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On one hand I'm like 'no way they would be so obvious with Louis posting 'Always You' and Harry's single being titled that... it would be way too obvious'. But on the other hand I'm like 'but maybeeeee, I mean, there is a piano softly playing and it sounds like a ballad, and what if it is indeed titled 'Always You'' and I'm just AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH thinking about that possibility!!!


Guys… After Keith learned about the Blade of Marmora and made the connection between his knife and the Galra, he started asking Coran questions about whether it was possible that the Galra had ever been on Earth. Coran replied that it would be obvious if the Galra were on Earth, but Keith makes a valid point.

“The Blue Lion was there. Did a Galra pilot the Blue Lion too?”

At that point, Lance steps out in all his beautifully pampered glory and changes the subject, and then Pidge calls everyone over to look at something she found.

Coran never answered Keith.

What if the pilot of the Blue Lion was Keith’s mom? What if that’s how it got to Earth, and how she met Keith’s dad?

jughead doesn’t have an answer         


jughead drinks his morning coffee       


jughead comforts a friend                    


jughead sells drugs to local teens        


jughead becomes an archeologist


jughead has a theory about the killer and turns out he’s right


jughead finally has a place to live with his best friend



I have so many people in my inbox asking for how the bakushima asked Denki out it’s amazing - the answer is it was a disaster from start to end but what were you all even expecting we’re talking about Bakugou and Kirishima

Denki said yes anyway cause he’s a disaster too

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A Cinderella Story AU with Viktor as Chad Michael Murray and Yuuri as Hilary Duff


  • It has always been Yuuri’s dream to go into professional figure skating but it’s a risky career choice and he’s not sure about it
  • He’s shy in school and Victor Nikiforov is a popular jock, always surrounded by friends at the cafeteria
  • Yuuri becomes friends with a boy who goes by the name poodle-lover and they agree to meet at a dance and get to know each other
    • It’s a masquerade and Yuuri discovers that poodle-lover is, in fact, Victor Nikiforov!! They dance and are completely enamored with each other but Yuuri is scared that Victor will judge him since he’s ‘ordinary’ and ‘not popular’
  • Yuuri’s phone goes off just a little bit before midnight and, scared, he runs home. His phone falls on the ground and Victor picks it up, shocked
  • Victor tries to figure out whose phone it was but every other boy in school is trying to convince him that it was theirs
  • Victor comes to the restaurant that Yuuri works at and ends up telling him everything–not knowing that it was him the entire time
    • Yuuri is about to reveal himself when everything goes wrong,,, JJ Leroy comes over and makes a joke that the guy at the ball had just been trying to seduce Victor and obviously hadn’t cared enough about him to stick around
    • Victor is outraged by this but also believes it and is distraught, Yuuri doesn’t have time to reveal his secret
  • Yuuri decides that he wants to do something about this after a talk with his friend Phichit and he declares to his family that he’s going to go into figure skating, then he marches to Victor’s house and reveals everything
  • They fall in love and become rival figure skaters & husbands
breaking binary [707/fem!MC]

NOTES: I might carry this on a lil bit if you guys like it enough, possible smut too. Also I’ll be writing male roles in the future so keep posted!

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You weren’t sure how it’d ended up like this, you and seven.

He was upset about something, that much was obvious. But when you’d asked him you sadly got the expected answer of “Nothing’s wrong, I’m working.” Which wasn’t exactly a lie, he was working, but he didn’t have to be. He chose to work because something happened, because earlier he had delivered a dramatic speech about how he was free from the shackles of labour. Then he switched to a more sullen mood and strode off to his room.

You followed, which you knew probably wasn’t the best idea, but you did it anyway. And now here you both were, laying on his massive bed in complete silence. The occasional sound of his finger pads hitting the screen at rapid pace.

The bed must of felt lonely when he was on his own, but you generally tried not to think of that too much. Knowing that Luciel wasn’t the happiest of souls angered you to no end, because he deserved it. He deserved it so fucking much. Images flashed through your mind, and with every detailed picture of a sad, lonely and work obsessed seven, you felt yourself moving closer to him, shortening the distance of the sheets between you.

He noticed.

- Luciel -

She was getting closer. I could feel the sheets being pulled tighter across, and the body heat around me slowly increasing.

Why is she so persistent. I mentally screamed, I knew she’d do this, she always does.

She always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. She always makes me confident, happy and as proud of myself as I could get, she knows just how to make me smile just as much as she knows how to make me want to press her into the mattress and mark her in every way I know how.

And fuck, I hated it.

I hated that she had power over me, I hated that she was so lovely and beautiful and that she went above and beyond every single one of my unbearably high standards. I hated how much I couldn’t possibly hide all these stupid fucking feelings no matter how hard I tried, especially at times like this.

I felt her small, warm hand reach out to my own, and I flinched. Her fingers entertained with my own, but I kept my hand straight. She didn’t seem to mind, only pressed further into my side.

She was nuzzling into me now, it was slowly getting harder to breathe. Her other hand gently wrapped around my waist and I tensed, feeling every muscle contract with her light touch. She panted on my shoulder slightly and I ignored the goose bumps that formed.

“Seven, I just really want you to know that I’m here and I always will be.” She breathed. I held back the urge to roll my eyes, not this.

“Listen, we’ve been over this an-” I started, still not looking away from my phone.

“Yes, I know, I know how this conversation starts and ends. I know how this will keep on going in a circle until you finally accept that me and you is okay. That me and you together is a good thing. And I am willing to walk around in circles thousands of times to wait for that day.”

don’t say that. please, please don’t say things like this. We can’t do this, we can’t be together, we can’t , we can’t.

She sighed and started again.

“I know that you live in a binary world of ones and zeros, and I know that I’m a two who doesn’t fit with the algorithm. I understand.” She muttered, her voice dropping lower. She was upset.

