was unimpressed first

one of the best things about Berserk is that you come to it expecting Guts to be one of them macho anime men with a limited range of emotions but the truth is that he’s just a Big Sad Boy and has one of the most expressive faces portrayed on a male character of his sort.  

The Truck

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Happy, happy birthday to my fellow smutketeer and #queenofdrabbles, @xerxia31​! Here’s a little story laced with angst and smut, liberally sprinkled with f-bombs and topped with a shitty red Corolla. Enjoy your day my lovely friend! I <3 you a whole bunch.

Rated M

The minute I heard the hum of Peeta’s new truck in the driveway, I was unimpressed. It was the first major purchase by either of us since we moved in together a few months ago, and I guess I’d just assumed we’d buy our next vehicle together. After all, both of our college cars are entering into their geriatric years. His Jeep wheezes and gasps up the hill toward our little house. Every bolt in my shitty red Corolla rattles the minute I turn the key.

He was barely out of the driver’s seat before he started going on and on about how useful it’s going to be and how much he’s going to save on Jeep repairs. He showed me the extended cab with the front bench seat and laughed about how I could snuggle up beside him.

I couldn’t enjoy his enthusiasm. I was too upset that he left me out of the decision-making. But since I’m the one to blame for that, I can’t complain.

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What would the akatsuki members want to do on a first date?


  • Deidara would be cool with pretty much anything, but preferably somewhere public so everyone can see him and his significant other together (he’d want to show them off).
  • If him and his date were to go see a movie it would have to be one with a lot of action and explosions otherwise he’d get bored and start complaining about how it’s absurd that movie making of all things is considered an “art form”.
  • Alternatively, if they were to take a walk through a park somewhere together there’s a high chance he’d want to make a good first impression by showing off his explosive talents in an attempt to wow his date.
  • Starts with him denoting a few small clay creatures.
  • Ends with seven injured passers-by, a lot of damage done to the local foliage and one very unimpressed park attendant.


  • A first date with Hidan would begin with an attempt from him to persuade his date into preforming a sacrifice to Jashin with him, once that idea is debunked however he’d settle for anything providing it doesn’t fall under his definition of “boring”.
  • Unfortunately Hidan’s idea of “boring” covers a wide majority of things 
  • He might enjoy going to a concert with his date, as long as it’s a genre of music that allows him to scream as loudly as he wishes.
  • Any location that is okay with a weird grey-haired immortal raising his voice to complain about something or preach the word of a religion no one’s heard of before every ten minutes and isn’t “boring” by said weird grey-haired immortal’s standards is an instant go to for any date with him.


  • Kakuzu isn’t about to splash out on someone he’s only just now going on a first date with.
  • It’s very likely him and his date will end up doing something rather cheap such as just going on a walk together or to an eating/drinking establishment somewhere that won’t make a hole in his wallet.
  • Him and his date are also very likely to engage in a long conversation at some point in this first date as Kakuzu would want to get a good sense of whether or not this person is worth his time.
  • Should his date annoy him in any way at all he’s gone, and he’s leaving them to pay for any bill he may have left.

Itachi Uchiha

  • Itachi is likely to take his partner to a small, peaceful café somewhere on their first date and he’d insist on paying for everything his date orders.
  • Regardless as to how his date behaves he would be very calm and relaxed throughout the event, he’d listen (with genuine interest) to them talk for hours about whatever they want and would make mental notes of everything.
  • He’s also likely to walk his date home, prolonging their date a little bit more.
  • Alternatively, a first date with Itachi may mean a home cooked meal courtesy of the man in question, whatever they end up doing Itachi will probably find some enjoyment in it, so long as it’s not something too extreme or in a location too loud.


  • Konan probably wouldn’t have a preferred place to go or thing to do, she’d be content so long as the person she’s with is happy.
  • Preferably not somewhere too loud or obnoxious though, maybe to a restaurant or to see a romance movie of some sort.
  • If her and her date were to go to a fancy restaurant or establishment of the like she’d wear her best attire.
  • Regardless as to what her partner does Konan will approach their date together with a calm, friendly attitude, she’ll just want to have an enjoyable time with her date and in turn, want her date to have an enjoyable time with her.


