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i have this headcanon but my blog isn't really trc-related so i'll tell you instead. everyone wants to get adam fun stuff for his birthday but they know that it's their only opportunity where adam will accept the things he needs so they don't waste it. gansey gets adam a proper bed from ikea and blue gets adam a nice duvet. noah can't physically buy anything but he swaps his good mattress for adam's shitty one since it's not like he sleeps anyways. ronan dreams him an engine that runs w/o gas.

OMG YOU BEAUTIFUL ANON! This is brilliant okay. No but the four of them decide to help Adam set up the bed frame (it’s a really nice wooden bed frame that has four storage boxes - two for each side) And like everything is alright at first until they realize that adam’s apartment is so small and it’s going to be super crowded with all of them in there (plus the ikea boxes) so blue and noah decide that they’re going to bake a cake for adam back at 300 fox way and let gansey and ronan help adam with the bed.

And it gets hilarious because the boys have no fucking clue as to how to set up the bed frame. And they bicker about it like:

Adam: “Lynch I don’t think that part goes right there.“

Ronan: “i know what I’m doing, Parrish. See, I’m following the instructions.”

Gansey: “those instructions are in chinese.“

Ronan: “im following the fucking pictures!”

Adam: “the paper is upside Ronan"

Ronan: “oh for fucks sake!“

And they continue on like this for like two hours but they eventually figure out how to put the damn thing together.

And by the time they’re done, blue and Noah arrive with two cakes (one vanilla, one chocolate bc they didn’t know which one adam liked so why the hell not bake him two cakes) and they also bring fruit punch and party hats and balloons, which Noah insisted they buy. And they sing Adam the happy birthday song (completely off key btw) but Adam loves it, and they eat lots of cake and drink fruit punch and tell jokes and have a mini frosting fight and adam is just so overwhelmed by happiness that he cries a bit. And ronan, blue, noah and gansey hug him (BIG OT5 GROUP HUG.) (and ronan might have given him a kiss on the forehead but it was a quick one while they were all hugging so nobody noticed it but adam, but he was too happy to say anything. plus he didn’t mind)

And basically that night Adam has the best sleep he’s had in like..forever. And he’s so happy for having such amazing friends who care about him. AND NOW IM CRYING!!

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IM FREAKING OUT ABT MERCURY IN RETROGRADE... scorpio sun with a leo moon here, and an aries boy (with a lot of pisces in his chart, i'd imagine) has liked me for EIGHT MONTHS without telling me. i don't like him that much, he's too insensitive for me, but today he confessed to me... over text. i dont know what to do??? i don't want to tell him i'll decide after the retrograde or he'll think i'm out of my mind... how do i tell him i want to think things over first. or how do i let him down easy??

OMG OKAY I AM FREAKING ABOUT RETROGRADE TOO !!!! okay so here’s what I think you should do. tell him that you need time to think about it (don’t mention the Mercury thing because then you would have to explain and who wants to do all that yanno. get to know Aries boy a lil better and keep in mind that now is not a good time to try to see if you’re compatible with someone bc your communication skills are not good during retrograde. he could be more sensitive than you think. but if you know for sure that you don’t want to try then figure out a way to tell him (in person, via text, this is your rodeo) kinda figure out what you wanna say and when talking to him think over what you say before you say it so you don’t regret anything or say something you don’t mean!! good luck!!

greatgoobert answered: Beau and Lolly are my personal fav’s right now. I use to love Marshal, but that was probably just because he was popular. I had him for about a month and decided as far as smug’s go, he isn’t the best l: I mean yeah they’re still popular though.

omg, i somehow didn’t see this?? ;-;; BEAU IS SO CUTE!! i want him and erik in my town just for the sake of cuteness…and i love lazies :> and i’ll be honest, there was a time when i had marshal in my town, and i couldn’t give him away b/c having him felt extremely satisfying for some reason, lool. he’s seriously like crack ;-;;;;;

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I noticed no one really walks anywhere here too, especially here in the Summer since I'm in Texas. But I understand not wanting to melt XDTaking walks in the winter is fun tho~ I'm having a good break so far, I start classes in two weeks again. Omg so my friend whos not into kpop decided she was going to spam me with pictures of Tao because the only thing she knows is that he's my bias. She made a text queue and it's killing me ahh >o<! Yo so I LOVED your Sehun edit with the rain <3 -Dance Anon

Ooo I’m glad to hear your break is going well! omgerd Texas, man I thought my state’s weather in the summer is humid but Texas is a different story! I really don’t like humid and hot weather lol, so I hate the summer where I live because it goes to the extreme. But there are many other good things about Texas that the weather is not the biggest problem! :D OMgerd TAOOO T_T I miss him A LOT T_T cries. Gahh thank you! lol I kinda didn’t know what to do with the umbrellas, but I like umbrellas so it went there. haha XD My obsession with rain can get very real! What’s your fave kind of weather then?

I saw this old text and omg wanted to shoot myself for a few minutes. But idk I see looking back like wow why were you the one scared when I showed you day one I loved you, never really flirted I mean seriously do you see any girls talking to me RN hello single Af, and then you were the one talking to another girl FROM WISCONSIN decided to blow me off as “friends only” (I saw it coming come on..) to end up with her. Thanks really! That gave me a real wake up call this time! Anywhere I go when we make eyecontact idk what to do. Our friends tried to make us friends but you think I don’t have deep scars that you left me? They won’t heal :D that day I ended up with scars. I go on with life smiling even though at the end of the day I’m not sure why I even do. If you see this rn maybe connect to the way you had told me crying that ur best friend didn’t want to be in a relationship. But hey I don’t harass you or anything at school. I politely go on with my day at school and yes I get bothered when I see you because it’s like wow you did that to me again and it crawls back. If you dare think I’m okay think again. Make it up to me ? ha doubt it bc you really showed me because no matter how loyal, loving, or how much I preserved for you ALL last year I’m still the least important person in your life based on the way you treat me. Everyone tells me it to and how you’ve done the same to others. I never deserved any of that and you know it.
3~8~14 ✌🏿

Omg tonight was fun??? Weird, but fun. I hung out with my brother and his fiancé, and I don’t know why, but for some reason when I wear my marvel shirt in public I have random people come and talk to me >.< Like I was at the bookstore passing time waiting for them to arrive, and so I decided to go look at the comic section since at that time I didn’t want my brother to know I read comics. (he kinda found out 20 minutes after I started looking through them -.-) Anyways, I was looking at the comics and all of a sudden I had a guy start talking to me and I didn’t now what to do??? It was interesting, but I was waiting for a couple people and yeah. ….Turns out they were spying the whole time and laughing :lll I texted them asking for help and my brother called me so I could get away :l Then we went food shopping and as I was passing some guy, he was like “nice shirt” ….I just??? Why? This is as bad as when I wear dr who -.-
….I think the oddest thing is that my brother wants me to meet this girl because he thinks we would click really well :l He wants to ask her to go to the movies with us Monday, but I’m nervous. I shouldn’t be because she likes spn and comics and she’s also starting to get into kpop. We have like EVERYTHING in common and that scares me .__. ….I don’t care who it is, I’m ALWAYS nervous meeting anybody for the first time.
….OH, there was also a dead deer in the road while coming home? It was so weird because there was no car or anything? Just a dead deer and blood everywhere on a street that doesn’t have a lot of lights and you drive 60 mph :l Called that one in so nobody would hit it at 2 in the morning.