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“I’ve been doing construction since I was fifteen. I like what I do and I do what I like. Every night when I’m heading home, I always look back to see what I’ve built. It gives me a great sense of joy. A few years ago I built a children’s park not far from here, and when they finally opened the gates, and all the children came running in, I started to cry.”

(São Paulo, Brazil)

What we learned from the Entertainment Weekly article

• Will has PTSD

• S2 takes place on Halloween

• Joyce is dating new character Bob Newby (played by Sean Astin) because she wants a good father figure for the boys

• Hopper is in charge of keeping the events of season 1 a secret


• Mike and Nancy are both still coping

• Max is going to be friends with the boys

• There’s going to be a Dustin-Max-Lucas love triangle

• Billy is going to be a loner, but he’s also going to be a villain (Matt Duffer described him as “evil” and says he took inspiration from Stephen King human antagonists)

• Dustin gets a tadpole-like pet (The Pollywog) that turns out to not be from this world

• The gate to the Upside Down is still open

• Dr Owens will be Brenner’s replacement

Privileged (18/?)

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“*yn* is finally reunited with her best friend, Clarke. The group of close friends reunite to bring Finn and Murphy home but none of them could have expected what was to come. Bellamy and *yn* find comfort in one another after they begin to realise how much they have all been through. 

Warnings: FLUFF, swearing, slight angst, violence, hinted smut (oooh) 

Notes: Based on 2x05 “Human Trials” of The 100. 

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“Not far now.” *yn* murmured to Monroe as she heard a hiss escape Monroe’s mouth as she stretched her leg in order to step over a log. *yn* winced as a sharp pain shot through her abdomen and she felt her knees begin to buckle underneath her as she lurched forward.

“*yn*!” Bellamy called out as he hurried forward and caught *yn* before she could fall to the ground. Octavia scrambled forward and grabbed Monroe to help steady the pair so neither dragged the other down. 

“I got you, I got you.” He murmured to *yn* as he slung her arm over his shoulder and placed his other hand on her waist to help her walk.

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After my fifth viewing of Beauty and the Beast, I finally caught what had gotten my attention before Maurice picks the rose.

After he bids the castle adieu, the Beast had actually been watching him the whole time. And I’m like, ‘oh snap, that’s how he found him so fast. He wasn’t already lurking in the garden, he fucking followed him.’

So maybe, maybe, the Beast actually was being hospitable and it was not just the Enchanted Objects. 

But then yeah, onto the rose picking. Maybe he’s also very wary of strangers picking his roses now. Like, ‘I’ve gotten cursed once, not gonna risk it again., because in the opening scene, the Enchantress picked a rose from his gate, so there’s that,

okay, i’m rambling now, i’ll shut up.

I Want To Dream

“Persephone!” Hades screamed as the gate sealed behind her. The vines curled around each other, closing the opening of the underworld before his eyes once again. Hades pounded his fist on the gate willing it to open, willing it to give her back, to uncurl and let him out. For once. Just let him out, let him have one more minute with her. Just one. His knuckles split and he felt blood run down his fingers but he didn’t stop he just kept pounding at the vines. Hitting, and clawing and pushing every force of darkness in his magic at the wall. He gave everything he had, and was left with a sealed gate that laughed at him.

Knees giving out, Hades slid down the wall. Tears silently rolled down his cheeks, matting his dark curly hair to his face. His eyes stared at the vines as he curled up next to the gate, as close to her as he can get. He stayed like that for hours, days, weeks, he couldn’t tell anymore. All he could feel was how his heart was ripped open and the insides clawed out. They had taken her from him again and again and again and he couldn’t stop it, and every time his heart was ripped from his damned soul.

“I know I’m leaving tonight but can you at least smile for me.” Persephone asked. Hades gave her a faint smile. They ate their breakfast next to each other, one hand intertwined with the others under the table.  When they were finished, they walked around their underground palace for hours, just talking and laughing. The sword was always in the back of their minds, why they were differing from their usually routine, the months without the other about to occur. Their hands never untied, clutching each other every second as if they could fuse together. Never separated.

With only a few hours left they found themselves in the ballroom. Persephone looked at him and smiled, less bright than usual, but still stunning. She had flowers woven in her hair in the shape of a crown, her dark curly hair falling down her back. Black and gold thread wove across her satin dress in swirls and designs that twirled in an endless dance. Her dark skin contrasted perfectly with Hades’ pale porcelain, the result of years trapped in an underground world. His skin was leathery and tough unlike Persephone’s soft skin, like flower petals. Millennia walking through fires and dragging souls behind him had taken its toll.

“Will you dance with me?” Hades asked and held out his hand.

“Only if you give me that big genuine smile I know so well.” Persephone said. The corners of her mouth turned up when she saw Hades’ roll his eyes.

“You can’t force a smile like that.”

“Well give me a nice smile and I will see if I can make it bigger.” Hades raised an eyebrow and slowly pulled his mouth into a smile. She took his hand and he spun her into his arms. Her loud laugh caressed his ears and danced behind his eyes, making him smile so hard he felt his teeth would crack.

“There it is.” She said. She took a step back from him and twirled, her dress splaying out and gliding through the air with her, and they danced.

They danced until their lungs could no longer keep up and they kicked off their shoes to some unknown part of the room. Twirling and gliding and curling around one another. Breathing each other in like they would never see the other again. There wasn’t any music, only their breaths that echoed through the room. But the music in their minds was louder than their own heartbeats in their ears. Drowning out everything except each other. Laughing and smiling they danced and Hades gave his rare smile to her and she gave her light. Her beautiful glow that vibrated through anyone that laid their eyes upon her. For hours, they danced. Hours.

“Hades.” Persephone said and her face scrunched up in pain. “Hades, it’s time. They’re coming.” He gripped her harder, refusing to let go.

“No, they don’t get to take you again. Never again.” He hissed.

“Hades.” She smiled sadly. “I love you.” He shook his head and gripped her hand, dragging her behind him as he faced the door of the ballroom. Waiting.

They slithered through the doors, tendrils of transparent smoke hidden to the eyes.

“You aren’t taking her. Not this time. Not ever.” Hades spat at them. The smoke seemed to vibrate with laughter at his words. It slithered closer, slowly over one tile and then another across the ballroom floor and pounced. Slamming into the two lovers it ripped through their forged hands and broke their grip. Locking around Persephone’s waist it pulled her across the floor and through the halls. Hades scrambled after, barely out of reach. Always just barely out of reach. Always watching them drag her away.

“I love you!” He yelled. She mouthed the words back at him, her voice hidden by the smoke. The gate was opening in front of them. Vines unlocking from their grips, slivers of sunlight shining through the opened gate. It pulled her through.


The servants slowly trickled out from their hiding spots, knowing better than to be seen on calling day. They brought wet rags, blankets and slices of bread and meat from the kitchen. Hades was still bloody and curled in on himself against the sealed gate. One servant took his limp hand and wiped the dried blood from it. Another washed his face as he looked upon them with dead eyes. They covered him with blankets and left the food next to him, hoping he will eat in the days to come. Just like before, they trickled away, leaving their broken king to wait for his lover to come home.

I wrote this as a final for a class and thought I should post it and see if you like it.

I recommend listening to Dream by Imagine Dragons while or before you read it. (It’s the song I had on repeat while writing this.) 

If you have ever listened to the musical Hadestown I also recommend listening to Lover’s Desire.

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A Way to You Again: Part 5

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count:  1119

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. The last scene killed me. I always love hearing from you guys <3.

Sorry it’s out late – my nap turned into a mini hibernation.

Tags are at the bottom. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged/removed.

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I felt like a hypocrite. As much as I had dreaded someone from the Avengers knocking on my door – I was finding myself wishing for it. I wanted Bucky to fight for me – I wanted him to prove me wrong. I needed him to. Days went by in a blur as I debated with myself on what I should do. Maybe he was still on his mission? Maybe Tony had told him to let me be? I couldn’t find an adequate excuse for it.

“Are you sure he won’t just show up at your door?” Nicole asked one morning – arching her eyebrows in curiosity.

“I’ve only ever talked to him about the cottage once… and it was just in passing,” I shrugged miserably.

“Well maybe he’s trying to get ahold of you? Have you checked your phone?” she asked casually.

“No – it’s been off since I got here,” I added miserably.

“Well maybe you should…”

“NO,” I snapped at her. As much as I wanted him to fabricate from thin air – I also really didn’t want to know why he hadn’t told me. I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t like his reasoning, and that was that.

I walked into the living room rubbing my eyes wearily. I had somehow managed to doze off as I snuggled in the oversized bed reading my dad’s beaten copy of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse-Five.” I stretched my arms as I peered around the room – spotting Nicole on the couch in front of the fireplace. “Hey,” I muttered quietly. Her head immediately snapped in my direction as she quickly hid her hands. “What are you? OH NO. I told you no!” I roared as I went to snatch the phone from her hands. “Now they’ll know where I’m at! Dammit Nicole!” After a brief struggle I victoriously grabbed the phone from her hands and crossed my arms – huffing angrily.

“Ten missed calls, one  voicemail, and twenty text messages,” she stated as a fact.

“Huh?” I asked confused.

“Those are all from this Bucky guy. It seems like he might care,” she shrugged casually. I rolled my eyes annoyed and stomped back into the bedroom determined to hide there for the rest of the night.

As I curled up in the bed I couldn’t help, but feel like the phone I held in my hand felt like a lead weight. Should I go ahead and look? There was no way that Tony hadn’t locked onto where I was within fifteen minutes. Bucky, Tony, or Steve would be here in a matter of hours – so there was no point in holding out any longer… I needed to go ahead and face whatever he had to say so I could prepare myself. I reluctantly lifted the phone to my face – it was best to get the voicemail out of the way first. I clicked on the message before putting the phone on speaker and listened.

Bucky’s voice permeated the quiet of the room. My heart sank as I listened.

“Y/N… Tony said that you left a few days ago but wouldn’t tell him where you were going… I… I know something happened between you and Nat. Please call… please let me explain. I don’t… I don’t want to lose you over this. I… I’m sorry,” his voice was so incredibly sad that I had to bite the inside of my cheek to keep myself from crying. When he paused at the end of the message my heart had done a backflip. I had never realized how much I wanted to hear him say that he loved me – but my hopes fell as flat as his voice as the recording ended.

I flipped through the the text messages quickly.

-Hey! I’m coming home – can’t wait to see your beautiful face.

-Steve just talked to Tony and he said you left???

-Is everything okay?

-I tried to call but it went straight to voicemail. Y/N please call me.

-Y/N, it’s not what you think. Please call me doll. Please come home. I miss you. I need to explain.

-I know I fucked it all up but please let me explain.

They kept going – each one a different variation of the one before it. I felt sick. It had been easier to accept everything when I had cut myself off from him. I sighed heavily. The truth was so glaringly obvious – I had never really accepted what had happened – just prolonged the inevitable. As I was flipping through the rest of the texts Bucky’s picture illuminated the screen. I froze in absolute panic – he was calling and I had accidentally just hit “answer.”

I stared at the phone – completely frozen in fear.

