was when blaine threw up all over the floor and everyone like freaked out

The Unspoken Rule (1/?)

Summary: AU On Prince Kurt’s 18th birthday the Anderson’s can’t pay their taxes, so the collectors take their son Blaine instead. Blaine becomes Kurt’s personal sex slave and is spoiled by the prince, much to the other slave’s distaste.

A/N: So, this was originally written for a GKM prompt I saw, but it had been a while since I saw when I started writing. The idea kept festering in the back of my head until I had no choice but to put it on paper, but then I went back and read the prompt again and it ends up it calls for Blaine having a boypussy, and that’s why Kurt likes him so much, but I already had over 4,000 words of this written, and I also don’t know how to write Bp! or pussy of any kind (I’m a gay porn writer, what do you expect). So it is no longer a fill for that prompt, but I’m still posting it, because I really like it. 

A/N2: Update on my other stories, I have about half a chapter written for TTICD, Icy Love, and It’s Just a Job, so be on the look out for those in the next week or so, and enjoy.

Warnings: Slavery, Dubcon (Klaine), elements/talk of noncon (Klaine and other, multiple orgasms, BDSM elements that will get stronger as the story progresses, (they’re not much farther than Blaine calling Kurt Master in this part), Blam friendship, possessive!Kurt, biting, anal, handjob, dirty talk, I think that’s it.

Word Count: ~5,000 (Incredibly long first chapter guys)

It was an unspoken rule that you’re not supposed to get attached to your slave. Slaves came from the families that couldn’t pay their taxes, so their children were taken instead. If you had a slave you obviously royalty and were better than them. They were not worthy to be touched by royal hands unless they were being fucked or punished.

But as long as there had been this rule, there had also been princes and princesses who cared about a slave. Generally only one, and they all had the same thing in common. Those slaves held their virginity. They had been the first person their master had touched intimately and because of that an almost unbreakable bond was forged between master and slave.


There was a countrywide law that required a special tax on every member of the royal family’s birthday. In the village of Lima they counted themselves lucky (though guiltily so) that the queen had only produced one child before her death and that the king had never wanted to remarry.

The low number of taxing days did not, however, help the Anderson family, and that was how Blaine found himself being dragged from his house on the prince’s 18th birthday while his brother held his sobbing mother.

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Hard Lines: Chapter 10

Rating: NC-17

Beta: My lovely Laura aka- gottriplets and the lovely Rebecca -andiheardeverything both of whom are the only reason this fic looks anything remotely coherent or medically accurate ;) 

Warnings: Cancer, discussions of terminal illness and infidelity (NO character death ;), for those of you who are triggered by that ) 

Summary: Blaine’s elaborate plans for the “best senior year ever” get brought to a halt and his dreams of a future are stripped away when he discovers that the headaches he’s been having, aren’t really headaches at all and all of his strange behavior lately, including cheating on Kurt, can all blamed on one thing — there’s a tumor growing inside of his brain that’s doing it’s best to kill him. (AU post “The New Rachel”) 

AN: This chapter ended up being a lot shorter than the others, so I apologize ;) Hope you like it anyway! 

 You can track the fic with this tag : “Fic: Hard Lines

Previous Chapters: Prologue // 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

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When Blaine opened his eyes, he was staring up into the concerned faces of all of his friends, as they circled around him. He could remember getting to this point; remembered falling down to his knees and Sam calling out. He’d had a seizure. It was getting easier to recognize, now that he was having mild ones every few days. It was scary, sure. Which was why he didn’t grumble too loudly at the way his friends were standing over him in a panic.

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