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adhd friendships: a summary

-“Sorry I didn’t answer I spaced out”

-*randomly switching topics mid conversation*

-“I know this is unrelated, but”

-”I’m feeling horrible” *five minutes later* “uh nevermind that”

- “When did we start talking?” “I don’t remember”

- *both infodump to each other*

- more typos than any human being is able to handle

- when you get really excited and you stay up until 7 am taking about random shit

- accidental derailing the conversation over and over

-”have i already told you this i can’t remember” “don’t worry i can’t either”


❤❤❤ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤❤❤

I call this “Teen boy can’t believe his brother has a sex life.png”

TECHNICALLLY they aren’t doing anything wrong since it is their tent. And they really aren’t that loud compared to other couples in this army.


Mmmm. To lazy to type

Day 12: goth using his weapon—?

I skipped day 10 and 11. I drew something for them. They’re just cringy–

Day 13: draw goth happy—? Uh. He’s happy that palette….isn’t friend zoning him👌👌👌👌

Another lazy drawing that no effort was put into 👌

Day 14: draw goth as a baby

I can’t draw baby’s or poses so have a.. young? Looking goth

Day 15: draw goth as a ghost

Skeletons are already dead so uh– human

I can draw eyes for humans. But- I just didn’t do it for like…all my drawings I posted- damn-

Now no one will see this because there is 0% effort here. Great;u;

Goth belongs to @nekophy

And gothtober belongs to @daily-goth

Yeah— bye–;u;


i know there have been a million psas about this guy in particular but it doesn’t hurt to add another to the pile, especially since this year he changed his copy-paste intro message 

tumblr user nnnightflightversel is notorious for attempting to con art out of artists. his opening message looks fine enough (unless he also sends u an ask with the exact same text at the exact same time, which he did to me lmao) but if you try to talk to him his, uh, distinctive mode of spelling makes it very difficult to understand what he’s saying. if pressed for examples of his own art, he will evade and never show any. he sends the exact message pictured above, every single time (one of my friends got this same message earlier this year) 

honestly it’s not worth talking to him, u just gotta block and ignore. if you are an artist who posts into the flight rising tag, u may as well block him preemptively (if you haven’t already - this guy has been around for a while and i’m pretty sure his schtick is common knowledge)

anyway there u go. i’m amazed he’s still around

NCT 127 as Highshool Students

:)) this has been in my drafts for like 4 months lmao okay lets goooooo


  • nervous but smart
  • a senior
  • just here to make good grades
  • seems like the “sensible friend”
  • looks like he doesn’t study and zones out in class
  • actually the salutatorian
  • is really chill (sometimes does weird shit but its okay bc his friends love him usually)
  • kinda anxious
  • is embarassed 24/7
  • looks like he might cry or laugh half the time
  • taeyong will fight everyone for him (tbh taeyong will fight anyone for his friends)
  • a choir kid but not That choir kid
  • you know what i’m talking about
  • is an underappreciated tenor
  • the soprano section is shaking
  • when doyoung makes the tenors sing warm ups he effortlessly goes the highest
  • sometimes does a little run down the scale softly if he feels up to it
  • everyone thinks he’s a freshman bc he always looks confused
  • roasts someone once every year
  • its the best thing and everyone is always on guard around him when it gets to that time of year
  • its usually during ap testing season


  • clumsy but cute
  • hot and awkward
  • “hey girl how u doing- oh shit i’m going down, jaehyun, jaehyun i’m down pls help me :(“
  • is part of band and is a section leader for percussion probably
  • the percussion squad is Wildt and (occasionally) so is he
  • kinda hipster
  • kinda emo
  • kinda cool
  • makes it work
  • regrets his life just a little
  • knows a lot of “useless facts”
  • u think they’re useless until it saves ur life at 3 am on a tuesday night and ur running away from the police
  • if u need him to keep a secret he got u
  • will never expose u (lmao yeah he will)
  • jaehyun is his Bro for life
  • smart and kinda knows what he’s doing (not really)
  • was homeschooled for a hot minute until grade nine
  • was already popular bc he used to hang out with the graduates formerly known as exo
  • that person who when they ask for a favor it could be borrowing a pencil or need help committing murder there is no medium


