“Don’t use your powers for unnecessary things. Don’t use them to cause harm.”

It’s a mantra he’s lived his life by. But-

He watches Emi’s face, and she’s still smiling, but it’s not a very nice smile. It sort of stretches weirdly at the sides. Then Shigeo thinks about the smile she wore when she showed her story to him the first time.

“Don’t use your powers for unnecessary things.”

He reaches out, and calls the words back to him. Calls Emi’s words back to them – gently, gently – and he pieces them back together.

Because these words are important.


what i’m loving the most about this scene is that, despite the non-existent history between these two, emori and clarke create this very big contrast between each other: the one who wasn’t loved (emori) vs. the one who was loved (clarke), and the one who thinks they have no choice “you think i have a choice?” (emori) vs. the one who has realized that they always have a choice (clarke).

i love that clarke gets this very close view into emori’s life, because i always found it to be necessary for her to talk to someone on this level - more as an individual who gets to have a heart-to-heart, rather than a leader. it’s not just emori truthfully opening up in this scene about her experiences, insecurities and rage and other types of emotions, but also clarke, who is pushed into a rather sincere communication (if you look at things from her pov) which she initiates.

the things she shares with the audience and emori are so terrifyingly honest - e.g from the things she’s done as a leader and the fact that she can never understand what it feels like to be emori, to be truly alone; the conclusion she shares “but i do know what it feels like”, which harkens back to her first scene with abby where her mother tells her that “no. we have to make a choice” when clarke thinks they have no other choice than to just go along with whatever they need to do; the courage to embrace that truth about herself in these tiny steps; how the narrative highlights how she feels; and how her emotions in regards to her actions don’t even line up with the image of “the commander of death” that emori now places upon herself, because that title has always been less a descriptor of something clarke inherently is and more as something she’s perceived as due to what she has done. the writers make such good use of the “wanheda” image in this scene by poking holes into it, its pretty great imo.

and don’t even get me started on emori, i’m so down for that girl; she’s so different from any other character we’ve seen on this show so far - especially when you think of the things she was forced to do in order to survive, and how her view drastically sets itself apart from all the others in connection to those actions. anyone want a front-row seat for the time i express my weirdly endearing love for her? it’s for free, i promise. it makes all the more sense why she is so desperate on making this work out the way she planned it (not that i didn’t consider it before to be honest, but emori’s emotional expression put more truth into everything imo), and the twist is mind-freezing because it’s emori who propels the story into a whole new dimension for me, and you’ve got to have some serious talents in order to do that with a viewer like me, just saying, lol.

anway. essentially this moment is functioning as such a great worst-case scenario for two characters who put themselves out there. it’s really fascinating.

i mean, i don’t even know what the point of this post is anymore, i’m kinda drifting. but i really love that clarke just gets to be clarke in this scene by creating a contrast to emori, who just gets to be really hardcore emori in this moment. their interaction creates such a great conflict in which you understand both.

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Late study session. This exam week has been really intense. But tomorrow it’s Friday 🙏🏼✨

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

A Scorpius + Scorpion King sketch I did last November after reading @bounding-heart‘s birthday fic for @torestoreamends, ‘Reflection’ ! I’d wanted to paint it properly but never got the time so all I have to show is this version I created with an interesting ‘artistic filter’ app…!








Ever since I made Marisol Ryder with bubblegum pink hair I WONDERED ABOUT THIS. How much hair dye and bleach did Ryder smuggle from the Milky Way? Cause that shit’s gonna run out. Do they have some kind of fade-free permanent dye in the future? her roots are still gonna show. *_*

(don’t worry about spoilers on my blog, but if I decide to post one I’ll make sure it’s super tagged and under a cut or something)

Around the World in 8 Days Challenge

Day 5: France

Everything about this picture is perfection.  Their faces.  Their expressions.  Their dance hold.  The way they can skate this closely together, somehow, in body and and in skate and yet be so smooth and seamless and quick.