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I don’t think I ever mentioned it here, but this year I want to try making a Small Interactive Thing each month this year….so!

I’m not quite going to finish this one within the month, mostly ‘cause I was lazy last week ha, but here’s some progress on the first Small Interactive Thing!! I’ve been posting these and some other progress pics on Twitter, if you’re interested in seeing more ~Behind The Scenes~

People: “Oh she’s a domme super just lusty and controlling”

Other kinds of people: *dick pics*

The worst kinds of people: rejected? Better try and trash her reputation “hey, guys, look at the succubus whore who can’t commit to relationships- UNFOLLOW!”

Me: *to my one and only sub whom I’ve gone across the country to settle with*
“yeah I’m too tired to do any work so, like, have at me until I can’t cum anymore and then you can finish and we can cuddle and watch the x-files”
“can I tie you for a picture before bed?”
“Don’t drink all my pepsi, or I’ll make you cum until you die”
“Come homeee” *series of weird noises*
“Can we get a dog?”
*makes unhappy noises when my sub gets out of bed in the morning*

Dairy Queen and Cuddles

Relationship: Jason Todd X shy Reader



A/N: This is kinda bad and really it has no plot but I did my best. <3 Send in requests, and I’ll try to write them.

A/N: I’ve reposted this so I can put it on the master list so this isn’t a new pic, I’ll probably be doing the same thing with all of the other fics where the links weren’t working


“and that’s why I chose Red Hood as the hero for my project.” You said quietly as you finished your presentation and hurried back to your seat waiting for the class to end so you could head to lunch with your boyfriend, Jason Todd. Aka The Red Hood. You knew that you had a good presentation, hell you even had The Red Hood himself as a resource, but your shyness would cost you points. You sighed and ran a hand in your (H/C) hair.

The bell eventually rang and you met Jason by the door of your class. You don’t know how but he always managed to get out of class before the lunch bell rang just to meet you.

“Where we going for lunch today?” You asked softly as he placed and arm over your shoulder.

“I was thinking dairy queen.” He said exiting the side door of the school. You nodded your head. “We’ve been to the gas station too many times this week.”

You chuckle agreeing with him as the two of you walk the short distance to the local Dairy Queen some students went to frequently, but most went to the gas station to get a bag of chips or maybe a pizza.

Jason opened the door for you, allowing you to walk in first and look at the menu. You both ordered and when you got your food you left the dairy queen and Jason walked you to his truck.

“Where are we going?” You asked him curiously.

“Home.” He muttered. “If i’m correct you have study hall for the rest of the day correct?”

“Yeah…” You said taking ahold of his hand as he drove you two to in of his many safe houses.

“Well we are gonna watch movies, eat some dairy queen and cuddle until I have to go on patrol.” You knew about Red Hood, he had come to your window in the middle of the night asking you if you knew how to stitch him up. When you didn’t say anything he took off his mask and revealed himself to be Jason.

“Will you be careful tonight?” You asked grabbing his hand and looking. You look over at him and he’s smiling lightly.

“I have to be when I have a beautiful girl waiting for me at home.” He tells you kissing the back of your hand making the blood rush to your cheeks. Even after over two years dating, not to mention thinking he was dead before that, he still knew how to make you blush like crazy. But you loved it.

Jason parked the truck and the two of you headed up the steps to his apartment that made it easy for him to sneak in after patrol. He went to go get plates while you searched for a movie, deciding you wanted to go with a classic. Star Wars. Jason came in with your food on a plate and sat down as you grabbed a blanket. You joined him on the couch and placed the blanket over the two of you.

The two of you began to talk, and laugh,  slightly neglecting the movie.Eventually, nighttime came around and Jason had to go on patrol. He got all his gear ready and was about to hop out the window when you said something you’d never thought you’d say.

“Jason?” You called right before he jumped.

“Yeah Doll?”

“I love you.” You said blushing.

“I know.” He said and all though you couldn’t see his eyes, you knew he had winked. And just like that, he jumped off into the night.


        I was tagged by @arishynya, thank you for the tagged! This was super fun!! (And a challenge, cause I would get caught up in drawing and forget that the song was over XD) Tumblr wouldn’t upload 11 pictures so I’ll probably reblog this with the meme challenge picture, when I get on my computer. Anyway I choose to do my Dark turtles Au, sorry to those who don’t like the Au but it was so fun to get to draw them again after so long! (And by that I mean get to delve into their story again) The top pic I may have cheated cause it’s two songs put together, I think, but they are in the same video and that’s what came up first XD (Also this pic takes place when Mikey is with Splinter after April saves him. Mikey’s looking at an old photo of Miwa and his brothers all together when they where kids. Now Mikey knows that Splinter was telling the truth all a long and Shredder was lying… Also yay, Tang Shen!) ((also I hope that makes sense, cause it makes sense in my head XD one day I’ll post a proper storyline my pics will follow) Anyway, had super fun! Thanks again for the tag! I might try this again sometime ^^ I’ll tag @millin21, @unwantedsoul4ever, @tmntraphael98 @hynmy-tmnt @fandomartist-art @kturtle @harukaze-001 @mikibaby94 and I can’t think of who else draws at this moment. You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to! I just thought it was fun and I’ve never seen this kinda challenge before so I’m spreading it around ^^ Anyone feel free to do it and tag me so I can see your art!

