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*Me and my future kids talking*

Kids: Mommy, who was president from 2016-2020?

Me: I don’t remember kids, but let me give you a rundown on what happened at the 2017 Oscars-it was WILD

Are we gonna f**kn hold hands tonight or what b***h

remember when i was writing typecast and ppl kept complaining that there was too much dean/lisa so i often held up my posting schedule to add more dean/lisa sex scenes into chapters, put off having dean and lisa break up for like seven chapters, made them super duper good friends after they broke up, then turned typecast into a series so i could write 20k words of dean/cas/lisa where dean and lisa both get pregnant with cas’ kids and they raise them together in a polyamorous relationship 

anyway nobody’s complained in the comments of my fics in a very long time

anyway i wanted to wait until after the episode to make sure i don’t change my mind but yep i think i’m just gonna become a book blog (not tsc tho not switching to the book fandom side lol no thanks) in a couple days so just a fyi like i know i’ve been kind of talking about it lately but i think it might be official now

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你是美好,美麗,光榮;你是一個真正的寶石,我愛你這麼多的陽光;你的存在使我的生活更加光明,不僅我的儀表板和你的話永遠不會激勵我;每次我讀你的話,它就像讀你,更多的我讀你更多我愛上你;多麼感激我我已經知道你的甜心💖💛💜💚💙 Chinese Translation😉; I'll stop now haha; Wanna try guessing who this is 😜 😜 😜