  • Stressed High School Student™
  • “GPA”
  • “SATs”
  • “g r a d u a t i o n”
  • a senior and Stresst
  • valedictorian, probably has multiple scholarships, still worries about tuition
  • “if i get hit by a rich person’s car, do u think i can sue them into paying my tuition?”
  • “…taeyong u have full scholarships to both Stanford and Oxford dude wtf”
  • “yeah sure but consider it okay”
  • has an existential crisis every time someone mentions college
  • so disorganized
  • still somehow gets his shit together?? and good grades??
  • finds solace in the fine arts
  • quit theater senior year bc it was Too Much
  • knows and is into unusual shit
  • is actually really nice to the freshman
  • him @ freshman: don’t date the seniors, children, bc they’re fuckin snakes
  • a big softie that worries about others more than himself
  • helps everyone with their hw (while putting off a 10-page paper which is probably due the next day)
  • probably voted prom king
  • in junior year he took five ap classes and took an SAT the day after the ap physics test
  • is a Legend
  • everyone thinks he’s hot but he says he doesn’t date every time someone asks him
  • “i don’t have time for dating when collegeboard is already up my ass half the time”


  • a lil snarky, a lil sweet
  • and the tinniest bit salty
  • a soft boi
  • doesn’t wanna be a soft boi
  • wants to fight everyone
  • but also knows he’ll get his ass kicked
  • takes good care of his friends
  • his giggles melt hearts
  • his smile makes people run into walls
  • can u tell i’m yuta biased
  • basically hot and he kinda knows it
  • when its prom season he gets hella promposals
  • both he and jaehyun are tied for most promposals given in their years
  • he just goes with winwin
  • lowkey kinky
  • sometimes it slips out
  • loves winwin very much
  • is in choir, but rarely gets solos
  • isn’t bitter about it (is a little bitter)
  • likes complimenting and roasting people in the same sentence
  • will smile in ur face and call u ugly
  • exposes u for ur bullshit
  • but still loves u
  • knows all the Tea bc of winwin
  • in theater only for the drama (the lipton tea kind)
  • lowkey a ride-or-die friend


  • is That choir student™
  • choir student director usually goes to senior
  • but u see
  • ya boy is one talented mf
  • he’s chill (not really) until he steps behind that music stand
  • will tell you ur offbeat and singing off key every five minutes
  • “choir is life”
  • makes the tenors sing high af
  • “doyoung i can’t reach that note”
  • “dOyouNG i CaN’t rEAcH tHaT nOTe”
  • dabs softly to the musical accompaniment
  • a diligent student
  • that super organized student that always has everything
  • including and not limited to: band-aids, stapler, calculator, pencils, pens, ibuprofen for those in pain, literally anything u need ya boy got
  • will come for u and ur edges
  • is soft for his friends (especially the underclassmen) and throws figurative hands with everyone else
  • feigns politeness when u first meet him
  • flips the switch when he gets comfortable
  • will talk shit about u
  • but in a helpful way
  • he and jaehyun throw verbal hands on the daily
  • will kick ur ass if u say anything bad about jaehyun tho
  • everyone calls him when they feel like procrastinating (taeyong. taeyong does.) bc he will set them straight
  • when he smiles everyone falls for him
  • basically a huge cutie with a cute smile that has a slight choir obsession and the occasional roast


  • hot but dorky af™
  • also embarrassed half the time
  • can be really smooth?? on accident tho
  • is in choir
  • is cute
  • Best Friends™ with Johnny
  • together they are jj project
  • sorry wrong group
  • looks like he’s doing okay but is Panicking
  • is a Nerd and proud
  • on the basketball team
  • can go Zoom Zoom Fast and Swosh
  • idk what that means bear with me bruh is 2 am
  • wants to play other sports but then remembers he does not have Time for that
  • had a bowl cut in the middle school and was the cutest thing
  • got a haircut in freshman year and puberty hit
  • now hot
  • no one knows how it happened
  • can u tell i love jaehyun sjfjffjklkfk
  • anyways he cute af
  • is honestly just here for the ride
  • almost throws hands with doyoung on the daily in choir
  • but will come for u and everything u love if u even look at doyoung the wrong way
  • won homecoming king both freshman and sophomore year
  • gets a lot of promposals
  • turns down everyone and goes with johnny bc they’re bros for life (duh)
  • will hype u tf up, especially johnny, even if u are failing and doing badly rip
  • “ur doing amazing sweetie”


