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Why are we not discussing these things about today’s G/M/S&G/M/S/More? Link saying to Rhett that he wants him to feel some emotions, any emotions, and continuing to say things like that throughout the episode. All of the flirting. The bit in G/M/S/More where Link mentioned Mexico and Rhett gave him an odd look before quickly making it about the prunes, Then stumbling over what he was saying about prunes being delivered to Link’s room, which included a room number that Link then said “Don’t give out my room number, I’m still there” and then Rhett said “That was my room number” and they just kinda...got quite and someone (stevie I believe) made a snickering/laughing sound before they started talking about the gummy again. and the bit about “Make us agree on something (their guess for the gummies) our relationship depends on it”
It’s Always Sunny In The Dark Trenches Of My Obsessive Compulsive Mind: a Guide to My Most Frequently Thought About “Sunny” Concepts

1. The Gang Goes to A Hotel

Now this is a high-level concept and if RCG hired me I would make this episode happen. Here’s how it plays out…the gang somehow cons their way into a free one night stay in the penthouse suite of the Four Seasons Hotel. One problem: It’s a one room setup with only two beds. Naturally Mac and Dennis decide to share a bed, justifying it by saying they already live together and slept together with Old Black Man, so it’s fine. Dee and Charlie share a bed. Frank sleeps in the bathtub. Immediately they trash the room. They’ve brought their own beer and the mini-bar is demolished in no time, and Charlie, illiterate and blissfully unaware of the basic functions of capitalism, orders $5,000 worth of room service. Here’s where it gets fun: there is a wedding going on in the downstairs party room and naturally Dennis is convinced he is fancy enough to be in attendance. He drags Mac along with him because it’s preposterous to go without a date. Meanwhile, Dee and Charlie hit the pool and discover a celebrity in the downstairs spa. Maybe it’s Kelly Ripa or Ryan Seacrest or something. They become obsessed with befriending this celebrity, largely to prove to Dennis that they are fancier than he is. Back at the wedding, Mac and Dennis keep getting mistaken for the other couple getting married that weekend, two men named Max and Denny, and Dennis is woefully offended. Not because they aren’t together, but because if they WERE getting married you can bet your ass their wedding would have been so goddamn fucking high-class that the entire hotel would be shut down for the honour of hosting them. Dennis gives a toast expressing this sentiment. Dennis gets forcibly removed from the party. Meanwhile, Dee and Charlie have lured this celebrity to their room with the promise of a “fun and chill time”. When they arrive they find Frank naked on the floor and covered in barbeque sauce from the feast that Charlie had gotten delivered. Said celebrity leaves promptly. Mac and Dennis return, irate. Everyone drinks themselves to sleep and in the middle of the night Dee and Charlie wake up to the sounds of ill-concealed sex and that is how they find out that Mac and Dennis ARE in fact together and are absolutely terrible at stealth. Frank sleeps through it. 

2. The Gang Goes to A Gay Bar

It started out as an idea to support Mac now that he’s out of the closet. Mac is psyched; he wears his mesh shirt. Dennis is convinced that all the gay men will be throwing themselves at him and as much as he pretends he’s annoyed by that thought, he IS wearing red lipstick and pants tighter than anything anyone else has ever seen. Anyways, Frank gets beat up for being a homophobic and transphobic asshole, Dee ends up getting hit on by every girl in the bar and realizes she’s a lesbian and goes home with a whole bunch of numbers and new friends, and Dennis gets hit on by NOBODY and is weirdly jealous of how many numbers Mac is getting. He flips out about it to Charlie who is just drunk and swaying in a corner and Charlie is like “obviously you’re jealous, you’re in love with him” and Dennis is like “oh word” and then he and Mac bang in the bathroom. Come to think of it, most of these end with them banging. 

3. Deetress 

When will they get together? It has to be after Dee realizes she’s gay, so I’m thinking this one comes into play after The Gang Goes To A Gay Bar. How does it play out? I do not know. All I know is that Dee and the Waitress live in filth and drink themselves silly and sometimes invite Artemis over for a threesome. 

