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Joker Imagine: Silent Treatment

Anonymous said:Could you do one where the joker and Y/N fights and she gives him the silent treatment and he pretends not to care but gets really annoyed and has fluff at the end. Honestly this would make my birthday so much better I love you blog so much 😍😍

//HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had to write this first. I hope you like it. I love you too;)

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Your P.O.V.

‘’Fuck you!’’ I hissed at Joker angrily and crossed my amrs. We had been fighting all morning because I was pissed. He had been drunk last night and some dancers had been his company all night. It really bothered me to think that some ugly rats have been touching my Puddin like that. It didn’t lead to sex, but I’m sure those hoes would have been down for anything.

‘’Y/N come on..stop yelling’’ He groaned, still tired and probably had a headache from all the alcohol he had consumed. I rolled my eyes and walked away from him with my mouth shut. ‘’Hey, don’t just walk away like nothing happened’’ Joker growled after me as I walked to the living room. Oh yes I would. As I sat down on the big couch, he followed me. I turned on the television and kept my arms crossed. ‘’Y/N’’ Joker sighed and tried to catch my attention, my eyes were glued to the screen.

‘’Are you seriously giving me the silent treatment?’’ He chuckled, but it was obvious that it annoyed him. I just sat there, acting like he didn’t even exist. I wouldn’t discuss his failures when he’s so childish. So I’d be a little childish back. Besides he told me to stop yelling.

Joker sat down on the couch and now he was speechless. I added some volume to the television as Late Late Night With James Corden began, because I had nothing else to do either. He had some celebrity guests on the show that I had never even heard of. Twenty minutes passed quickly and very quietly. At some point Joker had walked away and I was alone.

I sighed and then sprawled across the couch, laying my head on the handrest. Mornings were so boring, but at least they showed last night’s shows again. 

A few minutes later I could hear J coming back. I didn’t look at him because I had to pretend he didn’t exist. He sat down casually next to my feet. Before I could do anything, he grabbed my ankle hard and didn’t let go. J started to tickle my bare foot and my heart jumped to my throat.  I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn’t laugh. He chuckled and tickled me harder, making it hard for me. I tried to wiggle away, but it was useless. 

Oh how much a dick he could be. I couldn’t hold it back anymore and a loud laugh escaped my mouth. I started giggling loudly, but I wanted to punch his nuts. ‘’That’s my girl’’ He grinned evilly and then let go. I pulled my leg back to myself and then tried to keep an angry look on my face.He just smiled and he knew that I couldn’t stay mad at him.

‘’Now please talk to me. I don’t want to fight’’ He sighed and his smile faded. He was kinda cute when he was desperate. ‘’Fine’’ I mumbled and gave in. But I still wanted to talk to him.

Then out of nowhere I felt his arms around me and he hugged he tightly. My eyes opened widely from surprise. Joker wasn’t much of a hugger. I held onto him back and smiled, feeling good to be so close. I leaned back so I was lying on the couch again with him above me gently so I wasn’t suffocating. ‘’I’m sorry baby..I’m sorry’’ He kept apologizing and nuzzled his face in the crook of my neck. I started to play with his green hair with my hand as he lied there. ‘’I’ll forgive you, but next time I’ll pierce their skulls’’ I giggled, but it was a fair warning.

‘’I wouldn’t want to piss you off again. You and silence just doesn’t fit together baby’’ He told me with a sweet voice. I wouldn’t want to be one of those dancers either, because I’d make it hard for them for pissing me off and touching my Puddin like that.

All I Wanted; C.H. 8

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As soon as I enter the back door – I should really start using the front door as a decent person – I’m instantly met with Meredith shoving pasta down her throat.
“Hello to you too.” I grin and wave as I shrug off my jacket and kick off my shoes by the door. Meredith groans in response with her mouth full, slightly waving with her free hand.

“Is there anything particular you wanna do today?” I drop onto the seat across from my friend. I get a shrug of her shoulders as a response and I know we wouldn’t be doing much more today than lounging around in the garden and gossiping. Not that I mind – I’m too lazy to do anything today anyway. Last night was rough, even though I wasn’t remotely drunk.

“There isn’t anything to do, per usual.” Meredith responds, our conversation cut off when we hear a loud thump from the hallway – probably Calum. The door opens and in comes the shirtless Adonis, his sweatpants low on his hips – I think he had showered when he got home.

“Where were you last night?” Meredith accuses Calum as he passes us nonchalantly, his gaze catching mine when her words were spoken. “What do you mean?” He keeps his gaze trained of me for as long as possible before he flicks his gaze to his sister.
“I mean you weren’t home when I woke up this morning. Where were you?” Meredith stands to her feet to dispose of her now empty plate, stopping in front of Calum to await his answer.

“Not really any of your business now, is that?” Calum glares at Meredith, taking a step closer for emphasis. When he retreats, his eyes find mine again and he gives me just the slightest shake of his head. But I had seen in, and oh – how I felt its condescending undertone.

“What is up with him today…” Meredith sighs as she drops back into her original spot at the kitchen table. I can’t help but feel that it has something to do with how our lovely night had ended this morning, and I feel the urge to go and talk to Calum.
“Mer, I need to go to the bathroom real quick.” I don’t wait for her to respond in any form as I dart from my seat and jog into the hallway, closing the door behind me so Meredith wouldn’t hear me go upstairs and to Calum.

“Calum?” I breathe as I knock on his door, simultaneously pushing it open and seeing him lounging on his sofa, guitar in hand. “Yeah?”
“Are you okay?” I step inside and let the door slip closed behind me, my back leaning against the dark wood as I keep my gaze trained on the male two metres away.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” His answer is brisk and dismissive, and I should probably just leave him alone. But I’m a persistent person and the guilt of his demeanour being so low possibly because of me would eat me away.
I don’t say anything. I just cross my arms over my chest and lean against his door, glancing at my nails once before I flick my gaze back over to him.

“Okay. Yeah, fine!” Calum almost yells as he throws his guitar at the coffee table to his right and raises to his feet in record speed. He storms over but I keep my rather chill stance, only raises my head to keep my gaze with his.
“Why the fuck would you keep something as simple as me staying the night from your friend?”

I push myself off of the door, making Calum stumble a few steps back. “Okay, think about it this way –“ I start, walking past him and dropping on the dark green tattered leather sofa.
“Your sister comes home, telling you she has spent the night at, let’s say, Luke’s house.”

“I’d kill the fucking prick for messing with my sister –“ Calum immediately starts and I shut him up with a tsk-ing noise pursing from my lips. “You don’t think Meredith would think the same?”
“But we didn’t do anything!” Calum counteracts again, turning and stopping at the end of the sofa, at least a metre between us.