Damn it saeyoung! Look what you’re doing to her. Why is it that I’m going to end up hurting her either way? Is there something I’ve missed, have I not done something right? I just-

“I know how hard it is for you to compute that there’s a different number in the system, and I know that you think this is best because you’re just going to hurt me. But you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care that you have to work a lot and you won’t have a lot of time for me. I don’t care that you might get angry or shout at me from time to time, because I’ll probably do the same. I don’t care that you have a terrible past because I just want to be a part of your future, so I can try and help to make it as good as I can for you. Because you deserve it, fuck. You deserve it more than anyone I know Luciel. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, whichever form you’re in. Whether it be 707, Seven, Luciel or even Saeyoung. I don’t fucking care, I want them all. I just want you.”

I was crying.

My phone screen was now just a blurry glow of light and my glasses were of no use. My temples were wet and I had increased my breathing.

I couldn’t think straight. All I could think was her. It was always her.

There was not one other person that could do this, not one other person I would rather have clutched to my side. It was just her who I wanted to wake up to, who I wanted to spoil and take on days out and visit cat shelters. I wanted to run my fingers through her hair whilst she was sat on my lap watching tv. I wanted to do everything we did already, but I wanted to make it more personal. I wanted to be her person, the one who could make her feel just like she was making me. She was making me feel loved.

“I don’t care that I’m a two seven, because to me all that matters is when I’m with you, I feel like a one.”

I felt my t-shirt wet with her own tears. I heard her little sniffles and puffs of breath, I felt her hair fanned out around us, I felt her heartbeat and I felt her love.

I felt my fingers flex around her own.

She was warm,

and I didn’t ever want to be cold again.

Imagine Sheriff Stilinski going to your parent-teacher conference, when your parents can’t make it.

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Imagine Sheriff Stilinski going to your parent-teacher conference, when your parents can’t make it.

A/N: Totally the wrong GIFS for it

“Are you sure they’re not siblings? Like step-siblings?” Finstock asked, looking over the file on his desk. “I mean if they are-no judgement here, many of my kids come from gay families-”
  “(Y/n)’s father got called on an emergency surgery, and asked for me to take his place. That’s all.” Sheriff Stilinski interrupted already weary from the previous conversation about his actual child and his deceased wife. (Y/f/n) definitely owed him a beer for putting up with this guy longer than necessary.
   "And her mother?“ Finstock questioned. His expression made it seem like the most obvious answer. "She on call at the hospital too?”
  “She’s in Kuwait, serving our military.” He answered, annoyed.
  “That’s great- wonderful really. I’ve always supported our troops-”
  Sheriff Stilinski closed his eyes. “How is (y/n) doing in class?”
  “Oh thank God.” Finstock sighed. “(Y/n) fairly good student, does her homework, pays attention in class for the most part, her real problem comes in her desire to only do the minimum work necessary. If she like your son took advantage of her talent, she’d be a much better student.”
  “Well that’s not too bad. For a second I was afraid (y/n) wrote her midterm on male circumcision as well.” Sheriff Stilinski joked.
 "Oh no, hers was on the history of cholera and how it became an epidemic. The main argument being- and I quote- western imperialists are dicks.“ Finstock reiterated.
“Now do you understand why I thought they might be siblings?”

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Give me the Layla and Warren conspiracy theories

Okay, listen up. First off, we have this rumor off of the TV Tropes website:

It’s since been taken down and isn’t exactly damning in and of itself, but bear with me.

A lot of the characters’ names in this movie mean something; of the central characters, there’s the Warren Peace pun, the obvious Will Stronghold, and Gwen Grayson, which a lot of people have pointed out may be a combination of Spider-Man’s girlfriend Gwen Stacy, and DC superhero Dick Grayson. The only main character’s name that doesn’t seem to mean anything is Layla Williams, which is weird considering she’s the female lead, and notably similar to supervillain Poison Ivy, whose alter ego is Pamela Lillian Isley, originally Dr. Lillian Rose, so they totally could have gone in that direction.

Now, remember the scene where they’re going through Steve and Josie’s old high school yearbook?

When they get to the picture of Warren’s father Barron Battle, Steve says “Always swore he’d have his revenge on me. And he totally stole the lead in Oklahoma!” and judging from Will and Josie’s reactions he still brings this up a lot.

Oklahoma! is a famous play in which the main storyline revolves around the male lead, Curly McLain, trying to convince the female lead, Laurey Williams, to acknowledge her affections for him. Spoiler alert: he succeeds and at the end of the play they get married.

Laurey Williams.

Layla Williams.

They just called her Layla because no one names their kid Laurey anymore (no offense to anyone named Laurey), and this is clearly foreshadowing Warren and Layla getting together: Warren’s father “stole” the lead in Oklahoma!, a role centered on a romance with Laurey Williams, from Will’s father; ergo Warren was going to “steal” Layla from Will in a future film.

To make the evidence even more damning, the secondary storyline in Oklahama! follows a guy called Will Parker and his quest to marry this girl Ado Annie. He doesn’t look twice at Laurey. I rest my case.

Of course, it’s perfectly possible that is just another one of those million weird coincidences that show up way too often in a medium where creators always claim they actually think about this stuff, OR

it’s. foreshadowing. Prove me wrong.


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I get your hints. I don't see them as a problem. I think a subset of the people annoyed get them, they just feel like they're a little too flip because of a failure to be properly exposed to how trivial their concerns are on a cosmic scale. I think another subset of people feel like the responses beat around the bush because you're not responding to some subtextual aspect of their question they feel is obvious.

My mind space is not on tournament Magic. It isn’t what I do. I’m the design guy, so my focus is more on the architecture of why and how we put things together.

So when someone asks why there aren’t graveyard answers, I take it as a design question. Structurally, why wouldn’t you put answers in the design?

The answer involves non-public information so I give a coy “wait and see” answer. I do 100% plan on explaining the reasoning when I’m able.

The person asking the question was concerned with Standard though so they were asking me, the easiest person to ask a question, something to let me comment on the state of Standard.

