was to see him in the water

bts as roommates (yoongi)

  • an online shopper 
  • “accidentally” uses all the hot water
  • bickering because of the mess 
  • “yA how many times should i tell we have separate laundry bags” 
  •  being stubborn boi he is he’ll just roll his eyes at you
  • but the next day you’ll see ur laundry is already separated
  • buys weird furniture smH
  • “what is that again min yoongi???”
  • “an estcutheon”
  • kumamon stuffs everywhere
  • he ignored you for a week once bc u repeatedly watched and laughed at his audition video D; 
  • always has a notepad, notebook beside him 
  • snaps at u sometimes whenever he’s tired
  • but when he does, u wake up the next morning with your favorite milktea in the refrigerator or the whole room is hella clean


  • sharing skincare tips and doing your night skincare routine together 
  • watches you while you put on your makeup
  • whispers rly quiet “pff she doesn’t need all of that”
  • and you not applying blush anymore cAUSE UR FACE IS RED AF ALREADY
  • texts you whenever ur not home and it’s already late
  • “where r u? do u have keys? bc im going to sleep already ”
  • “yes i have keys” “ok” *30 minutes later* “drive safely”
  • and when u arrive he’s still up lol
  • and he’ll pull this “ i couldn’t sleep so i’m writing songs” card
  • and you’d brush it off with “okay” but you cant stop subtly smiling 


  • really really looks like a baby boo while sleeping
  • moans every time he hears just a bit of noise
  • loves having many pillows around him
  • wakes up @ midnight to pee loLZ
  • pulls the duvet over you sometimes <3 <3 <3
  • and when he’s in the pLAYFUL MOOD HE’D RUFFLE UR HAIR like really ruffle it so bad
  • and laughs at u in the morning
  • “you look like a racoon” 
  • more rolling of eyes
  • you’d have days when you have to drag him out of his bed and vice versa 
  • and he’d get up really fast and u’d be confused
  • “jhope’s calling u?” he’d asked with a groggy voice
  • and you’d be more confused
  • “that beech, anyways i’ll just tell him im already up”
  • “I can tell him if you-”
  • “NO I’LL- he’d be surprised big time as well as u
  • “I-i’ll just text him.” leaving you the most confused person on earth
  • okaaay??”  
  • and jhope texting u later that day “yoongi’s jealous lmao” 
  • and the rest is hISTORY :D

I like the idea of Maedhros teaching Elrond and Elros his magic. Being Feanor’s eldest, he inherited the majority of his father’s fire power (save for Curvo), and knows how to manipulate flames and smoke if he puts his mind it.

Elrond and Elros often stare in awe as he pulls out strands of his red hair, watching them as they erupt into sparks and flames seconds later. Or see him blow flames into cold coals, or even heat pots with his bare hands.

Elrond and Elros sit beside him, glued to his side as he goes through the directions and techniques to use his power.

They get their own pots and sit with them in their hands for hours, concentrating as hard as possible to make the water bubble.

Unfortunately, it’s not something they can learn. But that doesn’t mean Maedhros doesn’t enjoy teaching them, and when they’re not looking, he heats the pot up just a little bit, and tells them they’ve already got it.

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ok but what about when bakugou was kidnapped and comes back and female s/o finally gets to see him again?? could you write a scenario like that? im so thirsty ill take a nsfw or sfw it don't matter lmfao

bakugou katsuki

Originally posted by gurikajis

He climbed out of the police car, sighing at the feeling of finally being free. But before he could even reach his house, he felt someone grab him from behind, causing his breath to stop short. “What the-”

“Bakugou I was so worried!” Was said from behind him and he relaxed. It was his girlfriend. He turned around, a small smirk on his lips.

“Well there was no need to be.” He saw her eyes water and he sighed, pulling them into a hug. “I’m right here, I promise.”

Makeup Fixing

Lipstick on water bottles,
Red stains on coffee cups.
Mascara on sweater sleeves,
And powder on bathroom sinks.
Get it together, girl.
You’re better than that.
You have your pride, baby.
You don’t need him.
You can fix your heart,
Just like you fixed your lipstick.
You can glue it back together,
Just like you glue your eyelashes.
Just a couple swipes of mascara
And a dab of concealer,
And no one has to see the pain.
No one has to notice the hurt.

You and I Make A Good Team

This is my contribution to round 15 of #choicescreates with the prompt “that was fun, let’s do it again sometime.” This is a JakexMC fic and is set during book 1 of Endless Summer before Jake and MC have their first kiss in the water. I wrote a pretty happy fic for once yay! Hope you enjoy!

