Do you see any difference between these two gifs, other than the colors and the pixels ? Well, one is made with Flipnote Studio on my Nintendo DSi, and the other one is made with TVPaint.

 I just wanted to post the same animation but with two different programs, to show you guys that an idea can be expressed and understandable through many mediums ! I could draw this in traditional too if I wanted. But why am I posting this ?

 A few days ago, I received a message from a professional animator, telling me that I was wasting my time animating on “that sh*tty program” and that I will “never find a job or earn money” if I continued working like this. It was brutal, and awfully judgemental, especially coming from someone who shares (or is supposed to, at least) the same passion for animation as me. 

 He also told me that he will never follow me or like any of my animations because of the program I use. So, well … I just replied that his behavior was beyond childish, and absolutely unprofessional. I said, “You don’t see the potential of the animations I share there with many people, I put all of my love on them, I work hard and I enjoy making them. Yeah I’m not gaining any money from that hard work, so what? Do you think everybody on the internet shares their work only for profit?”

 I took some time to think about it. It hurt me a little but then I remembered that so many of you follow me, give me great feedback, and heartwarming comments, even if I don’t draw on the BEST programs ever! I mean, just because someone draws on Paint Tool SAI instead of Photoshop, it doesn’t mean that their art sucks!  

 I learned a lot with Flipnote Studio and thats why I still use it to animate, and you can see that I can animate with many colors too (I wanted to show you later as a surprise but well, now you know) and I will be able to teach you things about TVPaint if you want now. Remember, my friends: an artist is someone who has the capacity to share emotions and messages through the art they are creating; no matter what medium or program you use for it, if it’s understandable you’re doing it right! 

 I hope this will help some of you who are working on less well-known programs and had some jerk telling them that it was bad. I’m glad to see that young animators, artists & people who are not creators at all saw the hard work in my animations, and pushed me up ! I love you all, and I will continue to work hard for you, to share my huge passion of animation with you and make you smile as always ! Merci tout le monde !

My journal is almost full

ok so i had a dream that i was in line for fall out boy m&g and we were close enough that we could see their shadows on the backdrop and it was all very exciting? and everything was chill until the girl in front of me started talking to me and suddenly called pete wentz “daddy” and to put shortly i ended up knocking her unconscious right then and there and no one even stopped me

i dreamed last night that we got three more kittens. two fluffy gray and black ones, one lil gray tabby. it was a nice dream, but…..

if we got three more cats in reality, we would have 8 cats. 8 indoor cats in one house. 8 kitties mewing and scrambling around our feet and terrorizing our dog. 8 cats crying for food and attention all day long. 8 cats?????? ?? ?

i love cats but…….8 would be too many

but what if one of their team/crew family had a baby girl on tour and brought his wife and their newborn on the road with them and so there was always a tiny little baby around and the boys are all really attached to her and get so paternal and goD it just makes my heart do somersaults??? michael would be so in love with her and every time she’d whimper in her bassinet he’d get up so fast to pick her up and comfort her but her actual dad would be all like “it’s okay michael, i’ve got her don’t worry” and michael would back up like “oh, of course sorry man sure i mean she is yours ahaha sorry” but hE WANTED TO DO IT and god, luke would be so sweet and he’d always hold her and be so heart eyes over her cause she’s so tiny in his arms and he’d giggle nervously and “aww baby” when she makes funny faces like she’s about to sneeze and calum would be do nervous about holding her but his stomach flutters when she focuses on him and stares at him and makes what kind of looks like a smile even though her mum says it’s probably just gas, which calum ignores cause “i’m her favourite uncle” and omfhgdysdvjs ashton would always be able to sooth her when she’s overtired and he’d hold her expertly against his chest and rest her head in his neck and pace around the venue/hotel/wherever they happened to be with her, humming whatever song he has in his head that day and i just?? it’s them basically learning how to be good dads on the road and then when the time comes that they actually become parents they credit all their skills to not only their own families but to their tour family and that little girl that stole their hearts wHAT THE HELL i’m not crying you ar e