Edit: there I added the other pic ^^ 


Here are some screenshots from a game simply titled TENCHI MUYO! RYO-OHKI… so the title isn’t very helpful to differentiate it from the anime itself.

But it’s an OAV based game and as far as I can tell, plays like an in-between OAV episode.  It was released for the PC engine May 26, 1995, so right after the OAV2 run finished iirc.

Some of the art has been seen around in the west, some in higher resolutions than here because of cell or other art scans, but these pic resolutions shown here are the native game graphics.

We didn’t compile this group of pics.  AFAIK that is “9JCHyhd83hks”, but if it is not, thanks to those that did.

We’ll do a few more hilights while trying to put together scans of the covers/etc with it and release it all in one download.


My Giza Rabbit/Ozmone Hare (aka Happy Bunny) plush is complete, and just in time for Easter, lol! Well, his body is, at least. I think I’m gonna make him a quick potion bottle tomorrow night so he’s all set to heal your party if they need it. I love these little guys so, so much.

ALSO he’s full size! Like, with ears sort of drooped over he’s a little shy of 2 feet tall, but if you bend his ears up that becomes over 3 feet! Plus he’s minky, so he’s super soft and squishable.

This guy already has a home, but I might make more later. I have other projects to finish first, though, and this is another bucket list plush complete! <3

I’m going to take him outside on Saturday to try to get some glamour shots in the grass, haha, so I’ll post those pics later. For now, enjoy the fluff butt plush! (And play Final Fantasy XII if you haven’t already, it’s one of my favorite games of all time!)

@ofdalishorigin, what should his name be?

ask-akira-natsumi  asked:

So I know there's a pic of their first interaction, but how did things go down when Eve met Raph and the others? I'm really curious about how they ended up in a relationship

I’m sorry it took so long to answer your question, but I hope this was worth the wait! Been working on this for almost a week now, haha >w<; 

So here’s what went down:

Theymet one night when Eve finished her closing shift at a local diner.She walked down the sidewalk trying to get home…

when she heard a commotion down an alleyway.

She saw that a young woman was getting robbed by two guys. Instead of calling the police, she decided to take matters into her own hands by fighting off the two.

She was successful in getting the girl out of there. Unfortunately, she got caught up in the fight and one of them pulled out a gun, when he shot everything went black.

Next thing she knows, she opens her eyes to see a giant creature. Standing over the two men which where all knocked out.

Cursing to himself from being seen. Eve sits in silence, not believing the incredible sight in front of her.

Finally after what felt like forever, she thanked him. Being confused of why she didn’t freak out, he asked, “Aren’t you afraid of me?”

Her response surprised him, something he never thought her would ever hear in his life.

“Why would I be afraid of someone who just saved my life?”  


And there it is! Sorry it took so long, but I hope this is what you were looking for >w< 

anonymous asked:

Hi crim. I hope this doesn't seem too rude, I'm a big fan of your work! I just wanted to give a bit of feedback on your Patreon. You state that Patrons receive "Early access" & are "First in Line" for WIPs and finished pieces. But it seems that you often post things to your twitter before or within a few hours from posting them to Patreon, and at times don't share to Patreon at all. As someone supports you there, I'll admit it feels a little frustrating that others get the content for free.

You know, friend, this is honestly a thing I have also considered and am still trying to sort out.

Everybody across platforms will get access to pics for free, eventually. Patreons should get first acess to big project stuff, merch, and other stuff not posted elsewhere (eg progress shots). But the timing of posting for Patreon has been a bit arbitrary and odd, I admit! I’m still learning and trying to work out the best way to do things.

There are usually one of a few reasons things don’t end up on Patreon

1. ‘Scraps’ or warmups I don’t consider good artistic content (drawn more for emotional value)

2. They will be a part of a bigger compilation post (eg progress shots)

3. I am so stupidly used to just hitting ‘post’ on other platforms oops @_@

But! I hear the crit and I am going to tighten the ship!