“Y/N,” Bucky’s voice said softly from the other end. I remained silent. I didn’t know what to do or what to say. It was as if I had suddenly turned into a statue. Bucky took my silence as a sign that I was going to listen and suddenly it was as if a flood gate had opened from his end of the conversation. “Doll, I am so sorry. I don’t know what all happened, but I know this is my fault. I swear I was going to tell you… I was going to explain everything, but I was just so afraid. So afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing and losing you… because you make me so happy. I haven’t… well I haven’t been this happy in a long time,” he paused for a moment waiting for my response. I sat in silence still unable to articulate the hundreds of conversations I had played out in my mind between us the last few days. “Doll…. Please. Please say something,” he pleaded – the edge of desperation cutting into his words.

All of my faculties seemed to have been taken over by some unknown part of myself that was unwilling to be hurt the way I had been hurt before. “There’s nothing left to say, Bucky…. Goodbye,” I said quietly before ending the call. I didn’t even know the words that were spilling out of my mouth until it was too late. I sat dumbfounded at myself as I stared at the phone in my hand. Why would I say that? What had I just done? Tears welled in my eyes as I realized that I could have very well ended everything then – he was trying and I had shut him down.

I jumped slightly as the door opened and Nicole came into the room. She looked at me apologetically as she held up two wine glasses and a bottle.

“I thought maybe we could use this tonight?”

I nodded sadly as tears streamed down my face.


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I work at a place that repairs watches. The work itself is great fun, but the customers. Oh god, the customers.

We’re inside of a mall and the place itself is a full square kiosk that you enter from one side through a wooden gate. We’re fully enclosed in here and it sometimes feels like a jail cell(this has relevance later on).

I have so many stories that I could tell, but I’d be here for ages, so I’ll just pick out a few:

Once a frantic woman was pacing around my kiosk as I came back from a break. I opened the large wooden gate, entered in a key code on the alarm system, then unlocked the combination lock on the lower part of the door to let myself in. Once fully inside the kiosk, this frantic woman rushes up to the counter in front of me and gasps “I NEED MY BATTERY CHANGED! DO YOU WORK HERE?!” Like, first off, settle down. It was your average, run of the mill watch, not life threatening if it died. I actually have a regular customer that comes in for batteries who could die if her watch died and was unable to remind her to take her medicine, but this lady was just nuts. And this was already the day from hell and I bit back “Obviously.” Lady. Are you serious? I’m INSIDE the kiosk. I had to use TWO pass codes to get in here. You WATCHED me put them in. I wanted to shake my head and say “Nope! I was walking by and I wanted to know what it felt like to be a miserable peon that answers dumb ass questions all day! Dream fulfilled!”

The second was much more recent, like last week. A young lady came up, likely in her 20’s. She asks my coworker, word for word, “Can you put time in my watch?” Naturally, he was confused. As am I. He asks if she meant she needed the time set(daylight savings time was just a few days away and some people will spring ahead early, I dunno why). She says, “No, I need you to put time in it!” By this point, I’m shaking, laughter threatening to burst out of me. Coworker actually turns to me and stared blankly because he’s confused. She asks again and he turns back and takes a shot in the dark, “Did you need a battery?”

She’s frustrated at this point, “It HAS a battery!! I need you to put TIME in the BATTERY! SO THE WATCH WILL GO!”

I’m dying! Losing it so hard that I have to hold my mouth closed and bend down out of sight. He just agrees with her at this point, it wasn’t worth more arguing. After he’s done, she asks him how much time he put in it. He said he filled the battery up and she was all set. After she paid and left, we both lost it. I wonder what she thinks time looks like.

This job is certainly interesting!


I love your stories ! Are awesome ! HONESTLY, can you do one that the reader is virgin and Daryl gets all fluff and careful cause he really loves her ? Pleaseeee

I hope you like it! 💕  

You were lying on the couch of your house in Alexandria, with your feet crossed over the armrest and your hands under your head. It had been a long day trying to take the walkers away from the gates of the community.

The front door swung open and you saw Daryl come in. You had been dating for a couple of months before you arrived to Alexandria, and having a house all to yourselves was nice to have some privacy.

“Hey”, he greeted when he saw you and threw himself next to you on the couch.

“Hi”, you giggled and started playing with his hair. It had been a long, stressful day for him as well, and he wanted to release some tension.

He got on top of you and placed his hands on either side of your head, he kissed your nose and then your cheeks, making them pink. You giggled and he finally kissed your lips. You put your hands on his neck and curled a strand of hair around your forefinger.

He groaned and took your lip between his teeth, you felt him inhaling sharply and moaning as he exhaled, his hand cupped one side of your face and brought it closer to his to deepen the kiss.

Then that hand began to caress your cheek, it moved down your neck and chest, then he finally set it on your waist. You kept kissing him and bringing his face closer to yours with your hand as you ran your fingers through his hair.

He took his lips away from yours and pecked your chin, then your neck and your chest, then he kept going down and leaving kisses on your body over your shirt until he arrived to the hem of it and left a kiss on your bare skin, above the waistband of your jeans.

You felt a tingly sensation, it was pleasant, yet you pulled his head away because you also felt a twinge of fear.

“What’s wrong?”, he raised his gaze to look at you, he was frowning.

“Nothing”, you shook your head and forced a smile. You were a little scared, but you also knew that you were ready for that step in your relationship.

Daryl kissed you there once more and then unbuttoned your jeans. He started pulling them down your legs hurriedly and touching your skin with his fingers. You moaned lowly, but still felt your legs shivering.

He grasped one of your thighs strongly and pushed it to the side to place himself eagerly between your legs. That was when you jolted and tried to put your knees back together but he was already there.

“Wait, wait”, you raised your hands and pressed them against his chest.

“What?”, he asked, confused.

“I-I-I’m a.. a…”, you stuttered nervously and blushed wildly. “I’m a virgin.”

You whispered the last word, but judging by the color your face had taken and the way your lips trembled when you spoke, he understood what you meant.

“What?”, he repeated. “How?”

“Well, I’ve never-”

“Yeh, I get it”, he shook his head. “Uh, alright.”

Daryl started getting off of you, you knew he was getting uncomfortable, and you missed the warmth of his body pressed against yours.

“But I… want to”, you said as grabbed his hand to pull him back on you, but it slid away from yours. “So let’s.”

“Nah, we don’t have to”, he sat on the edge of the couch, with his back to you.

“I want you, Daryl”, you placed your hand on his back. There was something about your voice that turned him on, or maybe it was the fact that you had never been with another man, or perhaps that you were telling him that you wanted him.

“I don’t wanna hurt you or something”, he said.

“I trust you”, you murmured. Daryl stood up and turned around, he grabbed each of
your ankles with his hands and pulled you closer, then he grabbed your legs and lifted you up from the couch.

You wrapped your legs around his waist and held on to his shoulders as he carried you upstairs.

“What are you doing?”, you asked between little laughs.

Daryl looked into your eyes and said, “I’ll be careful.”

Once you reached the bedroom, he softly placed you on the bed, you were facing the ceiling.

He climbed on the bed on top of you, but he wasn’t fast and wild as he had been downstairs. His movements were tender and calm.

You were nervous, but also eager to be with Daryl in the only way that you hadn’t yet. He was so sweet, and he looked so good when he was wearing only his underwear for bed, and when he was asleep with a couple of locks covering his face. Now you were in that same bed, laying on your back and with your jeans on the floor, downstairs, on the living room.

Daryl stood right before the bed, staring at you with a gentle look. His eyes were taking everything in, he pulled the pale blue of them to your chest and watched how you breathed, he could tell you were wary but he knew you weren’t lying when you said you wanted him. He bent over and made a path with his fingers from your ribcage to your belly button.

You giggled and gazed up at him. He seemed so worried yet just as eager as you were. He pulled your shirt off slowly and fixed his eyes on your breasts. He bit his lip and hurriedly proceeded to pull your panties down.

“You’re perfect”, he said as he climbed on top of you and locked his eyes on yours, his fingers were combing your hair softly. You blushed a light shade of pink at his words, he had said that to you hundreds of times but this was the first one that he said it while every naked inch of you was caged underneath his warm body.

You pulled his face down so you could kiss him, and as his lips fell on yours, his hand wandered down your hair and settled on your chest. Daryl cupped one of your breasts and a hum left your lips as he started to massage it gently.

His wet lips tickled your neck with each kiss he left there, you moaned as he nibbled on the sensitive skin and his thumb drew circles around your nipple.

Daryl let his body fall slowly over yours and you felt his hard member settling between your thighs, which made you jump slightly. He left two more tender kisses on the crook of your neck and you arched your back, slowly starting to grind against him.

He groaned as he felt your arousal on his hardness, he couldn’t wait anymore to have you right there in that moment, but he needed you to let him know once more that you wanted it as much as he did.

“You sure?”, he asked and looked right into your eyes. You blinked and took a deep breath before answering.


Daryl grabbed each of your thighs with his rough hands, yet his fingers were soft on your skin as he positioned himself right at your entrance. He suddenly pushed himself forward and entered you. A low cry escaped your throat as you felt how the head of his cock made its way through your folds, it was slightly painful but you didn’t want him to stop.

You bucked your hips up subconsciously, and felt how he went deeper, you breathed rapidly with the sound of your heart beating loudly in your ears as you pushed your head deep into the pillow and rolled your hips, which was driving Daryl crazy.

He had imagined how the first time you were together would be like, and in his mind it had always been wild and naughty; keeping himself calm for you was too hard for him.

Daryl squeezed one of your thighs and pushed it over his waist, you wrapped the other one around his waist and he started thrusting faster into you. You had to slam your hands on his back to stay steady, and your nails sank deep into his skin, leaving little crescents on his back.

“Daryl… Daryl… Daryl”, you panted his name repeatedly with a shaky and barely audible voice, he kept rocking his hips back and forth and sinking his fingers into your thighs deeper with each thrust.

He was no longer as gentle as he had been when he started, but you didn’t want him to, anyway. It felt so good to have his cock inside you that you wanted him to keep going until it didn’t hurt anymore.

He finally came within you, collapsing over your body as he twitched his end inside of you. You felt his breath on your neck and your own ruffled the hair that had fallen over his sweaty face.

“How was that?”, he asked in a playful tone with a grin. You laughed and pushed him off of you, he rolled on his side to lay next to you.

“Amazing”, you answered between breaths. “Is it always like that?”

You looked at him with wide eyes and full curiosity, you wanted to be with him in every way and style possible. He laughed at your question and looked at you with a smirk.

“You liked that?”, he arched an eyebrow. “That was nothing.”

Daryl said and climbed back on top of you.

Unknown King - Part VI

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: I definitely went overboard on this one, it’s really long! Sugar daddy bucky is about to emerge. If you want to be tagged just ask! I will most likely say yes

Word count: 3k +

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V


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You woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside. Your eyelids opened. The rays poured in from the open curtains. You grabbed a handful of your hair as you scratched your head. In the morning light, you were able to finally see the details in the room. A small chandelier hung above. There was a very comfortable looking sofa at the corner of the room with a coffee table in front of it. A grand balcony complete with a lounge chair. You stared in awe over the horizon. The houses across the lake at East Egg were mere specks but already looked grand.

You got off the bed and went into the adjoined bathroom. It was as big as your room in the cottage. The white marble floor gave the place a hue of brightness. The white bathtub sat on an elevated platform. The steam shower had glass walls and you just couldn’t wait to indulge in a hot shower. After some difficulty in trying to figure out how to turn on the water, you were successful and the warm water now drained down. You stripped yourself of your clothes and sighed in relief at the feeling of warm water.