4. Chardee Macdennis: The Honeymoon to End All Honeymoons

Self explanatory. The Gang is honeymooning after the joint wedding between Charlie/Dee and Mac/Dennis. Bored with the resort they’re staying at they decide to play Chardee Macdennis…..this time with the teams being divided up by spouses.

5. The Gang Goes To a Tropical Resort

FUCK i just realized as I wrote that last one that this is a brilliant idea. So much potential. When will RCG hire me?

6.Mac and Dennis Finally Bone

I don’t care when or how it happens, but I think about this constantly. 

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I don't know if you're still interested in the Teenage Mecha Ninja Turtles short (but if you aren't, feel free to ignore this message), but I noticed that the children are also named after more contemporary artists that relate to their heritage. Frida = Frida Kahlo, Basque = Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kusama = Yayoi Kusama, Jackson = Jackson Pollock. As an art major who barely passed art history, I got all giddy for recognizing the names! Thought this might be fun to share!

holy shit the artist symbolism goes deeper

i’m kicking myself, that’s so great??? like i didn’t even know that stuff (art history was never my strong point, i was more the sort to do whatever the fuck i wanted in class and BS my way through everything else because **~art is interpretive~**), but i’m so pumped that it’s a thing!!

i’m so happy the creators of that short put so much thought into their work- the continuation of the artist names thing is really quite sweet, and shows how much they loved the story idea, (i love it even more now omg) not to mention that it states the races of each kid, which makes me even happier as a fan-writer. so much possibility, now that i’ve got canon info.

so yeah much thanks to you anon, i can work with so much more depth now that i’ve got this info. plus add jokes about fate since all the kids have artist names despite not being related (that we yet know)

PSA to Artists/Photographers

Specifically, PSA to those who care about whether their full-res image is around.

I’m surprised this has only been brought up recently, but it should have been obvious to everyone and myself, given some Tumblr themes allow high-res image display.

To artists, images posted December 2012 and onward have the raw image kept on Tumblr servers and are easily accessible. Essentially Tumblr won’t resize the source file for you as may have be assumed. Be it art pack works, Patreon, merchandise, or just not to provide the source size for whatever reason, remember to resize your artworks prior to uploading to any sites.

Beyond that, since the information is already shared by this point - Tumblr images have an image tag be it _540 _1280 as you may already have known. Apparently you can also go _raw to see the full-size image.

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At the anon that sends nude pictures, you should really becareful about sending nudes to men in general. If you break up with your boyfriend, there's a high chance that he'll share it with others (if he's not doing that already) or keep it and refer to your pictures when he thinks about his sexual conquests. If you don't believe me, search this topic out on male majority sites (like Reddit).


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29 & 40 thanks!

Thank you for asking :D

29. Have you had a sim that you fell in love with right away? 

Fiona, definitely. I just loved her from the start, and I already knew I wanted her to be heir for her generation. She was just so cute and sweet!

40. Random fun fact about your legacy you want to share! 

I may have already shared it, but I was actually never planning on having Duck and Deonte end up together. They were just always going to be close friends, but he was actually going to marry Duck’s sister-in-law Yvette! Duck was going to meet someone at an event similar to Geek Con and fall in love with them. I’m so glad I took a chance and decided to see if they were compatible because they were one of my most favorite legacy couples.

Bonus fact: Every generation I’ve always said to myself that my couples would only have at most 4 kids, and look how that turned out lol


The thought of moving in together felt right. They had been together for some time now, and they spent so much time together, there really wasn’t a point in having two separate units. They might even be able to put away enough for a house in the suburbs - which was another topic they had touched on briefly.

Maybe now they wouldn’t be caught running between units in their underwear by the landlord again (that was an embarrassing long story).

“We practically live together already,” Lizzie added, “we share just about everything…”

“Like my sweater?” Emmett teased, tugging at Lizzie’s sleeve. It was true, they shared a lot besides the units themselves. He would often borrow a few of her inventions and she would ask for recipes for work parties.

