was to be yourself

A tip: if you don’t want to start crying again don’t think about jake peralta saying “this is really happening, this is real” not only as a reassurance to amy that it wasn’t a part of the heist but also to himself because holy shit after months of planning and being away from her, there he is: down on one knee, asking the woman he loves to be his wife.

It’s real.

when you’re surrounded by good people but you still feel utterly alone, consider this; these people cherish you. you cherish them. but where are you in this equation? we spend so long cherishing, loving, and giving to others that we often forget to include ourselves and give love to ourselves so that we can thrive too. and that’s our biggest mistake. we must care for the very being that keeps us going, we must give love to ourselves and mend what is broken and in need of repairing. because if we don’t, we’ll eventually be dried out and no one can run on empty. so, fuel yourself. i know you would rather give to others than yourself, believe me i do, but you are so important too. remember that.

It was nice while it lasted.

The Witch Sisters 

Mary (left) can speak to any animal, dead or alive. She harnesses the power to levitate only a few feet off the ground.

Amelia (middle) can see a person’s whole life, past and future, with a single touch but never her own. She becomes completely transparent in darkness.

 Fiona (right) can make any plant grow incredibly large or wither into ashes within seconds. She also has the ability to transform into a bright yellow butterfly, but only for a few minutes.

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I'm really high and watching guardians of the galaxy and while Owen lllouuf (???) plays Peter quill as a child, i can totally see him play peter quell as an adult too (but like once he grows up ??) does any f this make sende? it makes sende nn my head. what i mean is Owyn (???) is talent

i want this ask printed and framed in my house holy shit