I wasn’t being dismissive or arrogant or unempathetic. I was a hammer assuming something was a nail when, in fact, it was far from a nail.

With hindsight, I now see the tone behind the question and if I had it to do over, I would give a straight-forward answer.

Here’s the problem for the future for me. Can I tell the difference before answering? Not only do I have the viewpoint issue, but I’m most often answering questions in between living my life.

I think the “madness to our method” quote was written while my son was brushing his teeth. My focus is already not 100%, but if I want to keep up my volume (which was the #1 positive response when I asked recently what people like about my blog) that’s the time I have to answer.

My point for this long post is that my goal is always to be the best spokesperson I can be. I try to learn from my mistakes to improve, but I know that this kind of nuance issue is just not something I’m going to catch all the time.

I promise you I hear the concerns and I’m working to do the best I can. I’ll try to catch things like this in the future.

All I ask in return is to remember I’m a human being capable of making mistakes just like anyone. Please don’t assume malice on my part.

If generating a million plus words of Magic a year should do anything, it should at least make my intentions clear. I care very much for the game and for the community. My involvement here on the blog is to enhance the game and make it more enjoyable for all of you not be dismissive of your concerns.


Requested by Anon
Pairing: Scott McCall x Reader
Word count: 322
Warnings: None

”Hey Jackson!” you squealed from the field when you saw him step onto the bleachers, gym bag slung around his shoulder as he waved at you. ”Looking good today” you yelled again, earning a satisfied smirk from him.

”Hello to you too, training bra” he answered and you playfully twirled your hair between your fingers while biting your lip. ”It’s new, you like it?” yours and Jackson’s obvious and loud flirting got everyone’s attention, especially your alpha’s.

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List of PLL questions!

I am praying at least the main ones get answered by the end of 720! If the minor questions aren’t answered explicitly, I just hope that the answers we do get help us to fill in the blanks ourselves. Whilst the list does look stupidly long, it actually is possible to answer the majority of them as they are all intertwined. Answering one will naturally bring the answer to the next, on the same topic. 

  1. Who is AD/Uber A?

  2. Why was Charlotte A?

    Whilst we already have this answer, I have a feeling it is going to change because she evidently lied in 610. I will update this after we get confirmation.

  3. Why is Charlotte’s death so important to AD?

  4. Who was Alison so scared of throughout season 4? “I want to come home, but it’s still not safe for me”. Charlotte, as A, actually wanted Ali to come home and stay home, so who was forcing her away from home?

  5. The emoji texts from 6B were never signed, so were these sent by AD or someone else?

  6. Is Ali actually reformed, or is she the same girl she was in high school, putting on an act for some ulterior motive?

  7. Who killed Charlotte, and why? 

  8. Who killed Jessica, and why?

  9. Who killed Sara Harvey, and why?

  10. If Mona killed Bethany and Melissa buried her, how, why and when did an Alison bracelet end up on the body?

  11. Who shot Spencer?

  12. When and why did Archer Dunhill take on the identity of Doctor Elliot Rollins? If he’s not a real doctor, how did Charlotte get better over the 5 years? Maybe she didn’t get better?

  13. Why did AD take Jenna - is it a rescue or a punishment?

  14. Did Charlotte help Mona escape Radley, or did Mona help Charlotte escape Radley? Charlotte says in 610 that “I’d play the game with her if she helps me get out of Radley”, yet Mona says in 324 “she gave me a way in and out of Radley”. Who’s lying, and why?

  15. Why was Sara Harvey working for Charlotte as Red Coat and Black Widow? 

  16. Why was Noel helping Charlotte in the dollhouse?

  17. Why is AD attacking the liars, if they didn’t have anything to do with Charlotte’s death?

  18. Who did Rollins message saying “Alison didn’t kill Charlotte” (705) - and therefore, why did Rollins take Ali out to the lake if it wasn’t to kill her?

  19. Who is coming for Alison? In 610 Aria says “he’s coming for you” and in 513 Jessica/Mary says “they’ll be coming for you soon”.

  20. Why was Mary at the school for the blind in 710?

  21. What happened to Toby and Yvonne in 710?

  22. Was AD ever giving Mona and Charlotte orders in the earlier seasons, or did AD start the game immediately after Charlotte’s death?

  23. What made Jessica think that Ali may be alive? She buried her, yet she launches a lair to go find her?

  24. Why was Jessica spying on the girls, and why was Aria’s file missing from her ‘lair’ in 7A? 

  25. Who was Bethany talking about in her recordings at Radley? “She’s a bitch, an evil bitch. Is it like mother like daughter? Is there anyone in that family I can trust?”

  26. Is Archer really the father of Alison’s baby?

  27. Who was the British person calling Archer’s phone in 7A saying “next time you bury someone, make sure they’re dead”?

  28. Did Charlotte know she was adopted?

    Yes, as per 707. Charlotte was taken away from Mary the very second of her birth and put into the arms of Jessica. Mary said she never even got to hold baby Charles. Charlotte’s use of the alias “CeCe DRAKE” means she was aware of her birth mother. In 7A, we saw Charlotte ask Jenna if she FOUND her birth mother, too. Charlotte and Mary have never met, but they definitely know of each other’s existence. 

  29. Who is Mary’s second child?

    Spencer Hastings/Spencer Drake.
    Confirmed in 710.

  30. Who knows that Spencer is a Drake, and why was this kept a secret for so long? 

  31. Who bought Toby’s house?

  32. What was on Jenna’s laptop in 706 in her “Charlotte DiLaurentis” folder? Does Jenna know more about Charlotte’s murder than letting on?

  33. Who was Beach Hottie?

    Wilden. Charlotte has told us throughout season 3 that Ali thought Wilden was “hot” (hence asked him to go on his boat) and also she thought Wilden got Ali pregnant. There’s no way Beach Hottie can be anyone else, given these clues.