There were towels that were neatly folded on a small shelf. You grabbed two and wrapped them around your hair and body. Without a second thought, you walked back into the room and nearly screamed when you saw a maid making the bed.

“Good morning Miss Y/N,” She smiled and continued.

Your cheeks burned and you quickly went to your luggage to grab some undergarments. The maid tucked a stray of blonde hair behind her ear before turning to you.

“Would you like me to unpack for you?” She asked.

You shook your head, “Oh, no. No thank you.”

She smiled and nodded, “Understood. Well, I’ll leave you be.” She went into the bathroom and retrieved your dirty clothes. “I’ll take these down to the laundry and Mister Barnes is waiting for you downstairs whenever you’re ready.”

“Thank you,” You said, no quite sure what to do in situations like these. “I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“I know,” She paused. “Mister Barnes talks a lot about you. I’m Shea.”

Before you said anything else she scampered out of the room. You sighed in relief. Then you remembered that Bucky was waiting for you and quickly began to get dressed. Not wanting to waste a minute.

Bucky was at the stove, flipping an omelet with a spatula. He was dressed very lazily in a pair of sweats and black shirt. His hair was not slicked back and his locks now curtained off his face.

He looked at you and smiled, “Morning, Y/N.”

“Good morning, Buck,” You went to wash your hands. “Need any help?”

He shook his head, “I think I’m fine. I’m almost done.”

You stood around for a second before grabbing two cups of glass. You filled one with water and awkwardly drank, trying to avoid small talk. Finally, you decided to break the ice.

“I didn’t know you cooked.” You said truthfully.

He laughed, “I had some spare time and took some lessons with Renaldo and Anthony. Didn’t hurt and I have expanded my cooking skills.”

You smiled, “Impressive.”

He set a plate with an omelet in front of you. He handed you a fork and you thanked him. You waited until he sat across from you to begin eating. The food was delicious and left you wanting more.

After breakfast, Bucky left claiming he had business to attend to. You spent the day unpacking and exploring parts of the house you did not see. Mainly, you just didn’t want to keep getting lost in the maze of halls and bedrooms. You came across several locked doors and rooms that were nearly empty. The room in which you first met Bucky was, in fact, his study. There was a window that had a view of the courtyard, where the parties took place. You wondered why he would simply watch his parties. What was the point? What prevented him from going downstairs and get roaring drunk?

You found yourself in the courtyard, gazing up at the window you were looking out of just minutes ago. You stood on the small platform in the middle of the pool. The staircase loomed over you as you crouched down to dip your fingers in the water. You walked towards the main pool. The large circular body of water that was crystal clear and bright blue at the same time. The floor of the pool had a custom design. A circle with the initials JB. James Barnes. You took your sandals off and sat on the edge. You let your feet dangle off the edge and into the warm water. You had a view of the lake and East Egg from where you sat.

How could Bucky live here all alone? You asked yourself. A house so big with only a few people that he pays to be here. Is that the reason for these parties? To keep the house full even if it’s for a few hours and one day a week. To let people enjoy the riches he has earned when he can’t because he has no time? You bit down on your lip in thought. You felt a headache beginning to blossom. The sun overhead was beating down on you and you had the urge to take a swim. But you didn’t feel comfortable.

“Would you like a towel Miss Y/N?”

You turned to see Ace holding a white towel in his hand. You took it and thanked him. You lay the towel on your lap and continued to gaze off into the distance.


“Yes, Miss Y/N?” He asked.

“How long have you been working for Bucky?”

“About 3 years, Miss, why?”

You shrugged, “Is he ever in any danger?”

“I’m afraid I cannot answer that question,” He said.

You pulled your lips in a thin line. “But,” You paused. “He’s a good person, right?”

“He is a good man,” Ace nodded. “He would never hurt you if that’s what you want to know. He finds your presence quite calming. I do believe your evening will be wonderful.”

You smiled, “Thanks, Ace.”

“I really appreciate you doing this Shea,” You smiled and felt the soft fabric of the robe she gave you. She had insisted you take a bath. She poured various scented products into the water and also smeared on a face mask. Your skin now felt clean and smooth.

She nodded, “It’s what I am here for. Mister Barnes doesn’t always have dates. It’s quite rare so I’m glad he’s found someone as beautiful as you.”

You smiled, “Thank you, Shea”

“Now let’s get you ready!” She exclaimed.

Bucky had returned a few minutes ago. You hadn’t seen him since the morning because you were far too busy sitting in neck deep bubbly water.

Shea made you sit on a chair in front of the vanity. She began to work on your hair and as she did, she went on and on.

“The last girl that I remember he was seeing was a girl named Carmen. That was two years ago and it ended badly. She was cheating on him,” Shea said. “She lost it all and let Mister Barnes heartbroken.”

You weren’t sure how to feel about this new information. It had been 2 years since his last relationship. 2 years until you crashed into his life. You had mix emotions. After Shea finished curling your hair, she began on makeup.

“Oh, you don’t need much,” She stated. “Just some mascara, some glow and a touch of lipstick.” Shea paused. “You are gonna wear the dress he got you right?”

You looked at her, a bit surprised that she knew about that. You nodded to answer her question.

“That dress is gorgeous, I know because I helped pick it out,” She winked. “You’ll look so good in it.”

You had ten more minutes to get ready. With Shea’s help, you got out of the robe and into the gown. It was the first time you wore it and to say the least, it looked absolutely stunning. The top hugged your body perfectly and the skirt flowed around your legs. Shea handed you your black heels and nodded.

“You look beautiful.”

You smile, “Thank you, Shea, I really couldn’t have gotten here without you. My hair looks amazing.”

She grinned, “I will leave you now. I’ll tell Mister Barnes you’re ready now.”

You nodded and she slipped out of the room. You sat on the edge of the bed and composed yourself. You wish you had someone to call, but your only friend was the one that was taking you on the date. You went into the bathroom and made sure you didn’t have anything between your teeth. After spraying yourself with perfume, you nodded at yourself and went towards the door.

You opened it and made your way towards the stairs. Bucky stood at the foot of the stairs, he saw you and smiled. He was dressed in an all black suit and he looked very handsome. He extended his hand and you took it as you reached the bottom.

“You look beautiful Y/N,” He said.

“So do you,” You mentally slapped yourself as you registered what you just said. “Fuck, I mean you look handsome.”

He smiled at your stuttering state, “Come on, not a moment to lose cause I have a fun night planned.”

He led you out of the house where a sleek black Lamborghini was already waiting in the driveway. The butler got out and Bucky thanked him. He opened the door for you and you got in. This was possibly one of the most expensive cars you’ve ever been in. Bucky got into the driver’s seat and sped away from the house. The gates were already open and he raced through.

“So what do you have in store for me, Bucky?” You asked.

“A night full of wonder,” He said. “You look very beautiful by the way, I know I already said that but I wanted to say it again.”

You blushed, “Thank you.”

“Y/N,” He said. “What’s your opinion on me? I don’t want to make it sound like it’s all about me but I know that there are bizarre rumors going around. I just don’t want you to think that I am someone who cannot be trusted.”

“I hardly know you,” You started. “But I do trust you.”

He looked at you and your eyes connected momentarily before he turned his attention back onto the road. The drive over the bridge was quiet. You fiddled with your fingers, wondering if you said something wrong.  You gazed at the city. Every building was illuminated with its glimmering light that came to life every time the sun fell across the horizon. Bucky raced down the busy streets of New York, he weaved in and out of the lanes, receiving various angry honks from drivers. He flew by patrol cars, but the officers did not chase after the car. Just how powerful was Bucky?

James stopped the car in front of a towering hotel. He got out and hurried to your side to open the door. You smiled and took his hand.

“Good evening, sir,” A young man approached you.

Bucky tossed him the keys to the car. “I don’t want to see a scratch, you hear?”

“Of course, sir,” He bowed his head and got into the car.

You hooked your hand through his arm as he led you into the hotel lobby. Your eyes nearly bugged out when they fell upon the giant crystal ball. Men and women of all shapes, color, and age were scattered throughout the lobby. Some carried bags that had prestigious logos such as Chanel, Gucci and other’s you only saw in magazines. Bucky gave you no time to register your surrounding, he was already pulling you in another direction.

“What are we doing here?” You asked.

“This place has an amazing restaurant,” He explained.

“Oh, I thought you booked a room, I was so confused for a minute,” You admitted.

“No!” He exclaimed. “Unless you want to of course.”

Your cheeks burned bright red, but before you could say anything else, you arrived at the hotel’s restaurant. The hostess smiled at us.

“Hello,” She greeted. “Name?”

“Barnes,” Bucky said. “I reserved the entire rooftop patio.”

The hostess looked at the computer and nodded, “Ah, here you are. Barnes and a guest.” She looked at you and smiled. “Your gown is lovely.”

“Thank you,” You beamed.

“Follow me,” She rounded the desk and you squeezed Bucky’s arm as followed the hostess. She stopped in front of an elevator, the doors opened and she motioned for you to step inside. She pressed a button on the number pad and turned to us, “The waiter that will be assisting you for the evening is already waiting. Enjoy your night.”

The doors closed and the elevator began moving up. You took a deep breath and chewed on your lip as you waited.

“Did you really rent out the entire patio?” You asked.

He nodded, “How could I not?”

The evlevator dinged and the doors slid open. Your mouth fell agape when you saw the patio. It was completely empty except for the single table that sat in the middle. A red carpet was extended from the entrance of the elevator to the table. Fairy lights decorated the short walls. The roof opened up to the night sky. The lit up skyscrapers towered over the patio. You were left breathless. A light wind began to pick up, but Bucky placed his hand on the small of your back and a sudden jolt of heat raced through your body.

“Wow.” Was all you could manage.

“Do you like it?” He whispered in your ear.

You turned to him and tilted your head up to meet his eyes, “I love it.”

Bucky pulled out the chair for you before you sat down. His eyes were locked with yours as he planted himself on the chair across you. The waiter approached the table. Two menus were in his hand.

“Good evening,” he began. “Welcome to Belassio, my name is Carson, I will be helping you this evening,  what can I get started for you today?”

“A bottle of your finest wine,” He said without breaking his gaze from you.

“Of course, sir,” Carson nodded and strolled off towards the elevator.

You admired the view around you. No doubt people who were in those tall buildings could see what was happening, but you didn’t care. Bucky cleared his throat, you turned to him.

“Y/N, I’m afraid I haven’t been honest with you,” he said.

“What do you mean?” You asked, your heart crawling in your throat.

He sighed, “I know a lot about you, but you hardly know anything about me. For starters, my name is James Buchanan Barnes, I was raised middle to lower class in Brooklyn. Steve Rogers is my close childhood friend. My father died when I was young and before she died, I’m happy to say that I bought my mother a beautiful house that she always dreamed of. She was able to live like the queen she was always meant to be.” He paused. “I started the business that I am in at the age of 19. Tony Stark, he helped me and shaped me into the man I am today. The line of work that I am in, it isn’t something that’s popular. I hit my climax moment 4 years ago, the money began rolling and I felt like a king.  I bought the house I am currently living in and immediately felt the bad vibes coming from East Eggers.”

Carson came back and poured the wine into two glasses. Bucky let you order your food first, though you weren’t sure about any of the dishes. Instead, Bucky ordered two chefs specials. Carson jotted it down on his notepad and went back down the elevator.