Lizzie gave him a cheeky grin, “Well, everything but last names.”

I don’t share my thoughts because I think it will change the minds of people who think differently. I share my thoughts to show the people who already think like me that they’re not alone.
—  Unknown

I found this sketchbook in a restaurant and It may be impossible but I want to find the author.

The sketchbook was found in El Albaicín, Granada, Spain and I think the artist isn’t Spanish, maybe a Chinese tourist or someone who are learning Chinese but who knows u_u

In the drawings you can see some monuments of differents sites of Spain, that’s why I think she/he could be a tourist D:

I already tweeted it and a lot of people are sharing (all my love for you guys<3) but I want to try to find him/her here too


Did you ask the restaurant staff if they know it?: I’m the restaurant staff, I work there and we can’t remember who is the owner, sorry

- Did you use the reverse image search in Google?: Yes, I do and got nothing u_u

- Can you check the CCTV?: Em… no…  We don’t have it in the terrace and my boss would never let me see them

What you could do is put a note at the door of the restaurant saying ‘have you lost…?’ : I’m the only one in the restautrant who cares about this and again my boss would never let me do that.

If they are a tourist and you just found it recently, they are probably still travelling and might not check their social media as often: Yes, I know, but maybe someone can recognize his/her style or something 

Please, just share and help me to find him/her ;_;

Thank you!


With cheeks glowing a bright blue, Night held Day’s hand tighter and said yes.

Day continued sending Night roses, and Night kept on returning them to Day every morning. but what’s different this time is Yuuri knowing full well what Viktor’s intentions are.

The End

continuation under the cut

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So instead of doing anything else, I got obsessed with the Howls Moving Castle AU.  

PSA for turtle lovers

So PETA has recently posted an article about helping turtles across the road. While this sounds great, the article is loaded with nasty images of turtles who have been crushed by cars. The images are close-up, gory, and overall terrible to look at. So, for those of you out there who don’t want to see that, I’m making a post with happy pictures instead:

So turtles are amazing. I mean, look at that face

And often times during the warm months you will see turtles on the roadway just trying to get where they’re going. Unlike this little guy who’s already found the perfect spot

If you see a turtle in the road. The best thing to do is put on your hazard lights and safely pull over. watch for other cars as you examine the situation. Most turtles you come across aren’t super aggressive, so if you go to pick them up, the only thing they’ll do is this

if the turtle isn’t a snapping turtle or other aggressive turtle, simply pick it up like a hamburger to reduce the risk of injuring it, and take it to the side of the road that it’s trying to get to.

If it is a snapping turtle like this guy

or another kind of more agressive turtle, keep your distance. try to find a stick or something else you can goad it into focusing on. If you’re lucky, it will keep trying to attack the stick and you can “kite” it across the road. If not, call animal control and wait until they arrive. They’re trained to handle the situation.

In either case DO NOT take and wild turtles or tortoises home. I realize that they are incredible adorable

but you can seriously disrupt their environment and the overall population by keeping wild animals as pets. If you are looking for a pet reptile, it’s best to adopt from a shelter, or if you can’t find one, find a breeder that raises their reptiles ethically.

In addition, do not take them to a different area either, even if it’s a nearby lake in town. You could be taking it too far away from it’s home, lessening it’s chance of survival. Only take it to where it was already going.

Thank you all for reading, please share to help spread the word. Images I posted are not mine, with the exception of the sulcata tortoise hiding in the grass (That’s my shy boy).

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Why do we always see Frisk or Chara ? We want some Asriel !

I have a LOT of drawings for him and the sketches are finished– I just need to render them;; the **second one was the one I accidentally overwrite from last year //cries

It’s been a year since and a half since I came to Korea and in that time I’ve met many amazing people. EXO’s Lay hyung is a representative of those people. He is a great dancer and singer, but other than thatLay hyung has his own charm that can not be explained through words. I also want to have my very own charm one day.