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adhd friendships: a summary

-“Sorry I didn’t answer I spaced out”

-*randomly switching topics mid conversation*

-“I know this is unrelated, but”

-”I’m feeling horrible” *five minutes later* “uh nevermind that”

- “When did we start talking?” “I don’t remember”

- *both infodump to each other*

- more typos than any human being is able to handle

- when you get really excited and you stay up until 7 am taking about random shit

- accidental derailing the conversation over and over

-”have i already told you this i can’t remember” “don’t worry i can’t either”

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Um, hi, I'm new to this imagines thing... so, uh, before I request, I'd like to say that from the few posts you made I'm already in love with this blog! And uh, if you could, what would UT! Gaster's reaction be if a human fell into the void? Or What would UT! sans or US! Paps do if it was his soulmate or s/o who fell into the void? Sorry if this is long or not understandable like I said I'm new to this ;; bless u!!!

Ahh thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my blog and my writing! <33 And of course, anon! Take some angst! I just did Classic Sans and Gaster for this, if you don’t mind. (Writing from Gasters point of view in the void is difficult oops)

Putting it under a cut cause it’s kinda long

Surprise bonus: here’s the songs I listened to while I wrote this! Warning for the second one though, it’s pretty unsettling… I wouldn’t listen to it at night if I were you
[song 1]
[”song” 2]

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do you have any ocs my dude

UH hell yeah!! Well sort of. I’m bad at coming up with the basic stuff like names but I have ideas for Quirks and personalities and background and stuff (i’ve posted on this a little before but I like talking so)

So I’ve been playing with the idea of a Relief Hero division at U.A. (is that already a thing? it’s probably already a thing. I forget) which is more centered towards students who aren’t as inclined towards fighting but more towards dealing with the aftermath like physical wounds and trauma and stuff. It’s a very small class, since most kids want to be in the thick of the action, and it’s taught by Recovery Girl or another support-type hero. So far I’ve only got three students thought out.

First one I came up with was a kid with healing hands. Simple enough, he can deal with mild to moderate physical wounds with his hands, from cuts and abrasions to bone fractures. The more painful it is the harder it is to deal with, and he experiences at least half of the pain of what he’s healing. In terms of personality, he’s very intuitive with a dry sense of humor, he likes shitty murder mystery novels, and he kinda-sorta has a massive crush on Kuroiro Shihai but shhh nobody’s supposed to know

Secondly we’ve got a girl who can see abstract concepts. She’s useful in the Relief division because she can see love and death and trauma and stuff so she’s able to tell healing hands who to tend to first. She’s a little skittish and always has bags under her eyes, and she loves snowy days, because where she grew up was very hot and it didn’t snow very often. Her drawback is that she can’t see anything regarding herself, so she’s quite oblivious.

Lastly, there’s a girl with a soothing presence. Essentially, just by being there and speaking to the subjects, she’s able to calm them down enough so that they can tell everyone the necessary information and receive other treatment. She quite obviously works with trauma victims, and her uniform has a megaphone equipped in case she needs to calm down an entire crowd. She’s compassionate, but quite awkward without her quirk. She’d never fit in the Relief unit without it, because she’s bad at comforting people without using her quirk. She’s smart but awful at history, and she’s a lowkey fan of Mount Lady.

i dunno if anybody’d be interested in this, but i ended up having to cut a couple of things from the undyne+flowey post so it wouldn’t be any bigger than it already was. so here are some? outtakes?? a tiny behind the scenes post

it was gonna kick off with papyrus convincing undyne to babysit flowey in the first place (he’d been filling in for all the times she was supposed to for a while)

there were a couple things from the last comic that got cut/changed too (it was gonna take place in a dump near ebott, some place that would be kind of familiar to undyne, but it was taking me long enough to draw already, so i opted for grass instead) (you can still see mt. ebott, though!)

in the end they were SUPPOSED to just wordlessly scream at nothing “like they do in anime” but it, uh. didn’t really end up that way. but u are still free to imagine undyne and flowey screaming into an open field dragonball z style because it’s 100% floweypot canon and definitely happened at some point

them: reads and doesnt reply

me to myself: ok dude just. dont be weird. they dont wanna talk. theyre busy. thats ok. u still exist. they still like u. they’re not mad. theyre just. b usy. ok.

my fingers already on the keyboard: im sorry im sorry im sorry for whatever i did imreally sorry for making you mad i love u more than life itself and imso. so sorry i fucked up i fuck up everything im so so sorry im

uh hey there i never make text posts but listen

between the standard taz taako design + comic design and the fandom’s kravitz design, its pretty racist, but the type that people might not know about or see easily

like i get that this wasnt being done on purpose n its important 2 b patient n educate or whatever but its not that hard 2 get someone 2 check this shit

w the fan interpretations tho taako was already p anti-semetic w the witch hat apparel + pointy nose shit??? n kravitz is p bad w the very very dark skin + occupation being a grim reaper type (playing into the classic angelic = white skin and demonic/negative = dark skin) im not saying that people shouldnt do these designs and theyre bad but as a group ppl gotta start talking about it and understand where the source of these designs are coming from? Like this is a problem about how the characters job occupations and their fandom/popular looks tend to source from negative ethnic stereotypes.

