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Alexander said “I’ve nowhere else to turn!”, and basically begged me to join

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I can picture CP encouraging TH to pursue this gig and telling her to walk into Thorns front office to express her desire to be involved. CP is already doing things like this in small ways and I think she helped TH make the jump. Supportive AF

Yes I can see this happening

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Would you be okay sharing how you make money from your art now, and how you got there? You seem so happy in that post you made a while back, and in your tags sometimes!

hiya nonny <3

sorry for the late reply, i knew i wanted to take some time to answer this properly and i had to wait until now ;;;;;;;;;;

i hope you’re still around to read it ;;;;;

i’m gonna put this under a read more because i ended up rambling and wrote an entire essay (and it’s probably way too honest but that’s the only way i know how to talk to people and maybe someone can get something out of this lolol)

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Thank you, everyone.

From the bottom of my heart. I now have a rather hefty list of really cool sounding places to apply to in places I’d quite like to live in! Also caught wind of a couple nearby summer stocks wanting overhire.

The theatre I was working at was having financial troubles, I knew that. We ALL knew that. But we did not know how bad. I figured I’d stay for the summer at least, but NOPE! POOL’S CLOSED!

I feel terrible for my coworkers, the actors, the musicians, the kids signed up for the summer camps. It takes a lot of people to keep a theatre running. Two fellows who came for the summer worked exactly one day before the shutdown and their dismissal. I’m sure that will be a good bar story one day but right now it totally sucks.  

I am grateful for my net. You did good. I’m going to try to land on my feet.

In the mean time, cover letters. I loathe cover letters. ONWARDS!