Trainability in cats is a funny thing.

My cats understand and will obey a number of verbal commands, one of which is “go away”. I don’t use it often, but if they’re bugging me and I’m trying to work or doing something that could be dangerous for cats, I can tell them to go away, and off they go - they’ll only keep pestering me if there’s a serious problem they need me to look at.

That said, their idea of a serious problem that requires my attention is somewhat eccentric. Previous instances have included:

  • There was an unfamiliar car parked across the street
  • Their water bowl was four inches to the left of its usual position
  • One of them had puked on the stairs and they didn’t want to walk past it
  • It was raining
  • One of them saw a weird bug

Saw that everyone was sharing their ml zine piece, so thought I’d share mine too! This was from the summer for a charity zine that sadly didn’t happen. I’m still p proud of this piece as A) I’ve never done a zine before & B) I had never made a full-blown background before ovo;; Also Happy New Year’s Eve from the US!!!

Service announcement

Hey guys please spread the word.

Please check under your cars, around your tires and put water in your engines for cats. Since the weather is colder and wetter, wild cats tend to hide in cars. And because of this they can get seriously injured and killed.

Today i saw two kittens in the road, now with two being close like that it seems as if it was done on purpose or up in a car.

So please take the time check your car out for them and save a cats life.

It hurts my heart to seem animals hurt like that

Troublemakers/Criminal AU’s
  • I saw you struggling with that man so I ran over and knocked him out…why are you taking his wallet…omg I just helped you mug a person
  • You know the best way to steal a car is? Not taking the person you stole it from with you
  • I caught you stealing that person’s wallet but it’s okay I hate them
  • This is my first time egging someone’s house and I accidentally broke your window I am so sorry
  • Why are they putting bags of money in the trunk? why are you guys wearing masks? holy shit this isn’t a taxi cab
  • I saw you running and good job for getting fit but then I saw the cop run by too
  • I saw you taking candy from a baby and thought good that kid was annoying anyway
  • Why do you always break into my car yknow I don’t got anything in there
  • You caught me filling the principles desk full of pudding and asked what flavor it was
  • If you give me your bag I’ll give you my number
  • This totally isn’t your cat shut up
  • You figured out this isn’t a real gun but a BB gun but they still hurt like hell when shot in the face so hand over money
  • Is that…is that the neighbors confederate flag in our trash?
  • You keep stealing road signs and it needs to stop this dorm isn’t big enough for all of them
  • I thought you were just really secretive about selling oregano

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Yandere Romano, his s/o is moving far away & has said they they're staying there. f o r e v e r.

‘At last everything is finally taken care of.’ Flavio thought to himself as he drove down the darkened streets in his car. He looked up in the rear view mirror and saw you were still slumped over across the back seats. ‘I didn’t expect her to be out this long.’ He thought to himself. When he told you that you needed to leave  home and come with him to Italy you were rather hesitant at first, so of course he needed to take some more ‘persuasive’ measures.

He remembered all the times people in the streets would cat call you or hit on you whenever he was around. Just the memory of other people checking you out in public made him grip the steering wheel even harder, turning his knuckles almost white, but a stirring from the back seat distracted him from his angry thoughts.

He could see you sit up in the back seat and begin to rub your eyes, trying to piece together where you were. Looking around you understood you were defiantly in Flavio’s car but for some reason your vision was blurry and your head was pounding heavily.

“Flavio why am I in your car?”

“Well good morning (y/n)~ I’m taking you to Italy with me! It’s clear your home isn’t safe for you, so I’m taking you to my home where I know I can protect you.”

“Wait what!? I don’t want to leave home! You can’t just take me away, I have family and friends who will be looking for me!”

“And that is why I have already spoken to them on your behalf. You were just feeling so scared and alone at home so you decide to move in with me in Italy. You just left a little earlier than you expected, see no reason to be suspicious.”

Flavio watched as you frantically searched your pockets for your phone. He looked at you with slight disappointment.

“I really don’t understand why you are acting so dramatic. Isn’t this a good thing? You don’t need to worry about anyone else ever again.”

You sat in the backseat trembling with nervousness, you hear him continue speaking about how much you’ll love Italy, and how he couldn’t wait for you to meet his brother, but you knew the real reason he was doing this to you. The only reason he went through all the trouble of taking you away from your loved ones, because you were about to leave him.