“Is that why you asked me about those rumors?” You asked.

He nodded, “I don’t want you to have the wrong impression of me. We’ve known each other for a few months but I want to tell you the truth so that you could hear it from me and not some ridiculous story told by some gossiping whim.” He paused. “Y/N, doll, I really like you. You’re this gorgeous, kind hearted person who is selfless and you’re just….perfect.”

He stood up and kneeled in front of you, his hands cupping your cheeks, “I want you in my life, Y/N, I do. I will make sure nothing happens to you. I just need you to want to be in my life. That’s terrible wording, but I think you get the point. I’m not going to force you to do anything.”

You were left shocked, you didn’t know what to say next. Bucky was in a sketchy ass business that only seemed to be real in movies. Was he a drug lord? Maybe. Mafia don? Possibly. He was in a line of business that could most likely get him killed. And you strangely knew that nothing would ever happen to you and hopefully him too. He continued to stare with hope clinging onto his eyes. You were speechless but your mind was going a mile a minute. He abruptly stood up and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Okay,” You said quietly. “I trust you, Buck.”

He turned, shock crossed his face but it quickly broke out into a smile. You expected him to do something else but instead, he sat back down on his chair. Your shoulders slumped, disappointed that he didn’t use this golden moment.

“What the hell am I doing?” he asked and suddenly stood up before capturing your lips in his. You held your breath during the breathtaking moment. Fireworks seemed to go off in the background as heat raced through your body. Your face began to grow warm. He pulled away shortly after and you smiled.

“I’m so glad you did that,” You whispered.

“Trust me, doll,” She said. “So am I.”

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Disturbing Documentaries

1. Dreams of a Life (2011)

This documentary tells the story of Joyce Carol Vincent, whose body was found in January 2006, decomposing in her bed in Wood Green, North London. She apparently died unnoticed in December 2003, surrounded by unopened Christmas presents with her TV still turned on. The film interviews various friends, acquaintances, and former partners to try to tell the story of Joyce.

2. The Cheshire Murders (2013)

This film studies the murder-robbery case that occurred on July 23, 2007. Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters were raped and murdered, while her husband, Dr. William Petit, was injured during a home invasion in Cheshire, Connecticut. This case was referred to as “possibly the most widely publicized crime in the state’s history.”

3. Child of Rage (1992)

The film is based on the true story of Beth Thomas, who suffered from severe behavioral problems as a result of being sexually abused as a child. Beth was adopted after it was found that she was being sexually abused by a family member. During her stay with the family, she tried to kill her brother several times and even attempted to sexually abuse him. The film was shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

4. The Imposter (2012)

This documentary is about the 1997 case of the French confidence trickster Frédéric Bourdin, who impersonated Nicholas Barclay, a Texas boy who disappeared at the age of 13 in 1994. The film includes interviews with Bourdin and members of Barclay’s family, as well as actual television news footage

5. Cropsey (2009)   

This film initially begins as an examination of "Cropsey”, a boogeyman-like figure from the New York urban legend, before segueing into the story of Andre Rand, a convicted child kidnapper from Staten Island.

6. The Bridge (2006)

This film covers the depressing truth about the Golden Gate Bridge, capturing a large number of suicides during the documentary.The film also features interviews with family and friends of some of the identified people who had thrown themselves from the bridge that year. The Golden Gate Bridge, which first opened in May 1937, was the most popular suicide site in the world during the documentary’s filming, with approximately 1,200 deaths by 2003

7. There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane (2011)

This documentary discusses the traffic collision that occurred on July 26, 2009,  where eight people were killed when a minivan driven by 36-year-old Diane Schuler, after traveling 1.7 miles in the wrong direction on the parkway, collided head-on with an oncoming SUV. The deaths included Schuler, her daughter and three nieces, and the three passengers in the SUV. The crash was the worst fatal motor vehicle accident to occur in Westchester County, New York

8. Capturing the Friedmans (2003)

This film focuses on the 1980s investigation of Arnold Friedman and his son Jesse for child molestation of several of their students. They held computer classes in their home where many children attended. During police interviews, some of the children that the Friedman’s taught reported experiencing bizarre sex games during their computer classes. Arnold Friedman committed suicide in prison in 1995, leaving a $250,000 life insurance benefit to his son. Jesse Friedman was released from New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility in 2001 after serving 13 years of his sentence.

9. Night & Fog (1955)

This documentary depicts the cruel reality of the Nazi Concentration camps. The film features footage from the liberation of camps in 1945 where malnourished humans are seen emerging out of the camps, voicing the life left in their lungs on to the camera.

10. Brothers Keeper (1992)

This documentary follows the case of Delbert Ward, an illiterate 59-year-old dairy farmer who was accused of murdering his brother Bill, in the bed that they shared for 50 years. The Ward brothers were four bachelors ranging between 59-71 and living in extreme poverty. One theory suggests that the slain brother, Bill, suffered the consequence of a sexual act gone wrong. What’s more disturbing is the fact that he was later acquitted of the crime after it was found out that the New York State Police coerced a confession out of him as he was illiterate.

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Rhaegar x Sister Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine marrying your older brother Rhaegar and having a romantic bedding ceremony.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hey could you do a rheagar x sister where they are married and have the bedding ceremony??

♡ ♡ Warning: INCEST & SMUT ♡ ♡

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happy valentines day, pals!!! this is a list of the wonderful people ive gotten to know through inuyasha, and boy there’s a lot of them! under a read more to keep from flooding dashboards so read on to see me use words like “i love” and “like” and “omg” and “!!!” 1000 times!

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During one of my previous volcano forts, I had a !!FUN!! sized zombie siege of ~30 undead. I ordered everyone inside, and closed the gates. It was then I noticed 2 children still outside, obliviously playing as the horde approaches. I was sad, but there was nothing I can do. These children weren’t worth risking the whole fort by opening the gate. 

The Zombies came and killed one of them within seconds in a brutal explosion of guts and bones. The second child (his name was Rovod) somehow dodged them all, gaining a level or two in the process, and ran. 

The zombies chased him for months, across the brooks and in the dried pools and over the mountainside. Everytime they caught up to him, he dodged all of their blows and escaped. By now Rovod was a talented dodger. 

Now two things should be noted- My fort’s entrance was located in a shallow canyon winding into the mountainside. Into the canyon walls I dug pipes that bring lava from the volcano and can be used to flood the canyon. I had used it on a few unlucky undead who passed by, and a lot of lava had still remained on the floor. 

Feeling that I owed Rovod for how well he survived, I evacuated the civilians from the gate hallway and stationed my militia there. I opened the gate, and Rovod began running towards it. 

The zombies were chasing him, but he was faster. Rovod entered the entry canyon with at least 30 tiles between him and the horde. He was mere seconds from making it. 

Suddenly a group of 5 or so zombies jumped down from the level below, chasing a yak. The saw Rovod and began closing on him. Rovod was now stuck in the canyon between two groups of undead. 

It was then that my militia commander jumped out, and attacked the zombies. They now targetted him instead of Rovod. He fought valiantly, and brought down 3 zombies. 

Then he dodged into one of the lava pools, and disappeared in a cloud of smoke and steam and cooked flesh that covered the whole canyon. Amid the confusion, Rovod escaped, dodging every one of the attacks. 

The gate was closed, and the smoke cleared. The militia commander saved Rovod at the cost of his life. 

But the sacrifice was in vain- Not a week later, the zombies caught up with him. He dodged all but one of the blows, but one was enough. Rovod died, and my fort soon followed.

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If the Shoe Fits Park Jimin x Reader Ballet Au!

Originally posted by missbaptan

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Disclaimer: I am not actually Korean, I just learned how to cook these foods from watching my aunt (ahjumma) while I was growing up. 

Jimin shuffled into the student kitchen of Etre. No one actually cooked in the kitchen, it was mainly used for the refrigerator, to store healthy snacks and produce. His head was still pounding, and sweat clung to his sticky skin. He cursed Hoseok for dressing him in actual pajamas, as he popped off the top button of the shirt. His body felt like it was on fire, and he badly needed water. Just by coincidence Yoongi was in the kitchen too, eating some yogurt. 

“Wow you look like hell,” Yoongi stated plainly. 

“I feel like I’m in hell.” Jimin gasped out, reaching for a glass. Jimin barely had the glass in his hands, and he felt it slip from his grip. The glass fell with a sharp shattering sound, followed by a blunt thump, as if a body hit the ground. 

“Jimin!” Yoongi rushed out of his seat to shake the boy who was passed out on the floor. Yoongi touched Jimin’s forehead, it was slick with sweat and felt extremely hot. 

“Shit,” Yoongi cursed. Jimin was sick, he must have been getting sick, from all that practicing. With his fall today, he finally started to rest, and his whole body caught up with him, and hit him hard. 

“What happened?! Yoongi are you okay?” Namjoon and Hoseok came running into the kitchen. 

“We heard a glass shattering,” Hoseok said.

“H-he’s just sick. I felt his temperature,” Yoongi stuttered out.

“He’s probably going to need some of the right nutrients to get better quickly,” Namjoon thought out loud.

“Where are we going to get that at two in the morning?” Yoongi asked. 

“I think I know,” Hoseok said, finally cutting in. 


“Unnie, your phone is ringing.” Sehwa mumbled drowsily, as she shook you awake. 

“I’ll get it. Just go back asleep okay?” Sehwa nodded and crawled back under her covers. You grabbed your phone and it read ‘HO-seok’ on it. You stepped out of your shared room and answered the call.

“The hell do you want?!” you whispered yelled into your phone, trying not to wake up the other family members in your house. “This better be good. Do you know how hard it is to put a seven year old back to sleep after you have woken them up?!” 

“I’m sorry, I just need a favor. Jimin is sick-”

“What does that have to do with me?” You sharply cut Hoseok off. 

“I know you do not like Jimin, but you are the only one who can make the foods for when people are sick at this time. Please help him, actually no, not for him for me. (y/n) he’s my friend.” Hoseok pleaded. You sighed and massaged the bridge of your nose, you rarely ever heard Hoseok this stressed, and rarely he asked much of you. 

“Fine I’ll do it, but I am only doing this for you. Give me twenty minutes-” 

“Unnie, can you tuck me in?” Sehwa’s voice interrupted you, as she peaked her tiny head out from behind the door. 

“Never mind, give me at most an hour. Do you guys have a kitchen?”

“Yes, there is a kitchen we have some basic seasonings in here and all the equipment.” 

“Good, I’ll be there.” You rummaged through your kitchen to find some stuff that you would need. Ginseng, a jujube, garlic, rice, and green onions. You bit your lip looking at the full Cornish hen that was sitting in your refrigerator, you needed it for the soup, but your mom also needed it. ‘Snap out of it (y/n), you’re doing this for Hoseok, you’ll bear the yelling from mom just this once.’ You mentally scolded yourself and took the chicken. You quickly wrote a note to your mom apologizing for taking the chicken and saying you’ll buy another one once you got back. You put everything in a big bag along with some prepacked side dishes, apple pears, honey, and a jar of citron tea. 

You walked back into your room to put Sehwa back to sleep, and that was another twenty minutes of patting her on the back and stroking her hair to get her to pass out again. You had twenty minutes left to get to Etre, and there were no trains running. You ran out of your house with the heavy bag, and into the city where you can hail a cab. You paid the driver some extra money so he could get you there faster. You looked up at the gates, and they were closed. You pushed the heavy iron gate open and they groaned loudly from being moved. You quickly took a scan of your surroundings to see if anyone woke up. Hoseok was at the entrance of Etre’s dorms with the door open for you. 