Thank you to the lovely @hollyashton and @zigisbisexual for hosting this week! Y'all are amazing!!

MC walks out toward the beach and sees Jake laying in the sand staring up at the sky and smile plays at her lip as she watched his silhouette.

She walks over and he looks up at her with a grin, patting the spot next to him.


MC sits and lays her head down onto Jakes shoulder.

“You know I never took you as the stargazing type.”

Jake chuckles and MC is jostled where she’s resting on his shoulder.

“There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me Princess.”

She sits up and looks at him questioningly,

“Like what?”

He grins his eyes shining in the moonlight and his hair creating a halo around his head.

“Well, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told ya would it?”

“Why does it have to be a secret?” MC whispers leaning loser to the man’s face. When his eyes meet hers she has to let out a startled breath at the amount of longing she sees in the blue orbs, “I-” she doesn’t know what to say, but she’s saved from looking like an idiot when Jake surges forward and his lips land on hers.

His lips are chapped and MC can feel his stubble rubbing across her cheek but his lips are soft against hers and he holds her with soft hands. It’s the best first kiss she’s ever received and she smiles into his lips.

After what feels like a life time, they pull apart to catch their breath and MC looks up at the pilot whose hair has been mussed up by her hand running through it and grins.

“Did you do that just to shut me up?”’
He laughs lightly and MC feels a warmth rise into her chest at the sound.

“Yes, but it wasn’t the only reason.”

She feels her self blush and has to look down to hide it even though it’s dark and she knows he probably can’t even see it.

She feels a finger under her chin and Jake nudges her face back up to look at him.

“Hey don’t do that Princess,” he smiles a smile MC has never seen before and she can’t help but smile lightly back.

This man is going to be the death of her.

“You’re quite beautiful in the moonlight, did you know?” He whispers into the small amount of space between them.

Her face heats up even more but before she can reply there’s a low guttural growl from the jungle near where the two of them are sitting.

Jakes eyes widen before he’s off his feet and
facing the jungle in a fighting stance.

“Stay back Princess,” he calls.

“Ican help,” she sidles up beside him and looks defiantly into the jungle.

Jake groans and turns to her with a half amused and half frustrated look.

“Now is not the time to act all high and mighty.”

“I’m not acting high and mighty,” she argues, “I’m not some damsel in distress I can help.”

His eyes flit to her and then back to the jungle where the bushes and trees seem to be moving, something coming towards them.

“Look, just listen to me, I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you.”

He looks at her with pleading eyes for a second and she backs down, stepping behind him a few steps.

“This is the best your going to get,” she stands behind him, heart beating fast and muscles found tight in anticipation.

Before Jake can argue for her there’s a frightening yowl the saber tooth pounces out of the jungle and lands right in front of Jake.

MC sees a broken piece of wood on the ground and throws it to him to use as a weapon.

“Thanks Princess,” he grins and she can’t do anything but grin back, despite the life or death situation they are currently in.

He tries to use the piece of broken wood to fend it off but when the sabertooth’s claw swipes at him and gets too close for MC’s comfort she runs up to him and lands a hand on his shoulder.

“In my professional opinion, I say we run.”

Jake looks at her from where he’s been knocked down to the floor and nods his head.

“That’s the best idea you’ve had all day.”

He scrambles off the floor, takes MC’s hand and they sprint back towards the resort as fast as they can, the sabertooth close on their heels.

“Will we make it?” She asks between huffs as she sees the resort come into view.

“We have to,” comes Jake’s response and she pushes harder, despite the burning in her lungs.
They make it to the resort but the sabertooth gets in before they can close and lock the gate.

“Shit!” Jake yells out pulling MC closer to his body, both of them backing towards the wall.

MC squeezes her eyes shut in anticipation and hides her head in Jake’s neck as the sabertooth stalks towards them.

Nothing happens though and when she opens her eyes she sees Furball blowing ice at the sabertooth, pushing it out of the resort walls.

She quickly runs toward the gate and shuts it closed behind the sabertooth and lets out a sigh of relief.

Furball nuzzles her leg before moving on to Jake who ruffles his fur and smiles.

“Good job little buddy, I thought we were toast for sure,” Furball makes a pleased sound and MC smiles fondly at them.

She sidles up to Jake and slings an arm around his shoulder. She looks up at him through her eyelashes and

“You know, that was pretty fun, we should do it again sometime.”

Jake looks at her incredulously.

“We almost died!”