  • confused™
  • quiet but knows all the tea
  • like a sponge, he soaks up all the gossip
  • can destroy lives with all the shit he knows
  • shares his secrets with yuta
  • people are a lil afraid of him bc he stay quiet but he stay woke and knows shit like no one has ever crossed him ever since the Incident
  • some irrelevant person made fun of winwin’s korean so he exposed tf out of them in powerpoint form the next day everyone in the district heard about it
  • deadass u think he’s chill until someone insults a friend of his and he will throw the fastest hands, usain bolt tf outta u
  • he’s like a ghost like u don’t see it coming but two seconds later u on the floor in pain
  • everyone dotes on him
  • is one flexible mf
  • taeyong almost cried once bc he saw winwin doing a split and the poor boy really thought this youngin broke his dick rip
  • is a cheerleader and a gumanst gymnast
  • despite all this ya boy is shy
  • yuta swooped in on this child freshman year and has protected him ever since
  • really smart but people think he’s dumb and/or doesn’t study bc he’ll stare off into space sometimes
  • jokes on them bc when it’s time for tests ya boy comes thru
  • literally everyone (yuta and taeyong and that one guy from the neighboring school named kun) is in love with him (no but really everyone)
  • is in choir but no one knows bc u never hear him


  • that one kid that is in every club/art/fine art
  • probably in band (plays the trumpet and soon to be section leader in junior year)
  • always Tired™
  • is popular, but doesn’t know how
  • very chill and quiet when u first meet him and then gets clingy when he’s comfortable
  • is in ap music theory and music composition
  • takes mostly ap classes
  • is that person that didn’t take the ap class but took the ap test and somehow got a 5
  • is that guy with a 4.6 gpa
  • an overachiever, not by choice, he just can’t help it
  • says he can handle it
  • cannot handle it
  • on his way to being Taeyong 2.0
  • gets roasted occasionally but doesn’t mind (usually)
  • if anyone other than people in the Squad are mean to him literally everyone will come up and square up so damn fast no matter where they are
  • plays a lot of sports
  • is the impossible myth of Social Life, Good Grades, and (Mostly) Good Health
  • is that Chill Jock™ that in the fine arts
  • doesn’t play football bc “that’s band season, duh”


  • Dramatic Theater Kid™
  • cannot wait to roast someone (mark) and their monologue
  • on the soccer team and is Great
  • will kick u in the shins if u piss him off and ur will feel it thru ur shin guards don’t mess with him
  • is popular with people bc Visuals and Talent and cute personality duh
  • someone once tried to pull a “do u like messi?? <3” on him and he roasted them and then lectured them on why Ronaldo is better
  • sings really well and Student Director Doyoung loves him
  • is basically doyoung’s child
  • is hard to date bc then u get doyoung as ur in-law
  • someone: hey donghyuck-
  • doyoung: he is f i v e bitch fuck off
  • he might just be Doyoung 2.0
  • tries his best to study hard
  • is actually really soft and sweet once u get to know him
  • works hella hard like ya boy don’t get the lead in every musical for nothing
  • makes sure to get mark honey-lemon water before singing the national anthem bc he has to that after marching band (bc they’re both in varsity choir ofc)
  • packs mark tons of water bottles so he doesn’t die while doing 50 different things during a football/sports/anything tbh
  • will still roast mark for missing a note during the national anthem tho
  • has great fashion sense
  • knows some of the tea and winwin is lowkey teaching him his ways
  • p e t t y


  • haechan, yuta, doyoung, winwin, and jaehyun know this song and dance by heart if u start up that beat they already in formation


uh so like…i hope u enjoyed?? anyways thanks for reading!

yooo fuckers i hit 1k!! god i’m so thankful,, ah i’m just a stupid guy from finland
and this is cheesy ik, but i would have never thought that i would hit 1k :( thank u

so i’m going to do blogrates, i’m shit at them sorry but anyways here we go!


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anonymous asked:

You should make a zodiac post about the aesthetics of each sign. Outfits/lifestyle?

i think aesthetix are gay so uh … looks n lifestyle

aries: dressin like theyre from florida and laughin like a dumbass and stayin up till like 8am covered in beer cause u got into a play fight where u and ur friend dumped beer all over each other

taurus: kind of a homebody but occasionally gets smashed off three glasses of wine and you gotta carry them home … dresses like your 70s bohemian wet dream. takes that weed that’s not weed cause it chills them out even though theyre already like the chillest person u kno. recreates stories to make themselves look better lol

gemini: a well dressed punk rocker who hates workin and loves their wife 

cancer: dresses like ur easy breezy hipster lil brother … think early 90s popular kid meets gay grandpa. seem real mean if u dont kno them but once u do kno them but one day u realize they actually really love u and theyre just a freakin weirdo … gets really mushy when theyre stoned n smashed at 2am

leo: the definition of a hot mess … well dressed but only changes like,once a week. a drinkin druggin rager of a person who gets fired cause they told their boss to go fuck themself. really good hair & full of love & passionate about everything. mad insecure and would literally rather die than let someone disrespect them. has a really big laugh. more quiet and moody than u might expect.

