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Holy crap, as someone who works to put on this kind of conference, this is *huge.* They’re scrapping probably a year of work already done and have to do it all over again before the meeting. Mad respect to them!

Well, I would imagine a portion of it is that they probably got offered a better rate in Chicago. I’m sure the convention center and hotels they’re working with in Chicago are willing to put in a little extra effort to land the convention, especially if they do a good job and can get repeat business. So probably they’re getting a better rate and a helping hand. But yeah, it’s still a lot of upheaval! 

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This actually puts me in range for it. Thanks, Texas! I get to benefit from your douchebaggery!

Texas in the summer seems like such an odd place and time to host a convention full of people who are going to have to wear business casual anyway. Like, it’s not exactly easy to get to, the Austin airport is LAUGHABLY inadequate for the city it has become, and going outside is like walking around on Satan’s own testicles. Chicago’s not exactly pleasant in the summer but it’s arguably more accessible and at least it won’t be like holding a convention inside the sun itself.  

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If you have a bit of a group with you, and some sort of vehicle (Lyft would suffice), I highly recommend Ma’s Islamic Chinese restaurant, which is off in the warehouse district of Anaheim. Superb.

Ooooh, that sounds really cool. And it’s not actually all THAT far away – a lyft wouldn’t even be that expensive. 

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You might know if you didn’t have a missing tooth. Just a random tooth that was in your mouth. (bonus points: your friend across the room is missing a tooth)

It’s a point, if my friend and I both grabbed our jaws at the same time, them because they were suddenly missing a tooth, me because I suddenly had one, that would be pretty freaky. 

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I feel like much of RDJ’s (or at least YOUR RDJ) life consists of people demanding hugs then sending him away…

Well, he looks like he gives really good hugs. Like you know how I want to wordlessly high-five Chris Evans and then run away? Ditto that with RDJ but with hugs. 

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what does ‘torpedoing’ mean?

It’s a term for sabotaging or attacking, like you hit the thing with a torpedo. In context, it implies someone is subtly trying to undermine my career without appearing to. 

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are you still working on chinatown?

not working, but playtesting the small part i’ve already done. it’s a looong way before anything could be ready. so, it’s somewhere in my project list but not my top priority :)


Naegiri phone backgrounds (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

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