She giggles and moves in front of him, placing a hand on his chest,

“Okay maybe not the almost dying part, but I did like spending time with you, and we do make a pretty good team don’t we?”

He grins,

“Yeah, I guess we do Princess.”

sasuke has this way of testing the waters with people. he’ll do something to see how they react, and then he’ll do it a handful times MORE to see if they react the same, and then he’ll do it a couple more times just to be sure there’s an established pattern.
and he keeps on doin it with his suicidal talk and every single time anko shows the same concern (her concern for him has been escalating ever since he brought it up for a third time), and eventually he stops being so vague and finally opens up bc he Realizes™ that anko actually cares and she isnt just putting up a shitty front to maintain a good image with him.
anko is exhausted and a bit sick to her stomach with the amount of times sasuke has mentioned killing himself, but she’s glad he’s finally started talking to her about it instead of continuing to bottle it all up.

Tw: drug abuse, drug overdose, suicidal themes

Okay I know I’ve posted about wanting to do verses like this before but I was just browsing YouTube on my break and watched a scene from a show where a boy’s girlfriend overdosed on some pills and so he found her and dragged her ass into a bathtub and ran the water, all the while begging her not to die and she ended up being brought to consciousness from the water and she gagged up the pills she took cause he put his fingers down her throat.

And it made me think of Libertus. And I just. Really want to write a thread like that. He’s been particularly down and out lately and I could see him doing it on purpose.

But him coming into consciousness to someone panicking over him and begging him not to die would be a hell of a wake up call.

i ended up coloring the gale super fast and really lazily like i dont think ive ever rushed through a coloring quite as fast as this one and like

it ended up very tan :T

mostly because i forgot to draw in where his roots would be showing

on the plus side i finally managed to actually make his eyes look like water which you can only see if you zoom in and its honestly the only important part of the picture so here

Not only does the Wonder Woman movie not sexualize Diana, it also doesn’t sexualize Steve. Compared to the female gaze fan service provided in the second Thor movie, where the camera lovingly pans up Chris Hemworth’s water-beaded chest as he bathes himself, a moment that was met with a theater-wide sigh of feminine appreciation (and then a giggle), Steve is shown from just the shoulders up for much of the scene. Even when you are shown his whole body, it is shot from a distance. There are no loving close-ups of his Adonis belt or his flexing biceps.

When Diana sees him, she asks if he is a typical example of his sex, and while Steve automatically thinks of his penis, she isn’t thinking that at all. The camera shows Steve the way Diana sees him, which is as a man, but not as a sexual object.

Homestuck Pool Party Headcanons

John: Canonballs in IMMEDIATELY, he is yelling and he is fucking excited move out of the way this boy is coming through!! Also, because he has a breath aspect I am 413% certain that he can stay underwater for indefinite amounts of time and you can bet your ass he’s going around grabbing people’s feet to freak them out. He and Terezi have a contest to see who can make the most people jump, I will not say who wins I will only say that it is unfortunate for everyone involved. He and Dave are an unstoppable chicken team, they have never lost and will do Whatever It Takes to make sure that remains true.

Dave: Is just chillin, he cares more about keeping his shades dry than swimming around. He will go hard as hell in Marco Polo tho, if you thought he was too cool to jump at the nearest person faster than the speed of light you were wrong buddy he will do what it takes to WIN. Also, when he is the Marco he will (unfairly) target Karkat. This is frustrating. “I’m not even being that loud” Karkat protests for the umpteenth time Dave tags him. “Bullshit” everyone else says, but there’s still a rule that Dave can’t tag Karkat more than five times in a row because really Dave we know you love hearing him yell but Enough Please.

Karkat: Is Bad At Marco Polo. He is so loud. My son. Please. Is very hesitant to get into the water at first bc he’s sensitive to the cold and would rather angrily sweat than deal with the initial shock of getting in. Dave will patiently chill nearby until Karkat is ready, or Dave decides that Karkat is ready in which he will absolutely drag him in. Karkat does not know how to swim so he won’t go past the shallow end, and considering how short he is, uh, that’s not very much of the pool. Dave has to carry him sometimes which he complains about A Lot but secretly kind of likes it whoops. Karkat and Sollux are the shittiest chicken team, Karkat is too afraid of falling in to have any sort of effective strategy and Sollux is like “Karkat just push him” and sort of plows into the other team which just leads to Karkat screeching and nothing gets done.

