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really though, find an actual rromani actress who looks the part of wanda maximoff. because using deepika or frieda to 'replace' the ethnicity is basically saying //all// brown skinned people are the same.

are you serious right now. i searched for ages for a rroma actress and only found two that had enough material to squeeze out 10 or 15 icons. i’ve had MULTIPLE rroma people tell me my FC is okay in place of a rroma actress since there are so few resources. i really honestly want to know why you and whoever else are so obsessively concerned with making me out to be a villain when all i do is try to give wanda accurate representation. you don’t go after other wandas like this??? the reason i stick with indian FCs is because rroma people are descended from and share genes with indian folks. i would never, ever, try to conflate all brown people as if they are the same. seriously. why are you so fucking mean????? should i just use a white person? would that make you happy? i have no fucking clue what you want from me at this point


you can see how i got progressively lazier with these

if these weren’t due tomorrow i would’ve definitely done more with them (especially the froot one, i love that album so fucking much and i wish i had more time lol). i was about to cut my own hair to get the hair in the electra heart one but luckily i found a decent pic of hair on the internet that i stole.

it was so easy for me to find a lettering style for the family jewels but electra heart was so hard… that font is so iconic but i wanted to do my own… and the froot one i didnt even try lmao.

i also bought a shit ton of gum to make the background for electra heart. i was gonna originally use the gum wrappers but i realize gum comes in more fun colors. 

i just came up with an idea of how to fix the froot one but im too tired to do it right now lol. maybe another time when i dont have a million different things to do.

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📝 + mass effect!

Send me “📝 + (fandom)” and I’ll reply with a character I would RP from that fandom

You know, there are rumors which say I am already in a love relationship with Peebee and - that I am just waiting for end of march to announce it publicly. Like what do you mean with, that Krissy ( @offrozenblood. ) and I already picked our muses over 2 months ago and that we just wait for Andromda to launch to get active, what do you even mean with, I fell in love with Peebee’s goofy and cynical ass who makes lame and super bad jokes all day long? And what do you mean that  I already finished her blog and just wait for the game to be released to roleplay her. And me already having like 600 icons of her? False news. :c  You cannot prove anything. Try to fight me :c 

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the signs as fake quotes my weird cousin has attributed to famous authors

aries: as oscar Wilde once famously said, ‘fuck men’

taurus: i believe it was percy shelley who wrote ‘why cry over spilled milk when instead u could cry over everything

gemini: you can lead a horse to water, but u can’t make the horse drink that fucking water if it wants vodka instead. sun tzu said that.

cancer: y’know, steinbeck once screamed ‘death to capitalism’ while setting himself on fire, and i couldn’t agree more.

leo: i was trying to think of a hemingway quote, but thankfully i just remembered that i don’t give a shit about hemingway

virgo: Flintstone vitamins are for losers. William shakespeare.

libra: did you know that that nicki minaj took the lyrics “i beez in the trap” straight from jane austen’s iconic 1813 novel pride and Prejudice?

scorpio: maya angelou actually invented the acronym NSFW, did u know that? 'Not Safe From Whites’. they’re coming

sagittarius: the most inspirational thing walt whitman ever said was ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ that man was a poet

capricorn: ‘be there or be…gay! lol jk don’t be gay’ ~ the bible, chapter 5 verse 17

aquarius: honey, as Faulkner said once, ‘eat shit mark twain’. words to live by

pisces: nietzsche once said that dante was a ‘hyena that wrote poetry on tombs’ and i’m not making that shit up because nothing is funnier than that

Just Garnet Moments

  • All the times she picks up steven. That one time she picks him up and puts him on top of her fro then walks away
  • “But I think you’re just mad cause you’re single” *finger wag* (ICONIC)
  • When she’s so eager to show off to bismuth she’s the first to rush in to spar, how she can’t stop smiling the whole time 
  • “i’ll show you how its done” *cracks knuckles* *goes stiff as a board, faceplants and immediately passes out*
  • When she does the 3 eye blink and tongue out at baby steven to try and make him laugh, something we can assume would usually work, then “my power means nothing to a child”
  • HER CLOSENESS WITH STEVEN….how shes the first to really see his potential and give him a chance, how she feels safe enough to be vulnerable around him and admit when she feels scared or weak….she loves and trusts him so much
  • shes so hyped about steven learning to fuse shes SO HAPPY….when she makes the special sign for stevonnie. that was so cute 
why it would be pointless to queerbait tjlc fans:

the idea that sherlock is trying to queerbait fans who believe in tjlc to get higher viewership is honestly ridiculous to me. there aren’t even that many people out there who believe in tjlc??? nattie’s “operation johnlock is go” post only reached 12k notes, and the iconic “softly softly” meta didn’t even reach 4000. there may be a couple thousand lurkers who don’t reblog or don’t have accounts, but not enough to make tjlc fans a significant contingent. 

