An update on @lordminion’s new little Japanese fans (a follow-up to this post)

Last week I went back to that school (I’m only there once a week) and after class the two boys came up to me. The first one was yelling about how cool it was and how there was SO much dead by daylight (buddy, I KNOW lol) then he was (very literally) dragged by another friend to the back of the room to play.

The second boy is incredibly shy around me (big scary foreign girl, u know) and once the first boy left, boy 2 got really quiet. He practically mumbled “sensei, your friend is really cool.” Unfortunately, this class is super rowdy, and I couldn’t hear boy 2 over the yelling… What’s more, he was only speaking Japanese so I had to listen really hard AND translate..and the conversation went a bit like this

Boy 2: “your friend” *mumble mumble* “really cool” *mumble*
Me: “what? My friend?”
Boy 2: “from YouTube”
Me: “OH my YouTube friend??”
Boy 2: “he has a lot of followers”
Me (I don’t know the term for YouTube subscribers): “a lot of what?”
Boy 2: “like one million people”
Me: “OOOH you mean subscribers!!”
Boy 2: “I thought he was really cool”
Me: “he was really WHAT?”
Boy 2: “nothing nothing” *walks away embarrassed*
Me: “wait no I couldn’t hear you I’m sorry!!”
Boy 2: “It’s nothing sorry sensei”

I’m going to try talking to boy 2 again this week. He’s really shy and I don’t even know his name (I’m new and have about 600 students lol)

BUT, the important thing is they think Wade is SUPER cool. Boy 1 liked all the dead by daylight and thought Wade is funny, boy 2 thought he was “kakkoii” and impressed by all of the subscribers

I’m so glad Wade has given me an opportunity to connect with some of the students(´▽`ʃƪ)♡

Another “alternate” way the episode could have gone, Princess Emma offering Regina the key to the kingdom and begging for mercy was a cover for her secret pirate lover to sneak up behind her and slip one of those bracelets on that suppresses her magic/throw squid ink on her - a parallel to real CS doing the exact same thing to distract Rumple in Storybrooke. 

Snow and Charming are shocked, shocked! to discover their beloved daughter has been hiding her torrid affair with the notorious Captain Hook. Family drama abounds! Unmagiced Regina is thrown into a cell in the dungeon and just as she’s wondering what the hell she’s supposed to do now, a familiar voice pipes in from the darkened cell across from hers.

“Perhaps we might form an alliance of sorts, milady? If you can stomach working with a common thief, that is.”

Her face goes all soft just as he moves into the light and leans on the bars while giving a cheeky wink.

It’s Robin Hood.