“You owe me for all the grief I went through just to get here,” You said as you made a mad dash for the kitchen. 

“I agree that I do,” Hoseok said as he ran with you. When you got to the kitchen you washed the rice, and started to soak it. While the rice was soaking you cleaned the chicken abrasively with salt. 

“Is there something I can help you with?” Hoseok asked. 

“Boil some water for me.” You said, still focusing on the chicken, Hoseok silently obeyed and started to boil a kettle full of water. Hoseok also started to unload all of the food you had brought onto the counters, so you could have easy accessibility to each ingredient. Namjoon looked at all food and noticed what you were making. 

“Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup)? How did you know Jimin had a fever?” 

“I didn’t, I just went with my gut.” You said washing your hands so you can tie your hair up. You washed your hands once more and continued to clean the chicken. You pulled out giblets of the chicken, you cut away the skin and all of the fat off the chicken, also the tips of the wings, so the chicken could fit in the earth ware pot you found. You peeled eight cloves of garlic and cut of their tips off, after you peeled the garlic, you heated up the earth ware pot on the stove with some water in it. You heard the kettle whistle with steam, and you immediately took it off the fire. You poured the hot water into a tea cup and scooped out one spoonful of the citron tea marmalade into the water, and stirred. After that you washed the ginseng root and jujube. Your mouth made an audible ‘tch’ sound when you realized there wasn’t enough time to let the rice fully soak, but you started to stuff the chicken anyways. You first put in four cloves of garlic, rice, ginseng, rice, the jujube, rice, and the rest of the garlic. You picked up the full chicken and placed it in the pot, you placed the remaining rice in the pot, and more water for broth. 

“So how does (y/n) know how to make all of this?” Namjoon asked Hoseok. 

“Well she learned from her watching her grandma, and started to cook more for her parents and siblings after her grandmother died. Her mother was in so much grief she wouldn’t cook or doing anything at all for months.” Hoseok answered. You let soup cook on medium heat for thirty minutes, you set the timer and started to peel and dice the apple pears. You place the diced pears on a plate and drizzled honey on them. You carried the tea and the plate of fruit up to Jimin’s room. When you got to his room you saw him lying in bed with another boy watching him. You knew of  Yoongi, but you didn’t really know him. 

“Thank god you are here. I was getting a little worried. He has a fever, and he’s been coughing and sniffling a while in bed.” Yoongi explained. You crinkled your nose. 

“Sounds like he has the flu, it has been getting colder,” you placed the plate of pears on Jimin’s nightstand. With your free hand you pulled the cold rag on his forehead. 

“He needs to sweat off this flu, don’t let him cool down, keep him hydrated, not cool. If you let him cool down his fever will persist.” You instructed. You blew on the hot tea a little to make it a bit cooler, so Jimin could drink it. 

“Jimin wake up you need to drink this,” you said, placing your palm on his shoulder to shake him. You help him sit up a bit so he can take slow sips of the tea. You supported him by wrapping your arms around his shoulders and shoulder blades. His eyes were closed, but he still drank the tea. When he was half way done with the cup, you started to hand feed him a couple of cubes of the apple pears. 

When did Miju get here?” Jimin asked Yoongi, you rolled your eyes. 

“Out of all of the times you offended me Park Jimin, I’ve never been as offended as I am now. I am not that ditzy fake ass Yoo Miju.” You sneered, but Jimin was too sick to hear you. Yoongi laughed at your response. 

“Jimin was right you are smart mouthed like me.” He said, you turned to face Yoongi. 

“I guess,” you shrugged as you continued to feed Jimin. 

“This should stop his coughing for a little bit,” you made Jimin finish that cup of tea, then you left to go back to the kitchen to check on the soup. You turned the heat down to low for another half hour, you peeled more apple pears and diced them. You placed the apple pairs into cold water so they wouldn’t turn brown later on. You placed a note on the bowl saying ‘Park Jimin’ so no one would eat it. You also wrote a note to remind Hoseok or Namjoon to later in drizzle honey, and have Jimin eat that snack two or three times during the day. 

“What in god’s name are you doing?!” You quickly turned to see a woman standing in the kitchen with you. You had no idea who she was, or what to say, so you froze. 

“Wait Madame Hyojeong it’s okay.” Hoseok said as he came running back, he left for a few moments because he was in the bathroom. Namjoon went back to his room, because Hoseok urged him to get sleep. 

“She’s here to help Jimin. He’s sick and she’s the only one I know who could make samgyetang,” Hoseok explained. Madame Hyojeong studied your face, and noticed your eyes. 

“Are you the dandelion maker? (l/n) Minjae’s granddaughter?” Madame Hyojeong asked. You didn’t answer, but you stared back at Madame Hyojeong, she was a bit familiar to you. You imagined her face without glasses, less defined wrinkles, and a smile. 

“You’re Lee Hyojeong aren’t you?” Hoseok’s eyebrow shot up. You have never met any of the staff, except for Master Daejung. 

“My grandfather made pointe shoes for you, I remember watching you dance as Swanhilda in Coppelia,” you continued, Madame Hyojeong softly gasped. 

“You are his granddaughter, you have the eyes.” 

“Wait what is going on here?” Hoseok interrupted, Madame Hyojeong cleared her throat. 

“Never mind that Mister Jung. Mister Park is sick?”

“Yes,” you answered, “Hoseok asked me to come. He did not force me, I came here on my free will.” You were going to stand your ground, it didn’t matter to you. Hoseok needed help, you were his friend. There was a shimmer in Madame Hyojeong’s eyes when she smiled. 

“You really are like Minjae. I’ll leave to your business Miss (l/n),” Madame Hyojeong said, as she turned and left. 

 “How did she know your name?” Hoseok asked. 
“I guess you can say I’ve known her since I was a little girl,” you said shrugging. Your timer for the final thirty minutes went off you looked under the lid of the pot. The chicken is fully cooked with the rice, and the broth was beautifully clear. You let the soup get to another running boil and then took it off the heat, and placed green onions on top of it. 

“Go to bed Hoseok, you have class tomorrow,” you said.

“No, I can’t leave you alone,” Hoseok argued. 

“I can call in sick tomorrow, you still have class,” You were firm, but yet you weren’t yelling at him. Hoseok sighed, defeated. 

“Fine.” He said, as he walked back to his room. “Thank you again (y/n).” He said finally and left. You went back up to Jimin’s room to see that Yoongi was gone also, but the plate of apple pears was empty. It was around five in the morning, there was no way Jimin was going to class the next day. 

“Jimin, I have samgyetang with more tea. Come you need to eat.” Jimin weakly groaned, but couldn’t get up. You helped him up and out of his blankets, you then crouched in front of him. 

“Get on,” you said showing your back to him. Jimin used his little to none energy to slump on to your back. You lifted yourself and him up with your legs, and adjusted him once you were fully stood up. You walked all the way down to the kitchen, you placed him in a chair, but his eyes were still closed. It was like it was painful to open his eyes. You placed the bowl of soup in front of him, and an empty to plate to put all the rice and ginseng on. You also put down a cup of fresh tea and side dishes around. You didn’t expect Jimin to actually eat all of this, but it was better to have more than less in this case, and left overs were good. 

“Jimin can you feed yourself?” You asked, you answered by Jimin slumping forward and almost falling face first into the chicken. You quickly caught his head and pushed him back by his shoulders. 

“I am going to take that as a no,” you mumbled under your breath as you began to break apart the soft flesh of the chicken. You got some rice broth and a little bit of chicken onto a spoon and fed it to Jimin. He opened his mouth surprisingly, you made sure he sat up and kept his head up so he wouldn’t choke. You found the jujube, and started to peel the hot fruit so you could find the seed, that wasn’t supposed to be eaten. You ignored the burning feeling until you found the seed, you lightly blew the steam away, and fed it to Jimin. You scooped out the rice from the chicken and let it fall out on to the plate. You scooped the rice up and blew on it, you also made Jimin choke down the bits of the ginseng root. Apparently he doesn’t like eating it straight, but you still forced him. 

“The chicken is too plain…” You heard a small voice, Jimin’s eyes were slightly open. His face was still shiny from all the sweat that was produced from the soup. 

“I personally like the chicken with salt and sesame oil sauce,” he said. 

“Well…at least I know for sure I am not feeding a dead body,” you said, shoving another spoonful into Jimin’s mouth to shut him up. Jimin closed his eyes again, as you brought up the cup of tea to his mouth. You dabbed at his lips with a napkin, and you could feel the plushness of his lips through the paper. You were able to get him to eat some kimchi, half of the chicken, the whole ginseng root, the jujube, all the rice, and half of the cloves the garlic. You poured more water into the pot, and placed it back on the stove, so there would be more broth later. You helped Jimin finish off the rest of his tea, and sat back in his seat. He was breathing heavily from the heat, you knew you weren’t supposed to let him cool off, but you ran a clean soft rag under room temperature water to wipe Jimin’s face. You lifted up his black bangs so you could wipe his forehead of its sticky sheen. While you wiped his forehead you noticed he had three prominent moles on his forehead. Their placing kind of reminded you of an isosceles triangle, it was cute…

The lowest one was a bit above the inner corner of his eyebrow, another was place above that last one, but there was one in between the two on his right forehead. The last one was above the mid part of his left eye brow. You shook yourself out of the trance that was Jimin’s forehead, and continued to wipe the rest of his face; over his cheeks, upper lip, lips, nose, and the back of his neck. Instead of having a shiny appearance, Jimin’s skin now had a dewy appearance. You walked over to the earth ware pot and took it off of the stove and placed it on the counter. It was still hot, so you couldn’t put it in the fridge. Instead, you placed its matching lid on it with a note saying that the soup was Jimin’s and a short set of instructions on how to heat up the soup for him later on. You packed up the rest of the food and wrote Jimin’s name on them, along with the tea. You pulled out the chair Jimin was sitting on so he could climb onto your back. While you were walking up to his room you had to stop for a little and take a breather. You exhaled heavily, Jimin wasn’t too heavy, you were just tired from getting up early and cooking. You pulled out your phone to check the time, it was already six in the morning, you cursed under your breath. The other boys will be waking up soon, and that’s the last thing you wanted. 

To be caught as a girl in boys dorm with a boy on your back. You muscled your way to Jimin’s room without any of the boys actually seeing you, because none of them, luckily, left their rooms yet. You opened the door to Jimin’s door and quickly closed it. You really wanted to just drop Jimin on to his bed, but with the bit of energy you had, you gently laid him down. You were about to tuck him, but you heard him sniffling and started to cough. ‘I guess his fever is almost gone.’  You thought. That samgyetang work wonders you guessed. You ran back down to the kitchen grabbed the vapor rub, another cup of tea and ran back quickly to Jimin’s room without spilling or being seen. You placed the cup on his nightstand, and you were about to open the vapor rub, but you stopped when Jimin sat up. 

“I….need…the restroom…” He slurred. You groaned internally, yes he needed that tea, but it would also make him pee. You lifted him up princess style and carried him to the bathroom. You let stand steadily and turned away from the toilet. 

