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Light footsteps approached the other in the dark room. A soft tapping sound was heard before each step, whoever was coming close had to be using a cane of some sorts.
“Welcome back~ had a safe trip?” a sweet honey dripping voice spoke into the other persons ear. The smell of after rain in the woods filled the air surrounding him. “Did you miss me sweetheart? I’m sure you did… We all missed you… Welcome back home.” Slowly the other lit a candle. Revealing his face. Sort blonde hair, green eyes with dark sleep deprived circles around them, blue lips as if he was extremely cold… even in the warm cozy room they were in. The strangest thing however were the pair of antlers on the sides of his head.

7 Days of Christmas ❄ Day 6: Santa’s Workshop  (Jin, Fluff)

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Jungkook // Jimin // Taehyung // Namjoon // Hoseok // Seokjin

Hey! The lovely @taehxyung and I are doing a Christmas collaboration together in which we post different chapter’s daily of each member in BTS in case you didn’t know!! If you haven’t read the other chapters DO SO!!! Literally I got all this motivation to write it listening to Ricky Dillon singing his cover of This Christmas omg… To most people, Merry Christmas eve and to others Merry Christmas day! 

Words: 1834

“Are you ready?” Seokjin called, coming into the room to see you brushing a few tangles from your hair. You placed your brush down, nodding and turning towards him. Seokjin was wearing a long jacket, tight black jeans and a scarf around his neck. Rightly so, because of how cold it was going to be during the evening in December.

“Pretty,” he laid either hand on your shoulders, before kissing the top of your forehead. You felt something wrap around you, and when Seokjin pulled away you realized it was just a scarf. “except maybe you should wear something warm?”

“I’m fine.” You promised, cuddling into your scarf and taking his hand. You’d already adorned a heavy jacket and gloves, you were sure to be warm.

You didn’t notice Seokjin holding his hand over your head until tipping your neck back to spot the green wrapped in red ribbon above your head. The heat meeting your cheeks caused you to look down, and Seokjin laughed quietly.

“That’s so tacky…” You took a fistful of his sleeve, gently shaking it to portray your feelings. It was a very bad way to show, as well. Still, Seokjin got the gist of it.

“You love it.” He decided thoughtfully, leaning down to you. For a moment, Seokjin allowed you to brush off your shyness, before picking up your chin and guiding your lips to his.

His hand dropped from the air, the mistletoe seamlessly tumbling to the floor so Seokjin could could hold your shoulders and bring you in. His hands ghosted their way to your cheeks, where they rested for the duration of the kiss. It was a slow kiss, his lips soft against yours as they moved freely. Your hand on his sleeve untangled, only to find a new place to lay on his waist.

Seokjin pulled away a moment, allowing time to breathe before pressing his lips back to yours. Another few moments of kissing happened before you broke apart, the gentle sound of your gasping hanging in the air.

“Are we still going out to see the lights?” He wondered, receiving a simple nod from you.

Seokjin reached for your hand, intertwining your fingers tightly despite the awkward fabric thickening your fingers. He pulled you out the door, bringing you into the bustling streets on Christmas Eve. It was still quite blank, but much busier than usual. Everyone must be inside, spending time with their loved ones.

“There’s a house I really want you to see.” He sounded excited, eyes lit with pure happiness. The brisk air chilled almost bare legs. For some reason, you found it wise to wear simple black tights and a dress in the middle of winter. For some reason.

“Should we take the car?” You wondered, but Seokjin shook his head.

“No, there’s a whole neighborhood just down a few streets. Walking is okay, right? It’s just more time for us to be alone.”

You grinned at his words, feeling like the luckiest girl on the planet. Of course he’d say something that kind, something that filled your heart and made your cheeks warm with feeling.

“Walking is fine,” you decided, nodding your head. His fingers tightened around yours, and you slowed your pace. To get more time with him…alone…

It took barely 10 minutes to get the said house Seokjin wanted to show you. You lived so close, but you didn’t normally take this street, especially not at night, so you didn’t have time to see the decoration it bore.

The lights were so bright you could see it a block away, which was amazing. Your mouth dropped at the brightness, and when you glanced at Seokjin, his eyes were practically glued to the sight ahead of you.

“Wow,” he breathed. “I’ve never actually seen it yet, either.”

“How did you find this place?” You demanded, dragging him closer to the house. People were crowding already, but you didn’t mind. A moving Santa Clause greeted the both of you, turning his head and waving. It was clearly a machine, but you still waved back happily.

“I happened to pass it while driving home from work the other day.”

“Did you?” You wondered, unclasping your hand from his and moving ahead. Seokjin called something to you, but you weren’t listening. The vibrant lights caught all of your attention, whisking you away to some sort of euphoric induced land.

This house allowed you to walk all the way up the drive way, and even interact with some of the things set up. In the houses garage there seemed to be Santa’s workshop, with his animatronic elves obediently working away on the same piece of wood. Every way you looked seemed to be something different than before. In tree’s hung different, stuffed elves hanging peacefully. On the lawn was beautiful snowflakes, flickering a bright color every few moments. Candy canes the length of your leg furbished where the lawn and driveway met, like a small fence blocking all of the little decorations off from everyone. It was a small reminder not to touch, to the children that had wild hands.