For a while you were talking with your family about moving back home until you could afford to leave Romano for good. Obviously he went through your phone and read all your “private” messages you sent to your family. There was nothing you could hide from him, and now you were going to live like this for the rest of your life.

this morning, i saw three dead animals. a pigeon, a deer, and a cat. 

the pigeon was frozen in the corner, the deer i had passed before, but now its limbs had been torn off by being run over more, and the cat, on the road, lying as if it was only asleep, cars narrowly missing it on the road

This is another small fic dedicated to @atomi-cat‘s Boneheads AU, although this has little to do with the Boneheads themselves. I saw an ask Atomi answered a while back (that I can’t find anymore dangit) that pretty much prompted this: basically, if Glottis is with Arthur and Vivi now, is he helping with searching for Lewis?

Well, my brain had other ideas. Let my two favorite car nerds have some screen time.

I hope you like this, Atomi! And again, I apologize if this deviates from your canon in any way.

Glottis knew what he was good at.

Machines? He could work on those in his sleep.

Playing the piano? Pretty decent.

Gambling? …Well okay, maybe he wasn’t great at it (especially when a few drinks were involved), but it was something he enjoyed.

Comforting people…really wasn’t on that list. Back in the land of the dead, he didn’t have much of a need for that sort of skill, since most people he came across had accepted their afterlives.

Humans, living people, were much different, and Glottis mostly preferred not to get involved. And yet when Vivi came to him for help, hoping that he could somehow convince Arthur to get at least a little sleep, it was hard to say no.

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generation x parties:

  • beer
  • sex
  • wine coolers
  • loud music
  • straight people
  • your friend’s crappy garage band
  • property destruction
  • door fees
  • annoyed neighbours

millennial parties:

  • off-brand coke
  • a bowl of walmart-brand cheetos 
  • something the vegan friend brought that isn’t actually that bad
  • smash bros. melee
  • someone vaping while playing pokemon go
  • two people passionately listening to someone explain a wiki article they read
  • animal crossing music in the background on a low volume as to not wake up the neighbours
  • gays
  • “if we call domino’s do you think we can put together enough money for a pizza or no”
  • weed
  • attempting to shoot vines over the music
  • someone comparing different types of lube
  • at least one person leaving the room to cry
  • x files theme trap remix
  • “hold up i gotta take my meds”
  • troye sivan
  • hamilton soundtrack mixed in with normal music
  • “it’s past my bedtime” “it’s 8 pm” “…and?”
  • someone suggesting everyone watch gone girl
  • “can you drive” “no” “can you” “i don’t have a car” “…do you have bus fare”
  • petting a cat in the corner while checking buzzfeed
  • “wanna see this cool dog i saw the other day”
more jalph aus
  • ralph: “totally saw you spray paint the principals car and you’ll have to buy me dinner to keep me quiet”
  • jack: “I apologize for crashing my car into your fence and part of your garden I’ll put the fence back and help you replant I promise”
  • jack: “I brought my new cat to school hold her please while I kick this guys ass”
  • ralph: “you sit across from me in class and every morning you stare me down whilst eating a banana”
  • jack:  “your first impression of me is ‘that guy who came up to his apartment at 2 am one night drunk and naked’”
  • ralph: “I caught you singing opera music by yourself in full costume”
  • jack:  “you work in the ER and it’s like 2 in the morning but I sleepwalk and I fell down the stairs and broke my leg”
  • ralph: “I swear to god if I hear you showering at THREE IN THE MORNING again, I will seriously fight you, the pipes in this building are RIGHT above my bedroom, WHY are you taking showers at THREE AM”
  • jack: “we’re both sitting in our backyards when I sneeze and you say “bless you” from the other side of the fence and I jump and swear, give me a warning first man”
  • ralph: “you always come into the coffeehouse i work at and you’re a huge jerk so i decide to finally leave a rude message on your cup one day”
Dreading tomorrow...

Guys, tomorrow is D-Day. After five months, my boyfriend and I have to give back one of the two cats we adopted. She seemed to adjust just fine, but the second week we had her home she started to freak. Running and hiding whenever she saw my boyfriend, which then escalated to peeing and pooping everytime he approached, and now it’s at the point where if he’s in the room, she pees then runs and hides in the car room we have for them.

And I know I know I know it’s the best thing for her, but damn if I’m not sitting here on the couch sobbing while she lays next to me (she has no problem with me). We’ve tried every solution our vet suggested short of medication, and I refuse to medicate a cat that doesn’t need to be. My boyfriend clearly just reminds her of someone who must have abused her in the past (she was just found somewhere in Kentucky - don’t know her history) and it’s not going to get better. Our vet agreed that it’d be healthier for her too.

I’m just so sad. And my poor boyfriend feels so guilty so I waited until he went to bed to sit here and cry.

Tomorrow is going to suck. I need y'all’s thoughts and support!