Roxy: LOVES SWIMMING WITH HER FRIENDS!!! Real people?? That she’s hanging out with?? And you KNOW she’s excited to wear that cute as fuck bikini she alchemized months ago ‘just in case’ ;) ;) ;). After years of knowing Jane and her silly prankster shenanigans, John will absolutely not get the drop on her no sir, he tries to grab her foot she will raise that leg and pull the boy out of the water and give him the Mom Look™. This is war. John will not win. She loves being with Jane and Roxy and her boys!! She is just full of so much love it’s incredible. She deserves this so much.

Calliope: Doesn’t know much about swimming or why humans (and trolls ish) find it so enjoyable, but Roxy is excited so she is too! Interestingly enough, cherubs Do Not Float. Roxy is waving a nervous Callie into the pool and she’s coming down the ladder and once it gets to her chin everyone expects her to do something but no, she makes it to the bottom of the pool and just walks like normal over to where Roxy is. The water level comes up to just below her nose and she has to tilt her head back to speak. “Like this?” She asks excitedly, ‘uh,,, yeah,,,like that’ everyone responds nervously, giving big smiles and thumbs up because they don’t want to disappoint her.

Jade: A master swimmer, she and Jake grew up on an island in the middle of the goddamn pacific my girl knows how to GO. No one realized how fucking ripped Jade was. Jade is ripped as heck. She’s got back and shoulder muscles like an absolute goddess and everyone is like holy shit? Jade? Have you been benching pumpkins all these years? She likes chilling with Jane and Roxy and Calliope because she has been longing for some gals to hang with forever. Not that she doesn’t love Rose, she does, it’s just, they have such differing personalities and anyways it’s kind of hard being around her and Kanaya bc they’re so cute it makes your teeth hurt.

Rose: She and Kanaya have matching floppy sun hats, they love laying out in the sun because Kanaya is a little nervous around water thanks to a certain sea-dweller *cough* eridan *cough*. Rose doesn’t mind, her swimsuits are more for show than swim anyways. She’s got some really cool and intricate goth-y ones and some nice lighthearted pastel ones, an orange and yellow fancy one-piece and a frilly lavender one. Rose has a new appreciation for sunlight but still religiously applies sunscreen because a home girl may be immortal, but fuck if she is gonna deal with any nasty sunburns after defeating the fucking embodiment of evil.

Kanaya: As previously stated, very nervous around water, but so so happy to be in the sun?? It’s not as bright as the one on Alternia which is fine because that means her troll friends can enjoy it too, but she’s literally just so happy to be around people that enjoy the sun the way she does because she’s felt wrong and different about it for years and she finally found someone that understands her ahhshshsjs. She designs all of Rose’s swimsuits and loves seeing her wear them. When it gets dark out, she likes to turn on the glow a little and all these cute little furry wingbeasts will flock to her?? “Those are moths” Rose tells her. “These are my children now” Kanaya pats Rose’s arm, they’re her children too because that’s how human marriage works she’s pretty sure

Dirk: Is so awkward oh my godddd, a little uncomfortable in his body actually? This boy might have muscle but he is all arms and legs and doesn’t know what to do with them because he’s never fuckifnfnfn been around people before. Doesn’t say “Marco” during Marco Polo, he just listens. Breath too loud? You’re tagged. Splash a little? Tagged. Move? Tagged. He’s never Marco for more than two minutes because he’s so in tune with his reflexes that no one even stands a chance. With Jake on his shoulders, they make a decent chicken team, but they’re too worried about each other to be effective. “You okay up there?” He wants to make sure. Someone is tipping Jake over oh no get him off my shoulders is he okay, oh he’s fine, yes I know how the game works Roxy, no Rose why don’t you get in the pool and do a better job before you come for me like that. Rose and Kanaya, in an extremely rare occurrence, do get in for a round of chicken. They beat Dirk and Jake almost immediately. They return to the deck. This never happened and we don’t speak of it.

Jake: Is bad at Marco Polo, he’s an amazing swimmer but he’s not…quiet. After growing up on that island, fighting and swimming, Jake is also Ripped as Heck. Dirk blushes his fucking ass off the first time he sees Jake shirtless. Jake acts all clueless like oh? What’s wrong Dirk? Is something the matter? But he knows exactly what he’s doing and if he’s subtly flexing in front of him, well. That can’t be helped. He may suck during chicken with Dirk, but with Jade on his shoulders? Hoo boy, they give Dave and John a run for their money. He is also John’s favorite to grab the feet of because his reactions are always so over the top with his phrasing. “Horsefeathers!” He grabs at his foot in panic because his first thought is it was one of the monsters from his island, then he sees it was just John who is laughing his ass off because, horse feathers? Really? “I say,” Jake huffs indignantly even though he’s smiling now. “Warn a fellow!”