  • Sasori would probably wish to do two things on a first date:
  • The first being taking his date to an art gallery, should they encourage his passion then he’ll talk none stop about which art pieces he finds truly beautiful and which he thinks are complete trash. He’ll make his opinions very clear.
  • The second being finding a place where he and his date can simply talk for a while, communication and gauging what his partner is truly like would be key for him.
  • Sasori would make sure his date was completely aware of his feelings towards them from the get go, if he does want a serious relationship with them he’ll want to get on with it and if he doesn’t he won’t want to waste either of their time.

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Reactions. Lords, retainers, side boys and ninjas. MC posing as Oiran to seduce them. Dress is similar to the wedding dress style kimonos. (See tagged photos)

Click here to see the dresses.

Oiran is the term for higher-ranking courtesans in Yoshiwara.

Nobunaga: He would smirk complacently, finding it amusing that she tried to seduce him. Even though he had to admit to himself that he truly couldn’t take his eyes off her, he would want to tease her.
What now? Foolish Girl, are you boasting like this? Well then… let me take a closer look at you.

Mitsuhide: He would blush in arousal when first seeing her. After having calmed down from his shock, he would approach her, pulling her towards him from her waist.
You look resplendent, my darling. Mind letting me take all of that off for you?

Saizo: He would grin, showing no hint of excitement or astonishment on his face. His expression could rather be described as amused more than anything. He would then just sit down and continue watching her.
More? Show me what you got, Little Lady.

Yukimura: He would enter the room, blush brightly and freeze on the spot. Dumbstruck he would take a deep breath trying to calm down before realizing that she was a bit rattled due to his reaction, causing him to stammer.
N-no…I-I don’t..It’s just…too much…

Nobuyuki: He would enter the room with an amused smile on his face. Approaching her, while staring down at her bare shoulders with desire in his eyes, he would whisper with a husky voice.
Everyone can stare at you all they like, but this sight is reserved for my eyes only.

Ieyasu: He would first look quite unimpressed, but would soon enjoy the show. “Aren’t we bold today.
He then would stride up to her, sliding his finger faintly along her bare arms.
How about you fulfill your duty then?

Mitsunari: He would blush brightly while frowning fiercely. “Vile seductress, what are you even trying?
Wanting to sound mad, the crack in his voice full of desire would turn his statement irrelevant and his actions that followed as soon as he finished it even more so.

Masamune: It would take him a moment to understand what was going on before blushing with a determined expression.
What are you doing?” would soon be reduced to him silently sliding their door close.

Shigezane: The arousal would make a bright blush visible on his features which would be marked by his cheeky grin soon after. His eyes narrowed in pleasure and head tilted, he would chuckle a bit.
Aw, Doll, no need for that, you always get me going anyway.

Kojuro: Even though his eyes would went wide at first, a mischievous grin would follow right after.
My precious girl… Do you have any idea what that does to me?
That night he would make sure to show her what he meant.

Hideyoshi: His cheerful expression would subside immediately at the sight of her. His voice would get husky, a whisper almost when approaching her and keeping her close between the wall and himself.
I doubt that I can control myself after what you have done…

Toshiie: Gah!
His eyes would widen the moment he saw her, a blush creeping up on his face.
Have you lost your mind? Someone could have seen you!
More probably because of the loud gasp he evoked.

Shingen: A challenging smirk on his face he would come closer immediately, pulling her towards him abruptly. He would then breath in in the nape of her neck, almost purring his next words.
Let us see what else you can do.

Kenshin: With an enchanting smile he would eye her up, his eyes shining.
You are beautiful. Surely those flowers adorning that splendid dress of yours, would wither at this sight.

Kanetsugu: He would just frown, looking straight at her without a hint of hesitation in his eyes. Next he would take his cloak and throw it over her.
Not here. Not now.