  34. Why did AD have a box in their lair (706) saying Letters to AD? Is AD writing letters to themselves? 

  35. Why did Jessica get so mad when she found out about the prank Ali and CeCe pulled, that CeCe was at Radley - CeCe was already a patient there?

  36. “Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister” - who is this about?

  37. Who were the man and woman voices we heard trying to throw Aria off the Halloween train?

    Jason was the male voice: he was the one Aria stabbed, evident in his hip wound. Melissa was the female voice: she was trying to protect Spencer and her friends from harm that night on the train.

  38. Why was Jason trying to throw Aria off the train?

    It was Wilden who put Aria in the box, however Jason and Melissa didn’t know Aria was in the box. Jason and Melissa were taking orders from Wilden; to throw Garret’s dead body off the train (Wilden killed Garret and ordered Jason and Melissa to ‘destroy’ the evidence). Remember, everyone was afraid of Wilden, perhaps due to his police authorities and frightening demeanour. Jason and Melissa had to do as told, and they didn’t know Aria was in there. I quote Melissa from 404 “we didn’t know about hurting you”. 

  39. Melissa tells Spencer in 404 that someone was giving Wilden orders to be on the train and hurt the girls. Who was giving him these orders and why?

    Since we know Wilden was the Queen of Hearts that drugged Aria and killed Garret, we can safely assume Wilden was the black hoodie that received the bullets and drugs from Mona in Radley at the beginning of 313. Mona was telling Wilden to be on the train - the whole events of the Halloween train were orchestrated by Mona. She loves a good scare.

  40. Why did Jason follow Lucas on the Halloween train?

    In the webisodes that took place between 3x12 and 3x13, Lucas gives Mona an envelope. Later in 3B, Lucas tells Hanna that the envelope was from Jason, which implies that Lucas was the one who Jason gave the reward money to. This explains why Jason was hanging around Mona; he thought that she would lead him to who stole the body from the grave.

  41. What happened the night of the lodge fire?

    Melissa sent Jenna and Shana to keep an eye on Spencer and also to find out who Spencer was going to meet - potentially Alison. Melissa needed to know if Ali is alive, because if she is, that means she buried an innocent person, and she may begin to see the repercussions of that.

     Melissa’s orders to protect Spencer and see if Ali is alive went in one ear and out the other, because little did Melissa know, that Jenna and Shana had their own agenda: kill Alison. Jenna and Shana were pretending to accept Melissa’s orders out of fear, as Mona confirmed in 401 (”they’re both afraid of Melissa”). 

    Shana lit the fire thinking Alison is inside, thinking she’s getting justice for The Jenna Thing (on behalf of Jenna whom she fell in love with). 

    Wilden was with Jenna and Shana, as he too wanted Ali dead because if Ali came home alive, he will get in trouble for doing dirty work as a cop (accepting Jessica’s bribery money to stay quiet on Charlotte hitting Ali). So Charlotte killed Wilden, for Ali’s sake, and her own sake, as Wilden will throw Charlotte under the bus for Ali’s ‘murder’. 

    Melissa told Spencer in 404 that “Jenna and Shana didn’t light the fire, it was Wilden, they saw him”. Jenna and Shana played Melissa like a fool: they were the ones to light the fire, but they’re blaming the dead guy to save their own assess. 

  42. Who hit Toby over the head at the lodge fire in 323?

    Jenna. A few episodes later in 4A, she said to Emily “tell Toby I never meant to hurt him”. She was protecting him by ensuring he doesn’t find out if Ali is alive, because as Jenna said, it seems everyone that knows about Ali is waking up dead.

  43. Why does Rollins want to avenge Charlotte’s death?

    They were in love.
    Confirmed in 620 and again in 706.

  44. Why was Rollins seducing Ali before Charlotte had even died?

  45. Who let Noel go whilst Hanna had him tied up in 710?

  46. Why was Jessica still cleaning Ali’s bed sheets if she buried her hence thought she was dead?

    She didn’t think Ali is dead as she launched a lair to investigate Ali’s whereabouts. 

  47. Did Charlotte ever truly get better during the 5 years or was it all an act? 

  48. Why did Mona say she became A because the girls stole Hanna from her, when it was precisely her texts that made her lose Hanna?

    Essentially, not only did the girls allow Alison to bully Mona, but the discovery of Ali’s body in the pilot brought the girls back to Rosewood, and the thought of the girls being reunited scared Mona. Therefore, she began texting them under the alias of A in order to scare them and keep them apart. This backfired, and she lost Hanna as a result of becoming A. More info here.

  49. Why are we only hearing of Mary Drake six seasons later? Where has she been all this time and why has she come back now?

    Spencer asked Mary in 701 what brings her back to Rosewood, and Mary replied “I found out Jessica is dead”. (Side note: this is hinting to Mary having NOT killed Jessica.)

  50. What did Jenna and Sara team up to do?

    To find Charlotte’s killer, as confirmed by Sara. “All we’re doing is looking for the same thing as you are.” Confirmed in 706. However, they also want to hurt the girls, as they are responsible for Jenna’s blinding and Sara’s paralysing in her hands.

  51. Why do Sara and Jenna care about Charlotte’s death?

  52. Sara was hinting to Emily that someone is dangerous in 706 - who is Sara talking about?

  53. Who was buried first: Alison or Bethany?

    Bethany was buried after Alison because Melissa pushed Bethany in an already caved grave, which Jessica caved for Alison first. 

  54. Jenna says she met Charlotte at the hospital during the 5 year break, yet in 4A Shana told Spencer that Jenna is scared of CeCe. What’s the truth: when did Jenna and Charlotte meet?

  55. Who killed Bethany?

    Mona. Melissa buried Bethany alive to protect Spencer, but Mona bashed her in the head with a shovel thinking it was Alison.

  56. Did Alison know Bethany?

  57. Where has Wren been since season 4, when we last saw him?

  58. Why was Wren colouring in a red coat?

  59. Is there a reason Eddie recognised Aria at Radley, or was that just a friendly coincidence?

    He recognised her because Aria was visiting Spencer in Radley in 3B. He had probably seen her face as she was signing in to see Spencer. It’s not something to worry about.

