Panic! at Dressrosa

Featuring hits like:

  • Don’t threaten me with your revenge.
  • I cut arms not heads.
  • Death of a bastard son.
  • Hallelujah (another dumb rookie at my door!)
  • Donquixote devotee.
  • The bird, the seal and the monkey.
  • Corazon that you love.
  • Far too dumb to die (written for a certain strawhat)
  • Let’s kill Trafalgar.
  • Ready to go (away).
  • Nearly dying (ever since we met).

*A group of teenagers walking up to Steve after school*

Random guy: Hey Steve you wanna come hang out with us? We got beers.

Steve *about to get into his minivan*: Well gee fellas I️ would but I️ gotta go pick up my boys from AV club, and then I promised Max that I️ would take her to the skate park. She’s been working on this new trick oh I’m so proud of her. Then I’ve gotta take little Jane and get her a new pair of shoes before the mall closes. Oh then I’ve gotta make dinner and let me tell you getting those little rascals to eat there vegetables is a battle itself especially my Dustin he’s always wanting to get straight to the chocolate pudding. Oh but I️ wouldn’t trade em for anything they’re just getting so big. Ya wanna see a picture *takes out is wallet and 20 pictures of the kids roll out* ope that’s us at the skating rink last month look at Lucas he’s gettin so tall, and there’s Will on his birthday-