outside of tumblr, the tjlc explained youtube channel reaches some more people, but is still under 12k subscribers and most videos reach 10,000 to 25,000 views (there are a couple that almost reached 40,000 and one outlier that hit 66,000), and not all of those people are convinced.

these numbers are NOTHING compared to the number of people who watch this show. 7.5 MILLION people watched asip, the very first episode on the day it premiered. season two averaged 8 MILLION viewers. 12.7 MILLION PEOPLE watched teh on bbc1 when it aired. 8.4 MILLION people watched tab on new year’s day, and 11.6 million watched it that same week. none of this includes viewing figures through streaming services like netflix or ratings abroad (millions more people watched the episodes on PBS). tab grossed over £30,000,000 worldwide. 

if you’re feeling very generous and assume there’s about 50,000 people who believe in tjlc, and only count viewership on bbc1 when the episodes first air, we make up between 0.3 and 0.6% of the audience. in reality that percentage is probably much lower. 

all analysis of the show’s content aside, what reason would they have to queerbait us? what value is less than 1% of the audience to them? how could such a relatively small and powerless group “bully” the creators into changing the direction of the show? why would they ever cater to what we want them to do (canon johnlock) unless they have been planning this (canon johnlock) the whole time?

hey sooooOo finals are right around the corner and I thought making a masterpost of my finals tips might be helpful to some!! (icon is from @studyblrsab, thanks!!) okay sooo lets begin!

1. Try to start at least a week early + revive your old study materials!

  • If you start at least a week early, it won’t be as bad as cramming!! TRY NOT TO CRAM THE NIGHT BEFORE. PLEASE.
  • Bring out those mind maps, study guides, flashcards, notes, etc because they are going to come in hand right now! If you do not have any of these items pre-made (which is okay), start making them to study for your final. Rewriting the information and such will help you recall it and be a form of studying in itself.

2. Identify where your weaknesses were during the semester.

  • Honestly, I believe that if you already know the information for a certain unit/topic, then you shouldn’t spend more time studying it. So, I pinpoint my weaknesses in that subject and focus more on those than the topics I already thoroughly understand. But do what works for you!! We’re 2 completely different people. 

3. Create a realistic study schedule!

  • I’m not gonna tell you how much you study because its not about how long, but how efficiently you retain the information. Work smarter, not harder. With that said, don’t just look at a paper for 5 seconds and expect to know something after! I would aim for at least 30 minutes of study time each day. If it helps, do the Pomodoro technique with your own custom time intervals. 

4. If you want to study on the go…

  • Condense your notes onto index cards!! Compacting it onto an index card (or two, or three, etc) will make it easier to carry around instead of a notebook or textbook. 
  • Putting it onto index cards will also supply you with the ability to memorize information in smaller chunks, as well. This tends to make it easier to learn the information in small chunks instead of one, big chunk.

5. For English/Literature classes…

  • Make an alphabet for the books you read throughout the semester/year. Associate each letter of the alphabet with something from the book. 
  • For example for Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte we did: 
    • G- Gothic Literature
    • H- Heathcliff, Hareton + Catherine
    • and etc etc. Its a cool and fun way to remember the story, while also making it easy to remember!!

6. This is hard but, try to get sleep and eat well before your exams!! You cannot think when you are hungry. I know I can’t. All I think about is what I’m gonna eat after haha. 

7. Practice self care!! Check out my self care tag and find ways to destress. Whether its exercise, writing, hanging out with friends, or just taking a nap, you also want to make sure your mental health is A1. Its okay if you don’t study because you just mentally and emotionally can’t. Its okaaaaay. 

I hope these tips helped some!! Please let me know what you thought of this master post and good luck to everyone who has finals coming up! xoxo