“How would it look if I told my best friend I’m having cutesy sleepover with her older brother, huh?” I raise an eyebrow as I throw my hands up, slowly lowering them as I see the gears in Calum’s head going in overdrive. “Not that much better, to be honest.”

“Do you get me now? I’m not in the mood to anger your sister, my best friend and I’m most definitely not in the mood to go around making shit excuses up for whatever either.” I watch Calum drop down beside me, his fingers raking through his thick hair before he pulls aggravated on the strands.

“I honestly believed you thought you were too good for me.” Calum suddenly speaks, his eyes still closed as I feel my own widening. I bite my lip as I get a small grin on my features, trying to supress it before I speak up and gather his attention. “I don’t know why you would think such thing.”

“You’re forgetting I am a college dropout.” Calum merely states and I roll my eyes while standing to my feet again. “Let me know if you’ve found one thing that I ever said or did that states I feel better than a college dropout. I’ll see you around Cal.”

Calum rests his large hand on my thigh to stop me from passing him. I come to a halt, standing technically between his legs while his gaze is focused on my stomach.
“I’m having a party tomorrow night, Halloween themed. Please come.” He lifts his eyes so he would find mine and I smile down and nod my head. “I’ll see what I can do.”

I’m scared Meredith has already decided to search for me, seeing as how my bathroom breaks usually don’t take fifteen minutes. When I creep back into the kitchen though, I hear Meredith happily on the phone with Michael. When she spots me, she waves and tells Michael she has to go.

“Come on, let’s go shopping. I need a Halloween costume.”


“I’m so in love with this cape, I think I might actually start to wear it as an overcoat.” I chuckle, letting my fingers slide along the soft cherry red – although I feel it’s more like pure blood red – velvet cape I had bought at the thrift store yesterday along with Meredith.

“Well it is beautiful.  You’re going to steal the show.” Meredith smiles at me through her bathroom mirror as she dabs lipstick on her lips. “So you and Calum are matching?” I question as I sit down on the edge of the bathtub, crossing my legs over one another as I drape the cape over my shoulders.
“Yeah, we didn’t even know, but he said he was going to be royalty as well.”

Meredith had hand made her own princess dress. But not like your typical Disney princess, no. It was somewhat a traditional Victorian gown, made with fabrics that would normally consist of the drapes at your grand mum’s house. But it looked so beautiful and she did look like a queen.

“I’m intrigued by what I will find. He already has the allures of a prince.”  I shrug my shoulders and my words drag a chuckle from Meredith’s lips. Somehow I was excited for tonight, because mainly I couldn’t decipher what Calum was going to do, let alone what was going on with us.
I think I’m blowing this way out of proportion because all we did was sleep together, and not sleep together. But Calum gives me this vibe – I can’t wrap my head around.

“Y/n? Hello?” Meredith waves her hand in front of me and I blink ferociously when my blurred vision becomes sharp once more. “Sorry, stuck in my own head.”
“You’re stuck there an awful lot of time lately. Are you alright?” Meredith glances at me for a brief moment before she lifts her voluptuous skirt and starts staggering towards the closed bathroom door. “Yeah, don’t worry about it.”

“You know you can talk to me about anything, right?” Meredith stops briskly in the middle of her desolated, dark hallway while raising an eyebrow in my general direction. I shrug my shoulders and grant her a tiny smile before I flip my hood up, shielding my eyes – mainly my whole face – from anyone’s view.

As we slowly walk downstairs, the once lowly thumping music becomes incredibly loud. People are already lingering in the hallways, living room and kitchen as I follow Meredith who pushes through the crowd in search for Michael. As we find him, along with Ashton and Luke, I watch Meredith happily skip over as I come to a halt next to the tall, lanky blonde.

“It seems to be already in full swing.” I comment, not turning my head in Luke’s direction but instead, letting my eyes scan over the perimeter of people I absolutely do not recognize.
“Do I know you?” Luke mumbles, cup against his lips. I reciprocate his answer by lifting my head, my hood slacking a bit so I can raise an eyebrow at Luke while trying to suppress a smirk – and failing of course.

“Damn Y/n, that thing works better than a mask.” I wiggle my eyebrows when Luke gives me a cup, winking while bringing it to my lips. “I’m going to low creep the whole night…” I speak up before chuckling lightly, Luke’s hand covering his stomach as he lets out a chuckle as well.

“Well, I wish you the best of luck with that. Although I’m sure you’ll pull it off.” Luke laughs as he lightly elbows me, turning his head as the back door opens. “My goal is to get with her tonight.” Luke motions his head to the beautiful girl that had just walked through the door and I smile softly as I watch her giggle with her friends. “Ah, good luck with that. I’m sure you’ll pull that off.”

“Why does that sound sarcastic?” Luke shrieks when I turn to walk away and I only laugh and wave at his as I disappear into the living room. I spot Calum on the couch, hanging out with a few guys I have seen skip in and out when Mer and Cal’s parents are absent, but I don’t know their names. There’s a skimpy dressed girl practically riding the arm rest closest to Calum, and I can’t help but frown at her first before letting my gaze flick to Calum. He was dressed as a proper prince, crown and cape. His sceptre was resting against his knee while he spoke.

But his gaze had found me first.

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Jungkook cheats on you PT.2

jungkook cheats on you

part 1: http://bts-addicts.tumblr.com/post/147487310302/you-catch-jungkook-cheating-on-you-part-1