I could certainly post everything I’m drawing onto Patreon a day before they appear on other platforms - I understand it’s probably stupid trying to keep up with what post of mine appears where… Y’know, let’s talk about it over at Patreon - I’ll make a feedback post now. :)

Thanks for the crit! It’s really helpful. Please don’t be afraid to shout out other problems as they arise!


Pchat and twitter dump last bits of 2014. 

I feel like I have to take a few steps back to when I wasn’t so obsessed in smoothing up color in my pics and go for the flat and painterly feeling again… it feels like a boat fighting the wind. On the other hand, if I use color, its totally ready to poke some eyes.

Sorry I have been posting only pchat crap and drawing so much Ren, I’ve been focused on finishing commissions and trying to keep my sanity from quitting art.


created a few headers for my stories using my own pics! hope you guys like it! Now I don’t have to worry and stress about finding gifs and crediting and figuring out tumblr omg

someone pls help me tumblr isn’t uploading my pics in the quality i want them to be uploaded ;-;

 i made them 1000x500 pixel? but when i upload them tumblr makes them so blurry??!?!!!??! and i turned high res on…?!?!?!?!!

fight me tumblr i swear

Had a shitty evening, looks to be turning into a shitty day. Decided to cheer myself up with some Disney. Just a simple pic of Belle whilst I try to get used to Manga Studio, which is pretty nifty! I’d highly recommend it. It’s like a mash-up of Photoshop and SAI. 

I always liked her green dress from the library scene and wish she wore it a bit more. I’m kind of tempted to start a series like this of the Disney girls in their alternate outfits, like Jasmine’s purple get-up, Aurora’s grey dress etc. only I haven’t finished any of the other million series I’ve started yet lmao.


I decided that there were not enough MatsuHana fanarts around, so here I am, trying to contribute U__U
I love traditional clothes, so this series of fanarts (there will be at least other two as soon as I finish them) will be centered on Matsukawa and Hanamaki at one of those japanese summer festivals. (if you’re wondering, the kanji of the cover pic means “MatsuHana” and “That summer day” :>)
(I’m also trying to test new colouring techniques, so sorry if the colour still kinda sucks)
More MatsuHana <3 <3 <3

Makki: “Go buy another one, Mattsun. You’re not having my dango.”
Mattsun: *pouts*

EDIT: the wonderful naff-nuff-nice wrote me a little fanfic for this!! Look, look–> http://naff-nuff-nice.tumblr.com/post/127398835055/heyyy-hanatsuki89-here-is-your

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Wilford Warfstache/Jack?

Okay so I am completely new to writing or even thinking about Warfstache as anything other than a comedy character so I’m going to try my best but who knows…

What kind of a relationship is it? (Romantic, friends with benefits, enemies who hatefuck, etc.)

It’s purely a sexual thing

Who tops?


Who initiates sex?


Who finishes first?

Jack, always Jack

Fast and rough or slow and gentle?

Fast and ROUGH

Favorite kinks?

Dom/sub dynamic, bondage, kidnapping roleplay, gunplay, knifeplay, degradation, Master/slave dynamic, asphyxiation 

Favorite pic each has of the other(s)?

Jack doesn’t have any pictures of Wilford, it is strictly forbidden.

Wilford, however, has an entire album dedicated to Jack on his phone. Asking him to pick a favorite would be like asking him to pick a favorite weapon. However, one he finds particularly hot is of Jack bound, gagged, and blindfolded, head thrown back with a gun pressed against the underside of his chin as he’s fucked roughly by Wilford.

What was their first time like?

Jack knew exactly what he was getting himself into the moment he’d agreed to go over to Wilford’s place. They’d sat down and gone over exactly what Jack was and wasn’t willing to do, their safe words, and even a signal to double check on consent. The moment he walked into the door, his head was covered in a burlap sack and he was dragged into the back room of the basement, kicking and screaming despite how unbelievably aroused and excited he was.


“Rain drags black sun down, but rain dried by White moon”

Sooooo. So. ……well… bleach is over… and I made this Ichiruki cake it was inspired by the black sun white moon quote. So I tried to make ichigos cake a black sun and rukias the moon. I was like 99.9% sure ichiruki was end game
Hell I made a fkn cake cuz I was that certain.

All I have to say is that I still love ichiruki. I have 8 years ago and I still do today. Ichiruki was the reason i got into bleach. Imo I believe what ichigo amd orihime have will never ever live up to what ichigo and rukia are. They have an unbreakable bond. And they have inspired me and many others throughout the years.
So while I did love bleach , after this dissapointment I think its time I move on.

Also ironic thing about this cake, in the last picture u can see that ichigo is broken, thats because exactly after I finished taking pics of it my bro dropped a waterbottle on it.
Maybe it was trying to tell me something,