” you said in a playful tone.

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So, now that there are 22 heroes in Overwatch, I thought I’d take this opportunity to start a project that may or may not involve a certain 22 cards. I’ll be going in order here, so if you know your Major Arcana, you’ll have a hint as to what’s coming next. I’ll make a page for these once I get a bit further along.

Bucky Barnes Imagine: Shower

Words: 909

Warnings: Smut

As I sat at the large table with the rest of the team as we went over the mission that we had just came back from and all I could think about was peeling this dirty suit off of me (like black widows) and taking a nice warm shower.

I leaned over on the table moving my shoulders a bit only to notice how stiff they were. My legs didn’t feel to great either. threw the last couple of weeks we’ve been going on missions non stop and it was taking a toll on everyone. I felt a hand on my shoulder making me turn to my right to Bucky who gave me a small smile. I smiled back before turning back to Fury as we finished up. Bucky’s left hand squeezing my shoulder lightly making me feel a bit better, but he took it off once Fury had dismissed us.

“You ok doll?” Bucky asked as we made our way to our room. I nodded opening the door. “Just need a shower and I’ll be fine.” I said kissing his cheek and making my way to the bathroom.

After peeling off the hot, dirty suit, I brushed through my tangled hair before stepping into the warm shower. I quickly washed my body and hair to get it out of the way so I could just stand there and let the warm water ease some of the knots in my shoulders.

I heard the door open so I assumed Bucky came to get something or brush his teeth considering it was almost midnight. I jumped slightly when two hands rested on my shoulder, massaging them. I sighed in content and leaned back against him as he continued to rub and squeeze my shoulders.

“You seemed a little tense.” He whispered into my ear, pulling my hair to one side while he peppered kisses onto my wet slick skin.

I tilted my head to the side, closing my eyes as a lazy grin stretched onto my face. “Not anymore.” I murmured as his kisses turned into sucking and playful biting.

“Bucky.” I moaned softly when his hands moved around me to grab my breasts gently. He chuckled against my skin before biting down making me gasp lightly. No doubt there would be a bruise in the morning.

His actions stopped abruptly before he spun me around to gently push me against the shower wall and continue his assault on my throat, collar bones, shoulders and jaw while his hands rested on the small of my back to pull me closer. His hard on pressing against my inner thigh.

My head was resting against the wall as my hands were tangled into his long, wet brown locks. He stopped again to lift his head and press his plump lips against mine, wasting no time to force his tongue into my mouth.

I moaned as he roamed my mouth hungrily while his hands found there way to my thighs, indicating for me to jump. I jumped eagerly and wrapped my legs tightly around his waist, gasping into his mouth when his tip was pressing hotly against my core.

I parted from his lips to throw ny head back, a moan escaping my lips as he pushed into me teasily slow.
He nuzzled his face into my breasts as he rocks his hips back and forth not to slow but just fast and hard enough for my nails to dig into his muscled back.

The cool metal of his left hand gliding over my wet body as his right held me in place.

It took everything in me not to scream in pleasure as his cold metal thumb pressed against the bundle of nerves making me bite into his shoulder to obtain the small amount of sane that was left in me.

“Dont hold back those beautiful screams doll.” he grunted, which knocked a bit of confidence into me as I yelled out his name in pure ecstasy.

The only thing that could be heard to us was the screams, moans and cries as the water was only noticable as it rained down on us but not heard.

“B-Buck im so close.” I managed as I cupped his face, deciding to give his back a break.

“Me to doll. Come for me.” he moaned out, nudging my cheek with his nose as I came hard around him, screaming his name with the last bit if energy left in me.

It didnt take long for him to follow, my screaming setting him off to spill his hot load inside me.

As we came down from our orgasm, Bucky pulled out of me setting me down only for my legs to quiver, threatening to give out. Lucky enough Bucky held me close with a chuckle at my exhausted state.

“You need another massage doll.” he said leaning down to kiss me sweetly. I hummed in satisfaction when he moved to kiss my cheek.
“You’re to good to me, but I love you Buck.”

