was watching the movies again today

I love Rammstein.
I love Jonas Åkerlund.
I love Rammstein Paris.
It was the most awesome live thing I have ever seen. Like most of the people say it was like a long music video, and it is true, I love it.
Had to remind myself how to breath while watching. Tho it’s always my problem when seeing Rammstein live, even if it’s at a movie theather or a DVD :D


I watched Rogue One again today and noticed some things I hadn’t picked up on before.
1) Jyn adopted the hairstyle her father used on the farm
2) Jyn had her arm on Cassian’s back when a grenade went off while they were fighting with Saw’s rebels
3) Cassian double checked to see if he still had to kill Galen Erso. Upon receiving the news, he was disgruntled and angry. It is my headcannon that he was only cold to her after that because he didn’t want to get attached. He knew he already was after her quick thinking with Saw’s rebels and her effort to save the crying girl.
4) Once her saw Jyn on the platform, she was his only and immediate concern. He stopped watching the others and focused on her
5) Before Jyn went to confront Cassian about her father, she stood by Churrut, and he grasped her hand to give her support
6) They stood much closer than necessary when she did, and forgot about everyone else in the room
7) They continued to stand way to close in moments after that
8) He looked at her like she was his entire world in the elevator and crushed me in the process
9) It was much more emotional the second time

Fluff/domestic sentence starters

“Have you eaten today?”

“You wanna go cuddle and watch a movie?”

“Fix your shirt,it’s all wrinkly.”

“Let’s go take a shower.”

“I’ll rub your feet if you rub mine..”

“Why aren’t you dressed yet? We gotta go in like three minutes!”

“Chocolate or vanilla?”

“I think I like strawberry the best…”

“Do you want another blanket?”

“Just…just call in today,I wanna stay in bed all day.”

“I got your favorites!”

“Did you skip ahead?!”

“When’s my dentist appointment again?”


Very casual OOTD and basic makeup today as I was only heading outside to see my doctor then straight home again. 😅

Think I’m starting to get sick, so lots of hot drinks and blankets incoming! Anyone want to come watch a movie with me? ☺️

If you want a tv show that is the closest equivalent to a warm hug that is possible you’re looking for Pushing Daisies

I can only stress how good this show is so many times, but EVERY time I watch it I think “there’s no way it’s as good as I remember it” and then EVERY single time it’s better….just so much better

It only has 2 seasons before it was very sadly killed by the writer’s strike in 2009. However, unlike so many books and movies that I remember watching/reading earlier in life, this one doesn’t just hold up, it is still an incredible show by today’s standards.

Basically what’s great about it:

  • It’s magical, but like literally, the main character (Ned) is a man who can bring dead things back to life magically
  • It’s hilarious, Ned uses his powers to make rotten fruit perfectly ripe again so he can bake delicious pies instead of anything nefarious, which is unbelievable amazing
  • It’s adorable, the show is mostly about relationships between people, from unrequited love, to childhood romance, to parental love, it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy
  • Every character in this show is AMAZING, basically everyone has unusual jobs and characteristics, you have everything from beekeeping, to circus people, to candy makers, to renewable car manufacturers, to nuns, to synchronized swimmers, to prisoners, to polygamy, and this show treats EVERY single character like they are important and like their role in society is important and like their jobs and lives may be unusual but they are still great and worthy of love
  • It is surprisingly subtle and incredibly wholesome in its treatment of mental illness. Almost every character in this show has some sort of definable mental illness from agoraphobia in the aunts, to anxiety in Ned, to delusional disorders
  • And Ned even has triggers that are dealt with on the show with nothing but kindness and understanding and yet they never even use the word trigger, because they don’t have to, because the people in this show only want to take care of each other and treat them with kindness. I also think this show built a foundation in my life for how I treat mental illness in myself and others and it’s super important in this aspect
  • If you look at it without the magical element, it’s basically a show about an asexual man with anxiety issues and his wonderful girlfriend who cares enough about him to love him in his own way solving delightfully colorful and ridiculous murders and trying to help people, so: AWESOME
He Shall, From Time to Time...

Bellamy’s “sick” day meant for Netflix and napping gets an unexpected visitor.

read on ao3

There is a comfort in waking up each morning and knowing what you need to do for the rest of the day. For example, Bellamy wakes up and knows that he needs to take a shower. After his shower, he needs to get dressed and go to work. At work, he needs to teach young, impressionable teenagers about the past and how best not to repeat it. After work, he needs to come home, make dinner, and eat while he grades papers or tests.

He knows what he needs to do. And he does it, every day.

Except for today.

Today, Bellamy is going to wake up and call in sick. Today, he is going lay in bed as late as wants. He’s going to read a book that is not required for his students. He’s going to watch a movie. He’s going to breathe in and breathe out. Over and over again. All day.

Bellamy just needs a break. And, for once, he’s going to take one. And, even though he feels a little guilty when he hangs up after calling the school, he mostly feels relieved. He hasn’t had a day to himself in months. He works all day at school, staying late most days for bus and detention duties. He comes home and he grades or lesson plans. On weekends, he continues grading or lesson planning, or he goes out with his friends to celebrate Miller’s tenure or Octavia and Lincoln’s new house or whatever else may come up.

He loves his friends, but sometimes he wishes they could just hang out at his place and watch Netflix. He wishes they could switch it up every once in a while.

Clarke is usually the one that’s on his side. She rallies everyone together for relaxed movie nights and low key game nights. But she’s been too busy lately to even go out and celebrate their friends’ victories, let alone going to Bellamy’s to play a game of Operation over a bottle of Jameson.