Seokjin’s voice caught your attention again, but barely. You kept forward on the driveway, walking towards Santa’s workshop to get a better look. A sign with green and white letters let you know you were on your way to the North Pole. 

“(Y/N) hold on! This is supposed to be a date, you know.” He whined, and you felt his hand clasp your wrist tightly. You turned, almost slipping on the ice if he hadn’t of held you.  Shocked, Seokjin grasped both of your shoulders to level you on the ground properly again.

“Whoa, oh, sorry. I just got excited.” You admitted, sheepishly shrugging. 

“Be careful,” he warned. “I don’t want my date to fall down.”

“Right.” You agreed, allowing him to take your hand once more. You cautiously guided Seokjin down the path to show him what your original destination was. He gawked very similarly to you at the display, pointing at all the little knickknacks sitting prettily on all of the shelves. All you could think of was how long it must have taken for these dedicated Christmas decorator’s to get everything in order.

The full house had been covered by painted fabric, making it look as if it were a gingerbread house with beautiful icicle lights that lined the roof. Everything was breath taking, from the blow up snowmen at the front of the place, all the way to the waving elves sitting in the garage.

“Alright, ready to move on?” Seokjin wondered, still giving the whole set up longing glances as well. You nodded warily, letting him pull you away from the house until it was far in the distance, only small lights taking up your vision every time you looked back.

While you looked around through the other displays very close to your house, the snow began to fall. It was only light flakes, that fell with elegance. Whenever it snowed, you noticed everything around you grew peaceful. Wind stopped, the sky cleared enough and everything seemed to grow brighter, despite it being almost 8 PM.

“Should we go back?” You looked up at Seokjin, and he shook his head. He held his hand up to the sky, barely catching a flake before revealing the almost evaporated piece to you.

“Let’s just stay outside a little longer.”

The two of you ended up walking back to your apartment, before turning up the heat and readying in to bake gingerbread for the occasion. You’d insisted on just simple cookies, but Seokjin defeated that idea instead and began to cut pieces for a house.

“Fine,” you snapped. “I’m making a snowman with icing, though.”

“You can make snowflakes with the rest of the gingerbread dough, babe.” He promised, holding up the extra content you had to work with. Seokjin was wearing a frilly, bright green Christmas sweater, with pom pom’s laying on the shoulder. The two of you found it absolutely hilarious, watching them flail whenever he picked up his arm.

You’d been put in charge of the icing, and every few minutes of mixing Seokjin would lean over to distract you of your duties and plant a sweet kiss behind your ear.

“Excuse me!” You huffed, evidently enjoying it the way you attempted to conceal the smile spreading across your face. Seokjin smugly glanced at you, rolling out the dough for your cookies easily. “How will I ever make this icing perfectly when a very handsome man is kissing me?”

“Simple,” he leaned down, kissing the tip of your nose, before your cheek, forehead, and lips. “You kiss him back.”

Simple indeed, you thought. Your lips parted as he leaned in for a kiss. Instead of that, you dipped your finger into the icing and smeared it across his cheek before falling back into a fit of giggles.

You dare smear ice onto this face?” He gasped, staring at you from across the room as you fled his grasp. You swatted Seokjin away when he neared, but failed to get his arms off of you. He wrapped them around your torso, pulling you closer to him before kissing you deeply.

This kiss was still slow, almost agonizingly slow as you tilted your head back to get better access and you were suddenly pushed against the wall. Seokjin leaned into you, causing you to take fistfuls of his shirt. His tongue grazed your bottom lip, and you opened your mouth to let him in-

-until the oven began to beep, signaling the end of the baking time for the gingerbread.

“Oh, it’s done.” He pulled away, glancing over at the oven. You shook him so he’d look at you again, but Seokjin pulled your arms away to take the house parts out from the oven.

“Seokjin!” You whined, watching him turn around and discard the oven mitts onto the counter before looking at you.


“I liked where that kiss was leading.” You admitted, holding up a fist and landing it right against his chest. He made a face, sarcasm almost dripping from his mouth at the way he suddenly laughed.

“We’re making gingerbread, calm down.” He shrugged, turning around to tend to the hot pieces of gingerbread.

“I will not calm down!” You insisted, watching him walk toward your icing bowl and spoon some into a piping bag.

“Think of it this way; how many times in your life will you be able to tell people you made a beautiful gingerbread house with your boyfriend?”


“Exac- wait, what?” He scowled, pressing the icing bag a little too hard so some squirted out of it. You went over to Seokjin, unable to contain your laughter as he pouted childishly.

“I’ll be able to say it once.” You pecked his nose, pulling away to find Seokjin nodding happily.

“Yeah,” he leaned down to kiss you, but instead you felt something wet being wiped on your cheek. Icing.