  60. We’re not having the same problems again, are we Eddie?” said Wren. Then Eddie said “from the minute that guy got here, it wasn’t for the right reasons”. What is going on between Wren and Eddie?

    Mona was under very strict supervision: no visitors whatsoever. Eddie knew that Wren was breaking these rules for Mona, as Wren was authorising Charlotte to visit Mona. This poses the question however: why did Wren authorise Charlotte to visit Mona if she wasn’t allowed visitors?

  61. “We have a problem, you take care of your end and I’ll take care of my end” said Wren last time we saw him. Who was he talking to and what was this problem? 

  62. Why did Charlotte need a visitor’s pass to see Mona if she’s already a patient at Radley?

  63. How was Charlotte listed as prom queen if she was a patient at Radley?

  64. Why did Melissa tell Charlotte that Mona is in Radley? 

    Melissa believed that Charlotte would serve as a good role model for Mona, and help her truly get better. That may pose the question: why did Melissa care that Mona gets better? 

  65. What was going on between Wren and Mona? They had trust issues (”that was before I realised where your loyalties are”) and Wren also allowed Charlotte to visit Mona during a time she was strictly not allowed visitors.  

  66. Who was in Jason’s house in season 2? Remember we saw a shadow through the window and blood in the trashcan. 

  67. Who was Jessica hiding at Aunt Carol’s house?

    Mary was in the house. Mary had just learned that Charles is “dead” and was begging Jessica to tell her why. Jessica replied “you gave birth, but he was my son”, so Jessica was hiding from Mary the fact that Charles transitioned.

  68. Is it significant to the story that Rollins was also Mona’s doctor at Radley, according to Mona’s files?

  69. Who attacked Ali at Halloween in 213? 

  70. Why did Mona help Ali fake her death, if she was the A harassing her?

    Mona thought she ‘killed’ Alison. She didn’t find out it was actually Bethany until Charlotte confessed to hitting Ali in 610. So, when Mona saw an alive Alison wandering the streets after she just ‘hit’ her, she wanted to make herself look innocent to Ali. Helping her would come across as “OMG who did this to you!? Let me help you!” … little did Mona know, she was innocent to begin with. Further, Mona wanted Ali to disappear. That’s why she was A: to harass Ali. By encouraging her to run away and stay away, she gets what she wanted: an Ali-free world. “Let A think you’re dead” was all an act.

  71. Marlene tweeted during 6B that there might be more to Maya’s storyline. Let’s see what this is about.

  72. What was it that “Maya Knew”?

    Maya knew that Nate, her stalker from True North, is back in town. 

  73. Who killed Maya?

    Her stalker from True North, Lyndon James (Nate St Germain).

  74. Where is Eddie Lamb? He disappeared after delivering Bethany’s paintings. 

  75. Why was Bethany drawing Jessica as a devil?

  76. Who was Seth-baby talking about in 224, in regards to a man and a woman wanting to hurt Ali?

  77. Why were members of the NAT club slowing being killed?

  78. Did Melissa and Charlotte actually speak that night? In 3B Charlotte tells Emily she did, because Ali forced her to ask Melissa where the NAT videos are, and then later in 610 she says she wasn’t there. Which is true?

  79. Does Sara Harvey really have Emily’s best interest at heart, like she claims in 706? Is she a villain or not?

  80. Why was Sara staying in CeCe’s old room at The Radley hotel? What was she looking for and why did she do that huge hole in the wall?

  81. Jason said he saw Charlotte talking to Melissa that night. In 319, Charlotte confirmed this. Then later in 610, she denies it, claiming Jason saw Bethany. Which is true, and why does Charlotte keep changing her story?

  82. When Charlotte was A, did she love Ali or not? Did she hold a grudge against Ali for getting her kicked out of college?

  83. Why did Charlotte put Ali in jail?

  84. Why did Charlotte put the girls in jail?

  85. Why were Jenna and Shana having secretive meetings in 4A?

    Marlene confirmed on Twitter than Jenna knew Alison was alive, and she felt scared holding that information, because A was going to come after her to find her. (This is new information - unfortunately, it’s not said in the actual show.)

  86. Why was Ali in Spencer’s backyard in 507 in a hoodie?

  87. Why even tell us that Andrew is adopted?

    To fuel the fire to the theories that he is Charles/Mary’s other child. This show is full of red herrings.

  88. Why did Lucas and Jenna go to prom together? What’s going on there? Are they together?

  89. Why did Leslie have so many pairs of glasses in 6A?

  90. Why did Wilden say in the pilot “Rest assured, I will find out what happened that summer” if he already knew Charlotte ‘killed’ Ali (Jessica paid him to stay quiet)?

    In the early seasons, Wilden is desperate to pin Ali’s murder on someone. He illegally searched Hanna’s things and Emily’s bag in the library and he also questioned Hanna and tried to make her say that she was jealous of Alison. He wasn’t looking for Alison’s killer, rather he was looking for someone to take the blame for it, so that no one will find out what he did (accept Jessica’s money to stay quiet on Charlotte hitting Ali). 

  91. Why is Sydney Driscol still in the show?

    To expand Jenna’s storyline and to make us think Jenna has a twin. This show is famous for red herrings; not everything has a meaning.

  92. Who was the fourth person to the picnic with Jenna, Sydney and Mona and what were they discussing?

  93. What is Ali’s sexuality?

  94. What was Rhys Matthews’ purpose in the show? They went through a lot of effort to cast a Jason-look-alike and within 2 episodes he was totally gone. 

  95. Who put the “Chandelier’s Rituals, sister launched lair, A ruler’s list chained” note in Mona’s room?

    Marlene tweeted in January 2017 that Mona was trying to crack A’s anagram. Therefore, it was an anagram that Charlotte gave to her. 

