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With Naruto Shippuden reaching its end, dailynaruto would like to invite you all to participate in naruto week 2017! An upcoming event dedicated to the Naruto series, which will be held on April 10 to April 16.  Share your love for the series through graphics, gifs, fanfics, fanarts etc. and tag it with #narutoweek2017(within the first 5 tags and without spaces) so everyone can see and reblog it.

Each day has three options you can choose from. These prompts are meant as guidelines and you’re free to interpret them as you wish.  But remember, all entries must be your own work. Reposts will be ignored and/or deleted. So without further ado, here are the prompts:

  • April 10 || Day 1: Team 7 // Childhood // Favorite Character
  • April 11 || Day 2: Team 8 // Mission // Favorite Quote
  • April 12 || Day 3: Team Gai // Bonds // Favorite Fight
  • April 13 || Day 4: Team 10 // Growth // Favorite Arc
  • April 14 || Day 5: Sand siblings // Traditions // Favorite Media
  • April 15 || Day 6: Akatsuki // Last Words // Favorite Opening or Ending
  • April 16 || Day 7: Next Generation // Nostalgia // Free Choice

If you  need the prompts further explained or have any questions send an ask or message to @dailynaruto​! Feel free to reblog this posts to spread the word. Have fun!


Jack just wants to catch Pokémon but Hiccup insists on complaining for the sake of complaining as well as calling every single Pokémon a variation of Pikachu. He’s not actually as miserable as he looks, but will absolutely expect to be paid for his time in the outdoors of death with kissing and cuddling on the couch later.

so, my dog has a boyfriend.

every time i let him in the backyard, he runs down to the neighbors’ sliding glass door and stares into it until they let their cocker spaniel charlie out. then they chase each other around and he copies everything charlie does until they wear themselves out and cuddle in the grass. they chew on the same frisbee, lick each other’s faces, and refuse to come in until we retrieve them.

it’s lovely and pure and i am proud.

god body dysmorphia fucks me up so much i’ve lost 30lbs since december and i don’t really see it sometimes when i look in the mirror for a brief second i can see the loss but that’s like once a week everyone around me keeps on telling me that i look amazing and that they can see i lost 30lbs when i tell them how much i’ve lost but i just don’t see it and i’m sure the more i lose the less i’ll see it too

Look, I just want da4 news now that the new me game has been released or I’m going to drag everyone within reach into early character creation hell with me. Even if I have to give other folks future protags permission to smooch mine. Because as it stands, it’s much easier for me to plan Quintus as a romanceable companion right now.

And there have been questions, that I’ll answer once I get a better grip on his personality and story. Just know that he’s a dad and 100% cracks dad jokes. Sometimes without meaning to.

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Hi! So, I have a question, do you still do drarry? Cause I remember a really good promt about Draco's sweater going missing

I will ship drarry until I die.

I put so much of my soul into that fandom. I went at it hard for over a decade and I don’t think I can ever truly let it go?? But at this particular moment in time I’m not actively drawing drarry stuff. I’m not saying I’ll never draw it again, but it’s not one of my main fandoms anymore lmao watch me fall right back into that pit and talk about nothing else for six months

As for the sweater thing, are you referring to these two pictures of Harry and Draco in each other’s quidditch sweater [combined photoset here]??



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"Mommy, who's that?" An innocent child pointed to a fellow merfolk. His tail had rough spikes, and they ran up across his back as well."Hush dear, we don't bother their kind." She tugged her child close. "Come on now, we have to go." They quickly swam off. Burr stared after them, without emotion. He was used to it. The snide whispers, the fearful glances, it had worn him down long ago. With a sigh, and turned and swam back into his cave.

I guess years of dipping in sea water made him real salty lma o 

Seriously though I really like this thank you