Jane: Looks rockin’ in her swimsuits because she’s wearing the whole high waisted pinup style ones and?? She’s super gorgeous? Roxy makes sure to tell her that every five seconds just in case she forgets. She and Roxy make a decent chicken team, usually they’re laughing so hard by the end of it that whoever was on top can’t do anything and they fall off because they don’t care about winning they’re just having such a good time. She and Roxy take turns carrying Callie around when the water gets too deep, not that Callie needs to be above the water per se as she seems to have no trouble breathing, but it just makes everyone a little more comfortable and anyways Callie loves it.

Terezi: Killer at Marco Polo for obvious reasons, sometimes she gets tagged on purpose just to show off how quickly she can find people. The only person she’s never been able to get is John, he uses his windy powers to obscure his scent so she can’t “see” him. He is her Marco Polo white whale. One day, John, one day. She and Vriska are terrifying during chicken, Vriska will plow full speed towards the opposing team and Terezi is ready to Throw Hands. The most intense games are between them and John and Dave, both John and Terezi are on top and they fuckin battle it out so hard that Dave and even Vriska start to get nervous on the bottom.

Sollux: Says the water feels slimy. “No shit,” Karkat tells him. “It’s water you fucking shitstain.” Sollux cheats during chicken by using his psiionics to keep Karkat on his shoulders which only makes Karkat mad because he’s terrified of falling in and holy shit Sollux I don’t care what you think your powers are doing I’m gonna fall in fuck fuck fuck. “No I got you” Sollux assures him. He does not. Karkat is not got. Oh well. Sollux mostly likes chilling on inner tubes, plural. He has a blue one and a red one because he’s too tall to fit in just one. “Get a bigger inner tube” Karkat complains. “Perhaps get one of those long, recliner like ones?” Kanaya suggests. No. Sollux will use two inner tubes. He will make the sacrifice of comfort for his aesthetic.

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so, um. if you have any particular feelings about labyrinth--specifically Sarah--uh, go wild.



The morning after Sarah Williams defeats the Goblin King, she gets up and makes toast. She has to brush some glitter off the toaster—it withers and vanishes at the brush of her fingertips, and she stares at her hand for a long time. 

It mostly just looks like her hand. Even when she turns it over, and sees where she scraped her knuckles against the oubliette, where the shattered mirror cut the back of her wrist. It looks like she fell, or was playing in the street. That’s all.

The toast comes out burned, and Sarah stares at that too. Eventually, she slumps down against the cabinets and cries, wracking sobs that send her dad and Karen rushing into kitchen. They check her forehead for a fever, put their hands on her, and keep asking, “Are you okay? Sarah, please, tell us what’s wrong…”

Eventually, her dad drags her into his lap and cradles her against his chest, like he did when she was little. Her legs are too long to really fit anymore, but Sarah hugs him around the neck anyway. “It’ll be okay,” he says, keeps saying. “You’ll be okay.” And Sarah—doesn’t laugh, because she can’t, and doesn’t have the words to express what—how—

(None of her stories ever talked about this. What did Sir George do, the morning after he slayed the last dragon in England? Did Tam Lin eat breakfast, or did he sit there, shivering, wondering if his hands were different, having been claws and wings and scales?)

Afterwards, she leaves the burnt toast outside on the back porch. Not an offering. Maybe a reminder.


It’s Didymus she sees the most often, mostly because he’s the one who invites himself rather than waiting for an invitation. He comes for tea, but even if there’s no tea—which there isn’t, usually—he comes to tell Sarah stories. She learns to love poetry because there’s no escaping it with him. (She won’t read Idylls of the King until Brit Lit in college, but she ends up scrawling a lot in the margins; Didymus’ telling of events had been much more interesting.)

Once, she falls asleep like that, her hands tucked behind her head with Didymus curled up and sleepily reciting from the crook of her elbow. “So tender was her voice, so fair her face—though I don’t think he was looking at her face, my lady, pardon me for saying so—”

Sarah buries her nose in his fur. Didymus always smells of rosewater, and a crispness she thinks is just…the Labyrinth. She falls asleep trying to place it.

She wakes up with a wild fox in her bed, animal-black eyes frightened and flat, teeth bared. The fox is whining, and she’s tempted to throw herself across the room, to get away from this wild thing and its teeth. It takes a monumental will to keep herself still and her breathing slow, even; like she’s still asleep and unafraid. 

