was this only me

Know your damn worth. You are worth more than somebody who doesn’t even know the fact you hate chocolate cake, or someone who doesn’t care when your day has been long. You deserve love, in its purest most desirable form, love that makes your heart flutter and makes your soul feel free. You deserve liberation from pain and you deserve complete and utter bliss. Do not settle for weak hearts and side eyes.

Worthy by Amy Kennedy


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THIS IS SO GOOD THO LOL honestly i feel like lapis and amethyst could actually get along smashingly if they gave it a chance

  • Yoosung: *displays clingy, jealous, and possessive behavior from a place of insecurity and a depressive mindset*
  • Me: 😩🙅💔👎🚫
  • Ray: *displays clingy, jealous, and possessive behavior from a place of insecurity and a depressive mindset*
  • Me: 😍💯💓👌💋

Please consider….

Overnight doggy hotels but for werewolves.

But it’s more than that, they’ve got medical staff too and therapists. Basically how it works is you reserve a room and then on the night of the full moon you come in and they take you to your room. You hand over your belongings and clothes for them to store for you and then you’re locked into this werewolf proofed room. But it’s not completely empty, it’s got stuff to keep you occupied once you transform, stuff to chew on and claw at and plenty of raw meat to sate your beastly cravings.

Then in the morning after you’ve transformed back into a human, the medical staff come get you and bring you to a special area for recoop. they let you change and give back your belongings and you basically lay in bed and rest your aching muscles and maybe down some medicine to help you digest the ungodly amount of meat you probably ate. Usually before you can leave the recoop area you get a quick check in with one of the resident therapists and once your given the ok you can go down to the cafeteria and get breakfast if you want it.

After that you’re free to head home.

hey guys !!

so i’ve been thinking for a while abt what my middle name should be + i think i’m gonna go with elliot !! i wouldn’t mind being called that along with sage from time to time too so i’m adding it in my bio + u guys can use either one ^^

My favorite, non-upsetting interpretation of the “why are adults on Tumblr?” criticism is that there’s a secret fandom site that people don’t get the link to until they’re over the age of 25 or 30, where a different type of fannish interaction is executed in secret.

I don’t understand, those posts are saying. You have access to the secret fandom home. Why do you stay here with us on this site, overrun with Nazi accounts the admin for some reason won’t ban, when you could be there?

i know that people are saying that Ai is the one getting in trouble with the BO but ok let me just point out how they KNEW she was alive a few chapters back and she faked her death again so I think??? she’s ok??? the only thing worrying me rn is my son tbh but maybe he can fake his death too and everyone will be ok

I know you have read this kind of post before but God i miss Lee Jinki. I miss his voice. I miss his eye smile. I miss his gummy smile. I miss his adorableness. I miss his clumsiness. I miss his stares towards the members. I miss his proud looks watching them. I miss his silliness. I MISS HIM SO MUCH IT HURTS.