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Yeah, sounds about right. XD

no like

I’m cat-sitting for @hearthlyconcerns, and she has a shrine for him, and we were joking about how he’s probably going to take advantage of my being at the house so much for the next ten days. Immediately after I left, he went after her for a divination chat about me, and I saw the most impossible to ignore “one-eyed car” yet.

I mean really.

Can’t I just be happy with my whales and sharks and Ocean feels? Does he really have to go sticking his nose in?


Anon asked for my top 5 selfies so here you guys go!!

1. My first selfie in my new car I bought this year!! Plus I also tried the Larry and Lenny birthday cake cookies because I saw @oatsnjen have them in her vlogs and omg, so good!!

2. Is me and Lovey! He is a rescue cat my mom and I rescued and his 13th birthday is coming up this spring!

3. I’m in my fave shirt, “dogs, donuts and sweatpants”

4. I bought this sweater and it was 2 sizes too big, and there’s a cat wearing a Santa hat so it’s a win win!!

5. Cause selfies with Copper always make me happy!

caisarinth  asked:

to become a game dev. did you also, like many other professions, have to win a trial by combat? what combat did you choose? what was your weapon of choice?

Game dev is a constant trial by combat tbh. Right now I’m combatting a small cat. She is trying to scootch over onto my keyboard while I have photoshop actions running on some animation frames that were sliiiiiightly incorrect and she needs to get her greedy little paws off of it. It’s a constant struggle that is both real and powerful. 

Ferreal though, I actually got into game dev because I was a broke-ass artist who had packed up everything in a shitty car and moved to a city to ~*be an artist*~ and saw that a local group of indie game devs were looking to teach 6 women over the course of a few weeks how to make their first game. This kinda blew my mind in a few stages:

1. Holy shit, you can just make a game on your own? Really? You don’t need a gigantic studio and millions of dollars?

2. Holy shit, indie games exist? People have just been doing this!?

3. Holy shit, these people will just help me learn for free?!? 

4. Holy shit, I don’t need a computer science background I can just… start… doing that???

5. Holy shit, they explicitly want to be cool to women and I can go to a nerd space and not get the inevitable garbage like “tits or gtfo” or whatever!??!?

So, yeah. My first game was a shambling mess but I sure did it, and meeting other indies and getting involved in the local community had me hooked. I wanted to give back and help other people learn as I learn, and I won’t ever forget the sheer, actual *bliss* I experienced in those early days, surrounded by other people making cool stuff and whatnot. It was rocky off the bat too, and not everyone was cool, especially since I had come into stuff out of a women in games program particularly. But the good outweighed the bad, and obviously still does since I’m still here doing my thing and trying to help other people do theirs. 

@long-liv-prairies We named him Indiana Jones because he was so adventurous and not at all shy on our way home from the shelter. He just wandered around the car and then fell asleep on me, and all he wanted to do when we got home was play with our older cats.

And then two days ago I watched in horror as he leaped from the back of the toilet to the shower rod (not the curtain, the rod) and saw him question all of his life choices.

He was well named.

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Hi Kagekii, Idk if you even do requests but I saw some artworks you'd willingly do that inspire you. So I just wanted to give you an idea that I thought was cool! Pastel!genderfluid!Keith participating in a drag race with their pastel cat-themed nitrous car. Yay or nay? :^)

I’m so sorry but in a few posts I said I wouldn’t take requests anymore 😫!!
But aw pastel!genderfluid!Keith would be sooo cute!!


Walk Your Camera, 2016 

©Noelle McCleaf 

I was out doing errands yesterday and took my camera along. I’d been wanting to photograph this silly mailbox for a while, and then on my way home a cat caught my eye on the widowsill of a house with a beautiful orange bush in bloom. As I turned around my car in a house near by, I saw the mailbox and chuckled. 

So, I’m probably overreacting but I’m a bit freaked out.

My bedroom has always been on the second floor, but now I’m living in the basement. I’ve always been creeped out by windows but now knowing that someone could actually look in, or break in to mine is really freaky, so I keep the blinds over it at all times. The problem is, my cats love to sit in the window, and when they do, they open the blinds.

So last night a little after 9, my cat had been in my window so the curtain was half open. All of a sudden, I see a bright flash outside my window. My window faces our neighbours house at ground level, so it couldn’t have been car lights or anything like that. I quickly went over, looked outside, saw nothing, and closed the curtain. I woke up twice during the night. The first time, I looked at the window and saw my cat was in it. The second time, my curtain was open, and I heard little tapping sounds, like fingers on glass.

It’s honestly probably nothing, but it definitely freaked me out a lot.