i dont know if i phrased this the right way but i hope any of u that read it can understand the point im trying to make. its really frustrating and disappointing to see people trying to defend common racist stereotypes that have been around for forever

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hey hey

  •  First impression:

a cool star trek blog

  •  Truth is: 

a cooler, scifi blog. and other stuff like some chihuahuas

  •  How old do you look: 

uh, 17 (i hope this doesnt offend u lmao)

  •  Have you ever made me laugh:

hell yeah. that post of worf holding a knife makes me lose it 2 this day

  •  Have you ever made me mad: 

not really

  •  Best feature:

you have good text post ideas

  • Have I ever had a crush on you:

no but i love u finn

  •  You’re my:


  • Name in my phone:


  • Should you post this too? 

u already did

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1. First impression: Splatoon and Good Art
3. How old do you look: u fluctuate between fucking baby to like. 15
4. Have you ever made me laugh: uh yes i have 2 stifle laughs at 2 am all the time because of u
5. Have you ever made me mad: iuuuuuuuhhhhh i dont think so
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: ur like. a Baby
8. You’re my: Very Good Friend
9. Name in my phone: itd be cucking fuck
10. Should you post this too? u already have

@ggoldbear   to……..be…..completely honest….. I ma y have already had that in my drafts bc I was gonna post it earlier today for no reason in particular other than that I just think you’re.., rly Great.., but uh then that happened so I was like. well now I have to post it. lmao but!!!!!!!! uh!!! Ya I’m sorry people are awful ;;;;; hopefully they’ll leave you alone ;; ❤️


FHFHFHH ANON WHO ARE YOU U H his name is joe so any pic of him would be under that tag but uh I REALLY DONT HAVE MUCH MORE THAN WHAT I ALREADY POSTED I GUESS cuz i tried to find some and this is literally all i had and it’s awful and at least a year old wow i’m sorry here u go anyway 8’) bonus trucks n vans.

i rly should draw him more tho he’s fun hes a bunch of circles.

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do u have any tutorials on painting? I'm just getting into digital art and I'm having a hard time, please help! also what program do u use

sorry for leaving this unanswered for so long! i use paint tool sai and i’ve already mentioned some of the brushes i use in this post but uh! it’s been a while and i’ve added a few brushes to my arsenal:

but “painting” for me in general is just putting colors down under a good sketch and cleaning it up by coloring with a soft brush over it on another layer like this for example:

the first one is the finished piece vs the second one is the sketch with the lines set on multiply and colors slapped on underneath. i think thats it?

if you have any other questions just send an ask!

Okay this headcanon is pretty wild but…. hear me out

In the (highly divisive) Book 2 finale, Korra’s connection to her past lives was broken by Unalaq. Now this part confused me and a lot of people but Raava and the Avatar cycle were saved by Korra when she made contact with the residual light existing inside Vaatu (because, as Raava told Wan, light & dark cannot exist without one another, and when one is “destroyed” it is born anew to maintain balance. Normally this would have taken another 10,000 years but Korra sped up the process via the godly power of the deus ex machina)

Now remember that the spirits of the past Avatars were not destroyed - their connection, the parts of them living on inside of Korra, were severed. Aang and Wan & Co. didn’t Double-Die there, they simply can’t contact Korra through her own spirit

A general law of our universe and one that I assume applies to the world of Avatar is that energy can’t be destroyed. It always changes from one form to another. And since spiritual energy is a scientific fact in the Avatar world it would make sense that spirits cannot be destroyed

My theory is that, during the heightened spiritual powers granted by Harmonic Convergence, the spirits of the Avatars severed from Korra drifted into the void and sought new forms to take and new vessels to inhabit. We know for sure that Harmonic Convergence sent a wave of spiritual energy across the entire world, resulting in mass migration of spirits and the growth of spirit vines. That’s a perfect wave for the lost, drifting, energy of 1000 Avatars to ride. 1000 Avatars who were all very proficient in a certain skill….. *drumroll* A I R B E N D I N G

I think that the rebirth of the Airbenders was a DIRECT result of Korra’s severed connection to her past lives. The world of Avatar is built on the concept of balance. Losing that connection was a huge blow to Korra and by extension, the balance of entire world. But their spirits, that energy, could not have been completely destroyed. It would make sense that, having been freed in a sense, those spirits or at least their energy would seek a new way to restore balance

We also know that spirits can teach bending to others from the HIGHLY convenient final when Aang teaches Korra how to energybend. Obviously Korra is the Avatar and she has the capacity to learn to bend multiple elements, but only those without the ability to bend could be taught to airbend. I believe that bending requires both a physical and a spiritual connection to the element - many if not all people are born with the physical capability, but a spiritual connection may be nonexistent. That spiritual connection, as we know from the establishment of the post-Lionturtle era civilizations, could be learned by non-benders by studying animals/the moon. I think that most people in the avatar world have the spiritual potential to bend, and spiritual connection could easily be established by a wandering airbender spirit searching the ether for a new home

