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If you're still doing that clothing art challange, how about 2e Toriel?

So I discovered that I can’t Toriel today💦 I tried this on regular ol’ Toriel and that failed horribly so I did a mini marshmallow… and that didn’t work great either. But…it turned out better so here is the tiny Tori.

This dress looked like the type of thing I’d draw young Toriel wearing anyway so it was a happy incident I guess?

(doing this outfits challenge!✨)

Friend and Familiar - AutumnPen - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Additional Tags: Magic AU, Magic, Wizards, Witches, Familiars, Pre-Relationship, Friendship, Curses, Fairy Tale Curses, Aged-Up Character(s)

Wizard & Familiar AU!

Gon is determined to become a great wizard, just like his father before him! Killua is his familiar, a blue eyed cat whose fur is entirely white, except for the thin line of black that runs vertically between his eyes. There is more to this familiar than meets the eye. Before one journey can be complete, another one begins!

The original idea for this au is @jyuanka‘s, first mentioned in this post. When I expressed interested, I was encouraged to elaborate. I bet you didn’t expect me to elaborate this much! (Fact: Neither did I. My inability to write short prompts for these two may be my own curse.) Thank you so much for indulging me.

No one ever asked to know about One Direction and how guys so purely beautiful inside and out could actually exist and ruin our lives by being so perfect and never know who we personally are but here we are. Dying.

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totally platonic yj team cuddles?

Movie night dissolves pretty fast.

First they can’t decide what to watch, then when they do decide what to watch none of them know who’s stealing the popcorn (Wally insists that it’s not him, swearing on his Aunt Iris’s life). Eventually, it turns out to be Kaldur, which none of them suspected.

Black Canary walks in about halfway through, opening her mouth to ask who had left their lunch in the middle of the training room again even if she was sure that the answer was Wally, only to stop and smile.

Conner’s on the bottom, Artemis draped over his back with Dick on top of both of them and Wally snuggled up against his side. Kaldur was leaning against his back while still sitting up, Zatanna with her legs slung over his own legs and her head in M’gann’s lap. Raquel had her own head on Zatanna’s stomach, and Conner’s arm is lying heavily on her feet.

It’s awfully cute.

She backs away and leaves them to their movie-Conner’s choice this time, she’s pretty sure, or maybe Kaldur’s, since they’re the only ones of them who she knows haven’t seen Space Jam.

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Chase Young from Xiaolin Showdown in "Day by Day"?

Before any fans of this show kick my butt, I have only ever seen like… two episodes of this show when I was maybe 12 or 13 years old. I have no idea who this is beyond what you’ve told me.

…And also, I couldn’t resist with that palette. >u>” 

For the Palette Challenge c:

Chase Young is a character from the Xiaolin Showdown series, which I’m fairly sure is © to Warner Bros.