“Do your business by yourself okay?” Your cheeks were burning, you were literally in the bathroom with another boy who was not your brother or at least ten years younger than you. You visibly cringed when you heard the liquid sounds from behind you. You finally turned around when you herd the sound of fabric being pulled up. Jimin waddled to the sink and washed his hands, he was at the towel drying his hands, until he almost fell over from falling asleep again. You caught him and picked him up. 

“Jeez, the hell is wrong with you. I’ve never seen anyone this sleepy while having the flu.” You said to yourself, you walked back to Jimin’s bed, but his roommates were now awake. Luckily it was only Taehyung and Seokjin. 

“If any of you say a word about this I will deny everything, then slit your throats making your deaths look like accidents.” You said, not bothering to face them. Both boys didn’t say anything because they partly amazed and terrified. It was amazing that you were carrying Jimin, and terrified from your impressive strength that your threat seemed a little bit more real. 

“Hyung…” Taehyung weakly said, “I gotta pee now.” He said, and ran to the bathroom out of fear. You placed Jimin back on is bed, and shook your wrists out. 

“Can you believe?” you turned to face Seokjin, “that, I, the girl actually had to carry him like a princess? I guessed it is now confirmed Park Jimin is now a princess.” You said, chuckling at your own joke. You looked up and saw Seokjin with a nervous smile. 

“More power to you?” He said, then retreated to the bathroom quickly. Both boys impressively got ready at a fast pace, and left you alone with a sleeping Jimin. You finally got to the vapor rub and opened it without interruptions this time. You noticed the weight of everything you were about to do, when you saw the little bit of flesh that was exposed when Jimin undid his first button. This wasn’t your brother, this was a boy was not related to you by blood or marriage, Jimin wasn’t even your friend for crying out loud. But after five minutes of mentally slapping yourself and pulling up the courage you started to undo the rest Jimin’s pajama shirt. You decided to stop once you have cleared his chest. You wanted to save some of his and your dignity. You technically didn’t have his consent, and you were probably going to get yelled at by him, but you remembered you were doing this for Hoseok, your friend. You dipped your fingers into the creamy ointment and scooped a little out to rub onto Jimin’s chest. You started to slowly rub into his skin, trying to work it in while not waking him up. The skin of his chest was very smooth and you can feel the bumps and ridges of his fit muscles and tendons. It took a very a long time to cover his whole chest. You also delicately rubbed some of the rub on his throat, trying not to crush it or wake him up. The last part you covered was his nostrils. It was only a light coat that was meant to clear up his sinuses while he slept. You softly started to loop the buttons on Jimin’s shirt into their holes, covering up his skin by one clasp at a time. When you were done with the shirt you pulled his comforter up to his chin so he would be warm in spite of the harsh cold October mornings. You placed a note next to Jimin’s cup of tea telling to drink it even if it was cold. You sat next to Jimin’s bed and started to think about what you should make next, maybe yukgaejang? That would big time knock the cold out of him, You stood up to leave, but you were stopped because something grabbed onto you. You turned to see Jimin gripping onto the sleeve of your sweatshirt. He took his other hand and moved up your arm to pull you to him. He wrapped his long arms around what was your small frame, you could every breath he took and every beat his heart made. 

“Thank you for taking care of me (y/n).” He whispered into your ear. You pulled yourself out from his grip and laid him back down. 

“Ugh, I guess you become crazy when you are sick too huh?” You said, and left his room to run to the grocery store to buy food. You bought everything you didn’t have at home for yukgaejang, and all of the ingredients you needed to replace at home. After you bought everything you needed. you took the train home and replaced the hen you took from your mom. 

“(y/n) what are you doing up so early?” Your mom asked when she saw you in the kitchen digging around for hot pepper flakes and other seasonings that weren’t in the Etre kitchen. 

“Hoseok’s wanted me to make yukgaejang because Park Jimin is sick.” 

“Don’t forget to add rice, the rice will help fill him up so he gets more energy.” Your mother stated plainly. You turned and packed a small handful of red beans and rice. Red beans were high in helpful nutrients. You packed everything in another bag with all of the food you bought from the grocery store. 

“I promise I’ll re-buy everything I took mom,” you called out as you ran out the door. 

“You’re actually letting her go?” Jaewook asked as he took a seat at the dining table. 

“After all these years I stuck her behind a work bench, I feel really bad that she didn’t have as much fun as a regular teenager does. I even had more freedom than her.” Your mom said as she watched your running figure from the kitchen window. 

“Your dad actually mentioned she made a new friend yesterday and she was having dinner with him. I only remember Chaerin and Hoseok being (y/n)’s only friends. I robbed my daughter of that, I can’t get the past friends she could have made back. But what I can do now is let her have the friends she is making in the present.“ Your mom finally as said, as she disappeared into the house to wake up Sehwa.

You were riding the train back to Etre when you saw Jaejung squeeze his way through the mass of bodies. 

“Whoa what clan are you feeding darling?” Jaejung asked when he noticed the giant bag of food you were carrying. 

"Well that spoiled Siegfried got sick, and his close friend begged me to take care of him. I am now his shoemaker and cook.“ You said rolling your eyes. 

"Are you always a comedian twenty-four seven (l/n) (y/n)?“ 

"I’m here all week." 

 "What are you making?” Jaejung asked, changing the subject. 


 "Oh that’s my favorite." 

 "I promise I will make it for you another day, deal?" 

 "Deal.” You and Jaejung linked your pinkies together and twisted your hands up so your thumbs touched. You felt you phone buzz in your pocket.  

HO-seok: Status update 

(y/n)iie: Uh….Fine I guess. I’m not with him at the moment….

HO-seok: What?! 

(y/n)iie: Before you go ham on me, I left him because I went to get more food for him.

HO-seok: Oh….that makes more sense now. Sorry for bothering you ^-^ 

You breathed out a sigh of relief, you were safe from Hoseok’s wrath. Hoseok was extremely friendly, you would agree if someone said he was the sun, but if you messed with his friends it was game over. 

HO-seok: Do you need any help? You’re probably tired.

(y/n)iie: get me a cup of strong green tea, and I’ll be good. I can handle the rest. 

You got off the train with Jaejung and walked with him through the city. While you were walking you two were talking about dancing some more. He was very passionate and loved teaching as well. He was telling about how excited he was to show off his new choreography as soon as it was done. Your heart fluttered, you never got to experience a first love given you only went to middle school, and for high school you were practically home schooled. 

"Hey do you want me to carry that bag into Etre for you? You look tired.“ Jaejung offered. You were about to say no, but he was already taking it from. 

"But don’t you have to go to work?” You said helplessly. 

"Don’t worry about it too much Darling, they won’t miss me too much.“ Jaejung lifted the bag and placed it onto his broad shoulders. 

"Is it too heavy?” You asked as you rotated your cramped shoulder. 

"It’s not too bad, I think I’ve lifted heavier in the gym.“ Jaejung answered. "Are you worried about me darling?” Jaejung smirked. 

"I mean obviously if I am asking.“ You replied bluntly. Jaejung laughed at your response, most girls would be all blushy and deny their feelings. Your straight to point personality was what attracted Jaejung, that meant you would never lie. You got to Etre and walked all the way to the student kitchen. The gates were now open so you didn’t have to open them yourself. Jaejung managed to sneak his way in without a pass with you. He set down the bag of food and took a breath. 

"Okay, that bag does get heavy after a while.” He admitted. You tossed a bottle of water at him and unloaded the bag. 

"I’ll see you around darling.“ He waved. 

"See you later Jaejung.” You waved back and watched him leave. You stored all of the perishable food into the refrigerator with Jimin’s name on them. Last thing you needed was to have another dancer think that food wasn’t anyone’s, eating it, and forcing you to go back out and buy more. 

You made another cup of hot citron tea and walked up to Jimin’s room. It was eight in the morning now, Sehwa should be already on her bus…

You were little disappointed that you didn’t have the time to walk with her again. You probably would have bought her chocolate after she was on the bus so she could have it after dinner, guess that’ll be for another time. You walked up to see if Jimin was awake, he wasn’t, not that you were shocked that he was still slumbering. You woke him up gently so you could get him to sit up and drink he tea. You supported his back while he slowly took sips. He still had a slight fever, but your yukgaejang was gonna knock this fever out of him, you knew it. Jimin finished half of the cup, and he pulled away from the tea. He looked and saw your face. Your hair was slightly messy, it wasn’t as neat as it usually was, there were some stray baby hairs that framed you face. The rays from the sun outlined your figure he could have sworn he was dead. His body still felt warm and heavy with sleep. 

“(y/n)?” Jimin muttered out in a low whisper. You started to lower his body back on to the bed. 

“Just go back to sleep Jimin.” You mumbled as you pulled the blanket back on him. 

Miju saw the whole scene, you left the door open, and Miju couldn’t help but peek inside. She saw you feed Jimin the tea, the brief moment you two talked, and tucking JImin in. Her grip tightened around the large canister of chicken soup. She couldn’t cook actually it was just soup from a can. There was a pang in her chest that pulsated with pain. She was sure that you knew Jimin for less time that she did, why were you here? 

Miju walked away from the Jimin’s room, and hid out of your line of sight when she heard your footsteps coming towards her. You closed Jimin’s door behind you and walked down to the kitchen to prepare everything for the yukgaejang, yukgaejang was not hard, just time consuming. You started be soaking and washing the gosari, while the beans were boiling, re-soaking in water so they were plump and supple to eat. You also placed the bright red brisket meat into a bowl of cold water to soak up some excess blood. While you were waiting for everything to soak or boil you started to chop the large green onion, cutting it into small stalks, and each stalk in half so Jimin could swallow them. After the green onions were done you started to wash the mung bean sprouts, rinsing a couple it couple of times so the vegetables, to get rid of the leaves. leaving only the milky stalks. When the gosari was done soaking you rinsed the mountain vegetables with cold water, getting rid of anymore lingering dust. You grabbed and handful and cut the stems into halves. You strained the boiled red beans saving the bean water so you could cook it with the rice. While you straining the beans you heard a pair of slippers scuffling across the hard wood floor of the kitchen, you looked and saw Jimin. He was actually awake, you felt your chest flutter, you were so proud that your home cooking brought him back alive. Meaning that you didn’t poison him, leaving a very angry school of dancers… 

“Morning sunshine…or should I say afternoon?” You said as you looked at the clock reading ‘1:45′. 

“You sure I didn’t die and go to hell, because you’re here with me?” Jimin replied sarcastically. 

“You know it’s not too late to slip arsenic into your food.” You mumbled and shot Jimin an evil glare. You walked away from the beans and started to re-heat the half eaten samgyetang on the stove. Jimin watched you walk around the kitchen, as you started to pour something into a sauce plate. 

"Wait do you actually have arsenic?!” Jimin gulped. 

“No, do you really think I’m a psycho?” You said as you placed the dipping sauce next to Jimin. It was for the chicken….Jimin did say in his sleep that his favorite was the sesame oil and salt dip for the chicken. 

“My favorite….” Jimin stared down at the plate. 

“Yeah, you kind of told me in your sleep.” You explained. 

“You actually listened?” 

“There was no one else here but me when you said that.”

“I just didn’t expect you to listen. I mean told Miju that during the summer when we got samgytang, but she only got that honey soy sauce dip.”  You crinkled your nose. 

“The two things I hate: people who don’t listen and that sauce.” Jimin chuckled at your response.

