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nice to see you back !!

It’s nice to be back! I think this return will be permanent!! My dormant daily blogs may also become active again. 

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Um so hey you TOTALLY got me obsessed with the idea of Bo Katan and Fenn Rau being a thing, which is killing me cause absolutely no one else ships that. Totally love your art work (and if you ever have the time seeing them again would be AWESOME). Also the mer-mandos are so freaking cool!


(I didn’t exactly set out to invent a ship here but whoops)

Between The Lawless and the Siege of Mandalore, when Bo-Katan would be rallying anyone to oppose Maul, I’m pretty sure that Fenn Rau and the Protectors would support her. But I also think the two of them would clash personally at first, with Rau having been (judging by his later comments to Sabine) firmly against Death Watch, and taking Bo to task for what he perceives as betrayal…

“I didn’t share your sister’s ideals, but at least she cared about our people! You and Vizsla brought that horror down on us!”

“Do you suppose I don’t know that? Do you suppose I don’t… Can you not see that I’m fighting to set things right?”

and later, after they’ve fought as allies…

“I spoke out of anger earlier, and I regret it now. You are the rightful head of Clan Kryze and you have my allegiance and my loyalty.”

“Your allegiance I accept. I’m content to earn your loyalty.”

“You did that today.”

(cue mutual dramatic life-saving, battle banter, and post-battle makeouts eventually, right?)

“Do you ever think about the old days? About what things would’ve been like if my father hadn’t died…”

“What, with every warrior in the sector vying for your favor?”

“He would’ve loved you.”

just some thoughts

so…I don’t really talk about personal stuff on here often, but something in my life has been weighing on me lately and I just felt the need to share, and to express my gratitude for how wonderful all of you, my followers, are, and how much I appreciate you. you’ve helped me in ways you don’t even know, and I thought you should know. this is gonna be long and rambly but…i need to ramble.

when I was 14, I thought I had breast cancer. I was in the shower and I noticed a weird…inconsistency in my left breast. not enough to be a visible lump, but enough to be off. So I touched it. and I felt a lump, not a small one either, just under the skin. didn’t hurt. kinda rubbery, like silly putty, but retaining shape. I didn’t know what to think, exactly, but you know how sometimes you get a kind of gut feeling that something is just…wrong? yeah. that’s what I felt then. 

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