  96. “You know me Spencer, you killed me”. What does this message from Charlotte mean and is it tied to the blood that Charlotte had Noel put on Spencer in the dollhouse?

  97. Who put the vials of blood in Spencer’s bag in London?

  98. Who is Cyrus Petrillo and what is he doing in the show?

    He is the man that Alison tricked into taking the fall for Alison’s kidnapping story. 

  99. Who is Varjack?


  100. What was in the envelope that Mike gave Cyrus in 519?

  101. “One of you has been touched by the one Alison feared the most”. Who is this about?

    Aria and CeCe literally just touched 30 seconds ago when Aria was trying to pull CeCe up from falling off the high-ledge. The camera even deliberately zoomed in to Aria and CeCe’s grip.

  102. Why was there a ghost-girl in Hanna’s house in 313?

    Marlene has actually said this: I think that will play out, definitely by the time the series ends there will be an answer to that ghost girl.
    There are 10 episodes left, I’m holding you to this Marlene.

  103. Did the twin-story that Ali told in 212 actually happen between Mary and Jessica?

  104. Was the Radley car outside the DiLaurentis home in 212 for Mary?

  105. Jason was offering $50,000 for Ali’s remains. We saw him writing this check, and then on the phone to Wilden said “meet me in the parking lot in 15 minutes”. Did Wilden have Ali’s remains?

  106. How did Emily get to Ali’s grave that night? Was that CeCe or Mona responsible for the stunt that night? Why?

  107. CeCe said in 610 that “mum didn’t know CeCe was Charlotte until the day we left for Cape May”. How did Jessica not realise that this CeCe person is her niece, since she used the surname Drake? Jessica practically allowed incest.

  108. Marlene said Ian did commit suicide. Why?

    The answer is rather intricate, which can be read here in great detail. However to summarise it, Ian was about to serve jail time as a rapist, kidnapper, child pornographer and attempted manslaughter (of Spencer). As if that wasn’t bad enough, he therefore wouldn’t be able to raise his baby that Melissa was pregnant with. He couldn’t just run away either, because his injuries from the rope in the bell tower would have been incredibly painful, and he can’t go to a hospital or else he would be turning himself in. Hence, things weren’t going as good as first met the eye, and so he made the decision to end his own life. 

  109. What was Peter and Jessica’s “understanding” from 424?

  110. What was in those boxes in 525 that made Peter Hastings get nervous especially when Ezra said “your secrets are in there too”?

    That Spencer is a Drake.

  111. Hector Lime said that “Ali wanted masks made for all her friends”. Why did the liars never receive these masks, and why did Ali want them made?

    “Ali wanted masks made so that all her friends can look like her” said Hector. That’s the best explanation we will get.

  112. Why did Melissa have a horse-riding helmet at the stable Jessica took Bethany to? Did Melissa ever come across Bethany and Jessica there?

  113. Who was the mysterious blonde with Mona, watching Hanna through the glass whilst she was getting a hair makeover in 5A?

  114. What did Aria whisper to Mona in the movie theatre in 511 that made her so upset?

    “You’re not welcome in this family. My dad still hates you for what you did to me. Don’t get too comfortable with Mike”. Although not explicitly stated that those are the exact words, if you re-watch, we know it is something along those lines. Mona says to Aria “you know right where to insert the knife and twist it”, implying it was something nasty. Then she says “you’re right” (implying she agreed with what Aria said) - “your dad should hate me after all the things I’ve done to you”. This was Aria’s attempt to break up Mike and Mona, because Aria felt she was too dangerous for her brother.

  115. Why did Charlotte push Jenna in the lake in 409?

    Jenna held the precious information that Alison is alive, as confirmed by Marlene on Twitter the night of 610. Charlotte was scared that Jenna would tell people this, and needed to keep her quiet in order to bring Ali home safely. (If the whole town knew Ali is alive, Ali may run away and never come home.) 

  116. Who pushed the girl down the stairs at the frat party?

    Noel Khan.

  117. What did Alison do to get CeCe kicked out of college?

  118. Charlotte, Jenna and Noel exchange awkward eye contact in Truth or Dare in 309, and now in 7A, Jenna and Noel are avenging Charlotte’s death. How do they all know each other and how close are they?

  119. Who dug Alison’s grave in 301?

    Charlotte. She wanted to know if Ali is alive after she began seeing a blonde in a red coat wandering around town.

  120. Why did Ali say that combined, the girls know enough to piece together what really happened to her that night? 

  121. Why was Peter urging Spencer to stay the hell away from Jessica DiLaurentis in 414?

    Because the closer Spencer gets to Jessica, the more likely Spencer is to find out about Mary, and therefore her connection to the Drakes.

  122. Why did Ali say that telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I am?

  123. Why did Ali react with shock to seeing the painting at the funeral-arrangement place in 503?

    We already have this answer but I’m including it here because I’ve seen lots of people ask it: Cyrus also had this painting in his basement where he physically assaulted her, and so seeing this painting brought back those memories with Cyrus. This was confirmed in a flashback which clearly showed Cyrus having this same painting as we saw in 503.

  124. Who was Charlotte giving a bunch of flowers to in the A ending scene of 523?

    Noel, because he was in the dollhouse with her.

  125. Who was that at the end of 401 wearing the burnt Alison mask from the lodge fire?

    Sara Harvey. She was at the lodge fire in 324, and got burnt in her red coat whilst helping CeCe distract the girls by making them think they are seeing Alison. As we saw in 401, Toby found Sara’s red coat burnt and destroyed. Hence, Sara moved onto the Black Veil costume at Wilden’s funeral (under CeCe’s orders to ensure that Wilden really is dead). She was seen at the end still wearing her burnt Ali mask but in her new costume instead of the red coat.

  126. Why was Noel helping Charlotte in the dollhouse, and pouring fake blood over Spencer?

  127. Who killed Wilden and why?

    Charlotte killed Wilden because he would never allow Alison to come home alive, as he accepted bribe money from Jessica to keep quiet on who ‘killed’ Alison (Charlotte by throwing the rock). He was a really dirty cop and Wilden would need to kill Alison to save his own ass. Hence Charlotte killed him, to protect Alison, but also herself: she was the one who hit Ali and Wilden was going to tell.