Kageie: He would look quite unimpressed at first, but would in fact be sizing her up. Realizing that her intention clearly was to seduce him, he would breath out a laugh.
You’re not too bad.

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How do you think Howard wud react to finding out pepper owned the company now and after meeting her and finding her very competent and a lot scary she let's it slip that tony only gave her the company cos he was dying,

“Tony, who is that charming lady sitting at my old desk?” Howard asked. “She’s beautiful!”

“That’s Pepper,” Tony answered. “She’s beautiful and terrifyingly competent. It’s why I made her the CEO.”

“Oh, how nice,” Howard said happily, then did a double-take. “Wait what.”

Tony frowned down at his shoes. “I, uh. I didn’t like. I wasn’t in a position to. Um. …Please don’t be mad.”

“I’m not mad,” Howard hurried to assure him. “Tony, all I’ve ever wanted was for you to be happy. And if being CEO didn’t make you happy, I’m glad you found someone that you obviously trust to take care of the company for you.” He straightened his tie. “I’d like to meet her, though.”

Tony smiled crookedly. “You’re lucky Mom isn’t here.”

“Don’t be silly, Tony,” Howard said, pausing in front of a window to fix his hair. “She’d say that this Pepper is beautiful and wants to meet her too.”

She probably would, Tony lamented.

“You are absolutely delightful,” Howard told Pepper twenty minutes later. “Honestly you should take this desk with you when you leave. No one will do it justice. ‘Terrifyingly competent’ indeed!”

“…Did Tony say that?” Pepper asked, unimpressed.

“Natasha said it first!” Tony exclaimed, strangled.

Pepper stared at him, mouth a firm line. “I don’t believe you.”

“You must terrify the board,” Howard said happily. “I wish I’d been as scary as you. Maybe then they would have gotten off my back!”

Pepper looked flattered, and like she wasn’t sure if being flattered was the proper response. Howard was good at that.

“So,” Howard said as Tony went off to get them coffee like the obedient little pup he still was at heart. “How did the board react when you were made CEO?”

“I didn’t really care, so I don’t know,” Pepper replied. “Your son was dying and that kind of took precedence over whether or not the board was happy.”

“Oh, yes, that makes sense,” Howard said, nodding in agreement, then paused. “…Wait.”

Tony heard Howard’s angry and horrified scream and ran.


Urban Magic Youtubers AU - Amy - Researcher at Miskatonic University 

“I spent the past six years studying the language of a race of beings that live on the other side of time and space and now I’m here in New York where the people make even less sense.” 

Among the current researchers in at University is a former-student named Amy Nelson. A studious young lady who has been described by her peers as “squirrely.” Visiting scholars are often unimpressed by their first impressions of her; Wide eyed, caffeine-infused, and most likely wearing “street clothes” rather than the conservative suits expected of most university staff. But, after spending hours being captivated by her discussions, they find themselves pleasantly surprised and many ask if they may use her as a reference in their next thesis paper.  

She has an uncanny knack for knowing things before it would even seem possible for her to know them. Skeptics attribute this to a latent arcane ability, but Amy herself says she’s simply good at reading people and situations. Indeed, when students presented her with a blank 3000 piece puzzle, she had it completed in a little over two hours.

Her latest assignment is in New York, looking into the recent surge in supernatural activity with freelance investigator, Mark Fischbach, starting with the case of the recently revived “stone-warrior”…

(So Amy is the human heroine of the group, but her years of studying forbidden tomes has granted her greater insight into the world and people around her and her quick wit and knowledge of the supernatural gets her into and out of all kinds of trouble. I liked the idea of Amy loving Lovecraftian old ones because they are the closest things to aliens you can get without being a stereotypical alien.) 

An Evening with the Ancients by Nolan Nitschke

photographers note:  Finally, after month of little clouds and a very unimpressive winter, the first round of monsoon moisture moved in over the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains. A massive thunderhead built up over White Peak and so for sunset I drove up to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest and was lucky enough to have this scene unfold in front of my camera.