part 2

word count: 2,342


Jungkook woke up in time to get out of bed before Minsoo woke up. The second he opened his eyes and realized he wasn’t beside you his heart dropped, and he remembered everything that happened the week before. The night you caught him and confronted him. The night where he got drunk and ran out of his house and straight to Minsoo’s house and fucked her senseless. The next night, where he did the same thing, trying to get over the fact that you left him. The third night, too many shots and another fuck, same thing.
The fourth, it was starting to get pointless, repetitive. He felt numb inside. Empty.
And the fifth night, which was last night, it felt like his body was just giving up.
He was having sex, but it didn’t feel good anymore. It didn’t feel like it used to.
The alcohol wasn’t doing anything to help either, just major hangovers like the one he had right now.
Jungkook rolled out of bed as quietly as he could and picked up the clothes he had worn last night, throwing them on.
His brain couldn’t really process anything that was happening, nor what he was doing. He’d usually stay until Minsoo woke up and then excuse himself and leave, but now, he was leaving early, and leaving to go to your place.
He picked up his car keys and walked out of the apartment, shutting the door quietly.
he jogged down the hallway and toward the elevator, jumping in and pushing the button to the ground floor. He let out a deep breath, one that he wasn’t aware he was holding in. He got his phone and unlocked it, clicking on the contacts and scrolling down to the one that said “My baby”.
His hand was clutching his phone so tight that his knuckles were turning white, and he contemplated whether to call you or not.
The ding of the elevator snapped him out of his thoughts, signaling that he had reached his floor.
Jungkook walked out of the apartment building, ignoring the lady at the counter who had wished him a good morning, and straight into his car where he drove off, speeding a little too much over the limit, toward your house. Normally, at this time, you’d be at practice, but he knew Friday’s were your days offs.
He skipped most of the stop signs on the way and almost all of the red lights, somehow not getting caught, until he turned into your neighborhood.
His stomach dropped and his heart started to race wildly as he saw your house. Your car was in the driveway, so he knew you had to be home.
He parked his car beside yours, in the spot that used to be his, and released another deep breath.
He looked at his hands which were placed on the steering wheel of the car and shaking uncontrollably.
Jungkook banged his head on his seat, the memories of all he did finally being processed.
He was out of adrenaline. The adrenaline he had gotten two months ago when he decided he was horny and needy and didn’t feel like waiting for you to be done promoting to satisfy him.
The adrenaline he had when he showed up at a club and met Minsoo, a thin, Korean girl with black hair and child like facial features, all that seemed good enough for him.
The adrenaline he had when he had sex with her that night, his brain secretly trying to convince him that it was you but his pointless anger and sexual needs took over and pushed the guilt out.
The adrenaline he had for the next eight weeks where he continually met up with Minsoo to fuck, just as he had done the first night.
The adrenaline he felt this last week, acting tough and even needier and feeling the need to get revenge.
And the adrenaline he had felt five minutes ago, when he didn’t process where he was going, or why his turns and directions were leading to your house.
He had run out of the stone cold anger at you, now that void of emotions filled with hatred for himself.
The one thing that he cared most for in the world, the one thing that cared for him like no one else had, and loved him through wrong and right, never betraying him, always being supportive, and the most beautiful person he had ever laid his eyes on, gone. Let down. Hurt.
The sobs raked out of his body, blood in his veins pumping thick with pain. His throat was clenched and it hurt to swallow. He couldn’t breathe.
Jungkook lifted his hands and hit the steering wheel as he groaned and turned his head rapidly, almost as if he was trying to escape from his own thoughts.
He screamed, voice scratchy from how furious he was.

You sat on your bed, finishing up an email on your laptop as you sipped some coffee you had made earlier, tucking your glasses up your nose before they fell.
From the outside, anybody would have assumed That you were perfectly fine, maybe a little groggy, but emotionally, fine.
But on the inside, you were desperately trying to forget everything and move on from your thoughts of Jungkook. You’d constantly be reminded of him, whether it was the fact that his side of the bed still smelled like him, or maybe something less obvious, like his razor and toothbrush that were in your mirror above your sink.
You had tried to go out with your friends to see if you’d find a rebound to be able to cope, or something along those lines.
Everyday, from the moment you woke up to the moment you went back to sleep, was a drag.
You dreaded going out, you’d rather stay in your home and goof around on your phone or laptop to just get your mind off things, but that method was becoming old and less effective as the days went by.
Drinking down your last sip of coffee, you placed your laptop beside you and got up, stretching a bit and leaving your room, mug in hand. as you walked downstairs and into your kitchen, grabbing the sponge at the sink, you began cleaning your cup.
Drying it and placing it on a shelf, you decided that you’d be better off taking a nap right now, regaining some much needed rest.
And you would have, if it wasn’t for the knock on the door.
You turned your head towards the sound and raised an eyebrow as you trudged over, undoing the lock and cracking the door open.
immediately, it felt like the wind had been knocked out of you, all of your air was gone, and you were so light headed you could pretty much see stars.
You looked at him, taking in every feature like it was the first time you were seeing him.
His hair was messy and unorganized and you assumed it was because he just woke up. Your eyes trailed down to his eyes, which were currently looking firmly down at the ground.
There were tears in his eyes and his cheeks were stained letting you know that he was definitely crying before.
Looking at his lips, you blinked unconsciously, not having any other response. God, how you missed his lips, the way they molded with yours or the way they felt on your skin, making you gulp.
He was switching off between biting onto his bottom lip, to pursing his lips, taking deep, shaky breaths in between each action.
His neck had hickeys, but they were old and faded, barely present along his pale skin.
and all you could do was just blink again, moving on and down his body, to look right back up when you were done taking him in and, unfortunately, meeting his eyes that were now looking at you.
he opened his mouth to speak, but closed it quickly and hissed at himself.
You had no idea what to do. you were frozen solid, and not because of the cold air outside. rather than your thoughts running wild like they would normally be, you were blank.
completely and utterly blank.
Your mind was empty, but the look he saw in your eyes made him feel worse than he was.
His heart was pounding so hard and so loud that it was all he could hear.
He wanted to talk, he wanted to say something. To say hello, to ask how she’s been, to apologize, anything. But he couldn’t. he barely had a voice. He wasted it screaming cuss words and insults in te car, yelling and scolding himself.
He licked his chapped lips and sighed.
you said, shocking both of you. He wasnt sure you’d even talk to him, he thought you’d slam the door in his face, he was sure of it.
you simply just didn’t know you had it in you to be the first to break the silence, even if it was just a sound, barely above a whisper
“i cant.”
he mumbled, the tears collecting in his eyes as the raced back and forth between yours.
“i cant deal with myself.”
you looked down, trying to conceal the tears that were now forming into your eyes and stinging along with the burning sensation in your throat.
“i cant deal with anything.”
he admitted, lips quivering as he sniffled.
you whispered the same one lettered word you had previously said, not thinking of anything else you could possibly say.
“i’m sorry.”
he blurted.
you sighed deeply and shakily, leaning against the door, not even trusting your legs, you were afraid they’d give out.
you stumbled a little bit, failing to keep your balance.
“and- and i know that it doesn’t mean much now. But i just.. want you to know that i am truly sorry.”
he whispered.
you heard the sound of rainfall and looked up, to confirm your thoughts. The grey clouds had settled over your home.
You reach forward, grabbing the arm of his jacket and pulling him inside.
He came in, steps wobbly and disoriented as he stood in front of you, now closer than he was before.
You shut the front door and turned around to look at his eyes again.
he had a hangover, you were sure of it.
The way he squinted his eyes now coming into the light of your living room and the way he looked so tired, you knew he was having a rough morning.
blinking a couple of times, you decided not to be an asshole and walked past him and over to where you kept the medications. You grabbed some painkillers and, hesitantly, grabbed his cup that he always drank from and filled it with cold water for him.
You walked back over to him and gave him the things, not meeting his eyes.
he frowned.
this one simple action hurt him so much.
he couldn’t believe that even after all he’s done, you were still caring for him, although you were the most hurt.
He sniffled loudly and drank his medicine, thanking you quietly after drinking down all of the water and hugging the cup with his hands.
a tear slid down his cheek as he went over to the counter and put the cup down turning back over to you.
“how are you?”
he whispers.
you furrow your eyebrows and scoff quietly.
that was his answer.
“i regret it. i regret it all…so much. i should’ve been patient. i should have had the decency to wait for you to get home.”
he sat on the couch with his hands in his hair, trying to control himself as he tried to form an apology.
“but, you didn’t.”
your arms were crossed and you were looking straight ahead at the television set in front of you.
you couldn’t look at him. you wouldn’t, you refused to.
Oh, how you wanted to forgive him and hug him and tell him everything was okay.
Yet, you couldn’t bring yourself to do that. You weren’t sure if you could trust him again, especially since you weren’t sure what he had been up to or if would do the same fault to you in the future.
“i didn’t.”
he agreed.
“i didn’t and it kills me to know that i didn’t. I just.. i cant believe i did that to you. I don’t know what went through my head at that moment.”
you hummed as the only response you could give.
“i know and i am completely aware that it’s way too late.. i’m not asking for you to completely forgive me and take me back, i’m not. but do you think-”
he stopped, voice cracking.
“do you think we could start by being friends again?”
you forced a stiff smile onto your face.
his heart dropped as soon as his name left your lips.
“frankly, jungkook… i don’t even want to look at you. i dont want to be in the same room as you.”
you broke your vision away from the tv to meet his eyes, except now it was him that was looking straight ahead.
he felt your eyes on him and took in a deep breath.
“yeah. i understand.”
he stood up and walked toward the door, he couldn’t bear being here any longer, knowing that it caused you pain.
“maybe one day.”
you muttered. You didn’t think he could hear you, but he could.
“but for right now, i need to clear up my thoughts, and i’m sure you need to clear up yours too.”
he nodded curtly and opened the door.
“Goodbye, Jungkook.”
you whispered walking over to the door to close it behind him.
he turned around and looked into your eyes one last time. inhaling and exhaling, he formed some sort of a smile on his lips.
“Goodbye, Y/N.”
and you shut the door.


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This hangover is killing him. Last night went on and on from a club, to a bar, to Jongdae’s house, where he finally called you, drunk off his ass, to come get him. He was humming ‘Hey Mama’ all the way home, too. “There’s that lyric, you know, baby? ‘Let’s make a night, just you and I.’ We can do that when we get home…” His hand suggestively slips up your thigh, wedding band glinting in the light of the streetlamps you pass under as you’re driving, something he normally wouldn’t do, though it still stays rather innocently on your leg - trust him to still be safety-conscious when drunk.
But you have to laugh at his reference. “I think you’ve already made a night with the boys.“ After that, most of the night is foggy. He remembers trying to pick you up to carry you to bed and ending up being the one helped onto the sheets. He remembers shedding clothes everywhere like a stripper, but not the graceful, practiced one he usually is on stage. He remembers you laughing and letting him pull you down into a sloppy kiss anyway. And the last thing he remembers before completely blacking out for the night is his hands being able to pull moans from your lips as they pressed inside of you, searching intently for places that would make you arch your back for him.
He groans as morning light hits his eyes and he buries his head in the pillow again, sighing unhappily when he can’t find you in bed next to him. “Coffee?“ Your voice is soft and when the mattress sinks under your weight and he rolls over, he’s smiling even though his head is splitting. “So, was it a good night?”

- Admin J

So Honey Hold My Hand - Grayson Dolan

“Okay, I need a shower, I’ll be back in like 30 minutes.” I got up from my seat on the couch with my grandma and boyfriend Grayson. This is the first time he’d met her, and it’s only because we got a little too drunk last night when my Grandma was out of the house. I made my way up the stairs and got a towel from my room before going into the bathroom. Not bothering to lock the door, theres only three of us in this house and we all know I’m in the shower.

The water touched my bare skin, it was warm, since it was a cold morning. Slightly hungover, it made my body relax and the ache in my head disappear. I’d already washed my hair and slightly scrubbed my body, not bothering to shave since I did that only a few days ago. I had some pop hits playing from my phone and the noise from the water hitting the bath tub beneath me making me hearing a bit clouded. 

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There is this thing going on about bisexuals not being trustworthy in a same sex relationship. And that bisexuals ALWAYS pick for the opposite sex for a relationship.
Some lesbians and gays say so. I experienced this yesterday night.

Last night I was with my lesbian friend, my bisexual friend and other bisexual friend in a café drinking (no one was drunk, no one got drunk, that’s something we only do when we are at home). So at some moment my bisexual friend his bf joined us. Later on the gf of my lesbian friend joined us too and we started talking about stuff. Let’s call my bisexual friend who is a boy J and his bf L, my lesbian friend S and her gf N.
So after a while N asked J if he was gay, J told her he was bisexual. N got mad at J and called him an untrustworthy person and told L to dump J and look for a gay guy. S got mad at N for saying something like that. S explained N that J and L are engaged and are getting married in a few weeks. Then S said “So if I was bisexual you wouldn’t have dated me? That’s what you want to say? Just because I’m a lesbian? That’s discrimination within the lgbtq+ community.”. N got mad at me for haven’t such friends and asked me if I was bisexual too. I stood up and I told her very angrily that I’m pansexual and that I fall in love with humans and that if she can’t accept it that J is bisexual and L is gay and that they love each other no matter what, that she could leave right now. She shut up, looked at S and said sorry. S was still mad and told her that she isn’t the one she should apologise to but to our friends. She did that and left the café. Later we when to my place for pizza and N called S crying and said she was really sorry for everything.

My point with this is that my friends J and L are in love with each other, madly in love. L doesn’t care if J is bisexual or not, L loves J because J loves L for being L.

Listen up, if you are a lesbian or gay, and you think bisexuals are untrustworthy in same sex relationships than you’re so wrong. So so wrong. Because my friends J and L are prove that your statement is wrong.

Take care and have a nice day.
I love you all ♥

Random AU prompts

1) “I am a ballet dancer and I see you every time I perform in the first row and there are flowers in my room everytime I perform when will you finally introduce yourself”

2) “I am an actor/actress and I was signing autographs and then I smiled at you and you fainted oh my god I’m so sorry, let me apologize and buy you a cup of coffee, at least?”

3) “I was on my way to work and some asshole - aka you - caused traffic jam and I yelled at you but then I saw you at work and you are my new boss hole shit pls don’t fire me”

4) “I was hella drunk last night and you came by to cheer me up, and why you are acting so weird wait what do you mean I sexted you”

5) “I am the only adult on the children’s playground and here you are, looking too young for being a parent, playing with your kid and a puppy can I please pet your puppy I am so bored”

6) “When we were kids, we promised that we’ll never fall in love with each other and save our friendship, but here we are, ten years later and you are looking so freaking gorgeous oh hell I think I fell in love with you”

7) “You have a twin sibling and I always fuck up and can’t distinguish who is who please stop doing that this is not hilarious”

  • Hermione: Rise and shine!!!
  • Draco: [groaning with a hangover] whyyyyyyyyyyyy...
  • Hermione: Shush you. After what I had to deal with last night, the least you can do is get your arse up.
  • Draco: [mumbling into a pillow] Do I want to know??
  • Hermione: After I cleaned the fries off your face and put you to bed, you said something to me that was pretty dark.... even for you...
  • Draco: Mm. Don't tell me.
  • Hermione: OK, I won't. [pause] I love you, too.

Gavin: Did you take the paracetamol I left out for you?

Michael: That was you? Thanks, yeah, I did.

Gavin: Of course it was me who else would it have been?
Gavin: Who do you think dragged your drunk self to bed?

Michael: Thanks, boi.
Michael: I hope I didn’t piss you off or anything.

Gavin: Do you remember anything from last night?

Michael: Not a lot. Why?

Gavin: What do you remember?

Michael: I broke open the other crate of peach moonshine.
Michael: I think I was messaging you?

Gavin: You sure were. I knew you were too drunk to know what you were talking about.
Gavin: Maybe you should take a look back at your messages to me, boi. And then you can admit that I was right when I said you were just projecting.

Michael: Okay?
Michael: …Oh.
Michael: Wow, did not want to do this over fucking twitter. I’m an idiot.
Michael: Are you at home?

Gavin: Yes.
Gavin: I’m working on the security footage re-wiring so I’ll be here all day

Michael: I’m coming over. And I promise I’m not drunk anymore.

Gavin: …okay. You’d better not be boi.

The Mavin Valentine’s Day Extravaganza - Part 4 (1) (2) (3) (5) (6) (7)

Today I woke up at 8:23 and made it to a lecture that stared at 8:25. I walked in, wearing sweatpants that had a stain I knew nothing about and a bun I hadn’t even looked at in 24 hours and saw a man. Just a man, a music professor. The lecture started with why we were all in college, and not to do anything that we aren’t passionate about. He told us that it’s never too late to fall in love, that we weren’t supposed to know now. He told us that sexual assault is never okay, he had us try to count how many women were in our families, then he told us that one in four women are sexually assaulted in college. I looked at a boy who was earlier talking about how drunk he had gotten last night and how proud he was to have woken up with a girl he didn’t know, and I watched his face change from ‘too good to be here’ to 'wait that happens here?’ in the blink of an eye. It made me think of my aunt, and the behaviors I have seen in her, each of them scars from the things that were done to her and not with her. We talked about plagiarism, and that it’s not about the work you didn’t put in, it’s about the person who did the work. We talked about relationships. Who we choose to be around. We talked about turning the page. He asked us what label we had in high school, and if we had ever found it to be hurtful. The jock, the nerd, the band geek, the slut, the prude, or my own, the bitch. He told us that today we are in a place where nobody knows what we were perceived as in high school, and that we had the choice to decide that we were never our labels and to create our own. Today I woke up at 8:23 and by 8:30 I was wide awake.
—  If that isn’t college I don’t know what is.

Dear you, 

You have no idea how much I miss you. Even though I am surrounded by love from my friends around me, I still wish that you were here. 

You did not get mad for the same reasons that my friends do. You did not get mad for me drinking your beer, for sleeping during a movie, for not showing affection. I love my friends. I truly do, but as much as everyone gets petty, your reasons for being petty are different from their reasons for being petty. I prefer your pettiness. 

I got too drunk for my own good last Friday night. I drunk-called some friends, but I did not drunk call you. Even though I miss you, I am always afraid of showing that I do. When I was with you, I felt like you were my best friend, but I never knew if I was yours. 

Yours truly, 


anonymous asked:

Can u do all number that are multiples of 9?

Very creative, sir, I like you.

9. How tall are you?

4′10 (I’m smol)

18. Do you want children?

I do want children, but not until in the future when I have a job and I’m in a stable relationship and everything. 

27. Would you like to be a big celebrity?

I’m waaaaay too awkward, knowing me I’d fuck everything up and get in huge trouble about something or other.

36.  Favourite clean word?

I don’t really have one, however I love the fact that when you have my accent you can literally say any word in the English language and use it as a substitute for the word drunk.

“You should’ve seen me last night, I was utterly lawnmowered.”

45.  What is your favourite accent?

Already answered this one.

54.  Are you a clean or messy person?

When you’re an artist there is only one answer.

I can never find anything in my current workspace situation unless I’ve carelessly thrown it somewhere. I hate when someone else puts away my art supplies because I don’t know where anything is and it’s just horrific.

63.  Biggest fear?

…well, you all know what at least one of them is…

I also have a horrible fear of rejection or being embarrassed which isn’t so fun, I’ll explain this in more detail one day.

72.  Are you scared of the dark?

Not really, but I have a terrible habit of watching/playing horror games during the day which I usually deeply regret at night.

81.  Can you roll your Rs?


90.  What makes you angry?

The usual; racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia etc. I also have misophonia and that is one of the worst things on the planet so if you know what it is or have it, you get where I’m coming from. 

99.  Colour of your bedspread?

I actually have Union Jack bedsheets - very patriotic, I know. 


ANON ASKED: Can you please make one where the reader is trying to cover bruises after being abused by her boyfriend? Thank you.

You tugged at your long sleeve shirt once more
before entering the bullpen.
The bruised hand mark above your wrist was a
dark purple colour, and you didn’t want the team to see.
Your boyfriend was drunk again last night and grabbed you too hard.
He had done this once before and apologised. This morning he apologised again,
saying how much he loved you and to forgive him. And you did.
“Hey Y/N. How was your weekend?”
Morgan’s cheerfulness brought a smile to your face.
“It was alright. I just stayed at home for the weekend.”
“Nice. How is your boyfriend doing?”
You froze for a second and scrunched your hands together.
“He is fine.” You quickly shot back.
You could see the questioning look on his face.
‘Damn it. He is a profiler, he’s going to figure it out.’
You turned around but felt his hand catch your bruised wrist.
You winced as a slight amount of pain coursed through your arm.
Morgan noticed your discomfort and let go.
“Y/N.. What is wrong with your wrist?”  Morgan pointed to your arm.
You found yourself whipping your head around and finding
that you had both gained the attention of the team.
“W..what…N..Nothing is wrong.” you stuttered trying to answer him.
“Y/N if something is wrong please tell us beca-”
“NOTHING IS WRONG MORGAN!” You snapped and stormed to your desk.
You glanced back over to see Morgan shocked over your burst of anger.
“Y/N. My office now.” Hotch’s voice beamed through the bullpen.
You looked to the ground as you walked up the stairs and into his office.
You sat opposite him at his desk with your knees
together and hands clasped together, continuing to avoid eye contact.
“What was that about?” Hotch pointed his head to the door.
“It was nothing.” you mumbled.
“It didn’t look like nothing to me. what happened?”
“Morgan just needs to mind his own business.”
“He was only asking if you were okay Y/N” Hotch snapped back.
“Show me your wrist.”
Your eyes widened at what he asked and you shook your head.
“Y/N. Show me your wrist. I know that there is something wrong and
I can tell your uncomftable, But you need to show me
right now or I will consider having you take time off”
The tears began to form as you lifted your sleeve
slowly, Revealing your battered and bruised arm to your boss.
You heard him gasp slightly at the sight of your arm.
“What happened?” Hotch asked again but in more of a sad tone.
“I..It was Eric…He was drunk again.” You sobbed
quietly and let the tears fall from your cheeks.
“I love him Hotch”
Hotch sighed and breathed in through his nose,
suppressing a tear from falling down his own face.
“Y/N…I know you still love him but…This is not love”
he pointed to your wrist.
“Someone who loved you would not do this.”
“I can’t leave him. If I leave him Hotch I will have no one!”
The tears continued to fall and your chest
tightened as your breathing quickened.
“You will have me…you will have JJ…Morgan, Reid,
Rossi, Garcia… You will have all of us.”
Silence filled the room as you thought about what he said.
“I can’t…I am sorry” You looked up at him as you spoke.
You lifted yourself up from the chair and walked to the door.
“Y/N! where are you going?”
“I am going home Hotch.”
“Y/N please…We can help you.”
“Goodbye Aaron”
closing the door behind you you made your
way back to your desk and grabbed your things.
“Y/N? where are you going? I am sorry if I made you mad.
I was just wanting to know if you were okay”
Morgan was franticly trying to apologise as you walked past him.
You entered the elevator and pressed the button.
You took one last look at the bullpen to find your
team staring back at you in shock and confusion.

The smell of alcohol filled your nostrils as you entered the house.
“Eric?” you called out, listening for any movement.
“Where the hell have you been?” He spat out as he met you in the hallway.
“I was at work…I am sorry”
“I want something to eat! hurry up and make me something!”
You felt his hand across your face and a hot stinging sensation replaced it.
You quickly nodded your head and rushed to the kitchen,
pulling out bread, ham and cheese from the fridge.
You served it on a plate and entered the lounge room.
“Here you go” you placed the plate on his lap.
A disgusted look formed on his face. “What the fuck is this!?…I
don’t want a fucking sandwich, I want a proper meal!”
He screamed at you and stood up, allowing the plate and food fall to the floor.
His hands shoved you against the wall and grip at your throat.
“You can never do anything fucking right! Can you?”
You whimpered and tried to release his hands from your throat.
“Please..Stop!” you gasped for air.
His fist collided with your jaw. The punches continued and
you could now feel blood run down past your cheek to your neck.
He release you from his grip and you slumped to the ground in pain.
His kicking came next. His foot connected to your stomach over and
over again until you heard the front door get knocked down.
‘Hotch?…was that really Hotch?“
You felt a hand turn your face to look at them.
“We need a paramedic now!”
You weased as you tried to take a deep breath.
“Hey..Y/N its going to be okay. Wer'e here now.
I should never of let you come home. I am so sorry”
“H..Hotch.” you gasped out.
“shhhh no don’t talk. It’s okay.
Eric will never touch you again. I swear to you.”
You lightly nodded and let the tears fall once again.

“In the Morning”  *WARNING: SMUT.

Request from anon: 33 with Sam kink list

Sammy’s POV

Last night was a dream. Last night did not happen. I want last night to be real. I want last night to happen.
I slowly open my eyes and glance next to me, smiling as last night was actually real. I met this most amazing girl last night. Not a girl I can just fuck and leave. A girl who made a big impression non me, wanting to take her home and introduce her to my parents. She was one of those girls. She didn’t want to come home with me but she was too drunk so she stayed the night. Didn’t do anything to or with her. She changed her clothes and we went to bed. 

I watched her sleep as I look at the clock, 5:22am. I slowly got up and went to the bathroom, taking a shower, washing my face, brushing my teeth, all with the door wide open. While brushing my teeth, I looked out the door to see her still lying down, but awake, looking at her phone. I just smile, going back to brush my teeth. I walked out the bathroom in my towel, “Can I play some music?” She asked softly. I nodded, turning on the speaker, and handing her my phone. I watched her just press play, letting it pick a random song. 

In the Morning by J. Cole ft Drake. (play it if you’d like)

We both blush at the song. I stood there listening at the piano for 2 seconds, before moving. Right when I was about to walk to my closet, she sat up, grabbing my wrist. She looked at me with these eyes. These eyes that started luring me in. She slowly pulled me towards her as I climbed on top of her. I left kisses on her collarbone and neck till I reached her lips. “Uhhhnngggggg,” she purred out

Once I reached her face and she cups my face in her hands, looking deeply in my eyes before kissing my lips. I slowly kiss her lips, leaving her wanting more. Her hands flowing through my hair, intertwining strands of hair between her fingers. I lifted my head a little as her face followed my lips, wanting more. I smiled, kissing her again, my hands trailing down her body. She started squirming at my touch, one hand stopping on her waist, the other went up the long shirt I let her borrow to sleep. My fingers slowly rubbing on her exposed pussy. “No panties.” I teased, kissing her lips. Her hands released my hair, traveling down my sides to my waist, unwrapping my towel. She wrapped her legs around my waist as my shaft lied on top of her wet folds. She unwraps her legs from my waist, as I start teasing her, grinding up and down her wet folds. 

Her back arching, wanting more. She whines, “Pleeeaasseeee… I want it, oh my go- fuck..” grabbing a hold of her boobs, playing with them. “Fuuck me, baby.” She moaned. I entered her, her pussy so tight around me. “uhnnnnggg,” She pants as she felt me inside her. I slowly grind inside and out, waiting till she adjusts to me. “Faster,” She whispers, biting her lip. I obey her order, speeding up my pace, hearing our skins clap together, turning me on more. Her boobs bounding up and down at each thrust, I bend down suck and playing with her nipple. “Holy fuck,” She curses under her breath.

“You’re so fucking wet,” I husked out, thrusting faster. Her hands resting on my back as she starts digging her nails in my back. “Don’t stoppp! Oh my god. Yeah,” She smiles, biting her lip, “Yeah, like that. Right there, like that.” She pants out in my ear. I left her legs, folding them back, fucking her in a new angle, thrusting faster.

As my thrust got faster and deeper, she gaspers harder and harder, squealing once I hit her jack pot. She starts clenching, grasping for air, as I go in faster. “Oh m-I’m gonna cum, fuck, I’m gonna cum.” She cries out as I start rubbing her clit, making her tremble even more, sending her off, scratching her nails on my back. “Cum,” I heavily said, “Cum for me baby.” I groaned harder, watching her eyes roll back, “MMMMMMMMMMMMMFUCK,” As she came all over my shaft, slowing my pace for her. I came to a stop, as she was breathing hard in my face. She smiles at me, “I love fucking in the morning.” She kicked me off of her to next to her, as she got on top of me. 

She grabs my shaft in her hands, her hands going up and down my shaft, making me groan, deeply. She got on her tip toes, teasing her pussy on my dick, before going down on me, all the way. Her body grinding up and down, leaning forward, holding down my arms as she looks me in the eyes as she rides me. 

“Fuck, you’re so big,” She cooed out. My eyes trailing up and down her body, from her bouncing boobs, her turned on face, and her pussy going down on me. She kept the same pace, making it last, as I wanted her, wanting more, needing more. “Ohhhhhhhh fuuuccckkkkkk,” she bit her lip, smiling. “Faster,” I groaned. She straddled me and began to bounce on my cock as I held her bouncing tits, cupping them in my hands. Her cum began to drip down my shaft and onto the bed as I could feel her gasp on my lips as she moaned with deep pleasure. As she bounced harder, my cock began to pulse as I began, “I’m cumming,” I barely even groaned out, warning her to get off, but she fastened her pace as I gritted my teeth together, grabbing and gripping onto her ass, thrusting up into her wet pussy, making her scream as the sound of our skin started slamming together. She held onto the sheets next to me, her head resting next to my ear, moaning and screaming next to it, sending us both over edge. 

She lifted herself off of my cock, then lied right on top of me, as we both were breathing hard. “I thought you don’t fuck a guy the first night you meet them.” “I don’t. It’s morning now.” She smirked on my chest. “This. was fun. Should do it again.” I teased, looking down at her. “Oh yeeaaaah,” her voice started filling with lust, her index finger tip, drawing stuff on my chest. “So, next week?” I breathed out. She looks up at me with devilish eyes, “Why wait for next week?” She smiled, getting up, and pulling me towards the bathroom. 


I thought I’d start everyone’s day off the same way Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto always do….dealing with drunkass Noctis. 

(The screen caps of pictures 1-4 belong to gaming-booty

(Also, kindly note that lil tiny cutie mole above Noct’s left eyebrow (his left, your right) in the parseltongue picture. The reason is hair covers his face is because it is too precious for this world and needs to stay hidden. How can you not love him???) 

living with luke would include
  • your bed is covered in a bunch of stuffed animals that luke brought home from tour for you
  • playing cards & board games except you are both drink, so you pretty much spend the entire night laughing after luke says “fo gish”
  • as soon as you get home he has a smirk on his face & a new pick up line to try out on you
  • “hey… psst… did you know… i love you :-)”
  • most of the times you’re pretty quiet until yall eat too much candy or get drunk and then you start getting noise complaints from the neighbors
  • having movie marathons that last all night and result in you sleeping all of the next day
  • putting up a bunch of decorations for EVERY. SINGLE. HOLIDAY.
  • making him take them all down because it was his idea
  • having to remind him to eat & drink water because when he starts writing a song, he won’t stop until it’s perfect
  • “hey babe, wanna hear this new song I wrote?”
  • when you’re doing laundry you find little notes from his jean pocket from when he & michael weren’t recording so luke was writing to michael about how much he loves you
  • getting texts that say “cuddle? <3″ whenever you’re not in the same room as him
  • having the boys over & overhearing luke bragging about you to them
  • he will never just throw anything away, he had to act like he’s the start player of a basketball team about to make the winning shot
  • he always starts & ends his days by telling you “i love you”

calum // ashton // michael

EXO react to you drinking and smoking

So you sent me another message saying this was for EXO, aha! So these aren’t all the same, I’ve done a few for drinking, a few for smoking and a few for both. Have a nice day too, thanks anon

Baekhyun: *To your friends* “You should have seen her last night, it was horrific,”

Y/N: “Babe, it was only a few drinks,”

Baekhyun: “A few drinks? It was more than a few drinks,”

Chanyeol:*Sees you doing body shots with a bunch of strangers*


Y/N: “I don’t understand why you’re so annoyed,”

Chen: “You were smoking.I think I have a right to be annoyed, don’t you?”

D.O: *Sees you, drunk, all over another guy whilst smoking*

Kai: *Mid-conversation with someone when he notices you dancing* “Oh my god. Someone’s had too much to drink,”

Kris: *Sees you having a cigarette with your friend*“I’m not meant to find that attractive, someone please stop her,”


Baekhyun: “You know Y/N’s out there, a bottle of something in one hand and a cigarette in the other,”

Luhan: *After he sees you smoking*“I’m not even pissed, I’m just disappointed,”

Sehun: *Just as drunk as you are* “Come, we’re going home,”

Suho: *He’s a little drunk himself so when he sees you smoking, he gets emotional*

Tao: *You say/do something funny because of the amount of alcohol you’ve had*

Xiumin: *Sees how drunk you are* “I don’t know her,”

imagine human carmilla.

imagine her taking her first (required) bite of human food in 300 years, how different it tastes without heightened senses, how much better it is because it satisfies hunger. imagine her crying a little over some cheesecake because holy frilly hell, dairy.

imagine her discovering that laura is not only faster than her, she’s stronger too. imagine laura trying to teach her some self-defense and carmilla flopping back after five minutes, exhausted. imagine laura doing the heavy lifting when they get their first apartment.

imagine her getting a new piercing and shouting OW WHAT THE FUCK?! rediscovering pain in general is not her fave.

imagine her getting well and proper drunk without realising it because, okay, this metabolism sucks, baby, you’re so beautiful- oh no is this gonna last forever

imagine her finally able to sleep at night without waking because everything is quiet now. she can’t hear the cars and shouts and footsteps of every human nearby. she gets a lil ocean sound machine and it delights her because it’s so peaceful and she can’t tell it’s fake.

imagine human carmilla.