Now I like this theory for two reasons: 1) it would provide explanation for how Harmonic Convergence taught non-benders airbending. Bryke dropped the ball on that, and the timing aligns perfectly with the loss of Korra’s spiritual connection. I like the idea of those events being connected beyond just happening during Harmonic Convergence. It’s neat. It’s symmetrical. Korra’s loss was the world’s gain. The world found a way to balance itself out. And 2) it would mean that Korra’s connection isn’t necessarily lost forever and she could, someday, reestablish it for herself and for future Avatars

There are some things about this theory that I’m fuzzy on, specifically whether or not these “wandering Avatar spirits” were fully sentient. And if they were, what the selection process was for bestowing the gift of Airbending upon nonbenders (because no wise & just Avatar would willingly give Zaheer Airbending right??). Also: if airbender spirits could just… drift into other ppl’s bodies then wouldn’t they have done that before? Well to that I’d say that Harmonic Convergence basically increased all spiritual power times a billion and the Avatar spirit was already a super-concentrated chunk of spiritual power, so if any spiritual energy would be strong enough to bring back airbending at any time, that’d be it and Harmonic Convergence would be the time

Anyway that’s my headcanon. This turned out to be a long post so uh thank u for reading

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Dude your haters are so funny, seriously they creep out on me cause i posted something with you and they're like "uh no onision is bad ...he baked his turtle!" jesus ppl get life plus u already said in your vid that all that is not true. Haters orz

I put my turtle in a plastic bin to protect him from my dogs, it was 83 degrees out. I couldn’t face the bin up, because the dogs could easily flip it, so I flipped it upside down.

What I didn’t understand is that chemical reactions could occur, which would deprive the bin of oxygen. It was sitting on the grass, so I assumed air would easily come from underneith and he could enjoy the lawn for a while, I was wrong.

In colder weather, he likely would of been fine, but while the heat was fine, the fact that the chemical reaction would eliminate oxygen was not ok.

So while I did not bake the turtle (his breed basks at 95 degrees, meaning they love heat), my ignorance regarding oxygen and it’s relationship with the sun likely did cause his demise.

For that? I’m an idiot.

I was really sad, I cried, I felt stupid, and that’s because I was stupid.

Anyway, the haters aren’t ALWAYS completely wrong outside the fact that they think their hate accomplishes anything. Sometimes they are close to the truth about some issues, most the time, not, but what makes them difficult to respect is their inability to ensure (due to the seriousness of them) that their statements are 100% truthful & the reality that they take time out of their lives to attack others in a serious context when they could be… building on their own lives, not sure what the point is (I’ve been there, it’s a waste of time).

When I’m wrong, I prefer to own up to it. Denial doesn’t help anyone grow.

Sometimes it takes people a while to get to the point of acceptance, for me it took like a week to really understand why what happened, happened.

I very likely accidentally caused the death of my turtle. I get to live with that reality, as I earned it.

I already openly admitted this, repeatedly, in recent & older videos after I spoke to an expert on animal mortality.

i’m at the doctor as a Certified Adult for the first time all by my lonesome and i have already managed to not only fuck up the paperwork but also bang my elbow against some medical equipment this is really going well


in no particular order, here are my top 6 selfies of 2016.

I was tagged by @treehaver, @acerncshane. if u tagged me and i forgot to mention u im sorry but my memory sucks. nothing personal.

2016 was, uh… something. we lost a lot of folks. but I found myself, and the love of my life. also i finally graduated high school.

im not tagging anyone because the year’s already over. but if y'all wanna post selfies go right ahead

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I didn't have spoons to write another response because I did respond to one of the posts (/post/146582330048/) I have seen eagle images that have made me uncomfortable and unsafe and made me look twice at them. I have never I had such issue with the dove. I even stated in my response that the dove is important to Jews. In fact the dove is the bird we are represented by metaphorically in Tanach and such. I am very angry that people are using this especially since the ppl with the problem are 1/

aphobes & aren’t Jewish or not in place that they have a right to say anything. There is a massive line being crossed here and I am pissed off. There is nothing wrong with the dove. I find it very shady af since antisemitism is already not taken seriously on this site & I worry that ppl will look at this thing that is not even an issue & use it validation in their not taking antisemitism. Also how dare people use antisemitism to bash a-spec ppl & allies. I say that as an Ace Jew 2/2 u can post

This is the post that is being referenced: http://fromchaostocosmos.tumblr.com/post/146582330048/buddy-you-realize-ur-icon-is-like-a-literal-nazi

This is going to be my last post on the subject: I feel like it’s very, uh, ‘convenient’ that suddenly these icons are ever-so-clearly N*zi symbols to acephobes, and that people are overlooking the fact that the maker of the icons went through a lot of conversations with actual Jewish people during the process of making them, in fact removing the labrys inside a black triangle from the lesbian flag and replacing it with a simple labrys when the Jews they were already consulting pointed out that the black triangle was troublesome.

Hopefully we can, or already have, moved on from this.