  128. Who killed Garret and why?

    Although not explicitly said in the show, Marlene has confirmed that Wilden killed Garret because he knew what Wilden did that night: accept bribe money to lie about what happened to Alison. (Confirmed by Marlene that Wilden is his killer.)

  129. Who killed Maya?

    Lyndon James, her stalker from True North. He loved her and could never have her.

  130. Who was wearing the Alison mask on the Halloween train?

    Mona. She said to Hanna “to think we were this close to our first kiss.”

  131. Who were the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train?

    Melissa confirmed in 404 that Wilden was the one who tried to kill Spencer, whilst she had the same costume. She was there to spy on Wilden, to protect Spencer.

  132. Who was CeCe talking to on the phone in 411? “Where are you? I sure as hell am not going back to Rosewood”.

    Ali, because very next episode, the two worked together in Ravenswood.

  133. Why did Ali write on the table in prison “Mona told everything”. What is “everything” and who was supposed to read this message?

  134. Who did Jenna talk to in the park in 225?


  135. Is there a twin in the series, like in the books?

    Mary Drake is the identical twin to Jessica DiLaurentis.

  136. When Jessica told Holbrook that she is certain Alison is in that grave, was she doing this to protect herself or Alison?

  137. Did Mary or Jessica bury Alison?

  138. Who shot Ezra when he showed up in New York to protect the Liars?

    Shana. She was A in 424 and 501, trying to kill Ali to get justice for The Jenna Thing (Shana fell in love with Jenna). 

  139. Who turned in CeCe to the police at the A ending scene of 423 and why?

    Shana. She and Jenna were friends with Wilden (evident in them coming to Wilden’s rescue right after Ashley ran him over with the car) and they wanted to avenge his death by arresting the one responsible. Shana knows it was CeCe who killed their friend Wilden, because CeCe killed him the night of the lodge fire, and Jenna and Shana were there too. They must have seen her do it. 

  140. Who nearly killed Jason in the elevator at his father’s apartment building? 

    That was Charlotte. When Charlotte gets mad, she sometimes acts out in very strong and harsh ways. I don’t think the intention was to kill Jason. It was definitely an impulsive act of revenge. (Source)

  141. If Ali saved Hanna from the Thornhill Lodge fire, who saved the other girls? 

    Sara Harvey. (Source)

  142. Who kidnapped Emily, put her in a coffin, and chained her to a sawmill conveyer belt? 

    That was Charlotte. The PLLs were getting close to discovering Charlotte’s identity at that time, so that was a real “listen to me” kind of a moment. (Source)

  143. Who drove a car into Emily’s house?

    That was Charlotte, but to quote Charlotte, “Nobody got hurt. (Source)

  144. Who blew up Toby’s house?

    That was Charlotte. She was very mad. But no one got hurt! She has perfect timing. She’s a genius. (Source)

  145. Who knocked Jenna unconscious and left her to drown?

    That was Charlotte because Jenna knew Ali was alive. That’s something we have not discussed on the show so that’s totally new information. (Source)

  146. Whose body was in the barrel that the Liars found in a storage unit (and originally thought was Mona’s?

    Charlotte stole a cadaver from a medical school. (Source)

  147. Who put snakes in Spencer’s dressing room?

    Charlotte. Charlotte was very busy. (Source)

  148. Who put finger bones in the girls’ wedding dresses at the fashion show?

    Charlotte. I think Charlotte wanted you to think they were Bethany’s bones, but Charlotte has access to bodies and bones. Medical school corpses is what she has used occasionally on the show. (Source)

  149. Who left a message in Hanna’s teeth?

    Charlotte. That was very invasive, very creepy. (Source)

  150. Who was the intended recipient of Jessica’s email that read “I can’t protect you anymore?”

  151. To whom and why was Melissa mouthing “do it, just do it” in 510?

  152. Why did Ali tell Spencer in 323 that “you didn’t even know me when you knew me?”  

  153. How does Garrett know who took the body, and how does he know “it’s not over” in 301?

  154. Who’s medical records was Garret talking about?

  155. Who sent Emily the text in 301 reading “I bet you remember me”? Doesn’t sound like Charlotte, given they had never met at this point.

  156. Who called Emily’s phone the night she was at Ali’s grave?

    Charlotte, to provide more evidence that the girls were there that night (to frame them). 

  157. Why was Peter Hastings so determined to shut down Radley?

  158. Why didn’t Mona tell the girls that Ali is alive all this time? Why keep that a secret?

    It might ruin the group dynamics again.

  159. What was Jenna doing there the night Ali’s grave was dug up?

  160. In 521, why did Veronica call Spencer and tell her to come home from London ASAP… what did she find in Alison’s file?

    Veronica feared that Alison was going to name her accomplice as Spencer.

No matter what you think about John and Sherlock and the way everything has turned out, you can’t deny THIS scene.

You know, before TFP aired, and Moffittis did that AMA, I asked them whether or not they were aware that if Johnlock didn’t happen, it’d be obvious queer-baiting. I’m sure so many other people asked similar things too.

While my question obviously wasn’t answered, and there was no kiss, no straight-up confession of love, there was this scene.

I brought it up before, but I’m going to bring it up again. If you were to look at this scene in its entirety, you would see the blatant love between these two men. You see Sherlock interacting with a baby that’s been thrown aside the entire season. You see him smiling and playing and holding this baby. And, god - you see John smiling too. When did we see something like this, so genuine, when Mary was around? Pretty much never.

Sherlock opens himself up for so much more for John and Rose. He takes a baby in to his flat where everything is so gross and dangerous for a child. He brings John back, where he sits in his seat and watches Sherlock play with his daughter - their daughter now - because Sherlock becomes the other parent.