“And I love you.” he responded with a smile, what did I do to deserve this man?

So I lied, one more before I head to bed because this was a draft ive been meaning to publish. So, I hope you enjoyed this sweet yet steamy little imagine and hopefully my brain can produce a few more! Love You Guys!

Songs of Supernatural Challenge - Season 1

I’ve been throwing this idea around for a bit and I think I’m gonna go ahead and dive in. I’m making a challenge! It’s actually gonna end up being a series of challenges, but I digress. 

For this challenge you’ll be able to choose a song from Season 1 of Supernatural from a list I’ve compiled (below the cut). The list has every song played in the season 1 both when it aired and the songs Netflix used to replace some of the originals. 


1. Sign ups start immediately from now until 11:59pm eastern time August 1st. To sign up send me a character and the number of the song you’re choosing, along with a backup number just in case. Send them to me in an ASK ONLY. Reblogs or replies will not be accepted.  

2. Fics will be “due” 8/31 but if you need an extension, just ask me. I’m not gonna say no. 

3. Can be any character OR actor from Supernatural.

4. No minimum or maximum word count. Do whatever you want. I’m totally cool with it. 

5.  Can be smut, fluff, angst, flangst, smangst, smuff, whatever. I’m down for anything. 

6. AU’s are welcomed!

7. Can be a one shot, the start of a new series, or part of an existing series. Does not matter. 

8. You can do anything you want with the song whether it’s playing in the background, you use the lyrics, or just use it as inspiration. 

9. Must tag ME in your fic when you post it and also use the hashtag #Songs of Season 1 Challenge (sorry it’s long I know) in the first 5 tags. And please put somewhere in the fic what song you chose! 

I think that’s it! Songs and tags below the cut! 

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They told me not to inhale the smoke of my cigarettes; I swallowed it a bit more each time, making myself breathless.
They told me to wear a big coat in winter; I spent the day outside wearing only a jacket, and got a cold.
They told me to eat properly; I lived off of coffee for three days, and ended up weak and shaking.
They told me to go to bed early; I spent nights on the street and went back home at 6 a.m, which means I didn’t have enough time left to sleep.
They told me not to drink too much alcohol; I sipped on Vodka like it was apple juice, and ended up passing out on the pavement.
No wonder I ran to you with my eyes closed, when they told me to run away.
—  Tell me what to do, and I’ll do the opposite
Exo Reaction to Their Girlfriend Having a Personality that is Opposite of Her Image

I had no idea how to really do this so I made it more broad to make it a little more identifiable. It’s going to be short and I hope it comes out alright. I just hope it actually makes sense. -__-


At first, he’d tease her about it, just to be a bit of a shit. However, he wouldn’t ever judge her and after awhile it would just be something about her. She isn’t what she seems. 


He would always tell her she is confusing, even though truly she isn’t. She really likes a particular style but doesn’t force herself to act like a stereotype. However, it would always be a teasing point for him. 


He would constantly bring it up. “She looks like she will kill you but in reality she squeals when she sees spiders and hides behind me so you’re good.” At the end of the day, he doesn’t really care. He doesn’t love her for how she dresses, he loves her because of who she is. 


He wouldn’t really get it at first. In fact, he was never really attracted to her until he started to see the person underneath the image she presented. Once he got used to it, it wasn’t really something he thought of often. 

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It was just something he accepted about her. She was that way. She liked to act a certain way and was different when she was alone or just with him. He didn’t mind in reality, he liked being able to see things about her that other people didn’t. 

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He never really separated it in his head. It was just her, the entire package. Sometimes she dressed one way and did some things that went against her personality, but that was just her. Labels weren’t necessary for him. 

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He would constantly playfully tell her she could never make up her mind about what she wanted to be. He’d tease her and always bring up some way to tell her she was indecisive. But truthfully, it wasn’t a big deal. Just apart of the package. 


Her switch from her image to how she acted sometimes confused him because it was a pretty big switch. However, at the end of the day it really didn’t matter to him. 

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Epitome of not giving a fuck. He likes her because of individuality and lack of following one particular image and personality type. She keeps him on his toes. 

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Masterpost for Mobile Users.

I’m in one of those moods in which I wish I could retire to the deeps of the countryside for a couple of months and just be in contact with nature and with myself. No TV, no laptop, no social media… just my books and my pens and my notebooks and lots of green and rain and warm tea and warm quilts. Ah, just the thought makes me a little bit more tranquil. One day I’m going to make this true

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Although Sonic Mania looks good, especially the physics and (some) other playable characters, I can't help but think it's a bit lazy for going with 16-bit sprites rather than actual 3D models and environments. I also am disappointed that it's just sonic, tails and knuckles that's playable. Why can't Amy, Shadow, Rouge, the chaotix, silver, blaze etc. be playable as well??


I assure you. Making different sprites, emphasizing dynamic poses and movement and keeping the look consistent between each and every sprite of the same character and creating the pixel art that makes up the environments is not lazy. It’s exceptionally hard work that takes ages. Please respect the work of pixel artists and spriters. Because it isn’t an artform that demands little effort.

And who’s saying that Amy at least won’t be a DLC character? It’s entirely possible. There’s an understandale reason why the rest most likely won’t be playables - They’re not Classic era characters.

OH! MY! GOD! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this blog. I was debating for a couple months and finally gave in. I didn’t think I’d get this far and have so much love. Not just for me but for my muse, seeing as OC kids have it pretty hard. But a lot of people have welcomed me and helped along this one year journey of role-playing. So, let’s get on with the positivity.

My Sun and Stars. (the baes)

Eleni aka @russkiyshpion: my Greek bae! You’ve been with me pretty much since the start. You welcomed me with open arms and was more than happy to start roleplaying with me. We hit it off pretty damn quickly and shared love for each other’s muses. Your Natasha is frickin amazing and one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Kassie aka @wcrthiest: again, you’ve been with me for a long time and welcomed me with open arms. Thor’s love for Lydia is just so beautiful and makes us love/enjoy every interact they have even if it’s just an ask. I can scream about ideas and you’ll share the same enthusiasm. Best Thor. Hands down.

Ci aka @ravhrafn: I could talk someone’s ear off over you. Basically, you’re the first Loki to want to write with me so much and ship our muses from the start till it destroys us. I love every single interaction we have together and every word amazes me so much. Your Loki is fantastic and spot on. I couldn’t ask for a better partner in both rping and shipping.

Dia aka @natstxrk: my beautiful Natasha and the only person I’m so far exclusive with. You know the gist. It’s really good to see Nat Stark out there and for Lydia to have her mother. It was a new thing to rp with an OC kid and I believe you’ve done spectacularly with everything mommy!Nat and normal!Nat

Stormie aka @flamegiven: You. Are. Amazing. Not just with your graphics (seriously check out her stuff) but with your writing. You put so much care and thought into every reply and it really shows. Even with all your muses you do an amazing job at loving them all.

@strikeoutt: just like Ci, you wanted to write and shipped our muses pretty much right away. You let me scream about ideas over our muses and other things.

Moon of my Life. (the other baes)

@onyovrleft, @scarletenchanter, @silversprinter, @aterviduam, @notwasted, @tiinkerisms, @solidust, @batteryheart, @missppxtts, @ofbanncr, @devilrcd, @rufujikawa

Far off beauties. (the baes I admire from afar)


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just wondering... could you maybe do solangelo with drunk nico or will being really clingy or loud or flirtatious idk something. i just want to smile and your writing lets me do that. not having the best of summers :/

Drunk Solangelo AU

{Hey anon, I’m sorry that your summer is not all it’s cracked up to be, but I hope this fic will help a little bit. Also, a bit of a warning in advance, I’ve never been drunk nor have I ever been around anyone who is flirty while they’re drunk. With that said, I’ll do my best to make this as realistic as possible, but regardless, I hope you all enjoy this fluffy solangelo fic! I’m really sorry this is late and most likely short, but everything just came crashing down. My summer was going smoothly, but then my school decided to drop stuff on me last minute so I was rushing around all day Monday trying to fix it and I wasn’t able to finish up this fic in time.}

Nico had noticed that the older demigods around camp had been really down lately. It could have been that they had just fought two huge wars basically back to back, or it could have been individual problems that the demigods were having, but it was starting to worry Nico, which is saying something. The son of Hades didn’t usually worry for the other campers, but when the darkest of all the demigods at camp was starting to seem like the brightest, Nico knew he had to do something. What could he do to cheer up the older campers, Nico had no clue, but he knew some people that would be able to help him.

“Stolls! I need to talk to you.” Nico called to the sons of Hermes when he finally found them. Travis and Connor turned around and motioned for Nico to follow them. The raven haired demigod shrugged, but followed the pranksters behind the strawberry field. “What is it that you need from us, Nico?” Travis asked once he was sure the coast was clear. Nico furrowed his eyebrows, “How did you know that I needed something from you two?” Was I really that obvious? “No one seeks us out unless they need something. So, what is it that you need?” Connor replied for his brother. “Well… I’ve noticed that camp moral is really low and I want to do something about it because it’s kind of bumming me out. Problem is, I don’t know how to cheer up a bunch of depressed teenagers, so I was wondering if you could help me make something happen.” The son of Hades hated to ask people for help, but he was so out of the cultural loop that he had no idea what he could do to help his fellow campers. “Just leave it to us.” Travis had a mischievous look on his face as he answered. Nico was starting to wonder if this was such a good idea, but he couldn’t back out now. “It’s in your hands now, do what you will with it.” Nico replied as he walked away.

Nico would be the first to say that bringing alcohol to a bunch of demigods may not have been the best of ideas, but seeing all the smiles and laughter of his fellow demigods was well worth the trouble. The night was young, but already many demigods were smashed. Nico hadn’t had anything to drink yet, but the atmosphere was as intoxicating as the alcohol would be. A flash of blond hair caught Nico’s eye. His eyes caught sight of Will Solace as he paced around the edge of the room. I guess he’s here to make sure no one gets seriously injured. He looks frustrated; maybe I should bring him a drink. He froze and shook his head; Nico didn’t have enough courage to talk to Will. A drink was shoved in his hand and without much thought, the raven haired demigod threw it back and chugged it down. The Italian’s head felt kind of light, but he discovered he liked the feeling and vowed that he would keep it going.

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Bloody fucking christ!! I just recently hit 1.1k!!! Still feels like yesterday when I only came into the fandom with a bit more than half of that. So I decided to be productive and make a Marvel family!!! 


  • mbf this trashcan
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  • send me an ask with the marvel character you want to be and a second one as back up if yours is taken already
  • you can see who is taken here
  • as soon as the page is presentable you will be added!
  • when you’re accepted as the character you want you can either submit an icon (100x100px) or I will make one for you)

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Can you do #30 with Jackson from GOT7??

Jackson + 30. “I can’t sleep.”

You tried very hard not to turn around again. You’d already shifted positions in bed almost ten times and you knew anymore and you would disturb Jackson. He already barely got enough sleep as it was, you didn’t want to make it even less.

Too late. “What’s up, baby?” Jackson murmured and reached for your waist to pull you to him.

You buried your face in his chest, breathing him in and wrapping yourself in his warmth. “I can’t sleep.”

“Why?” You could hear the way his concern fought against his drowsiness.

You bit your lip and debated telling him but you’d already woken him. “I guess I’m just…nervous. Since you’re going away for so long. I’ve gotten used to having you around. I don’t…I know it’s stupid but I’m just scared of being alone.”

He squeezed your side. “It’s not stupid. If you want we can video chat before we go to bed. We can leave it going even after we fall asleep so it’ll be like we fell asleep beside each other.” He gave you a wide smile.

You couldn’t help but smile back. “Every night?”

He nodded and held you close. “Every night.”