It takes her longer to swallow, and start humming one of the songs he taught her—a knight’s round, he’d said. She’s shaky at first, but the fox’s ears flick forward. It cocks its head, and slowly, the teeth disappear behind its lips. 

She almost laughs when noses at her throat curiously, butting its head against her jaw like a cat might.

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random cute class 1A thoughts about sleeping

  • Jirou would absolutely do that “put the sleeping guy’s hand in water to see if he pees himself” thing to Kaminari
  • (he doesn’t, thankfully. Jirou is a little disappointed. Kaminari never finds out who did that to him)
  • Bakugou is not a morning person at all and the poor soul that tries to wake him up one day gets punched in the face. Bakugou is still asleep. he often kicks his blanket off in his sleep. is a very heavy sleeper
  • Iida sleeps in one position and one position only. the other kids try to move him into a different one one day and he will always go back into the position he was originally in. this fascinates the class.
  • Jirou sometimes plugs her earphones into her pillow when she feels scared at night, and listening to her heartbeat helps calms her down
  • Izuku mutters in his sleep. it’s just as disturbing as when he’s awake
  • Ochako chews on EVERYTHING b/c she’s used to starving herself to keep from eating and wasting money. some classmates have woken up to her chewing on their shirts/hair before. 
  • Tokoyami sleeps with his covers over his head
  • Kouda sleeps with a nightlight. it’s bunny-shaped. he also sleeps with a stuffed animal.
  • Aoyama absolutely HAS to sleep with the covers on. even when it’s like 100 degrees he just can’t sleep without them on
  • Todoroki can’t sleep unless he’s on a tatami mat. but he is able to fall asleep when he’s near someone he’s comfortable with. this ends up causing some awkward situations with Izuku and Momo
  • Momo needs to sleep on super plush beds. she can sleep on lower-quality stuff, but she often tosses and turns and usually doesn’t sleep as well. she needs her cushy bed
  • Mina moves around a lot in her sleep and will accidentally punch or kick anyone close by. often kicks off her blankets
  • Sero prefers sleeping with thin blankets or without any. he doesn’t like feeling hot. has no fear and often sleeps with his feet hanging off the edge of the bed
  • Kaminari drools in his sleep. often. also snores. a hurricane could come and he still wouldn’t wake up.
  • Tooru is a cuddler and will cuddle against anyone who’s close by, regardless of who it is.
  • Tsuyu sleeps with 3 blankets on and curled up in a little happy froggy ball
  • Shouji sleeps with his limbs all splayed out and with a single blanket. prefers having a really big fluffy pillow 
  • Kirishima both drools AND sometimes sleep punches people. will sometimes activate his quirk in his sleep and ruin his shirt
  • Satou is also a cuddler and always ends up hugging his pillow in his sleep
  • Ojiou sleeps with his tail wrapped around him like a cat and will curl up in a little ball. prefers sleeping with thin blankets. is a pretty light sleepr
If Attack on Titan was in the style of “The Office”

Eren: *gets to work two hours before everyone else*

“HAHA those cowards. If they were real soldiers then they would be here early like me!” 

*falls asleep*

*wakes up as everyone is going home and realizes he slept through the entire work day* 


*explains to Mikasa and Armin that it was the fault of the titans” 

Mikasa: *glares angrily at Eren flirting with Levi*

“There’s no one here that I hate. However, if a certain individual in the survey corps were to suddenly catch fire and I was the only one who had a bucket of water…I’d drink the water.” 

*smiles evilly at Levi* 

Armin: *chaos erupting behind him*

“In my opinion, do I think I am smarter than everyone else?”

 *turns around to see everyone being dumb and building on fire*

“I would say it’s more of a fact.”

Jean: *staring at Marco* 

“Who do I think is the hottest in the trainee corps?”

 *shot of Marco doing something so unbelievably adorable and Jean blushing* 

“Yeah…I’d have to say me.” 

Marco: *smiling into the camera looking all cute*

“I know I said I’d wait till marriage but Jean told me that God can’t see in the dark.”


Reiner: *looking at Connie doing something stupid*

“Connie is the Survey Corps idiot. No one really knows how he is still alive.”

Bert: *looks anxiously into the camera*

“So umm….do you guys like….always record us…..even when we are having private conversations?” 

*shot of Bert and Reiner and Annie talking about being Titans* 

“Because ummm…..if you do…..that’s not cool bro.” 

Annie: *rolling her eyes*

“Look I’m here for two reasons and two reasons only. One, to get me a piece of that blonde booty over there 

*shot of Armin holding back Eren from punching Jean* 

and two, to murder everyone in their sleep.”