virgo: a massive stoner (cause theyre anxious asf without it) who dresses like theyre rich and cant handle their liquor at all … usually madly in love with someone and a workaholic. secretly an extrovert.

libra: dresses like a freakin weirdo and these fools will out-party you every single time and youll be flappin in the wind like damn … i thought i could party but u just keep goin … a workaholic with adhd and sooo much energy. dances while they eat. full o love but theyre the kind of lovers who cant own up to their shit.hate confrontation for the important stuff but get kicks out of confrontation about weird random shit (10/10 most likely to be a dick to some rando in a bar it’s actually mad funny).

scorpio: the kind of fashion sense you really take notice of. all the weight on their body is beer weight and without it theyre scrawny asf. passionate about everything and magnetic and they looove to party so this the kind of person who knows the whole damn neighborhood. not to be stereotypical but the sex drive on these guys is fucking ridiculous. they got a different lover for every day of the week and then theyre passionately in love with someone and then they realize theyve got zero emotional stability whatsoever and the relationship disastrously explodes rinse and repeat. a partner in crime for life

sagittarius: wont do drugs but will drink like 82 guinnesses in one night. knows all the words to every dropkick murphy’s song ever. has a big personality and anger issues and is friends with everyone. emotionally unavailable because theyre still in love with that one ex who cheated on them. all about that fall/winter wardrobe and loves going to the country and cookin and road trips. obsessively keeps up with occult blogs. mad anxious

capricorn: so fucking repressed … well dressed and good looking, good with money and stubborn asf. genuinely likes hennessy. has a hot girlfriend who theyre madly in love with … smokin weed drinkin out of a red solo cup playin cards kinda guy. mad charming but theres always somethin u cant quite put ur finger on that’s unsettling about their personality. 

aquarius: damn these fools dress well. they take whatever style and just own it. they drink but dont really fux with drugs and when they get older they transition into wine drinkers. heinous anger issues do not get on the wrong side of them you will get Slapt. full of love but they dont know how to express it and will deny the fuck out of their emotions but if u know them really well u know that theyre actually the kind of person who cried when gay marriage was made legal because they were so happy about it. the kind of person who would kiss u n ud be like “uhh … does that mean theyre into me?”

pisces: not particularly interestingly dressed but there’s something mad hot about them that u can’t quite put ur finger on. madly in love with whoever theyre seeing and never does anything but hang with them and then they get dumped and start ho’in it up but only cause they wanna find love rinse and repeat. obsessed with their last ex till they meet the next one.

natural-frost  asked:

do you have any Quality Gay Thoughts (TM) to cheer up a sad gay pretty please? (fandom related or not). Tumblr keeps recommending me sh//th content every time I like a kl/nce post and its stressing me out i don't deserve this

tbh i need some klance content rn so lets mcfucking do this

  • *taps s4 on the shoulder* yes hi could you please have keith be flirted with by a dude alien thanks
    • alien: would you like to go with a stroll with me around the lake
    • keith: oh uh,, thanks but i uh,,,, already like somebody 
      • and then he shyly looks at lance from under his bangs g u h
    • bonus if lance is looking back
  • domestic,,,,,
    • lance: look dude if you’re gonna leave your dirty boy socks everywhere you should at least have the responsibility to wash them
    • keith: but i don’t w a n n a 
    • plus
    • keith: hey wanna spar
    • lance: and have you ruin this pretty face?? nah
      • keith: you’re face is always pretty
      • lance: what
    • lance: so *puts down menu* i have no idea what that said
      • keith: ditto
      • lance: lets make hunk cook us something
    • plus pidge and hunk spying from behind their menus
      • abORT MISSION
  • hey if they’re never gonna talk about red then i sURE AS HELL WILL
    • lance: so red is,,,, pretty great
    • keith: yeah
    • lance:
    • lance: it’s like talking to a goddamn brick wall oh my god she’s awesome okay but i,,, miss blue
    • keith: well
    • keith: to be fair
    • keith: i’d miss you too
      • lance: th-thanks (GOD)

anonymous asked:

So yeah uh I like u and ur posts usually but why exactly do introverts and ppl with social anxiety deserve to get swirlied? I'm not trying to be mean I'm just curious if there's something introverts have done wrong

yeah theres a callout post for introverts, theyre problematic and yikes now

((Uh. Ok. I havent been active in this blog for months bc ive been distancing myself from the deh fandom. Its not that im not into it anymore, i still love deh, but the fandom? Sucks? And thats been discouraging me from posting. Running this blog is fun, but i don’t really feel like associating myself with this fandom.