“So you don’t like honey soy sauce?”

“Ew, no.” You replied curtly, and removed the soup from the stove and placed it front of Jimin. You also set down another plate from him to use just in case and a set of utensils. 

“Thanks,” Jimin started to eat the dish. He stared down longingly at the soup. 

“Is there something wrong with it? I swear I-”

“It just reminds me of Jihyun.” Jimin said, cutting you off. 

“I’m sorry, but who?” You asked giving him a puzzled look. 

“He’s my little brother. We use to eat samgyetang together as little kids, and I’ve never had samgyetang that taste like this while I was away from home.” Jimin sniffled. You could have sworn you heard Jimin’s voice crack, but you opted not to say anything. 

“Is it good?”

 “It’s actually one of the best I’ve ever had.” Jimin said, “where did you learn how to make this?”

“My grandma taught me when I was younger. My mom didn’t trust me in the kitchen at that age. My grandma…believed in me…she was something else.” You muttered. Jimin could tell that this was a sensitive subject for you and didn’t say anything else, and continued to eat, dipping the bland flesh of chicken into the salty oil. Jimin finished the whole chicken, rice, garlic, and broth. 

“How’s your throat?” 

“It’s still sore and scratchy.” Jimin admitted. You walked over to the refrigerator and pulled out the cold bowl of apple pears. You grabbed a couple of handfuls, dried them off with paper towel, and drizzled honey over them. 

“Our cook use to do this for me when I was sick.” Jimin said, popping a couple cubes into his mouth, filling his cheeks.


“Yeah, my parents hired her. My mom doesn’t really know how to cook.” Jimin said, as he continued to eat. You poured Jimin a fresh cup of tea, which he drank without saying anything. He was asleep whenever you made him drink the citron tea, now he could finally taste it. 

‘It’s sweet…and sour…like her.’  He thought as he drank the warm tea. 

“Let me feel your forehead,” you said, while walking over to Jimin. Before he could say anything you slid your palm under his bangs and felt his forehead, and smiled. Jimin could feel his blood careening into his cheeks. He’s never had a girl touch him like this or smile at him this closely. You quickly pulled your hand away and did a little victory dance. 

“Yes! I did it, your fever is gone. That means Hoseok won’t kill me~!” You said, acting dorky until you went back to your spot at the kitchen to continue Jimin’s dinner. 

“You can go back to bed now.” You said shooing Jimin away. Jimin hung his head and walked back to his room. 

You washed the rice added the red beans and the red bean water and began to cook the red bean rice. You also put the soaked beef, some dried mushrooms, and onions into a pit of boiling water to create the broth. 


“Wait you mean (y/n) carried Jimin?” Hoseok asked, “(l/n) (y/n)?” Taehyung and Seokjin blankly nodded. 

“See, that’s why you don’t mess with her. She’s insanely strong.” Chaerin snickered. 

“I’d say she’s like Doo Bong Soon.” Taehyung added, Yoongi slapped Taehyung in the back of the head. 

“Don’t over exaggerate. This isn’t a drama.” Yoongi hissed. 

“That still is impressive, she carried Jimin multiple times.” Namjoon said, "she must be tired, she’s been awake since two in the morning.” 

Hoseok frowned, he felt guilt nibble at him. He asked you to sacrifice a bunch for a person you didn’t even like. This was your own time you were throwing away for him.  

“She’s a good person, I’ll make sure I’ll make it up to her somehow.” Hoseok admitted. 

“We should reserve a front seat for her at ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and buy her dinner afterwords!” Jungkook excitedly suggested. 

“That’s a terrific idea, what do you think Miju?” Chaerin asked, Miju didn’t say anything up to this point in their conversation, and she usually would have thrown her to cents in by now. 

“Yeah….that sounds great.” She answered quietly. No one really was concerned about her silent response, and continued onto a new subject to talk about. 

Jimin actually slept as you cooked in the kitchen. Now that the stock was  made and you shredded up the beef you added the chili peppers, sugar, and oils that gave yukgaejang that famous kicking heat. It was almost dinner time, and your stomach rumbled, crying for you to feed it. You totally forgot to eat during the day, you pulled out your phone and called up a nearby restaurant to drop off food. The other students of Etre were eating dinner in the dining hall, so you were pretty safe. When ever you heard someone coming you would make a mad dash for the bathroom and lock the door. You poured the soup into another earth ware pot, and started to scoop out the rice in a bowl, and placed it on the table with other dishes. You went to Jimin’s room to see he was actually awake, sitting at his desk. You could see the lines of thinking wrinkling his forehead as he tried to figure out the problem in front of him. You peeked over his shoulder to see that he was working on, chemistry. Jimin massaged the bridge of his nose and tapped his pencil against his temple. You noticed that he was studying constant acids and bases. 

"Do you need help?” You offered, Jimin looked up from his worksheet. 

“Didn’t you drop out of high school or something?” You frowned at his answer. You were perfectly capable at high school academics like any other student. 

“To find the concentration of OH in a weak base you must create the conjugate acid so you have one less hydrogen in water. If you have one oxygen and one hydrogen, you’ll get the OH.” You said, drawing out the conjugates on his paper. Jimin looked at you amazed. 

“Wait you knew all that?”

“If I didn’t why would I offer pointless help.” You said dryly and turned to leave his room. 

“Dinner is ready, come down after you made your ICE chart and found Kb.” You sat in the kitchen eating your own dinner, when you saw Jimin shyly peek in. He was holding his chemistry work sheet, calculator, and pencils in his hands. 

“Can you help me out while we eat?” He asked. He was a bit ashamed that he assumed your level of intelligence when clearly knew what you were talking about.

“What from me? A high school drop out?” You fake gasped. Jimin pulled up his seat at his place setting. 

‘I’m sorry for what I said, I really am ashamed I looked down upon you. I didn’t know.” 

“Just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean you can fill it in with your own truth.” You answered eating another spoonful of rice. 

“Please, I am begging here, chem is really kicking my ass.” 

“Fine.” You huffed, “eat, then we’ll work. You can’t think when you aren’t full.” Jimin nodded like a puppy and picked up his utensils. Jimin ate quite a bit in general, but he never ate as often in a day like today. You figured he was always hungry today, because he was sick. Jimin put half of the rice that was in his bowl into the soup. 

“You made red bean rice?” He said, looking up. 

“The nutrients in the red beans will help you.” You answered, picking up Jimin’s problems to see what he was working on. 

“Do you understand what is going on?” He asked, you nodded and flipped the paper. 

“I’m already done with everything I need in chemistry to be honest. I’m doing advanced biology now. I think we use the same program for schooling.” You said, recognizing the problems as arithmetic you did a while ago. 

“Wait really?”

“Not the high school drop out you thought I was huh?” 

“I said I was sorry.” Jimin said, going back to eating.

“How is it?” You asked, changing the ubject.

“It’s really good, I think the spiciness is perfect for me.” Jimin admitted, eating a spoonful of hearty vegetables. When Jimin was done you picked up his dishes and took them to sink to wash. You rinsed each dish and proceeded to soak them in water. You were about to sit back down in your seat, but you heard a group of students coming. They must have been coming back from dinner, and were going back to their rooms. You quickly ran and hid behind the island counter that was in the kitchen. Jimin noticed you hiding and realized why you were doing what you were doing so he acted like he was paying attention to his chem homework so no one would suspect a thing. When the coast was clear Jimin leaned over the counter see your huddled body.

“You can come out now, no one is here.” 

“AAHH, you scared me!” You screamed, looking up to meet Jimin’s eyes. You noticed how close you and Jimin were, you two could touch noses. You pressed your palm against his face and pushed him up and away. 

“What was that for?!”

“You were too close,” you said sitting back at you seat, “let’s just get back to chemistry.” 

Jimin took his seat next to you and worked with him for hours, sometimes having to re-explain the concept in different ways so he could understand it more clearly. You were patient with him, and to his surprise you didn’t yell at him one bit. it was nine-thirty at night and Jimin managed to get a grip on what he was finally doing. He went off the finish his problems on his own, with you watching carefully, or so he thought. He could hear small snores coming from your direction, and was met with your covered eyes. You had a moment of silence, and finally dozed off. He was about to shake you awake but Hoseok was passing through coming from a late night practice. 

“Wait, don’t wake her up.’ Hoseok ran over to stop Jimin. “She’s been awake since two in the morning. I think she’ll bite your head off if you woke her.” Hoseok chuckled. 

“She’s been here since two?” Hoseok nodded. 

“Yeah, she’s been here since you passed out, I asked her come. She actually didn’t have to come, she came here on her free will.” Jimin looked down to the ground feeling more guilt. You’ve done so much for him already, stepping out of your everyday life to help him, and never ask for anything. You don’t even tell him that it distracts you from your own world full of duties, you let him think that it was a requirement or job of yours. 

“I’m not too sure what you think of her, but she really is a good person.” Hoseok added. “Anyways, I’m going to bed, goodnight.” He said and disappeared. 

Jimin glanced back you, and thought that the table was uncomfortable, so he walked over and picked you up. Surprisingly you weren’t too heavy for his weak body. He carried you up to his room, hugging you close to his body so your limbs wouldn’t hit anything while he was walking. Taehyung and Seokjin were already in the room, when Jimin walked in with you. 

“Well at least she’s not the one doing the carrying.” Seokjin said snickering, Taehyung laughed also, knowing that  Seokjin was referring back to the morning when you were carrying Jimin around. Jimin shot the two of them a confused look. 

“Oh you don’t know?”

“(y/n) was carrying you this morning just like a princess.” Seokjin finished. 

“She’s crazy strong, she even threatened us if we tried telling someone else.” Taehyung said. Jimin’s lips formed and ‘o’ shape. Jimin sat on his desk and worked throughout the night trying to finish up homework, but he eventually fell asleep, he didn’t know he fell asleep or when he did. When you woke up you looked at your phone and realized it was eleven. You only had one more hour until the subway closed and there goes your ride home. You got and noticed that all three boys were asleep and quietly left the room. Jimin woke up when his head slipped out of his hand and hit his head on his hard desk. Jimin rubbed his forehead and looked over his shoulder to his empty bed….

Wait…empty bed? Jimin ran out of his room and into the kitchen and noticed all of your bags were gone. He ran through the school looking for you, he finally ran out of the school and saw you walking towards the front gates. He ran up to you and spun you around to face. 

“What are you doing?! You can’t just wonder around at night.” He hissed.

“What are you talking about? I’m just going home.” 

“But you shouldn’t be, not at this time.”

“I don’t belong here Jimin.” Your last sentence rang through his ears. What did you mean that you don’t belong here, he forgot you weren’t a dancer, and you haven’t been attending this school for years like he did. 

“You have to stay here, you might get hurt out there.” Jimin was met with a combination of your sarcastic eye roll and scoff. 

“I don’t know what you are thinking Jimin, but we aren’t friends,” There was a pang in his chest, “we never were.” And there it was again. “We aren’t close at all, I only came here because Hoseok begged me. What happened today doesn’t matter. None of this means anything, it all means nothing to me.”

