was waiting for my friend to get up so took a picture


Today, Home turns two years old ♥

(And I thought I’d wrap it up in three months… Whoops)! Thank you for your constant support, patience, and kudos (all 12,700 of them?)!! This project has really gotten me through some tough anxiety (and lupus, apparently) whilst introducing me to the wonderful, talented, empathetic, and creative sterek fandom. I’m honored to be friends with so many of you *hugs*

The final chapter is still in progress, as is book!Home! I’m eager to share both with you soon. ♥


I’m actually really upset today. This morning my friend went to petsmart and saw this.

“Okay so I saw him when he was still breathing and I asked for someone to come to the reptile section. I waited 10 minutes. No one showed up so I asked a manager and he said he would get someone to help me.

I kept checking on the beardie and at this point he blinked and closed his eyes and stopped breathing. It took another 10 minutes before someone came over and she touched him and he was dead.

I asked if they had any other sick beardies in the back and they said they had one that wouldn’t eat. I told them I could rehabilitate that one or foster it until it is healthy and they said I would have to wait until it is up for adoption. She said she will take my number and let me know when any reptiles are up for adoption. ”

I asked her to get pictures of the one in the back and they won’t let her see him. This is fucking disgusting, they don’t get this way over night. How do you not look at this animal and think “hmmm, maybe something is wrong?” How the hell do you not do anything?

Yeah, maybe he is sick but you don’t let a sick lizard just sit in the display case with the other ones and die??? I can’t imagine how long it would have sat there had my friend not pointed it out? Honestly if it went that long without anyone noticing it was sick then I can’t imagine they would notice if it was dead

Brooklyn Beckham imagine


It was my favorite time of the year, coachella! It was so nice out and I loved seeing all bohemian looks and the music and just basically everything!

As my friends and I were walking around I noticed Brooklyn Beckham. I really wanted to ask for a picture but was afraid of going up to him and seeming like a weird fan. After about twenty minutes of walking in his general area I decided to go up to him.

“Excuse me, Brooklyn, would you mind taking a picture with me.” I asked as bravely as I could.

He looked up at me and smiled, “sure love !” He squeezed through his friends to get to me.

He wrapped his arm around me while my friend took a picture. “Thank you so much,” I said as I started to walk away.

“Wait, what’s your name?” He asked.

“(Y/n)” I said shyly.

“That’s cute, actually, you’re pretty cute. Do you live around here?”

“I live in LA.”

“Nice… So (y/n) any chance I can get your number?”

“What? Really?” I asked shocked

“Yea, if not it’s fine.”

“No, of course you can have it.” I quickly gave it to him and he smiled and thanked me.

“Wanna come to the next artist with me?” He asked with that award winning smile.

“Uh, ya sure.” I said as I gave my friends a shocked look and walked away with him.

Reunited Omaha boys imagine

Request: Could u do an omaha imagine where their friend is famous and havent seen her in years.

I had arrived at a hotel where I was staying at for the weekend as my concert was gonna be held a couple blocks down. My manager was getting me all checked in while I greeted some fans who had been waiting for me for the longest. I signed some of their things, took pictures, even conversated with them up until it was time for them to go due to hotel security. I began collecting my things so I could go up to my room and get situated that’s when I heard very familiar voices enter the hotel lobby, but I didn’t pay much attention. I was on my way up when I heard someone calling my name “Y/n? Is that you?” I turned around to find none other than Jack Johnson. God I haven’t seen that boy in years. I used to be so close with him and the other boys Jack Gilinsky, Sammy, and Skate, but ever since their career kicked off and mine as well we lost contact. “Johnson hey how are you” I said as I went over to hug him “I’m good how about you ?” He asked pulling me in a hug “oh I’m good just busy and all” I said pulling away “yeah same here .” “Are all the guys here too?” “Yeah they are all upstairs right now” my phone beeped I looked at it shit I’m running late “Look I gotta get upstairs and get ready for the studio but we should all hang out tonight if y'all are available” I said to him “yeah sure thing let me give you my new number so we keep in touch this time ” “ yeah of course ” I said handling my phone to him and he giving me his . After we swapped numbers I rushed upstairs got ready and headed to the studio . After hours of being in the studio I finally got to the hotel . I got a text from jack .
J-hey are we still up for tonight ?
M-yeah let me just get ready and I’ll meet yall in the lobby
J-sounds good see you soon
I left him on read and got ready. After getting ready I was about to leave when my phone beeped again.
J-we are in the lobby just waiting for you everybody is excited to be reunited
M-on my way down .
I grabbed my purse and sun glasses . As I walked to elevator I was nervous to see everybody . It’s been so long has they change? The ride down I was pacing in the elevator I’m sure the guards on the camera thought I was crazy. The elevator open I walked out I instantly saw Johnson . He smiled at me . I saw him tell the guys I was there . Their mouth dropped open, I couldn’t help but laugh. What can I say puberty hit us all like a truck . I finally got to them Sam was the first one to pull me into a hug “oh my god y/n such a long time ” he said “ I know it’s been a while” “Sam let me hug her ” said gilinsky pushing Sam out the way and pulling me into a hug" you got so beautiful y/n/n I can’t call you short anymore you grew a few inches “ he said smiling ugh I miss them so much Nate picked me up and twirled us around ” I missed you so much I’m so glad we are all talking again" he said I was laughing “ y'all are still crazy ” I said as he put me down “ready for some food and drinks “said Johnson "hell yeah ” said Sammy we all went to the restaurant. After multiple of pictures and exchanging number we were talking about the old days. “Remember when y/n fell down the stairs trying to chase us "said Sammy "remember when I pants you gilinsky "I said laughing "oh my god remember when we painted skate face with sharpie "said Johnson "that shit didn’t come off for weeks "he said we all burst out laughing "y'all remember our prank war "said gilinsky we all nodded "we were crazy ” I said smiling “man we missed you it’s not the same without you ma "said Nate "I missed you guys too we all just got caught up with our careers that we forgot about our friendship ” I said tearing up “ugh man don’t cry I hate it when you cry "said Sammy I laughed at him "no you idiot I’m not going to cry I’m happy we are together again” “cheers to being family once again” said Johnson “ to family ” we all said After dinner we went back to the hotel . “I guess this is where I head back to my hotel room "I said turning towards them ” nah I have a better idea” said skate picking me up and throwing me on his shoulders" Nate what are you doing" i asked as I hit his back “chill ma we going to our hotel room ” he said calmly the guys laugh . I rolled my eyes at them . We finally got to their room it was slightly a mess . We goofed around till we watched a movie we somehow managed to fall asleep.

Hope y'all enjoy it -K&J


A few pictures I took off Twitter to show just how desperate this is getting. The national news has not even touched on this from what I’ve heard. I’ve been relying on social media to get my information.

Cobb Mountain had a lot of small communities nestled away in its forests. Places where I grew up with friends. Most of those small communities are gone. Middletown, a place I lived in when I first moved to Napa Valley, is destroyed. Some buildings still stand but a lot of people have lost their homes.

I am 10 miles from the fire and we have not received a mandatory evacuation warning yet but our cars are packed and we’re waiting for any reports each moment getting tenser than the last. The skies are thick with yellow smoke and it’s hot outside. I woke up to the smell of smoke and my mom and I got no more than 3 hours of sleep each.

We live off of the Highway that is now closed and it’s so eery to walk outside and see a hazy sky and hear nothing. Absolutely silent. No birds, no cars.

Videos of people desperately trying to flee the fire down Highway 29, burning brush and trees on either side of them. Smoking rubble of people’s homes and places I recognize are being broadcast on the local news. People have been driving past my house with pets & livestock stuffed into their trucks. Cars are covered in ash and reports of it are as far away as San Jose. One of my Mom’s friends said he could only save his 4 dogs and cat, he had to open the gates to his goats and chicken’s pens and pray they made it out safely. Some even had to leave animals behind or lost them in a mad dash to get out of their homes before the fire engulfed them. California has declared a state of emergency for Napa and Lake Counties. Over a 1,000 Firefighters have been deployed to fight the fire that swelled from a small blaze to 50k acres in the matter of 1 day. And as of right now, September 13th, 4:33 pm the fire is 0% contained. Homes have been destroyed thousands upon thousands of people had to be evacuated, the ones in Hidden Valley Lake Community and Middletown had little to no time, grabbing their pets and family and leaving with the clothes on their backs. People have been forced up north and now even further as the fire creeps up towards Clearlake and across to Pope Valley.

It’s crossed over into Sonoma County. Basically this thing is doing one huge wrap around and if it meets up with itself or the Butte Fire, well… California is officially hell on earth folks.

At the moment I’m unsure what can be done to help. Red Cross has set up multiple evacuation centers and the one in my town, Calistoga Fairgrounds has had overwhelming support. However there are 500 people taking shelter there and are expected to have about 2,000 by the end of the week.

Send us good thoughts, everyone. It’s a terrifying thought to have to be stuck here.

So uh this is super late and all but I just wanted to put up some stuff so I can remember a few things from this RTX

2) The creatures, on the day of their own panel, were special guests at another panel being interviewed by OpticJ I believe. There were only like 30 people bc it was at like 9:30 i guess? Anyways, it wasn’t that long of a wait and there were so many seats open we could all just sit at the front. When my friend and I sat down we were like holy shit that’s the actual creatures bc we’d never met them before and this was our first convention. Well my friend was trying to get a pic of them as they were just sitting to the side chatting before the panel began. I was like “here I got a good angle, gimme.”
Well when I took the picture I realized, Dan was looking over. Dan shouldn’t have been looking over, I thought. He’s just chilling. He watched me take a picture of them and then waved at us and I was just like “uhhhh” and my friend gave a half-assed wave.
When we talked to him about it later (like 10 minutes after the panel ended) at their booth, he was like “Oh yeah I remember you guys” and proceeded to be the sweetest man I’ve met.


Let’s talk about the new Zerrie pictures shall we? First we have this guy here (the driver) waiting for the “happy couple”. But the thing is that this driver works for modest.

“So? So does Perrie” good point my friend, except for the fact that he was the driver who took Zayn home after he announced leaving the band. The thing is the next day he was pictured picking Louis up from the airport as seen in the picture above.

It is clearly the same man as he has the same exact skin tone and head shape. As well as that he’s in a suit waiting in front of a car.

The next thing that stands out from this beautiful work of art is Zayn and Perrie’s hand holding. Behold the most intimate this couple can get. Honestly. And let’s not forget the look on their faces they look absolutely miserable.

Also let’s not forget that this picture was taken last week (the day of his sunny day selfie) hence the same tracksuit. But wasn’t released until today. But wait there’s more! Why is this all happening

Well you see my friend it’s not only the release of Gold Magic but Little Mix also announced a new movie! Yes you heard right Little Mix is making a movie. You heard right “Not just any film. It has to be like the Spice Girls movie and we actually act in it” words of Leigh-Anne Pinnock. So get ready for a whole lot of Zerrie.

- ✖️️Curly Direction✖️

alright here’s a rundown of the cast party

  • bridgette and frank i think we’re the first to show up they got there when i did at about 10 too frank was taking pic bridgette was mainly w her family at that point
  • it took forever for anyone else to show though justin hartley was wandering it was strange
  • corey got there next i’m guessing nicole was there too my everyone was crowding so i couldn’t see than meech and nat came but i didn’t see nat til later (bronte was there too i forgot about her oops)
  • my friend and i went to the downstairs bar to get a drink and paul came in w his posse ugh they were waiting in line to get in i snuck to the other stairway w no line he was already being douchey
  • paul and victor walked up to where the fans were and everyone started chanting friendship i have a blurry video of part of it but wow it was awful
  • once paul and vic went to their table pm everyone followed them and meech was out there so i got a picture poor girl hadn’t had a drink yet she was so nice though
  • paul and vic prob stayed an hour maybe less seemed too good to be there we made a friend who just wanted a paul pic but couldn’t even get to him idk they stayed the shortest by far
  • zakiyah paulie and james arrived last zakiyah and amber were together and ditched the boys to get drinks zakiyah is even prettier in person and real sweet
  • nicole was really nice to everyone i think she took the most pics w people i got one w her he was like not too close you’ll see my zits but it turned out blurry anyway
  • james was running around everywhere after my friends took a pic with him we were walking towards the bar and he came behind the kid we met and put his hand on his shoulders to follow him to the bar he found jackie there too that was cute mostly cus jackie >>>>>>
  • the best part though was when meech and zakiyah were dancing and hugging ZEECH IS ALIVE but ian seemed so uncomfortable i think he was just waiting for michelle to want to go
  • michelle bridget and natalie were all hanging outside of the bar area i think thats where nat and meech took their snaps and then we ran into nat in the bathroom in my other post
  • everyone seemed pretty down to earth except paul even paulie was weirdly chill but i’m guessing he knows everyone hates him so he was on his best behavior

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On May 26th I asked my mom to buy my friend and I to get us VIP tickets for Ronnie’s Three Ring Circus for my birthday and it happened. We got out of school early, and headed to Grand Rapids. The weather was absolutely awful, we got soaking wet from the rain but we waited it out. Joey Alva was the sweetest person, putting up with everyone complaining about the weather. And then we finally went inside. I was so ready to bawl my eyes out as i approached Ronnie and the rest of the band. Ronnie said “Hi” with the biggest smile on my face, and trying to not cry i said “Hi” and before they took the picture he said “How are you doing?” and i said “I’m great” and after the picture i said “Thank you” and he said “Thank you so much”. People say Ronnie is a dick and other things like that but I absolutely adore him and he’s one of the biggest inspirations to me. He reminds me of my dad seeing as he was an addict and my father is a recovering addict and he gives me hope that my dad will make a full recovery. I waited 9 years to meet this man and i couldn’t be more happier. 


I was tagged by wepushthroughit. Okay added more than 6 but I wanted to keep it real and show you guys who I am off this website. I don’t care to tag anyone bc I don’t think those who I’d tag really care. Feel free to upload your own and tag me tho :)

1: me trying out some awesome bright lip pencil and lipsticks with natural looking makeup. trying to feel feminine
2: a picture of my best friend/mother and me from this past Mother’s Day. I love her more than words can depict
3: literally tho. seriously keeping it so real. hello ugly manliness
4: I feel beautiful and cute at the same time
5: showing off how happy I am with my new haircut
6: was trying to get a before photo to compare to one with me all done up and no glasses. I was waiting at this ghetto nail salon and was bored. It took 45 mins until I was helped.
7: no words (lips look good tho eh?)
8: love being playful at times ;)


I sat in my bedroom my laptop sitting on my desk. I sigh looking at the picture of me and my best friend. God I don’t get it, he is somehow perfect. But being the best friend sucks. Those super cliche falling in love with your best friend feelings actually exist and they are the worst feelings you can get. He is so clueless I swear. For three years I have been crushing on him. Maybe its me though. No one knows, not one soul. Well i;m wrong my cat has listened to many rants about a lot of things, i’m sure she knows.

Guess I didn’t know

That I just got this crazy feeling

I’ve been making someone wait for me
For me

My phone starts ringing on the bed. Shawn’s picture shows up on the small screen.

(I took this photo when he was singing. He was caught off guard.)


“Hey Faith can I come over?” He has a strange sound to his voice.

“Yeah. I don’t know why you ask you practically live in my apartment Mendes.” I giggle

“Well yeah I know. Mind letting me in?” I let out a huh confused, “Faith, I am at your front door let me in doofus.”

“Oh. Hold on.” I hang up and jog to the door and letting him in

“Where is your key?” I shut the door and flop down on the couch

“I thought it was in my wallet but it is at my house.” I roll my eyes and he sits on the other side of the couch away from me. I move so I am sitting ‘indian style’ and facing him.

“You okay?” He looks down at his hands

“Uh we need to talk.” I stare at him waiting for him to continue.

“I feel like I have been ignoring you in a way that I should have realized a long time ago.” I cock my head to the side and furrow my eyebrows

You’re all I think about when i’m awake

Part of every night and everyday

And everything is a mess when you’re away

Now I know

“I don’t get it Shawn. You don’t ignore me at all.”

“Yes I do. I… You are in my head all the time. During the day and then at night you are in my dreams. When I am away from you for too long I lose focus and mess everything up.” Still not getting it I run a hand through my hair.

“I don’t get any of this Shawn. I am way beyond confused.”

“I didn’t get it either, but I am just very slow.”

And I really need you in my life

Now I know

That you give me this crazy feeling

You won’t have to wait no more for me

“I need you around me. I need you to do all the cute things you do when you are around me just I need you to do it with a different feeling. You drive me crazy and I haven’t noticed it before.” He slides over next to me on the couch. I get panda eyes(wide eyed).


“You don’t have to wait for me to notice anymore.”

I am blushing hard now. I can feel my face getting hot. I look up at him.

“Took you long enough Mendes.”

“Oh really?” He collapses on top of me,crushing me into the couch but not hurting me.

“You are such a butt.”

“I know but the question is am I your butt?” He wiggles his eyebrows at me. I laugh and run my hands through his hair.

“Yeah You are my butt.” He smiles and lays his head on my chest.


So TorCon was pretty fantastic. This is the mistake copy, my friend has the retake that Chris took. Can’t wait to buy the JPEGs off of Chris.

So we walked up and I beelined right to Jensen and he had a look of “wtf, what is this?” And I handed him the hat and said “you can hold it or wear it, it’s up to you, but can we please get your best disgruntled look?”

Chris took the picture and we said thanks and started walking off when a couple of handlers did their jobs literally and came up to us and hooked their hands under our arms and popped us back in line for a re take without really saying what was up. So we go and did it again and I shrugged at Jensen and said “oops?” And then thanked them again as we left. I have no clue what Misha’s reaction was as I was so overwhelmed cuz it was my first Supernatural con and I was just laser focused on making sure I didn’t fuck up talking to Jensen.

Disclaimer: the views expressed in this photo are not those of any of the people in the photo. I honestly came up with an idea and we ran with it.


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This summer at warped tour my friend and I managed to get up close to the stage to see The Color Morale perform. I was in a state of shock and awe in finally seeing them live. I cried a total of three times because of what Garrett said about suicide. Someone in the back was making fun of people who self harm and Garrett immediately told the guy to go away and got really angry. It was at the moment that I not only knew of but could see his love of his fans first hand so I knew immediately that I needed to meet him no matter what. Immediately after their set he went to the merch tent, I waited in line and when I got to the front and gave my friend my phone she took a picture of us standing together but it was being next to him that gave me the courage to ask him to take my blades away from me. I apologized because I know some bands find it awkward and I told him if he didnt mind I wanted him to take them because I had been relapsing hard and either way I was getting rid of them. He took the blades out of my hand (they were in a ring box) and pulled me into a hug. My friend still had the phone out so she got a photo of it. Anytime I am about to relapse or give up I remember being in that hug and the look in his eyes right before it happened and I havent cut since. My goal is too be able to meet him again and tell him that I havent relapsed since. I am also going to get a tattoo to stay with me forever as a reminder of how they changed my life.