was this a surprise

If I created a keith-centric blog, a daily blog of just keith kogane, would anyone be interested in helping me run it?

Not only would it have 100% Keith but it’d have all the ships that he is in. That’s right. Sheith, Kallura, Keith x Lotor, Klance and many more.

On top of that, if I get some members, the blog would also have our own creations. Just one blog focused on giving Keith all the love in the world.

So if you’re interested, shoot me a message.

anonymous asked:

What is festa? (Sorry I am not a kpop fan so I don't know)

FESTA is the annual celebration thing that BTS does for their anniversary, they always plan out like a schedule of events for ARMY and it’s really cool

Last year they released Young Forever Unplugged Version and also 알아요 By RM & JK as well as their annual BTS 꿀 FM where they sit down and chat and talk about what they achieved that year and but they aspire to see happen in the coming year.

Here’s actually the schedule from last year

anyway I’m hyped because they never fail to deliver

This is a surprise post. It doesn’t need a title. You can simply find out as you read and follow.

Sometimes the title ruins it for you

Makes you know what the post is about

So you’re ready for it

But that can defeat its purpose

To know what happens

Why a surprise is always good

Not really knowing what the post is about

Not sure what is the intention of it

What will happen to you in the end

And that’s exciting

This mystery it’s not something you see everyday

That’s what makes it exciting

To just read

Read and follow

As you’re already focused on knowing what will happen next

What’s the purpose of this post?

What will it make you do?

You’re not really sure

And that’s okay

Soon enough you will know

Soon enough you will experience it

You will enjoy it as you drift down while feeling it

You can already feel yourself focused on my words

locked on to them

As you anticipate what could happen

You find my words drawing you in

Just reading them 

Your body starts to relax

You start to feel comfortable and calm

Ready to accept what will happen

You might be a little skeptical about it

and that’s okay

But the curiosity just gets to you

You find that you are starting to feel that relaxation

You’re too curious to not know what’s going to happen in the end

So you keep on reading



and feeling yourself letting go

Finding that as you read my words

You start to relax more

Let go more

Slowly starting to drift down

More and more

as you read my words

Drawing you in

Calm and soothing

It feels good to relax for them

Even if you’re not sure what’s next

It feels too good to relax

So you just let go and enjoy it

Enjoy this wonderful sensation 

As you relax more

feel your body relax

Your worries and cares fading

As you feel yourself drifting

drifting and dropping

dropping down

Dropping deep

Deep under

Deep into trance


You just Drop

let go and drift down deep

t just feels so good

So calming and soothing

To just read my words and relax for them

It feels wonderful to sink down

sink deep

As you find my words filling your mind

Happy and relaxed

Safe and Secure

To let go and keep on reading

Reading and following my words

You will find that once you wake up

You will feel a rush of happiness and joy

You will find yourself feeling good and confident

Ready for any challenge or obstacle you may face

Feeling wonderfully good about it

As you feel energized and ready

You will also find yourself reblogging this post

Reblogging it as a confident booster

As this post will have a special effect on you

You will remember its effect and how it made you feel

But, In the future whenever you decide to read it again

You will forget you ever read it before

It will always feel like it’s the first time you read it

Making it more and more effective each time you read it

So in a moment

When I count to 3

You will be fully awake


confident and energized

Ready to face all your obstacles and challenges 

Loving my words and trances

Ready for more


starting to wake up

confident and energized

following my instructions


Remembering the effects as long as you don’t read it again

Loving that idea which makes you want to read it again