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Daughter of the music director for the AMAs shares her experience in seeing BTS rehearse

“I heard a lot of english “thank you’s and they were really respectful and really professional every time that they needed them back on stage they were right there, ready to go, which is sort of rare. I’ve been going to the AMAs for, I wanna say, 10 years, and possibly even longer than that and I’ve gone to plenty of dress rehearsals… and I’ve seen a lot of disrespectful celebrities and it was really refreshing seeing that there are still people who treat the people who are putting them on their show with respect and I just respect them so much more now. And I thought I would come on here and say that because I think that people who are kind deserved to be recognised for that.”

i try not to upload so much of my own stuff but if i don’t, i’ll forget to later on, haha

anyways here’s rivalship pic #853009902134 but this time, they’re in their 30s/40s :^)

just my interpretation– i guess seto would chop off his Anime Mullet and yugi would grow his hair out and stop dyeing it :’) (bc i mean…,. no one’s born w natural tri-colored hair..)

also bonus shtty process gif :’^)

so when i first started watching crazy ex girlfriend, i headcanoned rebecca as having bpd and on last night’s episode she was diagnosed with it! i’m excited to see how they handle this - she reacted very similarly to how i did when i was first diagnosed with it. very interested to follow her journey with this and i trust the show to do this justice.




So yeap here’s the lovely announcement that yess the con that I’ve been burning my ass off for the past two months + the sneaks from my previous posts.
I’ll be partaking in is AFASG! So if by chance any of ya all are in the vicinity or coming by, it would be my greatest pleasure to meet ya! I will be sharing a booth with my friends & here’s the catalogue of prints that I will be releasing for sale.

Moving forward from the whole chaos, I’ve decided to just release my mchanzo piece as well because truly I invested way too much into this piece. 

I wasn’t joking either when I said I nearly tore my arm for it. Literally visited the doctor for medications because I was trying to be superhuman with it ontop of my internship stuff if ya all still rmb the period I almost had to stop drawing. I was working 7 days a week nonstop drawing for god knows how many hours until I lost my grip. Heck, even my eyesight shot up. Hence I had no option but to stop intensive drawing and jus stick with doodlings till I got better. It was one very low point for me but I really wanted to give my full worth & till now I still don’t regret it. Except now this whole situation is just leaving me so empty as it is the same with the other contributors/artists/writers who got hit really hard.

 Please give them your maximum supports! 

But hey you know I’m not gonna just let one dreadful setback drag me back into a hole of negativity. I’m done with setbacks and shit, heck I just want to not stop and keep moving forward. - like our fave frogboy says: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!” 

Got in a disagreement w my mom about ordering some feminist books on amazon bc she doesn’t want me reading just “angry gay women” but jokes on her I’m an angry gay woman

Ok but… am I just crazy or why does it rub me wrong when people refer to Snape’s character as a “redemption arc,” because I know that’s part of it, but really during the timeline of the books Sev had already redeemed himself (even if he wouldn’t think so while he still had a job to do) it’s just that no one knew about it.

It’s like, his redemption is really an important part of his character but in the books it’s not the focus of it.

Concept writing for an upcoming fic: Force sensitive, lost prince Finn ✨👑