Winchester brothers-Woops?...

Title: Woops?…

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1111

Request:Hey so it’s sisters Sunday (Atleast for me) YAY! So I asked this last week but I figured it was worth asking again. So can you do a sister fic were the reader is like underaged maybe even too young to drive you decide. And so one night she sneaks out to a party and ends up getting drunk and having a one night stand. And later she’s late for her period and thinks she might be pregnant and they freak out. But in the end she’s not please. I LOVE YOUR BLOG BY THE WAY!!!!!!

Request:So let me start off by saying I love your writing and I couldn’t think of a better writer to do this request so here goes. So for sister Sunday can you do one where the reader is like 17 and goes to a bar and gets drunk and has a one night stand and her brothers don’t know. Then a couple weeks later she thinks she is pregnant and her brothers are like really pissed and then a couple days later they find out she’s not pregnant and it’s all fluff! Sorry it’s so long.

Being the youngest sibling was never easy. Having two, giant, over protective brothers? Worse. You could never do anything without them watching your every move, so scarred on what their life was like that they always kept tabs on each other, including you. 

You were only 17, still in the teens and that meant they were extra careful. Tonight Sam and Dean were doing a case that you couldn’t do. They were in jail for a few days, helping out a buddy on the inside. 

You were stuck at the motels, answering phone calls and giving information. This was otherwise known as your golden ticket to finally do something fun. You brought your gun and phone with you tucking them into your belt and yanking your shirt over your belt before making your way out to the club down the road. 

You were able to get it, using your fake ID and Winchester charm. The lights bounced across your skin, the floor vibrating underneath you. You knew it was unlikely for your brothers to call because it was late, but you kept your phone just in case they did so they wouldn’t get suspicious. 

You sat down on the bar, swinging your legs over before ordering some shots. You were a hunter. You knew when you were being watched. Of course straight away you assumed it was a monster, that thought coming natural to you. 

You turned your head, smirking when you noticed a cute boy looking at you. He looked around 20, maybe older. You shook your head, giggling slightly as you threw your head back and gulped down the burning liquid. 

‘’Damn, little lady. You sure can drink’’He chuckled, sweeping his blonde locks out of his face. You shrugged, grinning at him. 

‘’Would you like to join me?’’You smirked, fluttering your thick eyelashes as you patted the seat next to you. He chuckled, nodding as he sat down on the seat next to you and ordered more shots. 

‘’The names Tate!’’He yelled over the music, chugging back two shots. 

‘’(y/n)’’You replied, shaking his hand. 

And that was the last you remembered. 

Until you woke up next to a naked Tate…. You cursed, fumbling over your clothes and harshly ripping them on. Checking your phone you noticed you had a few missed calls, your eyes widening along with the harsh beating of your heart. 

You stumbled out, head killing you. You made your way back, quickly taking a shower and brushing your teeth. 

You hadn’t thought any more of that night, not even bothering to tell your brothers. Until you had missed your period. You started to panicked, trying to think if you used a condom or not. 

‘’(Y/n), come on!’’Dean called, throwing his bag into the boot of the car. 

‘’Coming’’You called back, smoothing down your tee and taking a steady breath. You quickly stalked out to the car, throwing your bag in the boot. Sam smiled at you from beside the passenger door, waiting for Dean to open the car. 

You nervously smiled back, Sam’s head tilting as he opened his mouth ready to as you what was wrong. You knew it would be hard, your brothers knew all your looks and reactions. They could tell when something was off. 

‘’Kid, we’re meeting Cas at the cafe’’Dean announced, glancing back at you. 

‘’Yeah, k’’You muttered, waving him off and staring out the window. Sam and Dean shared a look, both glancing back at you before shrugging at each other. 

Pulling up to the cafe, Dean strided out the car, Sam staying back for a second. You unclipped your belt, ready to get out when Sam braced his hand on your kneecap. 

‘’(y/n). Everything okay?’’He asked, craned in his seat  to see you. 

‘’What? Yeah, no, of course’’You stumbled out, nodding quickly. Sam furrowed his brows at you, opening his mouth again but you didn’t give him time and just walked out. 


‘’Are you okay, (y/n)’’Castiel asked in concern, watching as you bounced your leg. 

‘’Yes, fine!’’You laughed nervously, sounding like you were someone who had just escaped from a mental hospital.  Castiel looked over at your brothers, Sam looking down with a shrug as Dean made a ‘she’s crazy’ motion. 

You all got back to the motel, Castiel going off somewhere to do god knows what since you weren’t really focusing, to scared you had a foetus growing in your stomach. 

‘’Okay, (Y/n), what the hell is going on!’’Dean sighed, the brothers looking up at you. You stood up, pacing back and fourth as you finally let it all out. 

‘’I went to a club and got drunk and woke up next to a guy and now I think I might be pregnant because I missed my peiod, and oh god I think I’m pregnant!’’You rushed out with a squeal. 

They both looked at you, shocked and speechless. 

‘’YOU HAD SEX!’’Dean yelled, slamming his hand down on the table. You jumped, squeaking as you tried to hide behind Sam. 

‘’No, (y/n). Don’t get using me as a shield, I’m with Dean’’Sam scoffed, pushing himself away from you. 

‘’Guys, please yell at me later, I just really need help right now!’’You whimpered, close to tears. 

‘’I can’t believe my baby sister-’’Dean cut himself off with clenched eyes. 

‘’Why were you going to a club alone, (y/n)!’’Sam hissed. ‘’When did this even happen! We’d notice if you were gone for two days’’. 

‘’While you guys were in jail’’You muttered, rubbing your foot against the carpet. They both dropped their mouths, looking at each other. Sam rubbed his forehead, stress marks covering his face as Dean looked about ready to hit someone. 

‘’How could you be so careless, (y/n). A baby, in this life!’’Dean cried out, widening his arms. You started to cry, nodding as they scolded and shouted at you. 

‘’Okay. We need to sort this’’Sam mumbled under his breath, hands cupping his face. 

‘’What’s going on..’’Cas trailed off, walking into the room. 

‘’We…we think (y/n) is pregnant’’Dean sighed, rubing his temples. 

‘’She is not with child’’Castiel stated before sitting on the bed. The three of you looked at him, all rushing over. 

‘’What! cas, how do you know!’’Dean cried out, gripping the angel’s coat. 

‘’Because angels can sense when new life is born’’Castiel announced with a confused face on why they didn’t already know that. You all began to laugh, sighing as relief swept over you. 

‘’You are so grounded’’Dean laughed as he clapped your shoulder. 

‘’And we’re never letting you out of our sights again’’Sam chimed in.