I have such a need for Romancing the Werewolf fluff but am slowly realizing I’ll probably have to write it and no, I can’t, I don’t have time for this. I just want to read mindless fluff, not lose my heart and soul to writing sad eyed dandy werewolves being familial. I can’t.

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So I've told a few people anonymously that I'm pan (Don't think thst counts as out). And I'm amazed that people are usually completely clueless about what that means. Are we really that rare? Have you experiences this? How have you handled it?

nine times out of ten people have no idea what Pansexual means. the conversation is usually word for word, as follows: 

“I am Pansexual.” 

 “Pansexual? So you’re attracted to like kitchen stuff, right? haha.” 

“Haha. How original. I’ve never heard that one before. No. It means that I do not have a sexual preference based on gender. I like people of any gender.” 

 “So you’re bisexual?” 

“Well, no. You see, ‘Bisexual’ means people are attracted to two genders. Pansexual means attracted to ANY gender or regardless of gender.”

 “…Right, so that’s the same thing, isn’t it?” 

“That would imply there are only two genders. It’s been scientifically proven that that is not the case.” 

 “People either have a penis or a vagina.” 

“That’s someone’s physical sex, not their Gender. I am attracted to people regardless of what is in their pants or if they personally identify as a man, woman, non binary, genderfluid, and so on and so forth.” 

 “….so you don’t like penises or vaginas? Are you asexual?” 

“Ugh. No. I like both of those. I like either of them. That’s not the point. I just….ugh. I like everyone, okay? I just like people. People are very attractive. All of them. I like them all.” 

 “….So you’re a nymphomaniac? You want to have sex with everyone?” 

“…..no. I have personal standards and taste in what I like in a person specifically. It just isn’t based on their gender.” 

 “Oh….so….You’d have sex with me then?” 


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Rock lee text headcanons! Your last ones were so cute!

Rock Lee

•Can be a cute texter at times. Does that cute little “I had a good time with you today!!!!” text after you’ve been on a date or something

•Double texter, triple texter, quadruple texter. Doesn’t care. He’s gonna text you as much as he wants, whenever he wants

•There is no “omg my crush texted me but I don’t want to look overeager so I’ll wait an hour to respond” shit with Lee. He responds in like .3 seconds, always. He doesn’t see the point in beating around the bush and pretending he’s not as excited as he really is to talk to his crush

•Uses way too many emojis. Calm down Lee. His favorites are 😃😅😱 and of course 👍

•Good morning, good evening, goodnight texts are all to be expected

•Will always send you a text in the morning if he’s going to be busy for the day, just so he doesn’t leave you hanging. So thoughtful. So cute

•Always sending accidental voice messages

•He has a special ring/text tone for every single person in his contacts. Yes. He is a dork. But it’s cute