So, after he tosses his phone onto his nightstand, Bellamy takes great pleasure in hiding his face in his pillow and burrowing deeper and deeper into his mattress. He loves the feel of his heavy comforter, keeping him warm and relaxed. He’s able to actually fall back to sleep. It’s a peaceful sleep, and deep. When he wakes up, it’s because he’s surprised.

Something woke him up—a sound. His front door closing.

And then the sound of Clarke talking on her phone.

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▸ around the world in 80 days (2004) sentences
  • ❝ I am a ____ citizen, I have nothing to fear! ❞
  • ❝ … Except bullets. ❞
  • ❝ Very impressive. I’ve had let go by now. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t let him go. He’ll be lost by midnight! ❞
  • ❝ More of your relatives, I suppose.. ❞
  • ❝ I shall name a beef-based entrée after you in your honor. ❞
  • ❝ You had me at the nipples. ❞
  • ❝ Where’s your proof? ❞
  • ❝ This is the Royal Academy of Science! We don’t have to prove anything! ❞
  • ❝ What’s the point in hiring a corrupt inspector when he can’t even abuse the Law properly? ❞
  • ❝ This is what happens when you leave home. You meet… people. ❞
  • ❝ Now, your stink is your most powerful weapon in your begging arsenal. ❞
  • ❝ Stop helping me! ❞
  • ❝ She will be my wife. One of seven. ❞
  • ❝ You have seven wives? ❞
  • ❝ One for every day of the week. Do Tuesdays work for you? ❞
  • ❝ You mean the half-naked Chinese man with a cow skull on his head singing Frère Jacques? ❞
  • ❝ She must be the eleventh tiger! ❞
  • ❝ Meow. ❞
  • ❝ Here comes Mr. Grumpy… And the Leather-ettes. ❞
  • ❝ What’s this obstruction blocking my jade reserves? This will certainly have to be demolished. ❞
  • ❝ But that is the Great Wall of China, sir! ❞
  • ❝ … It’s not that great. ❞
  • ❝ I feel faint. ❞
  • ❝ ____, women are not that weak! ❞
  • ❝ Rules are made to be broken… Or stabbed by a spikey shoe. ❞
  • ❝ Hey, crazy English cowboy wannabe man! Why don’t you go and be crazy someplace else, you’re blocking the damn path! ❞
  • ❝ Flying men? Where? WHERE? ❞
  • ❝ Beware the flying men! Beware the Flying men! The Bird men are coming! ❞
  • ❝ Wonderful, I can’t even scrounge properly! ❞
  • ❝ Unlike you and your colleagues, money does not inspire me. ❞
  • ❝ I believe every man has his price. Even you, o noble ____. There must be something I could offer that would be worthy of your time. ❞
  • ❝ Just as I always suspected, ____. You promise so much, yet you deliver… Oh,nothing. ❞
  • ❝ I’ll take your wager. ❞
  • ❝ I’m going to be abominably ill. ❞
  • ❝ Well done! ❞
  • ❝ I travelled the world for inspiration and found it in a man who lives what he dreams. ❞
  • ❝ I hold all the power! I run everything! ❞
  • ❝ Please keep that inconsiderate beast away from me. ❞
  • ❝ All truths are born from facts. Solid, tangible facts that can be calculated and written down on paper. ❞
  • ❝ He’s saying, “Please, let me go! I’m bored”. ❞
Advice to All Zodiacs

Take yourself out on a date. Whether you are a boy or girl. Just treat yourself to a nice date doing something you love. Fall in love with yourself again. I took myself out to Barnes and noble today before buying dinner at a Thai restaurant. I got a few weird looks while at dinner, but who gives a fuck? I was happy as a clam sitting there eating drunken noodles. There is no shame in loving and treating yourself. Do whatever makes you feel happy. You like going to amusement parks? GO! You like shopping at the mall? GO! You like watching a movie? GO! Don’t rely on someone else to do things. Enjoy your absolute freedom until you get to meet someone who will ask you what your favorite thing to do is. You’ll be able to honestly answer “I’ve always done this by myself, but it’s nice to have a partner now”. Love yourself completely so that someone else has a blueprint on how to love you correctly.


170101 Shinwon Fancafe Update


A japanese person, a Chinese person and a 20 years old with nothing to be scared of came together to watch an American movie with Korean subtitles ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it’s really nice like this ㅋ We are the world We are Pentagon, today the fancafe is exploding, I wanted to give you a New Year’s gift, so I’ll even show you my daily life… ho yeah I’ll come back again later

Trans: PentagonUpdate


3/100 Days of Productivity!!!
02/02/17; 2:44 PM.

hiii yaalll!!
i was gone from tumblr yesterday hehe but i managed to continue my geography notes again today yayy (even tho i dont really like of how it turned out; and still not really productive today but im still trying anyway)

well, i watched a movie yesterday with my boyfriend!! and he accompanied me to Gramedia (a big stationery shop in Indonesia; not as much as Muji aesthetically pleasing; but its everywhere here) and i bought a Staedtler Triplus Fineliner in Green color💚💚
yeah umm i only bought A PEN because its soo expensive but i really want to try it😅😅
and even my boyfriend asked me; “why would you buy a pen that costs that much?”
and i just answered; “idk i just feel soo much happiness when i collecting stationeries, as you know looking at them and trying them out help me recovering from my depression too. but i still love you tho😜”
thats pretty much why i really hope i could win @aescademic’s giveaway whooops truth has been told because i really want them soo bad🙏🙏🙏

(from now on i will put a song of the day too yay😄)
🎶 Martin Garrix ft Dua Lipa - Scared To Be Alone 🎶