Thief Pt 3 // Park Jimin

Pt. 1 Pt. 2

- Part Three: Secrets

summary: in which prince jimin doesn’t know that his future wife is not only trying to steal from him, but is also trying to kill him.

words: 4,170

category: prince au, fantasy au

author note: i made jimin’s cousin chanyeol so that’s cool. also, tell me what you guys think, if you want! also for the sake of this story you really like math okay bye

- destinee

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Bolder Part 3

A/N: Hey guys! So I know I said that this chapter would be out later this week. The only reason it is coming out now is because I am in bed with nothing to do. I have been working so hard this past week I was ignoring symptoms of tiredness and dizzy spells. I went to an in and out hospital place and got told I had a awful sinus infection. I was given two anti-biotics and a steroid to help. I still have a fever and I continuously get up every hour to do more work because I hate spending all day resting and sleeping. So here we go Bolder part 3. send me some asks and messages and I will get back to you.

Title: Bolder (part 3)

Pairings: Father! Burr x Daughter!reader ,  Phillip hamilton x reader

Rating: Teen

Warnings: neglect (maybe)

Word Count: 1261

Editors :  @hercreationgalaxy ,@emocomrade-jpeg

Age 17

It was Friday when I decided to run home and get a few things before going to the Hamilton’s. Phillip had offered to walk me home but I refused saying that I would only a few minutes. When I got home I noticed my father’s brief case sitting by the door and my mother’s coat hanging on the hook. Squealing could be heard from the other room. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t particularly care. I just wanted to get to Phillip’s. I carefully walked past the parlor to head for the stairs. I got my foot on the first step when I heard my name behind me. I turned around and saw my family behind me with ecstatic faces.

“I got into St.Mary’s College!” My sister suddenly screeched. I took a minute to comprehend what she was saying. I smiled slightly and went to go continue up the stairs.

“That’s great Theo. I know you really wanted to go there.” I replied trying to continue.

“Where are you going dear? We have to celebrate!” I heard my mom say with pride. Oh no. I had to get out of this.

“Well I actually already have dinner plans. Not to mention, I have a ton of homework that I have to finish.” I said stopping on the stairs but not daring to turn around and look at them again.

“Oh. Well alright we hope you have fun. There was some mail on the counter for you. I would come down and get that before you leave.” Father said before walking towards the parlor again.

“Yeah have fun Y/N.” I heard my sister say, slightly less enthused than before. I headed upstairs and grabbed my things before rushing back down stairs and towards the door. I heard a shout about mail and groaned slightly. I walked slowly back into the parlor and into the kitchen. My sister and parents were talking adamantly about her acceptance. I slipped over to the counter. I grabbed my mail and walked back out. They didn’t notice that I didn’t say goodbye.

It was warm and I was halfway to Phillips house when I decided to look at the envelopes in my hand. Only one envelope stood out of the others. It was from King’s College. I froze for a second before gingerly picking out the letter. I carefully opened the back of the letter and pulled out the heavy weighted paper inside.

‘Dear Ms. Y/N Burr,

            We are pleased to inform you that your application for the scholar program at King’s Ivy League Institute has been accepted.


I shrieked with excitement going up on my toes and dancing in place. Tears welled up in my eyes out of joy and I slapped a hand over my mouth to suppress another shout. I suddenly had a great surge of adrenaline . I ran as fast as possible to Phillip. The wind whipped my hair and I could feel the swish of my shorts on my thighs. The tank top I wore felt slightly sticky from sweat due to the warm weather and sudden physical exertion.

When I saw the Hamilton’s house I noticed Mr. Hamilton was already home and all the kids, including Phillip, were playing out on the lawn as their parents sat on the porch talking.It looked picture perfect with the wind swaying the grass and the lemonade glasses sitting on the porch table. I sped up upon seeing them all and my lungs burned slightly from my exertion. I slowed down just enough to open the gate before sprinting up the lawn. Phillip stood up upon seeing me and smiled before giving a confused look at my running. I slowed down to a stop a few yards in front of him. Everyone was looking at me. I was bent over with my hands on my knees and breathing rapidly as I looked up at Phillip again. The sun was beginning to set, letting a warm hue take over the landscape. It hit Phillip on the side of his face and illuminated his features.

“Y/N are you, ok? I mean I know you are in cross country but jesus,” he asked taking a step forward before I held up my hand as a sign for him to stop. I took a minute to regain the perfect composure that I always had. I stood up straight and smoothed out my clothes. Tucking a few stray hairs from my ponytail back in place I stood straight and perfectly poised as if nothing happened. Then I remembered exactly what happened and broke out into a huge smile as the sunset light moved over the farm house. I glanced up to see Phillip staring at me.

“Your killing us with anticipation darling. What’s going on?” I heard Mrs. Hamilton say, with her and Mr. Hamilton practically hanging over the railing of the porch trying to figure out what was going on. I suddenly had a feeling of doubt and fidgeted nervously. Maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal? Maybe they wouldn’t care.

“Y/N,” Phillip said. My gaze snapped met his and I searched his eyes to find nothing but awe and confusion. I took a deep breathe.

“I got into King’s College,” I said trying to keep a neutral face and voice before not being able to hold back another massive smile. Phillip charged at me and knocked me over with the force of his hug. I heard his parents shouting congratulations and dancing around on the porch. Phillips sibling stood around with confused smiles and pausing their game of tag to watch us. I could only focus on the comfort and warmth radiating from having Phillip so close. He was always around for me and I couldn’t imagine getting a better reaction from him. He was holding on so tightly as if he was reluctant to let go. He was whispering phrases and noises of congratulations and comfort. I felt him gently use his arms to lift himself over me and smile.

“You deserve this,” Phillip said seriously. He looked at me if needing me to believe it. I nodded my head slightly. He quickly stood up and held his hand out to me. I took and stood up only to immediately be hugged again by a sobbing women. Mrs. Hamilton was gripping me, laughing, spouting congratulations, and crying slightly. I felt her soft hair brushing my face. I hugged her back, while running a soothing hand up and down her back

“I am so proud of you,” She said as she stepped back with an ecstatic choked up smile on her face.

“We both are,” Mr. Hamilton said stepping up and putting a hand on his wife’s shoulder. He looked as though he was debating something in his head before rushing forwards. He pulled me into a firm and long held hug. “You are amazing and you deserve this. You have already blown us all away.” He spoke and I felt him slightly shaking in the hug. I hugged back as tears sprung to my eyes. This sense of approval and pride was not normal. I felt like this is exactly what I wanted. However, it still felt incomplete. This was not my family, they were close, but it wasn’t the same. This thought just made me grip him harder before letting go. They pulled back and smiled with pride as I felt Phillip drape his arm over my shoulder and give me another side hug.

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Daryl x Reader - Losing you (Request) [SMUT]

@chihuotheartist : Okay please don’t kill me, i finally know what i could ask you xD Basically the reader has been disappearing for quite a while now, everyone thinks she’s dead and Daryl feels really hurt and hopeless since he really liked her, but someday the group see something in the distance, its her the reader, she survived somehow, she is dirty and exausthed, daryl is really happy but also worried so he would take care of her for a while? and as ending maybe making love (fluff) ;U;

hope you like it boo, and happy birthday ♥



“Where are you goin’ sunshine?”

“Just a little run for Rick, he needs things for Judith, she’s getting bigger and bigger, I’ll be home before dinner time” 

you said, giving him a sweet kiss before walking out of your house.

That  was the last image he has of you.

You walking out of your shared house in Alexandria, giving him a smile before exit the house and never come back.

It’s been two weeks and you didnt’ return from that run, Daryl keep looking for you with no result.

Since your disappearance Daryl wasn’t the same; he doesn’t talk, he barely eat and spend all his time out Alexandria looking for you.

Today is no different, he was preparing his bike in silence, taking his crossbow and backpack.

He dosen’t notice a certain sheriff approaching to him:

“Hey Daryl, what are you doin’?”

“I’m going out looking for her”
Rick lets out a sigh, he loves you and Daryl like a brother and sister, but he accepted your fate almost immediately:
“I think you should give up”

Daryl’s figure tensed up:
“What did you say?” he asked angrily.

“Daryl…you need to accept that it’s already two weeks, she won’t coming back”

Daryl grabs Rick by his shirt:
“(Y/n) is a fighter! She’s still alive! We must find her”

Daryl’s loud voice attracts some Alexandrians.

From the corner of his eyes, Rick notice Abraham and Glenn walking towards them, ready to stop Daryl, however Rick lift his hand as a sign to stop:

“Hit me if that makes you feel better but that will not bring her back!”.

Deep inside Daryl knew you were gone forever, but he wasn’t ready to accept that you were gone.

Daryl stares at Rick with teary eyes: “I…I miss her so much” 

“I know brother, I miss her too”.

Before Rick could hug the broken man, someone run toward him:
“Rick you have to come at the gate, someone is walking toward our gates”.

Both Rick and Daryl start to run toward the gate; they could make out a figure getting closer and closer, but it was impossible to say if that figure was a human being or a walker.

“Give me those binoculars” Daryl asked Tobin, who quickly give them to him.

When Daryl had a better view, the binoculars fell from his hands:

“Open the gate, now!” he screamed.

Everybody was confused by his reaction, so, while Eugene open the gate, Rick takes the binoculars from the ground…he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Once the gate was open Daryl sprint outside.

He run an run until he found himself in front of the mysterious figure.


Here she was, his loved one was there, in front of him, beautiful despite her grim covered body.

“Daryl…” she whispers before falling into his arms, she was crying.

“sssh babygirl I’m here” Daryl hug her tightly, scared that if he let her go she will disappear.

Since she was exhausted, Daryl picks her up, bridal style, and start walking back towards the gate, He still can’t believe that she’s back safe and sound, after two weeks outside.

After Denise checked (Y/n) up, and a very long sleep, Daryl helped (Y/n) into the bath tub.

Despite her body is covered in bruises and scars, he can’t help but stare at that naked beauty, she’s the most beautiful woman he ever see.

“Why don’t you join me mr. Dixon?” she says grinning.

“Are you sure sunshine?” 

“I’ve been gone for two weeks…I need to feel you close to me” She got serious, the grinning drop from her face.

Nodding, Daryl undressed and enters the bath tub, settle himself behind (Y/n) and hugging her from behind.

“I thought I’ve lost you” Daryl whispered, kissing the top of (Y/n)’s head.

She turn around, straddling Daryl and hiding her face into the crook of his neck:
“I almost give up out there…but I needed to see your face again…I needed to feel you again, I couldn’t die like that”.

Daryl keeps moving his hands up and down her bare back:
“I missed you so much, I went out there everyday, looking for you…I almost give up…I’m sorry”

Daryl’s feel (Y/n) smiling into his skin: “You will not get rid of me easly”.

At that, (Y/n) starts to grind on Daryl.

He bring his hands on her hips for stopping her movements:

“(Y/n) I…”
“Please Daryl…I need to feel you”
“I don’t wanna hurt you” Daryl whisper, staring at her eyes.

“It’s okay Daryl…I need you, please”

Daryl kisses her sweetly, pouring all the love he feels for her into it.

They soon became one, that wasn’t sex, that was pure love.

(Y/n) keeps moving up and down Daryl’s shaft, the only noises are their moans and whispers:
“You have no idea how much I love you Daryl”
“I love you too sunshine”.

With a last thrust, they both came with each other names on their lips.

(Y/n) lays her head on Daryl’s shoulder, while he keeps whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

“I will never let you go, sunshine”.

Note: I cried while writing this hahahahahhaha 

I know the smut wasn’t so detailed but I wanted to write something fluffy :3

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