Sasha: *looking blankly into the camera and smiling*

“Every once in a while they make me murder a giant naked person. At first I was opposed to it but then I started noticing that every time I kill one they feed me. So here I am.”

Connie: *wearing a pink toupee* 

“Reiner said pink really brings out my eyes” 

*Reiner laughing his ass off in the back* 

“I think he’s right cause everyone in the trainee corps won’t stop staring at me.”

*everyone in the back rolling on the floor crying of laughter* 

Erwin: *on the topic of Levi*

“I’m not really sure what Levi does around here. He kind of just showed up and started killing Titans. I remember that day very clearly because my eyebrows were the fleekiest they have ever been. Did I say that right? Fleekiest? Fleeky? Fleek? I’m not sure, I heard a child say it once so I thought I’d sprinkle it into my vocabulary to make me sound hipper.” 

Levi: *sleeping in a chair* *talking in his sleep*

“Yeah……oh yeah….you’re so dirty. You’re a dirty little cabinet aren’t you?” 

*wakes up and sees camera* 

“Do you really have to record me while I sleep? Don’t you guys ever have to take a shit?” 

Hanji: *takes off her glasses* 

“Oh these things? They’re fake. I wear them to make myself look smarter. They actually impair my vision quite severely. But you have to pick and choose your battles, am I right?” 

*points finger guns at camera and winks* 

Moblit: *Hanji causes a science experiment to explode causing Moblit to lose his eyebrows*

“Honestly, at this point, I’m not even mad at her. I’m just mad at myself.”

Squad Levi: *Gunther, Eld, and Oluo wrapping each other in scotch tape* *Petra shaking her head in disapproval*

Petra- “I used to partake in their shenanigans until one day I realized I wasn’t 6 years old.” 

(I wish I could draw these but I cannot draw) *cries* 

The Ballad of Captain Jackass Sparrow (aka: Two Bards and a Mutiny)

Context: The session we’re playing is called the Shaded Isles and is a homebrew gothic pirate adventure that has been lovingly crafted. Our party consists of a Goliath Rogue (Vendran), a Human Bard (Ash), a Lizardfolk Ranger (Jesk), a Tiefling Warlock (Flotsam), and a Kenku Bard (LimeWire). We’ve been hired as mercs to guard this unknown cargo from the small port we’re in to somewhere in the Shaded Isles (a group of islands supposedly cursed and definitely frequented by lycans) and our employer (a smarmy asshole of a man named Patrik) refuses to tell us what the cargo is, or let us see it. On our first day aboard the Albatross (named by one of the players), someone is seen floating in the water. We pull them up and they are resuscitated, only to be run through by Patrik, who looks us deadass in the eyes and says “No one can be allowed below deck. No survivors. No quarter will be given.”

At this point, most of us fucking hate him in-character as well as out of character and we’ve been colloquially referring to him as ‘Captain Jackass Sparrow’. Then we run into a pirate ship that is p much confirmed to be run by werewolves, one of which LimeWire (a pirate themself) recognizes as a really famous pirate captain. That’s when Capt. Jackass shoves his foot right down his gullet.

The lycans have done nothing but get close for boarding. He draws his blade–silvered–and yells “GIVE NO QUARTER!”

LimeWire (casting a p competent Vicious Mockery with an accordion after pretty much committing mutiny): YOU TWILIGHT ASS DISCOBALL MOTHERFUCKING BULLSHIT ASS BLOODSUCKER FUCKING DICKBACK USELESS MUDIR SIR!!!

(I should mention that, at this point, it’s almost confirmed by word of DM that Patrik is a vampire.)

…not too much later…

Vendran: *picks up Patrik and carries him towards the pirate ship*

LimeWire (OOC): oh….oohhhhhH!!!!


Jesk (OOC) *laughing loudly*

DM: *cackling*

Ash: I’m…I’m gonna cast Vicious Mockery as well.

DM: Are you sure? Cause-cause he still hasn’t had his turn and he has disadvantage from LimeWire’s Vicious Mocker.

Ash: Psychic Damage though…

DM: …fair point. Patrik rolled horribly so have at it. What’s your insult?

Ash: *inhale* *in a scottish accent* You’re going down, Mr. Stupid Hat-Wearing, Rat-Face, Butter Knife-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw, Bleathering, Gomeril, Jessie, Oaf-Looking, Scooner, Nyaff, Plookie, Shan, Milk-Drinking, Shit-Faced Shilpit, Mim-Moothed, Sniveling, Worm-Eyed, Hotten-Blaugh, Vile-Stoochie, Cally-Breek-Tattie!