I thought i’d give it another try anyways, like. I already have half the fandom blocked anyway. Why the hell not. So yeah uh raise yr hand if u wanna see this blog come back))

anonymous asked:

Um, hi, I'm new to this imagines thing... so, uh, before I request, I'd like to say that from the few posts you made I'm already in love with this blog! And uh, if you could, what would UT! Gaster's reaction be if a human fell into the void? Or What would UT! sans or US! Paps do if it was his soulmate or s/o who fell into the void? Sorry if this is long or not understandable like I said I'm new to this ;; bless u!!!

Ahh thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my blog and my writing! <33 And of course, anon! Take some angst! I just did Classic Sans and Gaster for this, if you don’t mind. (Writing from Gasters point of view in the void is difficult oops)

Putting it under a cut cause it’s kinda long

Surprise bonus: here’s the songs I listened to while I wrote this! Warning for the second one though, it’s pretty unsettling… I wouldn’t listen to it at night if I were you
[song 1]
[”song” 2]

Keep reading

i dunno if anybody’d be interested in this, but i ended up having to cut a couple of things from the undyne+flowey post so it wouldn’t be any bigger than it already was. so here are some? outtakes?? a tiny behind the scenes post

it was gonna kick off with papyrus convincing undyne to babysit flowey in the first place (he’d been filling in for all the times she was supposed to for a while)

there were a couple things from the last comic that got cut/changed too (it was gonna take place in a dump near ebott, some place that would be kind of familiar to undyne, but it was taking me long enough to draw already, so i opted for grass instead) (you can still see mt. ebott, though!)

in the end they were SUPPOSED to just wordlessly scream at nothing “like they do in anime” but it, uh. didn’t really end up that way. but u are still free to imagine undyne and flowey screaming into an open field dragonball z style because it’s 100% floweypot canon and definitely happened at some point

yo! if you’re gonna complain someone’s manipulative with no proof other than ‘they sent Barely Believable screencaps to a callout blog that already had posts and posts about you from  quite awhile ago’ and be quite fucking RUDE to ppl who blocked you OF THEIR OWN VOLITION AND WITH THEIR OWN REASONS then uh !! step . off . 

if you want this over then fucking let it be over ur the only one sitting on ppls blogs sending anons and stirring the pot .

@baewind is sweet , lovely ( which i and maaany many people can attest to ) and wants this to be over with as much as u ‘apparently’ do so why dontcha let it die!

them: reads and doesnt reply

me to myself: ok dude just. dont be weird. they dont wanna talk. theyre busy. thats ok. u still exist. they still like u. they’re not mad. theyre just. b usy. ok.

my fingers already on the keyboard: im sorry im sorry im sorry for whatever i did imreally sorry for making you mad i love u more than life itself and imso. so sorry i fucked up i fuck up everything im so so sorry im

hi everyone this is mod fran from the naruto lesbians center n this is my naruto shitpost review video in answer to mod tjs (who u guys might also know as mod oro! or @blackshikamaru)

yall probably already know tj! theyve changed their url like 10 times this past month but theyre well known in this fandom for, uh, wanting to fuck shikamaru, being narukin n making funny dialogues w nart characters! uh ok lets get to the post now :)

you guys will notice that thats only a part of tjs post. thats bc its uh.. really fucking long? as of right now this post has 44 notes but i doubt anybody actually read past the first two sentences, haha! so uhhh really theres no point of showing the whole thing here

but ok so! hinata! hinata shitposts r always inherently good because, as we know, hinata has no personality in canon so um building her character and giving her a voice is always interesting! i think hinata posts always rely on convincing n making the readers believe that hinata would really cool if she like.. talked….? and i think tj did that job really well! like they rolled a nat 20 on a persuasion check while making this post so when u read this post u feel like hinata was just born to be amy dunne?? um so thats really good i love it

but um this brings me to my next point which is the use of a ready-2-go quote from a movie. this one is the famous amy monologue from gone girl n as tj said on their video abt my the office post thats a solid formula but also loses points in uhhh originality? so if youre already an established nart shitposter, or just getting into writing nart dialogues now, be careful not to fall into this formula very often guys :)

so erm, yeah! mod tj is always reliable on bringing good naruto content to the fandom and being funny! but like taking into consideration my critiques and um the lack of interaction with other characters on this im giving it a… hmmm.. 8.2/10!

ok love u guys and see u next week!!!

HEY everyone ! ive never joined an already open rp before so im a lil anxious dsfsf but yea uh .. this is dylan aka my mf angel that i love n i will protect even tho shes messy and will probably try to make all ur charas cry ( *harry styles vc* in a cool way ) DFHJDSFS but yea ! like this lil post if u want me to mssg u for connections or just to talk iono (: