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Do have any other tddk/bnha supernatural or fantasy stories (finished or not) that you'd recc? In honor of Halloween month!

HI ANONYMOUS!!!!!!!!! You bet your bottom dollar I do. 

Halloween 2k17:

Tododeku/BNHA Supernatural/Fantasy Fic Recs

Ok so let’s start from the top:

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1.Obviously @pitviperofdoom has gotta be mentioned. Now you might be familiar with this person’s fantastic versions of Hades and Persephone with Tododeku, Death’s Aegis and Petal Steps.

One of my absolute favourites by Pit, at least as far as supernatural or fantasy stories are concerned, is Where The Ocean Meets The Sky. It’s this gorgeous misty merpeople story in which Shouto is the kind of sailor who wears cable knit sweaters, and Izuku is half terrifying and half enchanting as a mer-person with sharp teeth and bright eyes. Also, couldn’t talk fantasy au’s without mentioning Riddles of the Heart because I adore it.

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2. Look, I already mentioned the TOTALLY SPECTACULAR story In Death, At The End of the World by @theroyalsavage

But if you’ve already read that one, or if you want something slightly different, then I’d like to strongly recommend The Heart Inside. Premise is that witch!Shouto is travelling around to complete his studies when he finds himself pulled into work at a bakery by a big strong blonde guy we all know and love. I’ve used a gif from Kiki’s Delivery Service for this because honestly it was all I could think of the whole way through. Such warm soft Ghibli vibes, perfect for a rainy day. Also, What Is Right And What Is Easy is the goddamn stunning harry potter AU you never knew you needed. Just saying.

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3. OH HEY SPEAKING OF GREAT AUs. Did you know that @yaboybokuto is also a writer??? Yep, that’s a thing. They’re xShieru on Ao3. 

If you want fantasy stories, check out Your Heart Fits Like A Key.  It’s a Van Helsing kind of AU where Midoriya and Bakugou are professional monster hunters. 10/10 will absolutely make you cry, but it’s so good and so worth it.

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3. Ok, but maybe you want some humour. In which case friend let me point you in the direction of @periapse

Their story, Legend Has It, makes me laugh every time. It’s the perfect balance of really good humour with some high fantasy and real drama. Which is why I picked a gif from BBC’s Merlin. It’s that kind of vibe.

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4. OHOHOHOHOH did you think I was finished??? How about a fantasy story that makes you feel like you just walked into Narnia? Check out oilpaints on AO3 or @floralwreaths (same brilliant person)

The Road Well Travelled is so, so well written. It features the Tododecks: gentle, hedge witch Todoroki, angry sort of mythologically powerful fairy Bakugou, and everyone’s favourite - Uraraka Ochako armed to the goddamn teeth. No but seriously, I absolutely adored reading this story and you should give it a moment of your time because it’s great.

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5. How about an Avatar AU? That was a pretty great show right? No but really @midoizuku has mastered this one in Atlas Inherited. No shipping yet but the story itself and the world building is fantastic and it’s well worth a read

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6. Then we’ve got What’s In A Name by ihatemilk/ @lechemaligna - did you ever think you wanted a Youkai AU with a Princess Mononoke kind of ghibli vibe that’s half fairytale and half ghost story? My dude do I have news for you. It exists, and it’s beautiful, and I’m so excited about where this story’s going

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7. So I haven’t actually seen Your Name/Kimi No Na Wa, but A Path To Trace by Aquaticflames gives me the same vibes I get from this movie.

I guess it’s more sci-fi than fantasy, a soulmate au where everyone gets cellphones with their soulmate’s schedules. I really liked it, though heads up for references to some pretty serious child abuse!

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8. Finally! We’ve got another Soulmate AU, this one is Writing of the Soul, a oneshot by PandaWizard.

Premise is that writing shows up on soulmates’ bodies, so they can pass notes to one another! Again, this story deals with child abuse, but personally I think it did so really well. 

Thank you so much again for the ask!!! 

If you read any of these stories, please leave kudos and comments! Fic writers are awesome, and they deserve a whole lot of love. Have a beautiful day and a spooky October!!

Code:Realize Anime Episode 1

Okay, I woke up a little bit early because I couldn’t sleep, the hype was real.

When I finally found the subbed version my hands were shaking an then I pressed the play bottom, here is a list of my reactions:

  • *Finis singing* Me: *Flashbacks of Diabolik Lovers*
  • “This is very similar to the gam… WHAT, THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN?!”
  • Cardia is a cinnamon roll: CONFIRMED.
  • Lupin have already stole my heart.
  • I wouldn’t mind if Impey gave me a check up at night. (/^\)
  • *Fran is already at the mansion* WTF? But it’s okay, am glad to see him.
  • *stares at Cardia’s PERFECT dress*
  • *Cardia suddenly starts undoing her blouse* Lupin: “Gentleman Thief.exe has stop working.” Me: WAI… LOOK THAT BEAUTIFUL STONE!!!
  • *Sisi enters the room* BTIARKATKAJSBAKHLSBDBudbfkzbfuksbdhfusbrjskj
  • *Cardia and Sisi going to the forest when suddenly some bad doggos attack* PLS DON’T TELL ME… *one of the dogs bites Cardia* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  • *Lupin finds Cardia really sad and starts saying some cute things, sudden flasback of Lupin’s past* me: crying and fangirling.
  • *OP starts playing, 0:01* I LOVE THIS SONG *they start playing some of the guys’ past CG* YAMEEEEROOOOOO T^T

I’m really enjoying the Anime so far, overall I was really worry about the animation I think is really good, it worth the hype. I don’t know if I can wait a week just for an episode, but I will try my best.

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