That scene could’ve allowed for so much more to happen. John could’ve quickly slid his phone under his leg when Sherlock gave Rose to him, texting another woman he met. He could be sitting there on his laptop blogging, instead of watching Sherlock and their child. But he wasn’t. He was content with what he had in front of him, content with Sherlock and Rose, in a way he wasn’t with Mary. And fuck, if that alone doesn’t make me happy.

There mightn’t have been a kiss, or a confession, but there was a development no less. That was John very quickly becoming the sort of person he wanted to be for Mary. And while he couldn’t be that person for her, he could for Sherlock.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is true love.

(Oh, and, let’s be honest, Mary shipped johnlock all along.)

X-Files Fic: D'un Nouvel Oeil, Chapter One

Six months ago, when I was working on “Au Cafe Pequod,” I settled on writing it entirely from Mulder’s perspective without any real thought.  It just seemed to flow naturally; it was, after all, his character that would be undergoing the most significant changes.  Later, however, I realized that there are so many things that I really, really wanted to write from Scully’s point of view- not to mention lots of moments Mulder wouldn’t have been privy to that could really add to the overall story.  And on top of that, there were bits I’d skipped for pacing’s sake, and once the story was done, it was too late to go back and add them in.

So what’s a fic writer to do?

Well, the obvious answer is, of course, to go back and re-write the entire thing from Scully’s perspective.  So, that’s going to be my big project for the month of February.  I know AU isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, historical AU even less so, so if you’re rolling your eyes right now (which I completely understand), I promise I’ll still be posting lots of drabbles and prompt responses this month as I continue whittling down my inbox.

If you’ve never read the original Au Cafe Pequod, I would recommend starting with that before reading this.  Scully’s the one keeping all the secrets in this story (there’s a shocker), and whereas this version reveals most of them at the outset, the original keeps them hidden for a few chapters.  If you’re not sure that you’d like this, take a short trip over here and watch the amazing trailer that @mulderswaterbed created- I’ve had people tell me they had no interest in the story until they’d watched that video!

Many thanks to @a-january-girl for her help with the title; it means “with fresh eyes.”  Enjoy!


She has been on her feet since before five o'clock in the morning, and she is ready to collapse.

It’s not the early morning that’s the problem- Dana Scully is more than used to days that begin before dawn- but, rather, the near-total lack of sleep the night before.  Two hours after closing the cafe spent on preparing dough and slicing meats for the next day, an hour feeding herself for the first time since noon, a half hour to bathe… and finally, three hours trying to bring down the fever of a delirious British soldier brought to her back door in the dead of night for treatment.  

He had spent the entire time crying for his mother.

Byers and Langly had staggered away with the soldier propped up between them at three-thirty in the morning, and Scully had managed less than two hours’ rest before dragging herself out to her mother’s farm to help with the morning milking.  She’d napped for an hour, at her mother’s insistence, before returning to town, to her cafe, but since then, she’s been in constant motion.

She’s grateful, really, that the place is so busy, even if it does mean she’s being run off her feet most of the time.  Plenty of businesses in Oradour-sur-Glane have shut down in the years since the beginning of the German occupation, but the Cafe Pequod has been getting along just fine- thriving, even.

Of course, that’s mostly due to the German officers and enlisted men who fill her tables every night… but, she continually reminds herself, they’re serving a very specific purpose.  Even if they’re not aware of it.

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Trouble In Paradise - Yuta (M)

A/N: Um, so I’m not an expert on Japan, but the setting is festival/firework showcase in Japan [meant to be kinda rural where there r hot springs n where u can see stars], and I chose a kimono bc I heard yakuta are used during summer and I wanted it to be cold n snowy, so yeah…
I pulled this title out of my ass too


Word Count: 932

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

You giggled, clinging onto Yuta’s sleeve as you trudged through the frigid snow.
You let out a shriek as he swooped down, collecting you in his arms.

“What are you doing?! It’s embarrassing-”

He glanced at your snow-covered geta sandals, as if the answer was obvious. You smiled to yourself, draping your lithe arms over his broad shoulders. His ethereal features entranced you, his soft lips, yet keen gaze-

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  • Anti-FinnReys: Um...Finn and Rey are just friends. John said so himself that Finn and Rey are friends in TFA. They're not going to be in love.
  • Daisy Ridley: You know, I read this article about falling in love with FRIENDS that I thought was quite fascinating!
  • Anti-ReySkys: Rey Skywalker was clearly set up to be a red herring. It's too obvious. They're going to give us a REAL twist that will blow the audience away instead of that BORING, OBVIOUS ReySky that's too easy to guess!
  • Daisy Ridley: Hmm. I was surprised by how many people keep asking about Rey's parents, because I thought a lot of questions were already answered in TFA.

Why Bumbleby will be probably canon ? Because of this kind of interview about lgbt characters. Focus on Arryn, Barb, Kara’s reactions:
- 0:36 when the person says “queer characters” Kara glances at Arryn or… Barb ? so in the first way we could have Blake as a queer chara- or Yang (I would tilt rather on Yang ‘cause of many suppositions), and she pretends to smile :p
- Arryn wanted to answer the question (it’s normal because she supports lgbt+, and she’s bi too) but it’s Barb who answers the question. And Arryn is very happy to see Barb replies ?
- When Barb replies to the question, Arryn is so obvious, so excited. And she stares at Barb and reciprocally! 
- 1:00 Arryn, when she hears Barb says “love & relation ship”, she’s excited and they stare each other xD “I’m so excited” said Arryn and we ARE !
- When Arryn adds, she stares again at Barb… ;)

Goddammit, when I watch this video again & again, I’m always terribly excited. I really hope that Yang or Blake is a queer character. And better, Bby will be canon. Who knows ? “it’s likes goin’ to High school, like you know, just you do, you fall in love immediately, but you’re in high school. So yeah, it’s natural.” -Arryn
“Everything is very well-thought-out and happens for a reason.” - Barb.