Red Velvet Reaction to: Waking Up To You Humping Them While Having A Sex Dream [m]

Irene: Confused and unimpressed at first. After working hard all day, she didn’t expect to be woken up in the middle of the night with you humping her. But after she hears you moan her name, that frustration manifests itself into a need to punish you. “So naughty,” she mutters, “Waking me up for such bad behaviour.”

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Wendy: Tells you what you did over breakfast, swearing she’s not lying as you look at her in confusion. “No, you did, you definitely humped me! I turned around, thinking you were awake but you just kept snoring!”

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Seulgi: Feels flattered that you think of her, even in your sleep. Doesn’t want to wake you or embarrass you so she keeps the incident to herself but surprises you with a morning quickie.

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Joy: Starts laughing, smacking you awake, “Babe, what are you doing?!”

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Jay & Evie in Descendants: Wicked World episode 4 (ft. Audrey)

“Netflix and Chill?”

Summary: When the boys in Black Veil Brides hit the bar for some much-needed downtime, they decide to make a bet to see who can hook-up with that pretty girl across the bar. Too bad Y/N isn’t all that interested. Andy gives it a shot anyways and the aftermath is a lot sweeter than he had expected.

Warnings: None!

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I haven’t posted any Karasuma x Gakuho stuff lately because of school and AnKyou Week, and after the shitty day I had at school, I was up for some self-indulgent ship art.

This ship is killing me.

Taemin let out a quiet breath as he looked through the shelves of the library for some reading material. He was a bit of a reader, but hadn’t been able to actually read anything lately. Damn busy schedule was taking over practically every leisure activity he had. “From the move I’ve managed to lose all of the movies and entertainment that I brought with me. So now the time to myself that I actually scrape together, will be disappointing and remarkably unexciting.”

i can’t get over the thought of rey and phasma meeting in a non hostile way and rey just has the biggest crush on phasma because she can’t get over how tall and pretty and muscly phasma is or how she’s so smart and sarcastic and badass beyond all belief and just everything that rey likes

meanwhile phasma is at first unimpressed and then rey kicks someone’s ass and then smiles the brightest smile in the galaxy and phasma knows that she is in trouble because this tiny little thing is cute as all hell and could probably at least stand a chance at kicking phasma’s ass and she’s sassy and free spirited and just everything phasma didn’t know she likes

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#198/#179, Minjoon please? Thank you:D combination or either one is fine!

Word Count: 250 words

Pairing: Minjoon (Jimin/Namjoon)

Prompt: #198: “Listen to me!”

Notes: I wasn’t too sure about this one, but I hope you like it either way ;;;

“Jimin! Jimin, wait!” Namjoon calls out after the younger boy as Jimin wrenches the door open and walks out without a backwards glance. Box still in hand, he rushes after him, long-legged strides allowing him to catch up to Jimin relatively easily.

Wrapping his free hand around the boy’s elbow, Namjoon stops his boyfriend in his tracks and turns him around gently before asking, “Jimin, where are you going? Can’t we talk about this? We don’t – we don’t have to get married now, okay? We can put it off until you’re ready, but please don’t walk away like that.”

Jimin gives Namjoon an unimpressed look at first which eventually softens when the taller man looks back at him unsurely. Taking a step closer to Namjoon, he crosses his arms and speaks clearly, “Listen to me, Kim Namjoon, and listen to me well. In thirty minutes, I am going to come back, and when I do, we’re going to do re-do this entire night.”

Taking a deep breath, he continues, “And this time you better not just slide the ring box in my direction and ask me if I want to marry you. I expect a candlelight dinner, a romantic atmosphere, and an extremely sappy speech or we’re going to keep repeating this over and over until you get it right, got it?”

Namjoon blinks at his boyfriend in surprise before his lips stretch into a dimpled smile. Jimin grins back at him in response, and Namjoon laughs lightly, “Got it.”