All of us collectively lose our shit.

DM: are you? Can you say that in six seconds?

Jesk (OOC): Actually, because it deals psychic damage, it’s one second of insult being beamed directly into his head.

LimeWire (OOC): *laughing* That’s like a sniper-bullet of insult!!!

Flotsam (OOC): What????? *laughing*

DM: *laughing* you know what? I’ll allow that. Yeah…thart checks. And he takes how much psychic damage?

Ash: Four.


@sukikobold said:

I always want to see more acrobatic stuff with Raz. :)

It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there’s a plausible reason for Raz being so good at the platformer puzzles in Psychonauts. I wonder if he visits his family at the circus sometimes to perform super fancy stunts with some psychic abilities added in for extra showy-ness :’D My sister is also struggling through the Meat Circus level currently, and I couldn’t help drawing something for it Ovo;;; wish her luck

Also, kind of unrelated, I bet the Aquatos have circus animals. Like elephants. Or a tiger Raz has become really close with because one day he found out he could talk to her :’)

Dirty Dancing

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Hoseok (J-Hope)

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 5,242

Summary:  It’s the summer and all you want to be doing is hanging out with your friends. Your parents have other ideas and when you end up at a resort in the middle of the mountains, the only bright thing in sight is the dance instructor, Hoseok. If only said dance instructor didn’t seem to completely hate you.

Originally posted by jimins-bunss

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Would you consider professional flirting a power? Idk

Zen’s the guy you’d go to if you need some help in hand-to-hand, blade-to-blade combat. Replication is his main thing, and it comes in handy when tackling the bigger, badder villains. The clones however, only possess his base proficiency at combat and flirting and none of his other powers. He also has a sporadic Psionic Intuition, which allows the team to see glimpses of the future (psychic dreams anyone?). Albeit fleeting, Zen tends to be extra sensitive to the bigger-scale, future-altering, history-making events. He might not be able to see how well you’d do in a test, but he’d definitely see Godzilla rising out of the water a couple days or weeks before it happens, so don’t worry. :D

Adoptive Muscle Memory is less of a power and more of a skill he developed. Quick perception and hella body-eye coordination allows him to study your moves and learn them with time. Short battles are of no use to him, but if the duel is extended or you come back for a rematch, then watch out bc he’s probably got all ur moves figured out. 

Yes, I did the math and estimated that his sword would be about 0.84m long in proportion to his height, which I think was about 5″9. I’m extra that way.

The Train

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Word Count: 4201

Prompt: Y/N walks in, and Harry notices she’s wearing yellow again, this time it’s a yellow sweater with a pair of dark skinny jeans and brown ankle boots, her hair is pulled back into a pony tail with a white scrunchie with little smiling suns and he swears that he has to squint to look at her. “Oh! I know you-you’re the guy from the train,” Y/N beams, “Harry, right?” she sets down the tray of muffins.

 “I didn’t tell you my name,” Harry snaps.

 Y/N pouts, “well yeah, but I’m also not stupid,” she says. 

“Are you joining us today Harry?” the man asked, “I’m Seth, I run the group.”

“Why else would I fucking be here,” Harry grumbled.

 Y/N grabs a muffin, ignoring Harry’s sour attitude, “here, they’re made with love,” she smiled, holding out the blueberry muffin.

 “Fuck off,” Harry says. He watches as her smile fades and the glint in her eyes seems to disappear, for a split second Harry feels like a dick, but then he realizes he doesn’t care and Y/N should just shove the muffin up her ass.

Harry was annoyed.

It really hadn’t been his day at all. His morning was terrible, he woke up next to a blonde and he tried really hard to remember her name-only to fail. When he asked her to leave she insisted on making breakfast, to which Harry responded with “feel free to grab something and leave” and then he proceeded to shower. When he got out, the unknown girl stood in his kitchen making herself a smoothie and toast. Her red lips in a pout, “come on, you can’t be in that big of a rush,” Harry ended up calling security, she was crazy.

When he went into the studio he was blank, the songs he did come in with were rejected and he couldn’t find the energy or muse to write another one. He was out of inspiration, nothing amused Harry anymore. He found himself not enjoying the things he used to love, drinks seemed to be the only thing that made him feel something (and it was only for a little bit). He didn’t enjoy being surrounded by his friends and family, his love for writing was slipping through the cracks, and his energy was fading.

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